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Pastor Sarah Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: 1st Church or is it Hell

This story continues describing the life of Pastor Sarah in her new church.

Sarah was looking forward to getting to know Frank and Margaret on a more intimate basis, and if she had read the vibes correctly that would not be too hard to do. Several times throughout the day, at their pool and during dinner, they had managed to casually touch her body sending signals that they wanted to know her better. Once when she was on the same side of the pool with Margaret, Frank swam underwater and as he came up on their side, Frank's hand came up her thigh and over her pussy.

As he surfaced, he said "Oh excuse me, I thought you were Margaret." As she was helping Margaret clean up the kitchen, Margaret reached across her several times letting her arm benefit from a quick feel of Sarah's tits. Yes indeed, she was going to get to know this couple on a very intimate basis.

After Sarah left, Frank moved up behind Margaret, who was putting dishes away and reached under her skirt, running his hand up her thigh, moving under her thong and gripping her pussy.

"At least you have a hold of the right one this time."

"What makes you think I had the wrong one the first time" he said dipping a finger inside her pussy.

"Do you think the preacher can give you a better fuck than I do" she said as she turned and rammed her hand inside his pants and grabbed his cock which was already beginning to come to attention.

"Who is it that wants to share her toy with the preacher", he responded. "We need to invite her back soon."

Margaret smiled and said "I hope she blessed my toy!"

The thought of Sarah had them both excited, so they decided to cool of in the pool. Stripping as they went, they dove into the pool naked, and swam to the shallow end. Picking her up and carrying her to a chaise lounge, Frank said, "I guess we will just have to fuck each other tonight." But in both of their minds, Sarah's beautiful body was intertwined with theirs.

Back at the parsonage, Sarah was too charged up to sleep. She decided to go to the office and start digging through some church records to find out who were the key players in the church. She hoped there were better prospects than John, the Chairman of the Administrative Board, and his casserole cooking wife. As she opened the top drawer, she found just what she was looking for. The previous pastor had a folders of clipping on significant happenings in the lives of members of the church. Right on top was a picture of Frank receiving a large key from his father at a ceremony turning the business over to him. Margaret and Frank's mother were also in the picture. Frank's parent's were both very attractive people who did not look old enough to retire. The next picture was of Frank's father with his new boat which he bought for their enjoyment upon his retirement. It was a 60 foot Chris Craft, just like one that a parishioner in her father's church owned. Now this has possibilities!

The first time that Sarah had been invited to take a day trip with Herman and his wife, Eleanor was with her father and mother. They took a leisurely cruise across the Bay and dropped anchor for lunch and then returned to the dock. Eleanor never liked the boat and only took short trips when necessary to entertain. Herman wanted to go out for two or three days at a time, but Eleanor was nervous about him being out on the water alone. Her father suggested that since the yacht had separate sleeping quarters and Sarah wasn't working that Summer, she could go with him for safety and learn to pilot the boat. Everyone thought this was a wonderful idea.

They loaded enough supplies for a week and off they went on what would become the greatest sex awakening of Herman's life. Although he was only 60, he and Eleanor had not had an active sex life for over 10 years. Eleanor and Sarah's parents came down to the dock to see them off. Sarah had on a white cover-up over her bikini. She was wearing mirrored sunglasses so she could observe what Herman was looking at without him noticing. She was on the bow rolling up the ropes as Herman worked his way out of the slip and out toward open water. As she was coming back the side, a spray of water caught the top of her cover up making it a see through top clinging to her chest and revealing the bikini top staining to hold her tits in place. She smiled as she saw Herman's eyes bulge out of his head as she took the seat beside her at the controls. As she sat down, the cover up rode up showing her thighs which didn't go unnoticed by Herman. Herman felt a feeling in his groin that he had not experienced in several years.

Herman had given Sarah instructions on piloting the yacht the day they were with her parents, so she said "Can I drive Herman.?"

"Sure" he said, glad that he could keep his eyes on her instead of worrying about where the boat was headed. She was a quick study and quickly had everything under control, so he went below and made them a sandwich. Once they were on the other side of the Island, out of view of the city, he dropped anchor and suggested they take a swim. He went below and returned in swimming trunks which did little to hide the growing bulge. When they came back on board, she stretched out on a chaise lounge to get some sun.

"Herman, could I bother you to put some sun screen on my back. " she said as she reached around and untied the top of her bikini.

"Sure" he said as his voice started to quiver. It had been a long time since he had see that much female flesh up close. He was very gentle as he gingerly started applying the sun screen.

"Go ahead and rub it in" Sarah said "and be sure to get the sides." Getting the side on Sarah's body meant covering the sides of her tits. As he would do each side she would roll a little causing his hand to almost hit her nipple. Herman was working up quite a sweat and his breathing was becoming a little irregular. He was hoping Sarah wouldn't turn around and see the bulge in his swim trunks.

As he was putting the cap back on the sun screen she said, "Could you do my legs too."

"Sure" he said and moved down to start at her ankles. He spent a lot of time below her knees trying to get up the nerve to touch her thighs. As he got close to the top of her thighs, she suddenly opened her legs and reached down and untied the bikini straps holding the bottom of her bikini.

"I hate to have an uneven tan" she said. As he was rubbing the sun screen on her buttocks, she reached around and guided his hand to be sure and get it in her crack.

"Use both hand to rub it in" she said and he sat the sun screen down and started rubbing her ass with both hands as she raised her ass up against him and rolled over to face him, leaving him looking straight down at her pussy covered with that blonde hair.

"I can take care of this problem for you" she said rubbing the bulge in his pants. Herman wasn't sure what to do. After all he was with the preacher's daughter and no woman other than Eleanor had ever touched him there. Since he was on his knees it was easy for Sarah to take a hold of the waist band and yank down his swimming trunks.

"Wow" she said as 9 inches of cock suddenly hit her in the chin. "Does Eleanor enjoy this as much as I am going to?"

"Eleanor hasn't touched that in years" Herman said, as he thought how horrified she would be at the thought of actually looking at his dick in the daylight. She always insisted on the room being dark and only had sex in the missionary position. As Sarah started to lick his cock, he was amazed that women really did those things he had only seen in magazines.

"Sit up here in this deck chair" Sarah said, and let me introduce you to oral sex. She took the head in her mouth, making circles with her tongue and Herman thought he was going to go crazy. Nothing like this had ever happened to him. Then she licked the length of it several times working all the way around, leaving no surface untouched. Next she started licking his balls while her hand started jacking him off. As she sucked each of his balls into her mouth she suddenly realized he was building up a good head of steam, she put her left arm around his shoulder and started pumping with her right hand . Her tits were hitting against his side. Suddenly a stream of cum shot across the deck. His body went limp as years of accumulation suddenly left his body.

"After dinner I will show you how to satisfy a woman with your mouth" said Sarah as she picked up her bikini and strolled nude across the deck to go below and fix dinner. Herman just sat there, more satisfied than he had been in years. This was going to be a hell of week, he thought, and it was all his preacher's idea and approved by his wife. He suddenly felt 20 years younger. He stood up and started to walk forward and fell. He had forgotten that his swim trunks were still around his ankles. Laughing at himself, he walked nude across the deck to see if Sarah needed any help with dinner.

They ate dinner in the nude laughing about what her father and his wife would think if they knew what they had started. After dinner, Sarah took Herman's hand and led him to the bedroom.

She laid on her back with her legs spread out and said "Just lick that spot you were afraid to touch today." Herman took to eating pussy like a duck takes to water. Within a few minutes an orgasm shook Sarah's body and she grabbed the back of his head pushing his mouth deeper as his tongue probed new worlds. Sarah noticed that Herman's cock was hard again, so she rolled him over on his back and sat straight down on his rod taking it about half way in on the first thrust. Lifting up until only the head was in her pussy, she lowered herself slowly until about 7 inches was inside. Lifting herself again, she plunged back down taking his full length.

During the summer, Sarah spent a total of three weeks making Herman feel like he was 20 years old again. On the final week she invited her friend Rebecca to join them. Herman got as excited watching the two of them get it on as he did fucking first one, then the other. The real surprise for Herman was when Rebecca took the head of his cock in her mouth and suddenly it all disappeared down her throat.

As Sarah was preparing to return to college, her mother said, "Herman needs someone to go with him to take his boat to winter harbor. Do you think I would enjoy myself.?" There was a certain smile on her mother face that made Sarah think her mother knew what was going on. The smile which was still on her mother's face at Thanksgiving explained why the trip has taken twice as long as normal.

Looking at Frank's father standing beside his boat, Sarah knew history was about to repeat itself. The next picture was of a couple Sarah had not met. The Johnsons at the 25th anniversary celebration of their new store. Other pictures were of children and youth receiving school awards, various people at town events, etc. It was late so, Sarah decided to head back to the parsonage and some rest for tomorrow's service.

The attendance was substantially higher the second week and the main difference was the number of men in the service. One woman was so excited that her husband wanted to come to church. The word had gotten around town that the new preacher was pretty easy to look at. The Johnsons were in attendance as well as Frank's parents. During one of the hymns, Sarah kept looking at Frank's father with his salt and pepper hair and how surprised he was going to be at what she could do on his yacht. Every so often, Frank and Margaret would be looking at her and then look at each other and smile. As the church service ended people had many positive things to say about her sermon. Jeremy, a young man about 19, stopped and said he had to do 100 hours of community service and did she have any jobs he could do at the church. She knew the service he could perform on her, but she also figured she could find many small jobs and it would be nice to have a young stud around. She told him to stop by on Wednesday morning and they would work out a schedule.

As the Johnsons came by, they introduced themselves and Mrs. Johnson said if Sarah needed anything for the parsonage, she would discuss it with the trustees. Franks father was better looking in person than he had been in the picture. Sarah surprised him by telling him she was familiar with the 60 ft Chris Craft and the type engine, configuration and the handling ability in rough water.

"We will have to have you spend a day with us on our yacht." Turning to his wife, he said "What about the day we are taking the Anderson's across to the regatta.?" This was not what Sarah had in mind, but she smiled to be polite. She wanted daddy alone.

Frank and Margaret were the last in line again and as Frank gave Sarah a hug, his hand slid down her back resting for a moment on her ass. She pretended not to notice.

The next day Sarah drove out to drop in on Margaret but as she was approaching the driveway the plumber's truck turned into their driveway. She figured Margaret must have a plumbing problem and decided to come back the next day. She drove over to Frank's office just in time to see him get in his car. She followed him out of curiosity, to see how he spent his lunch hour. He drove about 15 miles out of town and pulled into a small group of motel units. She drove on around the corner and watched as he went in the last unit. Since he already had the key, she figured this must be a regular routine. She saw another car coming down the road and ducked down so as not to be seen. The car also went to the last unit and to her surprise Mrs. Johnson got out of her car and looked around before going in. Sarah drove away, realizing this town was not as boring as she first thought it would be.

The following day as Sarah was driving out to see Margaret, she saw the plumbing truck sitting at the convenience store. She watched as the driver came out of the store. He was a young black man about 30 years old who looked like he had just stepped off of the football field. She followed his truck and it turned into Margaret and Frank's driveway. Sarah waited and drove up the lane stopping out of view of the house. As she got to the front door, she discovered it was not shut all the way. She gently pushed it open and stepped inside. No one was in sight so she quietly walked up the steps to the master bedroom. She took her small digital camera out of her purse and moved to the door.

She heard a male voice say "Suck it you white bitch." The door was open enough for her to see the plumber standing beside the bed and Margaret giving him a blow job. He told her he was about to cum and she started to back away, but he grabbed her head forced his cock deep into her throat as he shot his load. She initially started to gag, but was able to swallow and then sucked until he was dry. Sarah had about 10 shots with the last one being Margaret licking his cock clean.

The plumber reached down and picked her up like a sack of potatoes and threw her on the bed. She was wearing a blouse and skirt. He ripped both items of clothing off of her. She was not wearing any underwear.

After taking off his own clothes, he said "What do you want bitch?"

"Eat me, please eat me" she begged.

He put her legs over his shoulders buried his face in her pussy with his hands massaging her tits. Sarah had a picture of each step of the way. As his tongue plunged in and out Margaret began to tremble and shake with one orgasm after another. She planted her feet flat on the bed and start slamming her cunt up against his face. Sarah could feel the excitement building in her own body. Suddenly he flipped her over, yanked her up on her knees and slammed his cock in her pussy from behind. After pounding her for several minutes, he pulled out of her pussy and rammed the full length of his cock into her ass. She let out a scream of pain. He rolled over on his back without breaking contact.

Sarah saw him reach for something on the other side of the bed. It was the black dildo which was about the same size as his cock. He handed it to Margaret and said,

"Put this in your snatch bitch!"

She obediently put the dildo in her pussy and started to ease it in a little at a time. He reached around her and shoved it all the way in. Pulling it out part way he lifted her up with his other hand until only his cock head was in her pussy. Then he would let her go, pushing the dildo in as he rammed back into her ass.

Sarah decided to sneak out before she got caught. As she went past the truck, she wrote down the number for Sampson, "The Plumber". When she got back to the parsonage she uploaded the pictures to her computer. With her dildo in hand she set the computer to a continuous slide show. The next day she intentional clogged her toilet with a towel and called Sampson. He came and removed the towel and refused to take any money since he said he was in the neighborhood anyway. They talked for a while and she learned that his wife Candy was a dancer at a local strip club.

"Is Candy her given name?" asked Sandy

"No, Candice is her real name, but I have always called her Candy and it plays better at the club."

Sarah invited him to attend church on Sunday and promised to give his business a plug from the pulpit. He said he wasn't sure how his wife would feel about coming to church, but she assured him she would like to meet her. She pictured Candy and Margaret meeting for the first time.

Jeremy came on Wednesday and Sarah had him remove a lot of junk from the basement. She removed her underpants before taking a glass of ice tea down for him. She put his tea on the freezer and then asked him how things were going. He assured her he would have her basement looking like new by the end of the day. As he was drinking his tea, she sat on the steps facing the freezer. He had a straight view all the way to her blond bush. She made a lot of small talk about future projects he could do to work off the 100 hours. Finally she stood up and walked back up-stairs telling Jeremy she was looking forward to knowing him better. Jeremy was beginning to like this community service ideas.

When he came upstairs, she asked him if he would be willing to take pictures of guests attending the Sunday services? Without waiting for him to answer, she handed him her camera as asked him to take a picture of her sitting at her desk. She had erased all the pictures of Sampson and Margaret except two that did not show their faces. She had used her zoom to get a picture of Sampson ramming her doggie style and with the dildo and his cock working together. Then she moved to the sofa and told him to take some pictures of her from different angles. She decided to give him some sexy poses to shoot. When she went to get more ice tea, she told him to review the pictures and see how they looked. Watching him in a mirror, she could tell when he got to the two pictures of Sampson and Margaret.

"How did the pictures come out?" she asked.

"Great!" he said.

As she took the cameras from him, she said "Is next Wednesday at the same time good for you?

"Yes, that is fine" he said as she walked him to the door.

On Thursday, she drove out to the motel where Frank and Mrs. Johnson had met and went into the office. She introduced herself to the owner and said she was looking for a place she could come once a week to get away from the office for meditation and had noticed a quiet cabin at the end of the row. She negotiated a real low rate since she would only need for about 4 - 6 hours each Thursday. She asked to see the unit, so the desk clerk gave her a key to go and look at the unit. She had noticed a hardware store just about ½ mile up the street. She drove back to the unit, let her self in and looked around. Getting back in her car she drove out the back exit to the hardware store and had a duplicate key made. Then she returned to the office to return the key and told the desk clerk she would call any Thursday she could get time away from the church.

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