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Pastor Sarah Ch. 09

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Note: This story is part of a series which has many characters. It is really important to have read the chapters leading up to this one to understand not only the characters, but also many comments refer to things which happened in previous chapters We will become reacquainted with Greg and Samantha from Chapter 1.

Margaret couldn't wait to see Sarah Friday morning to compare notes on their respective days with Walter on his yacht. When she arrived, Sarah had just made a fresh pot of coffee, so they took their coffee out to the screened back porch.

"You were right about his technique," Margaret said to Sarah.

"He really is a master at setting the pace" said Sarah. "I don't think I ever met a man who was so patient and tried so hard to please a woman."

"Yea, but he really is a dirty old man," Margaret said, "would you believe he has a movie of the first time Frank and I had sex and he has been watching it for years when he jerks off.

"I really need to hear this story," Sarah said, as she looked at Margaret in disbelief.

Margaret told her the story and then told her that when Frank met them at the dock, they all went to the master bedroom and watched it.

"Has Martha ever seen this movie?" Sarah asked.

Margaret started to laugh and told her how horrified Frank was when he found out his mother had not only watched the movie, but she had been fucked in the same spot on the deck, every time they watched the movie. Sarah couldn't wait to kid Frank about his mother's sex life.

"You'll never guess what else happened," said Margaret. "One of Frank's fantasies has been to have another man join us having sex. Well, last night his fantasy came true.

"Walter?" Sarah asked with a gleam in her eye.

"The one and only. Husband coming in the front door and Father-in-law coming in the back."

"I am jealous" Sarah said.

"Your turn will come." They both laughed.

"We have another man for our weekend," said Sarah. "Really!", said Margaret, "is it anyone I know?

"Jack, the foreman from the painting crew. Would you believe he seduced me Wednesday night?"

"I wouldn't believe anyone could seduce you! Are you sure it wasn't you who seduced him?"

"Well, I thought I had seduced him until his wife came to see me the next morning."

"Slow down, I can't keep up with this conversation."

Sarah told her the story of how Rita and Brenda had set her up to think she had seduced Jack.

"We need to get them into WWK now," Margaret said.

"One night next week, we are going to have a threesome," said Sarah.

Margaret just shook her head. "OK Reverend, whatever you say."

A car pulled in the driveway and Sarah said, "Oh Greg and Samantha are here early. Come meet the people you are going to be in bed with tonight."

"You have such a way with words, said Margaret"

Sarah greeted both Greg and Samantha with deep passionate kisses and then introduced Margaret saying "and she would like to be greeted the same way."

Greg was quick to oblige almost lifting Margaret off her feet as he kissed Margaret until Samantha said, "my turn!"

Samantha and Margaret came together like they had been lovers for years.

"You were right," Margaret said, "I am going to like them."

"Margaret, would you show Greg the new van," while Samantha and I go over some legal business with Samantha."

As Sarah walked past Margaret, she said "the remote is in the glove compartment. Hit P and 7.

What does P and 7 mean? asked Samantha.

"It means, don't expect to see them for awhile, Sarah responded.

Samantha brought in her laptop and briefcase from the car. They spent the next hour and a half getting slides and recordings in order for the meetings with Susan and Brian on Sunday. Suddenly Samantha realized that Margaret and Greg were still doing the tour of the van.

"What do you do in a van for 90 minutes?" asked Samantha.

"Well if I know Margaret, it started with a great blow job."

Margaret and Greg came in and Sarah asked them if they were getting to know each other.

"Not really," said Greg. "We just sat there watching the revival movie."

"I don't have a revival movie loaded in the van," said Sarah.

"Yes you do," said Margaret," Greg just kept getting revived.

Everybody laughed as they caught the double meaning.

"Are your slides all set for Sunday?" Greg asked.

"His ass is mine," said Samantha. "Once Angie and I get done with him, he will wish he had never seen another woman."

Sarah fixed a huge Antipasto salad for lunch and they sat around and talked about the weekend. "Margaret and Samantha, I have a special project for you. Jack and his lesbian wife have not had sex for a long time. I suspect she has never seen him fuck another woman and he has probably never seen two women make love."

"One night next week I will be part of a threesome with them. I want the two of you to prepare Jack for the occasion." Margaret and Samantha gave each other the thumbs up and declared, they could handle that assignment.

"Does that mean that you and Frank and I will have a threesome while they are teaching school?" ask Greg.

"Not exactly," said Sarah, "I have a little contest in mind for the two of you."

"Let me guess," said Greg, "Are you the Prize?"

"I am the contest and the prize" replied Sarah, making everyone wonder what she had in mind.

Margaret left to pick up the children from Day Camp and take them to Frank's parent's home for the night and said she would meet them at the Yacht at 4:30.

"If you promise not to tell, I will show you some pictures of Margaret," Sarah said.

Sarah booted up the computer and brought up the folder with the pictures of Margaret and Sampson.

"Look at the size of that Cock!" exclaimed Samantha. "Why didn't you invite him to be the third man on the yacht?"

"Frank doesn't know anything about this" said Sarah. "Wait till you meet his wife on Sunday at church. Candice is one of the brightest and most beautiful women in this town. They sit behind Frank and Margaret."

"That's cozy" said Greg laughing.

"It gets better!" Sarah said as she brought up the shots of Frank with Rita in the motel, explaining that was Margaret's husband Frank fucking Candice's boss. She went on to say how these pictures were how she was able to get Candice her job.

"I see why you called here "Deep Throat," Candice said as she studied the pictures. "I wonder how close to that I will be able to come with Frank's cock?"

"Would you like to experiment on mine right now?" Greg asked, starting to unzip his pants.

"Save your strength big boy, if Sarah was right about how you spent the 90 minutes in the van, your weapon has seen enough throat time for one afternoon."

"Was she good Greg? Sarah asked.

"I really don't know what the two of you are talking about, said Greg faking a confused voice.

"Right!" Sarah and Samantha said in unison.

"Well, I need to get some things ready for the night," Sarah said, excusing herself.

Rita's business had really increase since Candice came on board. The picture which had run in the newspaper had attracted a lot of attention. In addition to the picture of Candice with Bill and Rita, the photographer had taken a couple of profile shots at her desk and reviewing plans with a customer. The ad had said "Come in and meet the newest member of our staff, and they were coming.

Rita was meeting with one of the town selectmen and his wife with a proposal to totally redo the inside of their house. The wife was getting more excited as she saw the concepts which had been prepared for each room.

The husband kept asking, "How much is this going to cost?" Rita ignored him and went to the next set of plans. When he suggested that he and his wife take a moment to prioritize which rooms they should consider, Rita pressed a button on the intercom and asked Candice if she would join them in the display room.

When Candice walked into the room, she was strikingly beautiful, as always, in a lavender business suit with everything from the scarf to shoes color coordinated.

Mr. & Mrs. Blake, I would like you to meet my business manager, Candice Bennett.

Candice would you be good enough to go over the proposal with Peter while Elizabeth and I review some of the finer details.

Handing Candice a copy of the proposal, she resumed her presentation to Elizabeth while Candice invited Peter to join her in her office.

Placing the copy of the proposal on the coffee table, Candice invited Peter to sit beside her on the sofa.

She opened the proposal which had all of the individual rooms summarized and totaled on the first page.

When Peter saw the total, he exclaimed, "that is more than 4 times what I plan to spend."

"Your wife is going to be very disappointed! I assumed as successful as your business is, this amount of money would not be a problem."

"Well I have other priorities for my money," Peter said."

Candice started unbuttoning the front of her skirt as she said "I remember the night you were stuffing 20 and 50 dollar bills in my g-string at Strikers."

Peter gasped when he suddenly realized why Candice looked so familiar.

"You didn't complain at all about the high cost of the lap dance.

Spreading her legs and pulling her underpants to the side she exposed her pussy for him to see.

"Remember how you tried to touch this when you were stuffing the bills in the g-string. We were not allowed to let you touch our pussy, but you were so generous, I would love you to touch it now."

Peter moved closer and placed his hand gently on the well trimmed hair. She took his hand and pressed it down. He began to massage the lips of her pussy and she told him how nice it felt and suggested he put a finger inside her. Candice leaned back on the sofa and let Peter probe as deep as he could reach.

After a few minutes, she said, "We better not take to long, or they might come looking for us."

As she was buttoning her skirt, she said, "We also were not allowed to see any customer's outside the strip club, but I would love to get to know you better. We could meet right here after hours to discuss the status of the project and enjoy each other's company."

Peter's cock was so hard, he was afraid he was going to dump a load in his pants. He was worried about how he was going to explain the front of his slacks being wet. The thought of seeing Candice nude and fucking her caused him to lose all reservations about the cost of the proposal.

"You strike me as the kind of man who uses a real fountain pen," Candice said.

"As a matter of fact I do", he said drawing a beautiful pen from his suit pocket.

"Wow," I never saw anything like that, said Candice. "What type is it?"

"It is known as "The Namiki White Tiger," Peter said, "My wife gave it to me for our anniversary.

"What an appropriate pen to sign the contract with," said Candice. "You will be using her gift to make her happy."

She opened the contract to the final page and he signed it, still in a state of shock.

"We do ask for a down payment of 50 percent, since it is all custom work."

Peter wrote out the check and handed it to Candice.

"I like to seal my contracts with a kiss," Candice said as she stood up and invited him to stand. Wrapping her arms around him, she gave him a kiss, driving her tongue deep into his throat.

"Our office closes at 5:00," Candice said, "but if you were to forget your pen, you could stop by and knock on the back door of my office at 5:15 and I could really take care of that problem she said rubbing her hand over the front of his pants.

Peter laid the pen on the coffee table.

"Shall we join Mrs. Johnson and your wife?

As they entered the room, Elizabeth said to Peter, "I really hope we can afford it, it is everything I have been dreaming of. Can we afford it dear?"

"Yes, Candice explained all the costs and if this is what you want, we will get it."

Elizabeth turned to Candice and said, "Thank you, you must be one convincing sales persons."

Candice responded, "The figures speak for themselves." And she knew what figure spoke the loudest.

"You are amazing, Rita said after the Blakes left. Peter is quite a hunk of a man, I would like spend some alone time with him.

Smiling, Candice said "Come with me, to my office." When they got to Candice's office, she handed Rita the signed contract and the check.

Rita was amazed at the size of the check. "We normally only ask for 10 percent at the signing of the contract."

"Remember the high receivables you had when I arrived?" You will never see them again. He will pay another 25 percent before a piece of fabric goes in the house with the final payment due the day we finish.

Rita just shook her head.

"Would you really like to get it on with this guy?" Candice asked.

"I sure would, Rita responded."

Candice picked up the pen and handed it to Rita. "He will be knocking on that door at 5:15.

"Enjoy, yourself, I have some errands to run, so I hope you don't mind if I leave a few minutes early."

Candice left Rita just about as stunned as Peter had been when he signed the contract.

At exactly 5:15, a light tap came at the back doors.

Peter was very surprised to see Rita and said, "Oh, I was hoping Mrs. Bennett might still be here. I left my pen on her table."

"Yes, Candice told me you had left and hoped you would stop back. I put it in my office for safe keeping. Let's go retrieve it."

When they arrived in Rita's office, there were some candles burning and music playing.

"I want to personally thank you for choosing our company to redecorate your home Peter. Will you join me in a drink to celebrate?"

"Yes, I will," Peter said.

"I am having Scotch straight up," Rita said, "What is your pleasure?

"Make mine the same," Peter said.

"It is warm in here," Rita said, taking off her suit jacket, "Make yourself comfortable." She unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse as she walked over to the cabinet which opened to a well stocked bar.

"Here is to the beginning of a great relationship," Rita offered as a toast.

She invited him to sit down and tell her what was going on in town government. They were sitting facing each other on the sofa. As soon as his glass was low, she took it and refilled it without asking.

During the first drink, Peter had trouble keeping his eyes off of her breasts as the angle was just right to see in the blouse. She also had her leg angled to give him a good view of her thigh. She notice the tent that had developed in his slacks.

When she handed him the second drink, she sat closer to him and placed her hand on his thigh, just below the erection. "Do all the women tell you, you are a very attractive man."

"Well not quite all of them," he said laughing nervously.

Moving her hand higher, she started rubbing back and forth across his cock. She leaned closer and he put his hand behind her neck and pulled her closer to him until their lips met.

She unzipped his zipper and said, knelt on the floor in front of him. After she had fished his cock out of his pants, she did her normal thing of lubricating the tip of his cock with her tongue and then taking all of it in one stroke.

"Wow," Peter said, "I wish my wife knew how to do that." About two to three inches is her limit. Rita never said a word, just kept stroking in and out until he shot his load deep in her throat.

When, she was finished, Peter said "Can I return the favor?" Rita answered by removing her pants, pulling up her skirt and opening her legs. His wife might not know how to suck cock, but he sure knew how to eat pussy. Rita was screaming within minutes.

While she was still screaming from her orgasm, he put his rejuvenated cock in her pussy and since he had already come, he was able to pump her for several minutes.

After they were dressed, they kissed and Rita said, "Do you want to keep your pen here, for an excuse to come back?"

"No, I told my wife I was coming back to get it, so it would look funny if I didn't have it.

Candice stopped by the Bennett home with their copy of the contract. When Elizabeth opened the door, she was in a bathrobe, because she had just gotten out of the shower.

"In our haste, I forgot to give you your copy," Candice said.

"Please come in," Elizabeth said. "I can't thank you enough for whatever pressure you put on my husband to get that contract signed. Would you like to see what the house looks like before?"

"Sure, Candice said.

They wandered through many rooms and finally came to the master bedroom. Candice noticed Elizabeth checking out the curve of her ass in the full-length mirror. She purposely move her ass back and forth.

"So, how does my ass look in that mirror? Candice asked.

"Was I being that obvious? Elizabeth asked.

"I wasn't sure till just now. I thought I sensed you checking out my body at the store.

"You were right, you have a beautiful body."

"You have quite a nice body yourself, Candice said. "I think we both want to see the other with no clothes," she said as she started to undress. All Elizabeth had to do was drop her robe.

Elizabeth had never seen a black woman nude. She was fascinated with her nipples, rubbing and licking them until they were fully erect. They explored each other's body and locked their bodies together.

"Too bad Peter isn't home said Elizabeth. He has this fantasy about fucking a black woman."

"I could keep that from being a fantasy if it was what you wanted," Candice said.

"You have my blessing, Elizabeth said."

"Have you ever fucked a black man? Candice asked.

"Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?" Elizabeth asked.

"How about dinner at our house tomorrow night?"

"I like the way you think."

"Bring your bathing suit. We have a pool."

As Elizabeth ran her hands over Candice's body and kissed her nipples as her hands and tongue explored various cavities, she said "Why would you cover this beautiful body with a bathing suit?"

"To keep the men guessing," Candice responded. "After all, they just think they are coming for dinner. I have a string bikini that isn't legal on most beaches."

It was Candice's turn to explore the cavities and suddenly Elizabeth, asked, "How do you do that with your tongue?" Candice didn't answer, she just intensified the action until Elizabeth came with a force that no man had ever been able to create.

"I have two girl friends that would love to meet you, Elizabeth said.

"Do they have husbands who are resisting them having their house's redecorated?"

"Elizabeth laughed, "I really do like the way you think."

"Did you ever notice how a man's cock weakens the hold on pocketbook? Speaking of husbands, yours should be arriving soon. We better get dressed. We wouldn't want to give him the wrong impression."

Candice was walking out the driveway as Peter drove up. She walked over and leaned down giving him a nice aerial view. "I'm sorry I couldn't be there, I didn't know Rita was planning to work late. Reaching inside his jacket, she said "I see you got what you went for. I invited you and Elizabeth to dinner at our house Saturday night. Maybe you could help me in the kitchen" she said as her hand moved to his crotch. Standing up, she said, I gave Elizabeth the copies of the contract. You had me so hot in the office, I totally forgot to give you your copy. See you tomorrow night."

Elizabeth had been watching out the window and said, "Damn I like the way this woman works!"

When Peter came in she kissed him with a passion he couldn't believe. "How about a quickie before dinner?" she asked.

He performed amazingly well considering he had come twice with Rita. Elizabeth could smell the scent of Rita all over her body and that really charged her batteries.

"If I had known, agreeing to redecorating the house would turn you into a wild woman, I would have agreed a long time ago."

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