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Passionate Thoughts


Here goes...a letter to my lover, re-living a night of passion, or was it just a dream?


Can't stop thinking about you, every time I see a girl in a sexy dress, or a woman who's ass just jiggles as she walks down the street. Can't stop thinking of you, each time I see the setting sun lighting up the sky, or the morning dew glistening on the grass. Can't stop thinking of you when I see the sky so very blue and the waves crashing into the shore.

It was such a great night we had, exploring San Francisco, watching fireworks shoot so bright over the magical city. Walking now along the water, hand in hand, a spark ignited between us. That moment is approaching, we both know it and are looking forward to it. I'm like an awkward teenager now, wanting you, yet not quite knowing how to make that first move. We stop along the pier, leaning up against the railing, fireworks sending sparks so high above the water. I smell your hair as I lean in to whisper in your ear "thanks so much for joining me tonight."

"My pleasure sweetie pie" is your soft response, the sweet sound of your gentle drawl sending shivers up my spine. That's all it takes, I know the time is right.

Mmmm, that first kiss, always special, but this time even better. Leaning my head down to meet your lips, I press my body against you, we fit together like matching halves of a special mold. Body heat acting like an added blanket, trimmed with the velvety smoothness of your skin. That kiss, better than I hoped, better even than I could have imagined. Our tongues drawing each other out, dancing a sensuous groove around our lips, tickling, teasing, tasting. That kiss, moving quickly from simmer all the way to HOT! Feel my heart pounding against your breasts? My hands begin to explore, gliding along your body, each

touch of bare flesh a tantalizing treat, my body responding accordingly. The hunger of our kiss only hinted at the power of my desire....I know you had to feel me, grinding up against you, I'm harder than I've ever been, searching for the source of that wonderful heat between your legs.

Ignoring by now the beautiful skyline, ignoring even my beloved fireworks sparkling in the sky, my mind and body concerned only with carnal bliss. The need to kiss you, taste you is almost overpowering as my mouth floats along your neck, my tongue drawing hot lines to your ear, my fingers in your hair, gently tugging at your head. Spreading soft kisses across your cheek, down to your chin, finding once again your precious lips. My mouth drops lower now, nervous fingers becoming bold, unbuttoning your top, my lips brushing down between your breasts....now exposing a nipple to the nighttime air, capturing it in my teeth, my tongue
flicking and sucking.

Mmmm, baby, I love the sounds you make, I'm not sure what you'd call them, be they moan, groans, sighs or whimpers, but they're music to my ears, telling me I'm doing good. I want satisfaction and relief too, no doubt, but so much of that is made up of your satisfaction, the fulfillment of your desire. I want you to crave my touch, to have a real need for my skin next to yours.

My hands are quickly discovering your desire, cupping your ass, squeezing tightly, moving in between your legs....damn, so hot, and you gasp as my fingers find the source of heat. I know your panties must be drenched, I'll bet you feel just like hot, wet silk.

People are approaching though, somehow we put ourselves back together again. I take your hand and lead you down the pier, onto the docks. There's a boat, at the end, no one's looking as we hop on. Some cushioned deck chairs are set out, perfect for our midnight tryst. The moon is rising now, a huge glowing slice of orange, hanging low in the sky.

Gentle waves rock the boat, providing rhythm for our passionate dance, and off in the distance we hear the strummings of a guitar on the radio, making my fingers groove. My hands move quickly now, your top is off, your bra falls to the deck.....your breasts shining in the moonlight. Frozen for a moment, my eyes taking in the beauty in front of me....I shake my head clear and lower it to your breasts, my fingers squeezing them together, tweaking your nipples as I suckle on your breasts. My lips continue on their journey, your skin so warm and sweet. My fingers fearless now, sliding off your pants and panties. Hands slowly running up and down your thighs, spreading them open with each pass; it's like the gates to heaven, guarding the treasure within.

The heat just pours off of you, you're squirming with anticipation, my mouth hovering just above you, every breath a tease. I smell your desire, I want to taste your sweet pool of honey, but still I tease. My tongue peeks out, barely grazing your wetness. Mmmm, there's that moan again, definitely the sound of an angel. But you can take the teasing no longer, you grab my head and pull it into you, smashing my mouth against you, your hips raise up, grinding against me. So many sensations, my lips, my whiskers sharp in sudden contrast to the softness of my tongue....all feels so good. Kissing your pussy, devouring it, my tongue deep inside....god you taste so fucking good...my teeth gently tugging on your lips, my tongue taunting your clit, flicking it, strumming it, moving faster and faster with just the lightest of touches. Your moans are louder now, my name has never sounded so good as when I hear it on your lips. A finger slips inside you, starts to thrust just like a cock, my tongue still engaged in passionate assault. I feel your muscles tighten as you begin to cum, a fine sheen of sweat covering your body, making you shimmer under the moon. You shake and shiver, your legs locked around me, your hands with their vice-like clasp around my head, my face and your body merged together as one. Suddenly, you relax, go limp, your fingers gently soothe my hair as you pull me up next to you, holding me in your arms. Nothing is said as we both recover, the sway of the boat slowing down our racing hearts, our lips once again connected in such a sweet kiss.

So you see, with thoughts such as these flowing through my head, I just can't stop thinking about you, just can't hide the smile on my face when you enter my world.

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