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Pastor Sarah Ch. 06

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Welcome back to the sex-sational ministry of Pastor Sarah who uses sex as a source of getting what she wants. Pastor Sarah was assigned to a small run down church, that probably no other pastor wanted.

Upon arriving she met John, Chair of Ad Board and his wife. Boredom caused her to reflect on a seminary student Greg, who was assigned to be her mentor and became her sex partner. Greg became a youth pastor at her father’s church and married Samantha who was also a sex partner for Pastor Sarah. Samantha reminded Sarah of Rebecca who was her college sex partner and fellow cheerleader.

During her summers she became a ship hand and sex partner for a man in her father’s congregation named Herman. Herman also found Sarah’s mother to be quite a good partner to have on board.

Frank and Margaret were one of the few young couples in the church and have each enjoyed Pastor Sarah’s sexual appetite, but not together. (Yet)

Bill and Rita Johnson are an older couple in church who own a design firm. Rita is having an affair with Frank and Bill frequents strip joints. Pastor Sarah blackmails both Rita and Bill.

Sampson is a plumber who is doing some real work on Margaret’s pipes and his wife Candice is a highly education business person who is working in a strip joint because she is unable to get a business position in this prejudice town. Sampson and Candice are Black. Candice became Pastor Sarah’s first cause.

Walter and Margaret are Frank’s parents. Walter has to things in common with Herman. The size of his boat and the size of his cock. Pastor Sarah seduces Walter. (Frank’s father was mistakenly identified as Frank Sr. in a prior chapter)

Jeremy is a young stud who has bumped up against the law and Pastor Sarah has just the community service to keep a young stud off the streets.

Jeremy’s mother, Susan, was falsely accused of adultery by her wealthy husband who isn’t supporting her or their children. Susan becomes Pastor Sarah’s second cause.

At the conclusion of Chapter 5, Margaret had just seduced her father in law, and they have a day of really getting to know each other scheduled for his yacht on Thursday.

Pastor Sarah had not only blackmailed Rita into hiring Candice, but also let Rita know that her husband Sampson had a cock that would satisfy her wildest dreams. Let’s begin at Rita’s house.

Rita was really pissed off that she was forced to hire Candice, however, she had gone through the motions of the interview and given her the compensation package demanded by Pastor Sarah which was double what she was planning to pay a comptroller.

She asked Candice if she could send her husband over to give her an estimate on some renovations. It just so happened that Rita was planning to enlarge the master bath, so when Sampson arrived she took him right to the master bedroom. She had gone home and changed into a mini skirt, no underwear and a tight white blouse with the three top buttons undone. For a woman pushing 60, she could still strut her stuff. She stepped into a pair of “fuck me” heels just for added effect.

When Rita opened the door, Sampson’s almost let out a gasp of surprise. It was hard to believe that this was the same conservatively dressed woman he had seen in church.

“I really want to thank you for giving my wife a chance at a really good job” said Sampson.

“Oh, it is I who should be thanking you“, said Rita. “This is going to give me free time to do what I like to do, if you know what I mean” she said taking him by the arm and moving him into the room, so she could shut the door. “Pastor Sarah tells me your plumbing skills are excellent.”

“Pastor Sarah is a very special lady.” She has really opened some doors for me and Candice.” What kind of plumbing job do you need to have done Mrs. Johnson.

Rita smiled and said, “Oh I have many ideas of how to utilize your services.”

She purposely looked at his slacks to see it she could notice any erection. Nothing was apparent yet, however, after he followed her up the steps to the master bathroom, she stopped at the top of the stairs and he was so distracted he walked right in to her.

She backed up a step as those she was falling, ramming her ass back against his cock which confirmed she had his attention. Excusing herself, she invited him into the bathroom.

Rita described what she wanted, with the main feature being a two person Jacuzzi to replace the current tub/shower.

“Your husband is a lucky man, “ said Sampson.

“My husband’s shower is in the other bedroom” said Rita, letting Sampson wonder about why she wanted a two person Jacuzzi.

They were standing very close to each other and Rita said, “Maybe since you will be doing the hard work of installing it, you should have the pleasure of trying it out first” She went on to say, plumbing must require a lot of strength” as she ran her hand up his arms and felt his muscles.

“Do you like strong men” asked Sampson as he looked down her open blouse at her nipples.

“Oh yes,” she said as she moved her hands from his arms to his chest.

Sampson put his hands on her back and gently pulled her toward him without feeling any resistance. He moved his hands to her ass and pulled her tight against his cock. She reached up and pulled his lips down to hers and ground her pussy against his cock.

Reaching down and grabbing her around the thighs, he lifted her onto his shoulder and carried her into the bedroom. When he got beside the bed, he tossed her on the bed and started getting undressed. She suddenly had a somewhat frightened look on her face.

“Have you ever fucked a black man?” asked Sampson.

“No” said Rita.

“Let me warn you, we are not gentle. We like it rough,’ as he removed his final garment revealing the tool Pastor Sarah had described.

Rita slid off the bed and knelt down before him and said “how rough do you like it as she planted her teeth on the end of his cock.” He immediately jumped back, but she grabbed the shaft of his cock with her hand and buried the head and part of the shaft in her mouth. She sucked with a vengeance and pumped with her hand until he was fully erect. She used the other hand to massage his balls. When she felt the build up, she removed her hand from his shaft and grabbing his ass with both hands pulled him forward and took the whole cock deep down her throat, just as his load exploded.

Sampson had never seen many women, let alone a white woman who could deep throat his entire cock.

Removing her mouth and handing Sampson the box of Kleenex, she straightened her skirt, buttoned her blouse and said “I will let you know when I am ready for you to fuck me.” I will expect you to get started on the new bathroom within two weeks.

As Sampson was getting dressed, Rita went back downstairs where she met him and was saying “Please call me when the fixtures are ready to install,” just as her husband walked in the front door. Sampson said hello to Bill Johnson and quickly left.

Have you decided to hire every black person in town, Bill said angrily as he went to get a drink from the bar.

“Well, you have to admit dear, they are nice to look at.!”

Bill wondered if she knew where he had seen Candice before?

Pastor Sarah was just stepping out of the shower when she heard the doorbell ring. Slipping into her terrycloth robe and wrapping a towel around her wet hair, she went downstairs to see who was at the door. To her pleasant surprise it was the painting foreman, Jack.

“Sorry to bother you pastor, but just wanted to let you know the men are going to be working on ladders outside your bedroom windows and didn’t want you to be alarmed.”

“Are you sure they wouldn’t be the one’s to be alarmed?” said Sarah opening the leg of her robe enough for him to see her thigh. “I caught you looking down my blouse the other day as I was getting in my car.”

Jack wasn’t sure what to say, so he started to apologize and Sarah laughed saying, “Don’t feel you need to apologize. If I hadn’t wanted you to look I wouldn’t have unbuttoned by blouse.”

“Tell you painting crew that I am baking fresh muffins and they are invited for a coffee break at 10:00.” Jack thanked her and turned to leave. Opening the door and striking a sexy pose, she said “Oh Jack, do you have any suggestions what I should wear?” in a voice loud enough for several of the workers to hear.

As she closed the door, she heard a couple of the workers say “Oh Jack, what should I wear.”

“Get back to work” he said in a gruff voice.

Going back upstairs she pretended not to see the ladder outside of her bedroom window as she went into the bathroom to dry her hair and put on her makeup. She left the bathroom door at angle that would allow the person on the ladder to see her in the mirror. Dropping the robe, she started the hair dryer turning to give the painter a full frontal view as she put her head back and looked up, pretending not to know the painter could see her.

When she was finished drying her hair, she walked back into the bedroom nude and proceeded to get dressed for the day. She put on a business suit because she needed to visit a car dealer today. When she was finished getting dressed, she walked over to the window, and raised it almost causing Henry, a young man in his twenties to fall off the stepladder.

“Do you attend church?” Sarah asked Henry.

“No I don’t” said Henry, hoping she hadn’t seen him watching her. “But I have been thinking about attending”

“You know, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions” she said as she stared at the erection in his coveralls. Continuing to stare at his erection, she asked if he was married?

He stated that he wasn’t married but he had a girlfriend and they were talking about getting married.

Looking back at Henry, she said, “I hope you will bring her to church on Sunday. I would love to meet her. And by the way, if you have any problems I can help you with, just call for an appointment. “I am a very good counselor,” she said, rubbing the front of her skirt. She turned and twisted her hips as she walked out of the room.

“What is taking you so long on that window,” she heard Jack call out to Henry.

“I had to scrape off some old paint” said Henry.

Sarah laughed, she had never been referred to as “Old Paint” before.

At 10:00 Sarah went to the door and yelled “Coffee break.” As the six men and Jack came in through the kitchen door, they were greeted by the smell of fresh baked muffins and coffee.

She poured coffee for each asking each by name (which was conveniently printed on their painter’s overalls) if they wanted cream and sugar. Handing each a cup of coffee, and a plate she invited them to help themselves to the muffins.

Sarah took time to address each by name and ask them about their families. She then shared with them that she was trying to increase the number of young families in church and told them about various programs she started to introduce to the church. She found out there were two men who were interested in joining a choir and a two with children that they would like to have attending Sunday school.

Just as they were returning to their painting, Bill Johnson pulled in the driveway and without even saying hello to Jack or any of the workers stormed into Sarah’s kitchen. She was standing washing dishes when he appeared behind her at the kitchen island counter.

“Oh, I am sorry, Mr. Johnson, I didn’t hear you knock”

“How did you trick my wife in to hiring a stripper?” he demanded.

“When I saw the ad in the paper, I gave your wife the resume of the best qualified person in this town,” Sarah responded.

“Did you tell her that I had seen that black bitch at the strip club.”

Backing him up against the counter, Sarah grabbed him by the crotch and said, “I don’t ever want to hear those words come out of your mouth again and I plan to check with Candice to be sure you are treating her with respect.”

Bill started to cringe as she tightened her grip.

“Am I making myself clear” Sarah asked tightening the grip even more.

“Yessss”, he almost whined.

“If you had kept that little thing in your pants, and stayed home and taken care of your wife, you wouldn’t have this problem.”

After one hard and final squeeze, she released her grip and walked over and opened the door.

As he left she added “And don’t ever enter my house again without being invited!”

Jack looked at Bill and wondered why he was bent over as he walked to the car and then looked over and saw Sarah standing in the doorway laughing. Sarah waved to Jack before going back to finish the dishes.

On her way to the car, Sarah took time to walk around and admire each painter’s handiwork. When she got to Henry, she said “Remember, if you have a problem or you are finding life Hard!, with special emphasis on the word Hard, “just call for an appointment.”

Sarah drove to the dealership owned by the Susan’s husband, the deadbeat dad. As she came around the corner she saw his picture on a billboard promoting the fact that just ahead was a two mile long display of new cars. The dealership represented six different manufacturers and each had a display rooms and sales offices spread evenly over the two mile stretch of road. Sarah had never seen so many new cars in one place.

As she drove in to the middle lot, a salesperson came running out to meet her before she was even out of the car. The young woman opened her door and ask her if she was looking for a new or used car.

“Actually,” she said, “I was hoping to meet Brian Sharkey.”

“You will find him Mr. Sharkey in the corporate building right behind this showroom.”

“The corporate office was built as a sign of power and wealth. The solid mahogany reception counter was as nice as any executive office building in the country. Fountains and plants filled the lobby.

“Do you have an appointment?’ with Mr. Sharkey the receptionist asked. When Sarah said she had just dropped in to introduce herself, the reception said, “Well Mr. Sharkey does require appointments,” said the receptionist.

Sarah had noticed a camera pointed at the front of the receptionist counter and assumed it was probably feeding a monitor in Brian’s office.

She gave the receptionist a business card and ask her to forward it to Mr. Sharkey and she would call for an appointment.

Then she said to the receptionist, “Do you ever have problems with thigh high stockings?”

The receptionist laughed and said “all the time.”

Turning toward the camera and raising her skirt, she adjusted her stockings.

Suddenly a light started blinking on the receptionist’s phone and picking it up she said “no, Mr. Sharkey, your 12:00 o’clock appointment has not arrived, however, if you have time Pastor Sarah would like to meet with you.

“He can give you a few minutes now” said the receptionist.

A door opened and the pompous man, whose picture she had just seen on the billboard, stepped toward her extending his hand saying “To what do I owe this privilege reverend?”

“As the pastor with the smallest congregation in town, I thought maybe the businessman with the largest auto dealership in the East might be able to give me some advice and assistance.”

She could tell by the look on his face that he liked to be complimented.

“Come in to my office and let’s discuss some ideas.” Turning to his secretary he said “hold my calls.”

They sat in two leather wingback chairs facing each other. He glanced occasionally to see if he could get another look at Sarah’s thighs.

She asked him to tell her about his business.

Each time he would talk about how big and how successful he was, she would try to get him to put it in a sense of net worth. At one point she said in an innocent voice, “You must be worth a million dollars.”

In a cocky voice, he said “I passed that mark many years ago.”

Bingo! Every boast he was making was being recorded on a small tape recorder. Her earrings were tiny microphones.

“I apologize, I have been talking about me,” he said, “how can I help you in your church.”

“I would like to find a way to raise enough money to someday be able to buy a church van.” But I don’t have any idea what they cost or how we could ever raise the money.”

“How about if I show you some vans? In fact if you would join me for lunch we could take a ride in one our newest models. I am sure we can work something out” he said as his eyes roamed over her body.

“But don’t you have a 12:00 appointment?” Sarah asked.

“Oh, he called and canceled.”

This guy couldn’t even lie well.

“You don’t know how much it would mean for you to show me what you have,” she said looking directly at his crotch.

He was not smart enough to catch the double meaning of that statement. Every time he opened his mouth, she saw more potential for his ex-wife to put him through the wringer.

He called and ordered one of his flunkies to bring an executive van to the front with the video package installed.

When they walked out the door, a silver gray van was waiting for them to board. Designed to carry around 20 people in luxury, this baby had all the features including a TV and DVD player as well as a full stereo system which was playing Beethoven as they entered the van.

He sat in the driver’s seat and she sat in the first seat on the other side. The leather seats would recline almost all the way. As he pulled away from the dealership, he turned in time to see her turn placing her left leg up on the seat. This gave him a direct view to the white panties. She was pretending to look out the window, however, the tinted windows acted as a mirror giving her a view of his every move.

“ I want to see how it rides in the back she said as she stood up and walked to the back of the van. She went to the back seat and removed her underpants. Since she didn’t have pockets or a purse to stuff them in, she decided to leave them on the back seat. She smiled wondering who would find them.

Before returning to the front she unbuttoned her suit jacket exposing the sheer blouse and see through bra she had used to seduce Walter. Instead of sitting down she walked up and stood in the steps pretending to look out through the windshield. Her real purpose was to let Brian get a good look at her tits. Sitting in the drivers seat, there was no way he could hide his erection. After a few minutes she sat back down with her leg on the seat beside her and her skirt pulled up slightly and gazed out the window. She watched as he turned to sneak a peek at her panties and almost drove off the road when she flashed him with her blonde bush.

“So, where are we going for lunch?” Sarah asked.

“The country club is right ahead” he responded.

“Oh, do you think I am dressed ok for the country club? Sarah said, buttoning up her jacket.

“You are dressed just fine,” responded Brian as he parked the van off to the side of the parking lot.

They were seated at the window overlooking the tennis court. Sarah ordered a virgin Mary and Brian ordered a double martini.

Sarah was watching a couple playing tennis and all of a sudden realized it was Walter Wagner and Rita Johnson. They seemed pretty evenly matched on the court. They finished the set giving each other a hug and headed toward the locker room. Sarah, excused herself saying she needed to find a powder room. She walked to the shower area in time to see them go in to a sauna together. She waited a few minutes and walked over and opened the door and sure enough, Walters cock was completely buried in Rita’s mouth. Rita didn’t see her come in and she motioned for Walter to be quiet. She took a full dipper of water and poured it on the hot rocks. Steam filled the room. Rita turned in shock and saw her in the steam.

“Just wanted to warm things up a little for you Mrs. Johnson.” said Sarah as she left to return to the dining hall.

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