tagNovels and NovellasPastor Sarah Ch. 08

Pastor Sarah Ch. 08

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As Jack followed Pastor Sarah up the steps of the parsonage he noticed her perfectly shaped legs and her short skirt showing off her thighs as she climbed the steps. What a perfect ass she has, he thought, hoping he would soon have his hands wrapped around it.

Sarah could feel herself getting moist as she thought about the possibilities of his cock filling her pussy. She was hoping that Rita was right about Jack.

When they entered her bedroom, he said, “What do you want moved?”

“I hate to tell you this” said Sarah, “but I think it is about everything. I want to move the bed so that I will benefit from the morning light. Sometimes, I like to stay in bed and read. I think if we move the two dressers first, we can slide the bed over by the window.”

Jack was amazed how strong she was as she lifted her side of the dressers. As they were moving the bed, he thought, he would actually like to be in it.

Sarah could see how Jack was looking at her and the lust in his eyes, but she decided to take her time and enjoy the moment.

When they were about half done rearranging the furniture, Sarah asked Jack if he had plans for dinner.

“No, just figured I would pick up a sandwich on the way home.”

“Do you like Chinese?” Sarah asked.

“Yea, but I never know what to order.”

Sarah called the Chinese take out and ordered their sampler dinner for two.

Just as they finished the last piece of furniture the delivery person arrived with food.

“Let me get this” said Jack as he started down the steps. Expecting to see a teenage boy delivering the food, Jack was surprised to see a beautiful Chinese woman. He gave her an extra large tip, thinking if things didn’t work out with Sarah, he might check out the Chinese restaurant some evening.

While jack was getting the food, Sarah removed her bra and only buttoned the two bottom buttons on her blouse.

Getting two plates and chopsticks and a spoon to dip the food, Sarah invited Jack to sit across the table from him where Margaret had set.

“I don’t know how to use these things” Jack said as he made and attempt to pick up some food.”

“There is really nothing to it,” Sarah said as she took several bites with ease. She showed him how to hold them, keeping the bottom still and moving the top one like a claw.

“A man could starve before he learned how to use these things,” he said.

“Let me show you,” Sarah said as she walked behind him reaching around to take his hand and guiding it to his mouth. Her tits were wrapping around his neck, which didn’t make it any easier to concentrate.

Finally she gave him a fork and promised him more lessons in the future.

“Well, the crew finished everything except the steeple today,” Jack said. “I have to get some special equipment to do the steeple, which will not be available for a couple of weeks.

Sarah slipped off her shoe and started running her foot up the inside of Jack’s thigh. She had been amused during dinner, how he couldn’t take his eyes off of her tits.

“I am really going to miss having you guys around each day,” she said as started massaging his rapidly growing erection with her toes. Soon she was running the sole of her foot up and down his cock.

Jack wasn’t quite sure what to say, so he just sat and enjoyed the view.

Unbuttoning the remaining buttons of her blouse, she let it fall open giving Jack a full view of her tits, so he reached across the table and started to massage a nipple.

“I feel a little sweaty after moving all that furniture,” Sarah said. “Would you like to join me for a shower?”

“Lead the way,” Jack said.

This time as they climbed the steps, Jack reached out and grabbed Sarah’s ass.

“Now that is more like it!” Sarah said.

When they got into the bathroom, Sarah reached in and turned the shower on and adjusted the temperature. It didn’t take her long to get undressed since she only had to remove her blouse and skirt.

“So, you really are a blonde, Jack said”

“All my life,” Sarah responded, “and yes we do have more fun.

Stepping into the shower and looking at Jack fully dressed, she said, “Well, are you coming.”

Jack undressed in record time and joined Sarah in the shower. She soaped him head to toe, then handed him the soap. He couldn’t believe he was running his hand over her whole body. When they were both soaped, they came together with a passionate kiss.

Reaching down, and taking hold of his cock, she guided it to her pussy. It had been so long since he had been with a woman, he didn’t last very long. As they stepped out of the shower, they dried each other with nice plush towels, spending longer on some areas than needed. They dropped the towels and came together again,.

“Why don’t we try that bed out in its new location,” Jack suggested.

Sarah ran and jumped on the bed, lying on her back with her legs spread out.

Jack knew what she wanted and buried his face in her pussy, expertly using his tongue on her clit and also ramming it deep into her cunt. His tongue was relentless, going deeper and deeper until she felt her body start to vibrate as she built to a huge orgasm.

Then he turned on his back and she took the head of his cock in her mouth, applying pressure with her tongue and also massaged his balls. When she brought him to full erection, she straddled him and slowly slid his cock into her body. She took it all the way in and then slowly lifted her body until only the head of his cock was buried. Then she slammed back down and began a rapid up and down.

He grabbed her ass and pulled her tight against body as they rolled over with him on top. As he started to pump, Sarah’s body exploded with an orgasm and he just kept pumping until she had another orgasm just as he exploded dumping his load deep inside her body.

He rolled off of her and they just relaxed lying side by side.

“So, what does the code “Check my downspouts mean?”

Jack laughed and explained that Rita likes to hover over him with her tits hanging in front of his face and he would take first one and then the other tit in his mouth.

“Demonstration time” she said as she straddled him with her left tit hanging right over his mouth. First he would lick the end of nipple, then nibble lightly on the nipple to get it erect. Next he sucked as much of her tit as possible into his mouth, slowly withdrawing until he could start moving his tongue back and forth as fast as possible while still holding a suction on her tit. Then he repeated the process on her right tit.

“My downspouts are definitely ok now,” Sarah said as her body collapsed on his and they kissed each other like lovers who had not seen each other in months.

Sarah laid in bed watched Jack get dressed and said “Our code will be can you help me move some furniture.”

Sarah put on her robe to walk Jack to the door. They embraced and kissed once more before he left.

The next morning, as she was working on material for Sunday morning, a car pulled in the driveway and a beautiful woman wearing a business suit came to her door. Opening the door, she asked the woman if she could help her.

“You already have,” responded the woman, “I am Brenda, Jack’s wife. May I come in?”

Having no idea what to expect, Sarah invited her in and offered her a cup of coffee.

“How have I already helped you?” Sarah inquired.

“By taking care of Jack’s needs. He said you were out of this world.”

Seeing that Sarah looked very confused, Brenda said “Let me explain.” Jack and I have been married 12 years and we are very much in love. We have two children and we are both very committed to them. However, about 6 years ago, I realized that I was not comfortable having sex. One night I was on a business trip and a woman from our office and I shared a room. In the middle of the night, I woke up and realized she was in my bed stroking my breast. I pretended to still be asleep, but I was getting quite aroused. At some point she moved her hand from my breast to my thighs.

Highly aroused, I said “What are you doing? She covered my lips with hers moving her hand to my pussy. We made love for the rest of the night and I suddenly realized the reason I was not enjoying sex with Jack was that I really had hidden feelings for women.”

“When I got home, I told Jack what had happened and told him that I really loved him and would never leave him, but I needed to be able to make love to women.”

“Jack and I have never had sex, since that night, but we love each other very much. So Rita and a couple of our friends help Jack to meet his needs. Rita called me yesterday and said she had suggested you could find Jack interesting and said she was pretty sure you would respond. So, I called Jack on his cell phone and suggested he find some reason to come back, after the others had left.

“And I thought I seduced him,” Sarah said with a laugh.

Walking over to Brenda, Sarah said, “Some of us find enjoyment in both of the sexes. Drawing Brenda lips to hers they kissed, probing with their tongues to become better acquainted.

“I have to go to work now,” Brenda, “but I would like to get to know you better. How would you feel about a threesome with Jack and me sometime?”

“I think that would be a great idea, said Sarah. “By the way, do you know if Jack has any plans for Friday night and Saturday? I have some friends spending the night on a boat and we are one man short. I assure you he would be able to get his needs met.”

Brenda pulled out her cell phone and called Jack explaining the opportunity.

“He said lead the way.” Sarah laughed and realized that should be their code.

“Before I leave, could I see the breasts that Jack couldn’t stop talking about when he got home last night.”

Sarah was glad to oblige as she unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. Brenda caressed them and gently kissed each of the nipples.

“I can’t wait for this threesome,” Brenda said.

“Did you say last night? Sarah asked, “Jack said he wouldn’t see you till morning.”

Brenda laughed. “I was home all night working on reports for today’s meeting.

After Brenda left, Sarah reflected on last night and couldn’t believe she was the one who was seduced. Oh well, a good fuck is a good fuck, no matter how it happens.

“Good morning,” Margaret said to Walter as she walked down the pier to the yacht.

“You look lovely this morning” Walter said as he surveyed her beautiful body in the light summer dress. He could tell she had not bothered to wear a bra. He took her bag and extending his hand, helped her onto the boat. Walter suddenly felt about 20 years younger.

“Can you cast the lines off for me?” Walter asked.

“Sure” Margaret said as she went about untying the lines and rolling them up. Once she had removed the last line, Walter started to back out of the slip. It took him three times back and forth to get straight and headed for open water. He needed to watch Sarah’s technique and see how she was able to do it in a single action.

As they slowly worked their way out of the harbor, Margaret was looking straight ahead and Walter was looking at her profile. She turned and saw him looking at her and said “A penny for your thoughts.”

“I was thinking this is my lucky day.”

“That’s funny, I was thinking the same things.

Giving Walter a kiss on the cheek, Margaret said, “I am going below to put on my bathing suit.”

Walter thought, I hope it is the same one she was wearing last week when he had stopped by their home unexpected and she and Frank had been sun bathing by the pool. She had been lying on her stomach with the top untied when he arrived, but she had retied it before she walked over and greeted him with a kiss on the cheek.

When she came back on deck, it was the suit he was hoping for and he said “I was hoping you would wear that bathing suit. I really wanted to have sex with you that day.”

“Why didn’t you,” Margaret asked?

“I didn’t think Frank would have been very happy with the idea.”

“He might have enjoyed it, he knows I have wanted take on two men at a time and who could be better than his own father?”

Walter had a raging hard on and didn’t want to take the time to go as far as they had gone the day he was out with Sarah. He knew of a secluded cove that was very close, so he set his course to the cove. When he returned from dropping he discovered that Margaret had shed her suit.

They decided to stay on deck and use the double chaise lounge.

“I have a request,” Margaret said.

“Your wish is my command” said Walter.

“Sarah told me how you would almost bring her to a climax, but then slow down doing it again and then on the third time let her go with a huge orgasm. Would you do that for me?”

“ I will give it my best effort,” said Walter as he began to lick her thighs. He spent a lot of time licking her thighs and around her pussy, before he moved to her clit. Once he started his tongue inside her pussy, he worked slowing at first, gradually increasing in speed until he felt her about to come and he would back off and start licking her thighs again. Margaret couldn’t believe how her body slowed down. Every other man, including Frank, always prided themselves on how quickly they could create that first orgasm. He repeated the process and on the third time as she was preparing to feel the world move, he started licking her thighs again. Returning to the task at hand, he brought her up for the fourth time and this time their was no backing off. He drove his tongue deeper than she thought possible, making impossible moves inside her cunt. She grabbed the back of his head, simply to hold on and started bucking against his mouth with a feeling she had never experienced.

He gradually backed off and asked “was that ok?

“Ok? Margaret said, “You should get a patent on that technique. You could be rich.”

“I am rich,” Walter said, “I would rather just share it with a few very special women.”

She hugged him saying, “I feel privileged to be one of your special women.” In her mind she wondered how many special women there were but she decided not to ask.

“When was the first time you and Frank had sex?” Walter asked.

The question surprised her and she blushed a little and then said, “The night he brought me to your home to meet you and Martha.”

“Come with me,” Walter said leading Margaret to the master bedroom. He had an old 8 mm movie projector with a long reel of tape. He started the projector and Margaret laughed as she saw herself and Frank in the film as he introduced her to his parents with Martha not wanting her picture taken. They all looked so young. Then the movie continued with Walter and Margaret on the deck. This was a silent film, but you could see Frank feeling her up and then taking his dick out of his pants. He pulled her underpants down and took her against the railing of the deck. It was pretty quick and then he convinced her to clean him off with her mouth.

“Where you spying on us?” Margaret asked.

“No,” Walter said, “We had left the camera on the tripod and didn’t realize the camera was still running.

“We didn’t know anything about this until we got the developed film back from the store. I always wondered if the man at the photo store had made himself a copy, because he kept sending me discount coupons to bring in more film.

“You wouldn’t believe how many times I have jerked off watching you and Frank and wishing I was in his place.”

“Rewind that film, I want to see it again.” When the movie started Margaret stripped Walter from his waist down and ordered him to lie down on the bed.

Margaret straddled Walter and just at the point where Frank entered her on the movie, Margaret impaled herself on Walter’s Cock.

“Now you don’t have to wish anymore said Margaret as she tightened her muscles around Walter’s cock.

The film finished and it ran off the end of the spool and just kept spinning. Neither of them were willing to stop long enough to turn off the projector.

When they finally came up for air, Walter said, “How about some lunch?”

“What can I do, to help?”

“Not a thing, most of it is prepared and I will just cook the steaks.”

They ate on the deck, relaxing afterwards on the two person chaise lounge.

After about an hour, Margaret starting some hand action on Walter’s cock bringing him quickly to an erection.

“Let me show you what I didn’t know how to do when that film was made.” She licked up and down the sides, to get Walter fully aroused before putting the head of cock in her mouth. She looked up at Walter and made eye contact before she inhaled his cock in one swift stroke. Suddenly her chin was bumping his balls and she had hair in her nose.

“Wow” said Walter, “can you show me that again?” Glad to oblige, Margaret lifted her head until only the head was in her mouth and she inhaled the whole thing again. She kept doing that until he told her he was coming. Then she kept it deep in her throat as he unloaded with her swallowing all of it.

She is as good as Rita, Walter thought, and Rita was the best he had ever known.

They relaxed until it was time to head back to shore. After they got dressed, they lifted the anchor and headed home. When they arrived at the dock, Frank was waiting for them and helped to secure the yacht as Margaret threw him the ropes.

“Come down to the master bedroom,” Margaret said, “Walter has something he would like to show you.” Frank noticed the bed had been well used.

Frank watched the tape in amazement. “How did you get this?” Walter explained how the camera had been left running on the tripod.

“Has mother seen this movie?” asked Frank.

“Dozens of times” said Walter. In fact every time she would watch it, she would go lean against the railing and say “Oh Lover!”

“My Mother!” exclaimed Frank

“Your Mother!” Walter said as he and Margaret broke up laughing at the look on Frank’s face.

“Would you rewind that tape Walter?” Margaret asked leading Frank to the bed and stripping him from the waist down. She removed her dress. They came together in perfect timing with movie.

Walter was most amazed that after all the sex they had already had today, that he felt himself growing erect again. Looking at that beautiful ass going up and down, Walter took some KY jelly and lubricated Margaret’s ass and then completed the sandwich.

“Well, you got your wish” said Margaret as she smiled at her husband.

“And the other man couldn’t have been a better choice,” said Frank.

When they got home, Frank wanted to hear all the details of the day.

Margaret hit the highlights, and said “do I have a technique to teach you, like your mother taught your father.”

Back at the parsonage, Jeremy had been doing his community service, doing a dirty job cleaning out some closets and rearranging them.

When he came to tell Sarah he was finished, she said, “you look filthy, why don’t you go up and take a shower before you go home. You can use the guest bathroom. When she heard the shower running, she snuck in and removed all his clothes. When he went to look for his clothes he found Sarah nude on her bed.

Looking around, he said “Oh you rearranged your bedroom.”

“I hope it won’t hurt your performance,” Sarah responded.

It didn’t!

Many questions remain.

What does Samantha have in mind for Brian?
How will three women and three men spend 24 hours on the yacht?
Will Henry get to do more than look?
When will Rita let Sampson fuck her?
Will we find out how Candice gets the men to let their wives order anything they want.
Will we meet any of Jack’s wife’s lesbian friends?
Will the trustees approve the renovations for inside the parsonage?
How will Sarah get new furniture for the parsonage?
How many of the painters will become church members?
When will we next see Judy?
What will turn on Angie, the FBI agent?
What are the possibilities in a van with shades all around?

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