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Pastor Sarah Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: New Church or Hell

Sarah was a pastor’s daughter and was following in her father’s footsteps. Her father was the senior pastor of a large church with two associate pastors, and a large staff with beautiful offices and all modern equipment. Following seminary, she had been assigned to a similar church as a youth pastor.

Now she was headed to her first solo appointment as the pastor of a little country church. As she drove down the road toward the church, she envisioned the congregation waiting for her and everything set up in her office. When she reached the address, she thought, there must be a mistake. The old church was in bad repair and no one was there to greet her. She walked around the building looking for an open door. As she was ready to leave, a man pulled up in an old pickup truck.

The elderly man, dressed in farmer’s overalls stepped out of the truck and said, “hi Missy, are you our new preacher.” Sarah recoiled as she had not been called “Missy” since she was in Jr. High School.

“Just call me John” the man said and to her amazement he told her he was the head of the administrative board. She followed him as he opened the door to the church.

“What have I gotten myself into” was all she could think as he led her through the sanctuary to her office. As he passed through the small office in front of her office, he said “we had a secretary about twenty years ago. From there he led her to the parsonage which was in worse shape than the house.

“Anything you need Missy, just call” said John as he walked to his pickup. “Oh by the way, my wife will stop by later with a casserole.”

Sarah sat in her bay window reflecting on the last few years. Seminary has been a great place for a woman who enjoyed sex as much as she did. The population of the seminary was about 80% male, so she had her choice of cock from several different countries. She especially liked Chan from China, because every time he was about to cum he would start speaking very fast in Chinese. His sister came to visit one weekend providing a threesome of non-stop sex for the whole weekend. Although they spoke almost perfect English, when her orgasm started she also went into high-speed Chinese.

Greg had introduced her to sex for the single seminarian. He was her senior mentor, during her first semester, so they were obligated to spend a lot of time together. Greg was angry when he learned he would have to spend time with a new student. When she called him, to set up their first appointment, he gruffly told her to meet him in the cafeteria and not to be late because he had more important things to do.

As Sarah entered the library she saw him at the other end of the room with his hand running over the ass of a female who obviously was his more important visit. Sarah was glad she had chosen to wear a short skirt, and a tight sweater. She ducked into the bathroom and removed her underpants and bra. Sarah thought, “I can give her a run for her money. She was beginning to get wet, with just the thought of the challenge.

The other woman saw her coming and just stared at Sarah’s nipples threatening to punch holes in the sweater. “You must be Greg” stated Sarah as she approached Greg’s chair totally ignoring the existence of the woman who was getting the ass massage. Greg spun around and was speechless as he saw Sarah. Sarah was clearly the most beautiful woman on campus. At 5’ 9” inches her 38” bust was in perfect proportion with the rest of body without one ounce of fat anywhere on her body. Sarah was a slave to her exercise program which she had started in high school to maintain the position of head cheerleader.

“Are you Sarah?” Greg said when he was able to finally speak after the shock of seeing this long legged Goddess.

“Do you have an appointment with anyone else at 3:00?” Sarah said sarcastically. Turning to the other woman she said “I hope I am not interrupting anything.”

Greg introduced Sarah to Samantha and tried to make some small talk about her being from his hometown and visiting for the weekend.

Samantha, looked at Greg and said “I will meet you back at your room when you are finished” and turned and walked away.

Sarah purposely sat in a chair on the other side of a small coffee table to give Greg a full view of her thighs. She decided to see just how much she could make him sweat. Reaching into her briefcase, she removed the forms which outlined the relationship of the mentor and the student. “Well, let’s get started” Sarah said, “We wouldn’t want to keep Samantha waiting would we. She placed the forms on the table and took the opportunity to move which pushed her short skirt a little. She had Greg just where she wanted him.

For the next hour her voice was very business like, but Greg could not help but notice how firm her nipples were and how she continued to squirm in her seat. At the end of the hour, Greg suggested that their next meeting be in his room where they could have more privacy. She feigned shock at the suggestion and asked if seminary rules allowed female students in male student’s rooms. The tent in his pants was quite obvious and Sarah decided to open her legs creating a little more discomfort for her mentor. Holding his papers in his lap, Greg tried to shift and reposition his cock which was certainly at full mast at this time as he gazed at the blonde bush confirming that Sarah was a natural blonde. Sarah was so hot, she knew she had to end this session before she exploded.

Sarah almost ran back to her dorm where she fell on the bed and immediately filled her soaking wet cunt with her fingers. After her first orgasm, she reached into the drawer of her dresser and pulled out her faithful dildo and eased it into place pretending it was Greg. She laughed out loud as she thought about the fucking Samantha must be getting as Greg pretended he was shoving his cock through her blonde bush.

Sarah began to imagine what it would be like to be with Greg and Samantha. Samantha was not as tall as Sarah and not as well endowed, but her body did interest Sarah because she reminded Sarah of Rebecca, who had been on her cheerleading squad in college. Whenever they had a game out of town, Rebecca and Sarah roomed together with their bodies locked together for most of the night in a single bed. The only reason the other bed was ever used was when two football players were banging the hell out them. The other girls on the squad thought they were stuck-up and just didn’t like going to the movies or other activities.

Seven days seemed like an eternity until her next appointment with Greg. She saw him occasionally on campus, but played it very cool simply saying “hello” as they passed. As she dressed for her appointment, she chose the most conservative clothes in her wardrobe. She chose heavy wool slacks and a bulky sweater which downplayed her breast and thin waist. However underneath she squeezed into tight biking shorts and a sports bra. Greg was going to get his brained fucked out tonight, but she decided to make him sweat a little longer. When she arrived at his apartment, he greeted her in shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt which accentuated every muscle in his body. His apartment was also very warm which played right into her plan.

He offered her a glass of wine or beer, but she declined saying she would just have water since they had so much work to get done. Opening her brief case and removing the forms, Sarah said, “Let’s get to work.” For the next fifteen minutes, Sarah avoided looking at Greg as though she was all business, and laughing to herself as she saw him looking at the sweater and visualizing the breasts it was hiding.

“Is it always this hot in your apartment?” Sarah asked as she sat back on the sofa an wiped her brow.

“Yes” Greg responded, “that is why I am dressed this way. Sorry I didn’t warn you.”

“That’s ok” Sarah said “Would you mind if I removed my sweater and slacks? I have my exercise outfit on underneath.”

“Not at all,” Greg responded enthusiastically! She smiled and was sure Greg would have been glad to assist her. She turned her back to him to give her a view of her ass as she bent over to remove her slacks. She took twice as long as she needed just for effect. She was standing with her legs slightly spread and knew Greg could see the shape of her cunt in the tight shorts. She stood up and faced him as she pulled the sweater over her head. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw what the sport’s bra was holing in place. As she glanced at his shorts, she could easily see the effect her performance was having and noticed a wet spot forming on his shorts.

“That feels much better” She said as she stretched as though she was stiff from sitting. “Maybe I will have that glass of wine” she said. Greg hurriedly went to the counter and came back with two glasses. As she took the glass of wine, she looked him directly in the eyes and said “So, how long did you fuck Samantha last week.” He started to deny that they were more than friends and Sarah continued to look at him and said “How Long?”

“About two hours he said” and then said “why do you ask?

“I just wanted to know how long to expect to be here today” she said as she emptied her glass of wine, handed him the glass and removed her sport’s bra. Greg stood frozen in amazement as she removed her shorts. “Are you coming or are you just going to stand there?” she said as she moved toward the bed.

At the end of the year when Greg graduated, he became the youth pastor at her father’s church. Her father was always glad to have Sarah spend time with Greg especially on the youth retreats, so that she could experience youth ministry. Once the campers were in bed, he would come to her tent. They would fuck until early morning with him going back to his tent just before time for the campers to wake up. Greg married Samantha and Sarah was invited to the wedding. Guess who fucked Greg the morning of his wedding. What he didn’t know was that Sarah and Samantha slept together the night before the wedding and she was like Rebecca in every way. About two months later, Samantha called Greg and told him they had company and to stop at the liquor store for a bottle of wine. When he opened the front door, Samantha and Sarah were standing in the nude holding empty wine glasses.

Sarah’s walk down memory lane was cut short by a car which stopped out front and a woman came up the walk carrying a casserole. Sarah opened the door and said “Let me guess, you must be John’s wife.” Over the next two days, more casseroles, fried chicken, cakes and pies arrived than she could eat in a month. They came in handy on Friday when the moving truck arrived and many people from church came to help with the unloading. Some men brought some tables from the church and they just set the food out and everyone had a feast. Word got around about Sarah’s shape and beauty, so their was no shortage of men to carry boxes. The women weren’t quite sure how they felt about having a young beautiful woman as their pastor, but there were no complaints from the men, most of whom were older than her father.

As Sarah stood at the front door of the church on Sunday, she wondered if there were any members younger than 50 years of age. As it got close to the time for worship, a few younger families showed up. Just as Sarah was starting the service a beautiful woman and handsome man came in with two children. They sat in the third pew, so Sarah had a good view and they both seemed to like her appearance. Following the service, Sarah greeted everyone by the door and the couple with the children held back until all the other had left.

“We are Frank and Margaret and our children are Frank Jr. and Susan,” Margaret said “and we want to apologize for not helping you with your move because we were out of town, and wondered if there is anything we could help you with today.”

“You could help me eat some of the food which everyone brought before and after the move. I also need someone to set up my stereo equipment.” As they entered the parsonage, Frank started working on the stereo and Margaret helped Sarah warm up the food and set the table for lunch. When Sarah went to tell Frank that lunch was ready, she found him lying on his back with his head under the table which held the stereo, hooking up the wires. She wondered what he would do if she just reached down and took a hold of his cock to get his attention. When she told him lunch was ready, he said he just had one more wire to hook up, so she walked over to the table so that as he slid out he could look up her dress if he chose to do so. She pretended to be adjusting something on the wall over the table. Sarah was sure that Frank had seen all the way to her pants.

Frank and Margaret invited Sarah to come to their home on Saturday for a swim and cook-out stating that the children would be with her parents for the day. They gave Sarah the directions and told her to come as early as she liked. By noon on Saturday, Sarah was more than ready for a relaxing day at the pool. People had been stopping in during the week and she felt like she was living in a fishbowl. She considered taking her bikini, but was not sure if it would be appropriate. She chose the conservative one piece bathing suit and drove to their secluded home outside of town with a long driveway opening into a manicured lawn and a huge house. She had found out that Frank had inherited his father’s very successful furniture sales business.

When no one answered the door, she walked around back and found Frank and Margaret setting up chairs around the pool. Frank was wearing a traditional boxer style bathing suit and Margaret was wearing a bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Margaret had red hair and a body that looked spectacular considering the fact that she had given birth to two children. Margaret greeted her and showed her to cabaña where she could change into her suit. They spent most of the afternoon with small talk and some casual swimming. At around 4 o’clock Sarah said she would like to swim some laps in their Olympic size swimming pool. While she was swimming, Frank and Margaret went in the house and changed. When she was finished swimming laps, Margaret came out with a fresh towel and suggested that she might want to take a quick shower and change in the master bathroom.

After Sarah had gone in the house, Margaret suddenly realized she had left her favorite toy on the edge of the tub. She wondered what the preacher would think when she saw it. Sarah adjusted the water and stepped into the huge tub-shower. The water felt good against her breasts and her fingers were busy bringing release which had been building up as she had watched Frank and Margaret stretched out in the sun. When she turned around she saw the biggest dildo she had ever seen in her life. It was shiny black and too inviting not to try. She stretched out in the tub and covered the end of the dildo with Vaseline which was conveniently located on the end of the tub. She was enjoying herself so much, she lost track of how long she had been in the house getting changed.

When she did not return for a while, Frank said, “I wonder if she is enjoying your toy?”

“Frank, she is a minister, she probably wouldn’t know what to do with it.” When she finally appeared outside, looking very flushed, Frank and Margaret looked at each other with the question on their faces. While Frank was getting Sarah a drink, Margaret went to the master bathroom. Her toy was exactly where she had left it and was clean and dry. However, she noticed the top was off of the Vaseline. As she joined Frank and Sarah, she gave the thumbs up sign to Frank and he started to get an erection just thinking about Sarah using his wife’s toy.

After dinner, as she was leaving, Margaret said, “Please come again, anything we have is here for you to enjoy.” As she was driving home, Sarah wondered what Margaret meant by anything we have.

There would certainly be many pastoral calls to this home.

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