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Just the other day I was listening to the web feed of the Seattle public radio station. I was just so homesick and wanted to hear something from back west. Buffalo is home but not home - I'm probably not making sense. Anyway, they aired a local interest show where the host related that every true Seattleite has their own secret berry spot.

Raspberry and blackberry vines grow wild all over the Puget Sound, in places you'd never think of. Bus stops, highway overpasses, any place the hardy and vines can take root. And they're so delicious when wild. They don't have the taint if artificiality that the farmed fertilized modified aeroponic hydroponic stuff has. No plastic artificial oversweetness. They're firm and crisp and they burst in your mouth all juicy with just a bit of tartness and you can taste the soil from which they grew. Oh Vickie, you'd love them!

I'd love to take you to my own berry spot. I found it some years ago while out for a walk in Golden Gardens Park. I wonder if it's still there? It's been over a year since I last visited my berry patch. Seattle's been so overbuilt lately and those developers are insane, building condos on every little scrap of land, with impossible buildings tweaked to meet the environmental standards. Paid for by software weenies with more money than sense. I doubt my patch has been built over because it's just off the railroad track, still you never now. Yuppies and developers. A combined force for stupidity never seen before. We should drive out to the park and look for it. It's such a beautiful spot. The tracks hug the coast, the sound on one side and a steep tree-covered slope, almost a cliff, on the other.

Today's a lovely mid-spring day, warm and breezy with sun peeking through fluffy clouds. It's a short drive out to Golden Gardens, past the Ballard locks, then a lovely drive along the coast up past the marina, a forest of masts, until we're at the park. I have a backpack full of Tupperware containers, just in case the berries are sill there.

The coast is a narrow strip of grassy land bisected by track which then leaps up in a tree-covered slope to the houses almost a hundred feet above us. Hmmm now where do I turn off? There's no trail here, I have to go by memory, trying to recall how the land and the track and the bushes lie. Oh! Here it is. Walking down the slope through the waist high grass. Careful honey, it gets a little steep here. Now walking parallel to the tracks... I think we're close.

Here it is! Across a little clearing there's almost a solid wall of thorny bushes, with runners as thick as my fingers and bug nasty thorns like cat's claws. Bug plump purple and red berries are plentiful on the vines. Glad to see nobody else as found my spot.

"Here sweetie, will you hold the bowl while I pick?" Buttoning up a heavy long sleeved shirt, no I don't wear gloves - my fingers aren't as nimble if I do. Slowly and ever so carefully I thread my arms between the vines, like snakes, or some contortionist act. One hand moving carefully along the runner, plucking the berries and filling the other. Then carefully backing out of the bush to drop them in the bowl. As I pick you're watching me to see where my hand comes out, ready to catch the berries as I drop them in. Good girl! You're picking up on this.

I'm in a trancelike state -- threading, picking, dropping, then repeat. A little sweat on my furrowed brow. My breathing deep and smooth and regular I'm so focused. And you're rapt in watching me, how I move, how I think, ready for me, always. After some time, it could have been hours but I have lost all sense of time, the bowls are full. No more room for any more of the lovely berries. Oh good, I have enough to make jam -- happy breakfast time!

Oh Vickie, it's such a beautiful day, let's not go home right away, let's stay and have some berries -- oh! You've already had some... naughty girl! C'mon honey let's sit down for a while, it's such a nice warm sunny day, and we're in such a beautiful place. We walk away from the bushes into the sunny clearing, the grass waving gently in the breeze as it brushes up against our thighs. I take a picnic blanket from my pack and we settle down amid the grass, appreciating the beauty in silence. The breeze is blowing in offshore, bringing a smell of fresh salt air to mingle with the scent of the soft golden grass. Beautiful golden grass, green leaves, red and purple berries, pale blue sky and fluffy white clouds. The park is alive and bursting with color. No sound but the wind in the grass and seagulls calling to each other.

"Are you thirsty, Vickie?" I sure am -- picking berries is harder work then you may think. From my backpack I take out a bottle and a pair of wineglasses. Pop! Pouring glasses of sparking cider -- I know you don't do alcohol -- while you open up a tub of raspberries. They're wonderful, sweet and tart and crisp and alive with flavor, our mouths are all tingly even without the cider.

What a perfect afternoon. A lovely day, a simple delicious picnic lunch, and the most wonderful companion I could ever hope for. When we're full, we just close our eyes and lay back on the blanket, soft grass beneath us, gentle sun above, shushing breeze all around us. I feel like I'm floating in one of the clouds. I wonder if you do, too.

What a lovely dreamy feeling. I feel my mind and my body dissolve, replaces by pure warmth. A warmth that I feel growing greater, somewhere off to my side entwining with me, somewhere near what might have been my hand. The warmth grows ever more insistent and I realize that it's your finger brushing up against mine. I can feel the soft smoothness of your skin, feel your pulse as my fingers entwine with yours and your heart quickens.

I clasp your hand and you clasp back. My eyelids flutter open and I turn to look at you. You look so peaceful and happy. You're absolutely glowing. Leaning up on my elbow, to gaze down upon you... I could just do this forever. You're so beautiful, with your long blond hair catching the sunlight like spun gold. Are you dreaming Vickie? Am I in them? I'm feeling such tenderness, like a mother watching over her sleeping baby.

I squeeze your hand and you stir. Looking deep into your eyes as they flutter open. Smiling down on you, brushing stands of disheveled hair from off of your cheek.

"Did you have a nice rest, Marie?" as you squeeze my hand and return my smile.

"I feel wonderful." For a while we just gaze at each other as we hold hands. Needing something to do with my idle other hand, I fumble in the Tupperware. I hold a berry to your lips, and you take it into your mouth, slowly savoring.

"Want another, sweetie?" and you reply with a soft murmur. Spending the time feeding you sweet delicious berries.

"Oh dear, now we've made a mess." Some of the juice is dribbling down your cheek. Here, let me get that. Tracing the rivulet with my fingertip, then holding my fingertip to your lips. I giggle softly, it tickles a bit when you take my finger between your lips, slowly licking at the purple sweetness. Then you tenderly nibble, and an electric tingle races from my fingertip to my heart. I feel it palpitate, beating racing against my ribcage. This gesture from you, it's so unexpected... but it feels so right and so true. Are you feeling what I must be feeling? Something I've known was growing between us, something warm and lovely and undefined?

I'm a little hesitant, no very hesitant..... what if I'm wrong? But I can't deny what I'm feeling right now. Closing my eyes, I tilt my face forward to brush my lips against yours. I feel you, Vickie... feel your body, feel your soul reaching out to me. There's no doubt anymore. Your lips are so warm and petal-soft, opening like a flower, I can taste the berries on your lips. My skin is aglow as your fingertips graze up and down my forearm. You're pressing your lips closer against mine, and I hear, no, I feel a tiny little moan in back of your throat.

Is this what you wanted, Vickie? Sitting up, I take your hands and pull you up to me, gathering you in my arms. My hands caress up and down your sides as you lean forward to kiss me again. You're both tender and fierce now, eliciting a surprised squeal from me as you draw the tip of my tongue into your mouth. After a long minute I break off... sweetie I need to catch my breath! You've surprised me. My sweet kind gentle-natured Vickie has become a lioness.

Yes, my love... I think this is what you wanted...

Holding you close to me, our breasts and our bellies smooshing together, I lie back down on the blanket, pulling you down on top of me. Our kisses growing ever more passionate, my lips tracing along your jawline and up to your ear. Taking your earlobe between my lips, my tongue flicking and playing with your earring, before burrowing into your ear canal, softly moaning as I do. I feel you shiver in my arms.

Your shivers become a long slow melt into my body as my hands wander up and down your back, gently tugging at your clothes, exploring underneath. Loosening your jeans, untucking your t-shirt. My hands scratching and caressing your warm yielding skin. Lifting your shirt over your upraised arms and unsnapping your bra.

Here Vickie, roll over girl. Leaning over you, tugging pulling at your jeans I slowly undress you. Burying my face in your breasts, you lace your fingers in my hair and guide me, schooling your eager student how to love you the best. My lips forming little O's over your nipples as they swell under my kisses. Gently scraping them with the edges of my teeth. The flat of my tongue rasping the undersides.

Your fingers knotted in my hair, gently pulling tugging as you tighten your grip and push me down your body. Lingering at your middle, my tongue swirling burrowing into your navel, your tummy quivering beneath my lips. You're pushing me even further down, down between your thighs, your hands and hips urging me down to the baby-smooth hairlessness.

Now kissing inside your thighs, circling around you, punctuated by little nibbles. I can feel your hips shift beneath me, nudging me closer and closer to your center. But I'm in no hurry to get there Vickie sweetie. I want to take my time and enjoy you. Kissing at your loins, caressing up and down your hips and your tummy, until you catch my hands in yours, squeezing me tight. I can feel your breath deepening, your pulse quickening. I'm getting ever so much closer... turning by head to the side... you can feel my breath on your womanhood...

And you draw a sharp breath as I kiss you. My lips pressing into yours, kissing you so deep and so tender. You squeeze my hands harder and moan a little as my tongue slips between your delicate pink folds. So slowly up and down their length, nudging them apart. Your wetness welling up from deep inside you.

Oh my gosh, Vickie, you taste wonderful! You're tart and sweet, like fresh ripe melon. Did you know that vegetarians are supposed to taste the best? It might just be an urban myth, but right now I'm starting to believe it. So warm and sticky sweet, exploring inside you, my tongue burrowing inside you, tasting you. Beneath my mouth I sense your excitement build. I can feel you flesh grow warm and flush pink, hear your breathing grow shallow and rapid.

Are you enjoying this, Vickie, as much as I am? Looking up at you and our eyes meet. Wow. This feeling is far more than electricity or fireworks. It's like our souls are meeting merging is a flash of white-hot light, a passion that consumes us. Your expression is all the answer I need. Your natural beauty made a thousand times sweeter by the pure pleasure your face betrays. An expression that grows even more wracked as I take one of your labia between my lips, drawing it in, tugging, my tongue slipping up and down, setting nerves on fire. One then the other, drawing more of your essence from within, your body betrays your pleasure, you're hips shifting, almost throwing me off of you.

I want to taste you, Vickie. To make you jump off the blanket in such ecstasy. You're pleasure is my only reason for being. My tongue and my lips exploring you, learning the lessons your body teaches me. Your joy spiraling ever greater as my tongue curls around your clitoris. Nestling your little pearl, long slow loving licks that hasten, slow and settle into just the right motion. The motion thats parts your lips with pleasurable cries calling my name. The rhythm that brings you to a tizzy, your body stiffened, tense like a spring. Your back arching, lifting your butt off the blanket.

Baby I'm feeling your orgasm too... I can feel you flutter deep inside as your body quivers like jello. Spent, you flop down on the blanket and catch your breath. I prop my self up on my elbow. I can't take my eyes off of your breasts as you catch your breath. You're so beautiful... your face is flush with warmth and your heart is flush with emotion... your heart overflowing, you can't help but laugh as I gather you in my arms and kiss you all over your face and your shoulders. I love the way you suck at my tongue... do you taste good to you too, hon?

Now we're both collapsed on the blanket, you catching your breath, me propped up on my elbow, just gazing down at you. You're resplendent in the sunlight, your golden hair catching the light like a halo. My little angel of the sun. You look up at me as if to speak. No baby, pressing my finger to your lips, no need to speak. Let's just listen to the birds call and the breeze in the grass. The expression on your face tells me all I need to know. You look so contented and happy

Brushing strands of hair off of your cheeks and your forehead. Your eyes meet mine. Windows to our souls thrown open. I start to ask... if you're feeling what I am... if you're feeling this emotion swelling in your heart and threatening to burst your ribcage... no, I don't ask. There's no need to. The twinkle in your eyes, the little smile on the corners of your lips as you look up at me -- that's my answer.

Leaning in, cradling your face in my hands. Kissing you again, ever so gently, seeming to go in forever. It can, for all I care. There's no hurry, Vickie my love. Let's stay for a while. You don't have to get dressed right now, we don't have to go anywhere. We'll have berries and fun back in my flat, whenever we happen to get there.

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