tagMaturePassion Stone

Passion Stone

byUncle South Loop©

The estate sales people had missed it in the shed of the old country home. I retrieved it from behind a bunch of rusted garden tools. It looked like a crystal ball. Grease and grime came off onto my hands showing several layers of different covered paints beneath. Because of its weight, they'd wanted ten dollars for it. They taken two as no one could guess what it really was.

Luckily, I was able to get it home without Donna seeing it. We were drifting apart. Our once loving relationship unfurling with the pressing demands of our daily lives. I couldn't remember how long it'd been since Donna and I last made love. When I went into the house to check in, Donna was on the phone. She saw me come in, but didn't return my wave.

Retreating to my workbench in the garage, I began working carefully with paint remover and some old rags. The globe emerged as an opaque, white globe. I concluded it was made of stone. When the paint seal dissolved, I lifted the globe off the wooden base.

The globe's bottom surface was broken by a small hole that fit perfectly onto a small rounded-head peg that rose up from the bottom of the base's crater. Oddly, the peg was not a separate inserted part. It fused into the base.

The base edge was about two inches high. I'd removed just enough of the paint to see some etched carvings, when Donna called me to dinner. The topic of our dinner conversation was, as it always was lately, money. We talked of our needs, what was available and went over our options. Facing reality was not pleasant.

As we cleaned up, Donna noticed my rush in wanting to get back to my work and asked, "What you doing out there?"

"I found something at the estate sale that I'm cleaning up."

"How much was it?" was her next question, spoken in an admonishing tone. "It was only two bucks and I think you might like it."

"What is it?"

"I'm not quite sure. I think it could be some sort of decoration or a piece of art or maybe a knick-knack. I'll bring it in when I'm done and maybe the two of us can figure it out."

Back in the garage, I was extremely careful in wiping off the final layer of white paint on the base. By applying only light pressure with the rag, I left paint in the grooved carvings leaving them visible. Taking the base in both hands, I turned it slowly around.

There was no inscription. The first thing I recognized was a hand, followed by a leg and then two female breasts. All were intricately done and clearly, yet artfully, detailed. There was a rounded hip, a bare shoulder and a foot.

It took several more turns before I clearly saw that the flowing body parts were both male and female, equal in number and intertwined in circling the base. Patting the base dry, I set the globe back in place and returned to the house.

Donna was curled up on the sofa, watching TV. I placed it on the coffee table in front of her and she leaned over to look saying, "It looks like a crystal ball."

"Yes, it does. But, I don't think it is. Look at the carvings on the base, they're erotic."

She placed her hand on the globe, tilting it back for a closer look. When Donna started turning it to view the etchings, I reached out to add support. Strangely, the globe started to glow when my hand joined hers. She tilted it even more peering at the base and asking, "Where are the batteries?"

"There aren't any." I replied. Her amazed look matched my own. Sudden warmth came from the globe, ascending up my arm. With the warmth came an eerie, yet pleasant tingling sensation. Frightened, because she felt it too, Donna jerked her hand back.

I was too shocked to remove my hand and kept contact, letting it drop back flat on its base. The globe started to dim as soon as Donna's hand withdrew, along with my warm sensation. Still alarmed, Donna yelped, "Take your hand off before you get burned!"

The light and sensation faded entirely. I removed my hand and held it up. It was perfectly normal. We both were dumbfounded. I spoke my thoughts, "You felt it too. Scary, but it felt good. It was like when we took those hot springs mineral baths at that spa. This thing is definitely weird, but let's put our hands back and see what happens."

Cautiously returning our hands, the globe's glow resumed. The warm tingling returned, flowing into me. The stone grew brighter as the tingling sensation passed completely through my body and then subsided. My senses sharpened acutely, joining together in a single focus, directed at Donna. An intense desire rose in me. Donna felt it too and, voicing my thoughts, whispered, "Make love to me."

We both drew our hands away to undo our clothing. This time, the stone did not dim. Instead, it grew brighter. The TV and all the house lights shut off. When we stood to shed the last of our clothing, the stone began to pulse light in an even rhythm.

Fully naked, we stood face-to face in the throbbing light. Unhurriedly, our eyes swept down and then rose scanning each other's body as if for the first time. The stone's light obliterated our surroundings.

I pulled Donna to me, her hands clasped the sides of my head setting her forearms against the front of my shoulders. Bending me forward, she kissed my forehead first. Her warm, wet lips hopped from side-to-side over my face. Her mouth moved to mine and we kissed.

Long did we linger to feel, to press and to taste of the other's mouth. Our bodies pressed together, not in a wanton hunger, but in the need to be one. Our hands roved over the bare skin of each other's back to savor the feel and relish the touch of our bare skin.

With and unspoken command, we disengaged. I lay down on the sofa, stretching full out. Donna climbed on, placing her knees at my sides. As I ran my hands up the front her thighs and down their outsides, she took my growing shaft into her hands. She began a slow, swirling caress of my growing rod and fondled my sack that encased my two spheres.

Gently, Donna brought me to full hardness while my hands skimmed her mound and ranged over her stomach. She clasped my swollen pole with one hand, rose up and spread open the puffy, outer lips of her entryway. Slowly lowering her body down, my engorged domed shaft head met her damp soft opening. Pulling her hand away, her wet flesh embraced my tip's rounded smoothness.

Donna braced both her hands on my chest as she inched herself down. My steely harness parted the damp, velvety softness of her channel. Her descent halted with my full insertion and her full weight dropped on me.

The stone's pulsing light quickened. Donna eased her hands from my chest to sit up right. Her eyes closed as she paused to enjoy our complete coupling. I felt her inner muscles tighten and release in a gently massage of my rigid erection. After several seconds, Donna's eyes opened to stare into mine. She bent forward, brushing her hands up my front. Her fingertips and thumb stopped at my nipples to rub and probe the small, pointed buds.

Reaching up, I brushed the sides of her soft, rounded breasts. I swept my palms inward across the peaks before teasing her them with my fingertips. She grabbed my wrists and pulled my arms down, to let my palms cup the bottom edges.

I licked both of Donna's supple crests, bending the budded tips as my tongue passed over. Surrounding each with my lips, I sucked them into my mouth. Pulling harder, I thrashed the nipples with my tongue tip.

Donna rolled her hips in a circle as I worked with my mouth on her sensitive spheres. She brought her hands to mine, linking our fingers and pulled my hands up above my head. Tilting forward, she pressed her breasts into my chest. Her mouth covered mine to kiss me hard and long.

When Donna exhaled, her breath rushed over my face. She started pumping her hips with increasing pitch. The stone's light flashes kept pace with her plunges in both beat and intensity.

Our releases broke together. Her hips jolting in spasms as my seed erupted deep inside her. We'd seldom experienced matching orgasms and never before had any as powerful. Our mouths parted as we gasped for air, moaning together in pleasure. Her hip jolts waned to shuddering waves as my bursts abated. I couldn't recall either of us experiencing a single release that was as strong and lasting so long.

We lie together, fully sated. In the sweet recovery, neither wanted to make any move - other then turn our heads to the stone. Its blinding light had receded to a soft glow. It still pulsed, but the pauses lengthened. We didn't speak, knowing words could not describe what we'd just shared.

That night, we made a solemn vow to keep the power of the stone our secret. Besides each other, it became our most treasured possession. We used it nearly every day, never wondering from who or where it came. We languished in the joy it brought and were convinced that the stone's power was meant for our discovery.

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