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Pastor Sarah Ch. 14

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Pastor Sarah was having a cup of coffee as Barbara arrived for the day. As Sarah saw Barbara coming up the walk, she thought how odd it was to see Barbara in jeans and a t-shirt, since she was always the well dressed church administrative assistant. However, the furniture was being delivered today and she would be doing of lot of crawling around getting the computer network set up as well as putting files away, etc.

"You look like you are ready for construction work," Sarah commented.

"This is really exciting getting all new furniture and computers. Jeremy will be here by nine to help me."

"Do I notice a little love interest developing." Sarah asked.

"You might say that." Barbara responded. "You should see him with Jason. They already love each other and he is the first boy I have ever dated who respects me the way he does."

"Has he moved in yet?"

"No, but not because we don't want to. He is house sitting his mother's house until they return. I am really nervous about meeting her. I don't know how she will feel about her son dating a black woman who is a couple years older than he is."

"I think Susan will be fine. Once she meets you she will love you, like the rest of us do. How do you think your folks are going to deal with you dating a white man?"

"I don't know. Speaking of my parents, they would like to come this weekend and help with the painting. Are you having other company this weekend?"

No, the guestrooms are available, so they can have one and you and Jason can stay in the other.

The phone rang and when Sarah answered it, Angie said "The trap is set. Is Barbara there?"

"Hello Angie." Barbara said. "I really appreciate what you and Samantha are doing for me."

"I should have the sample by tonight." Angie assured her. "Assuming everything goes as expected, I would like you to have blood drawn from Jason tomorrow. I will contact the Lab at the hospital and let them know what we need."

Jeremy arrived just as the furniture truck arrived. As Barbara went out to meet him, they greeted with a kiss and walked hand in hand to the church. Sarah decided she had lost her young stud, but she was confident more would come along. She wondered how their parents were going to feel about the interracial couple.

Pierre, Wilma and William had all arrived in town on Wednesday night to be ready to spend the day at Victoria's mansion. Ruth introduced each of them to Rita as they arrived at the office. Rita explained that she was trying to work out office space, however, she had to give the tenants 30 days notice.

When they arrived at the mansion, Victoria greeted them and suggested they start with breakfast in the West wing dining room.

Pierre said, "This place is wonderful. It has more possibilities than the mansion we just completed in Newport."

Rita was interested in watching Victoria, checking out Ruth and Wilma. Pierre was gay, so Victoria was not his type. William truly was a computer nerd and he was punching information into a hand held computer as they walked. When they arrived in the dining room, a butler poured coffee and took their breakfast orders.

Victoria wanted to know what part of the project each person would be assigned to.

Rita shared each of their credentials:

Pierre is an expert on 19th century mansions and would be doing all of the research to assure authenticity for all renovations.

Wilma would be coordinating all fabrics for carpets, draperies, furniture, etc.

Ruth will be in charge of the bathrooms and kitchen redesign.

William will be developing computer models, so that Victoria would be able to preview every step of the project for approval before orders were placed for material.

Rita explained to Victoria that the Wilma, William and Pierre were moving to the area within the next two weeks and also that she was looking for additional office space.

"Why don't you just the East wing? Victoria offered. "We have several large rooms that you can use for office and layout areas and six bedrooms." Looking at Wilma, she said, "I get very lonely here when my husband is away, so it would be nice to have company."

Rita had noticed Pierre and the butler making eye contact, so she was not surprised when Pierre said, "That would excellent to be close to work. This is certainly much nicer than that motel we stayed in last night."

After breakfast, Victoria took them to the East wing to pick rooms for work areas and bedrooms.

"I could get used to this." Wilma said. "We sure never got any perks from our previous employer."

Victoria said she would like to discuss some ideas with Rita, so Rita suggested that the four designers go walk through the west wing rooms to get a feeling of the existing while she worked out some details with Victoria.

After the others had left, Victoria told Rita how impressed her friends had been with Candice during their party.

"We are meeting with one of the women this afternoon." Rita said. "I did a proposal for Valerie a year ago, but her husband wouldn't spend the money. Candice assures me she can get him to sign the contract."

"I am sure she will." Victoria said. "She is a very convincing woman." Taking a step toward Rita, she said. "But right now I am interested in getting to know you a little better."

"You are a convincing woman too." Rita said as she allowed herself to be led to the nearest bedroom. While her staff explored the West wing, Rita and Victoria explored each other.

"I knew when I first met you we were going to be good friends." Victoria said to Rita.

As they came together their lips met and then their bodies began grinding against each other. Rita's dress buttoned up the back. As they were kissing, Victoria was unbuttoning Rita's, dress. When it was unbuttoned she removed it leaving Rita in her bra and underpants. Rita undressed Victoria and found she wearing a bra but no underpants. Her cleanly shaven pussy was so inviting that Rita knelt before her and began to lick all around her cunt. Victoria place her hands behind Rita's head and pulled forward.

"What a talented tongue you have, said Victoria. As the talented tongue did its thing, Victoria felt her body start to tremble as a huge orgasm overtook her body. Victoria fell backwards onto the bed. Rita lifted the rest of Victoria's body pushing her whole body onto the bed. Rita quickly removed her own bra and underpants and covered Victoria's body with hers grinding their pussies together bringing Victoria to another orgasm. As Victoria's body started to settle down, Rita unhooked Victoria's bra and literally devoured her tits with licking and sucking of each. She wanted to be sure her customer was getting her money's worth.

"Should we go see what idea's my staff have come up with?" Rita asked Victoria.

Victoria had her staff fix a luncheon which they ate on the veranda as Rita's staff discussed their ideas with Victoria.

William said he would return tomorrow with the camera and computer to begin the layout. He explained how by setting a camera/measuring device in the middle of the room, it photographed and measured everything in the room. Doing this in every room and hallway provided the basis for his three dimensional presentation. He would be able to give the viewer the sense that he or she was actually walking through the mansion. Rita has literally given him a blank check to acquire the equipment he needed.

By the time they left, at three o'clock, Victoria was convinced, that Rita had assembled the most talented staff possible to complete this project.

Valerie and her husband arrived at Rita's office at four o'clock. Rita couldn't imagine how the man who had rejected a $45,000 project would suddenly agree to spending slightly over a quarter of a million to totally renovate their home.

Valerie's husband was obviously very surprised to see Candice enter the room. Candice didn't say anything as Rita spread out the drawings which had been created a year earlier.

Before getting into the details of the plan, Rita suggested that Candice and Richard discuss the financial details of the project in her office while she and Valerie reviewed the drawings.

Reluctantly, Richard followed Candice to her office.

"Where does Valerie think you are on the nights that you visit the strip club?" Candice asked Richard when they were in her office.

"That is none of your business." Richard responded.

Lifting her skirt, Candice said, "I am sure she would like to know what you have spent to kiss this tattoo." Dropping her skirt and pressing the intercom, she asked Ruth to join them.

When Ruth walked in, she said, "I see you got new glasses and your nose has healed." Richard was the one who had pulled her cunt hair and she had broken his glasses and his nose with her knee.

Placing the contract in front of him and handing him a pen, Candice said, "I am sure you don't want Valerie to know about the nights you spent a thousand dollars for a private room at the club." The thousand dollars was for the room. There were often up to four girls in the room at a time demanding huge tips for services offered. She explained the payment arrangements of fifty percent on signing of the contract, twenty five percent at the start of the project and the balance upon completion.

As Richard wrote out a check for $132,000, he said "This is blackmail!"

"No, this is the cost of being obsessed with pussy." Candice responded. Ruth lifted her skirt and pulled her underpants to the side giving him a view of what he had paid for. Dropping her skirt she went back to her office.

When Candice and Richard returned to the layout room, Candice said to Valerie. "All that is left now is for you to review the color and fabric samples."

Valerie ran to her husband, throwing her arms around him and gave him a kiss.

Rita watched in amazement as the couple left her office.

Handing Rita the check for $132,000, Candice said, "Half of the finder's fee for this project goes to Ruth."

Rita was still staring at the check when Candice said, "Have a nice evening."

When Barbara and Jeremy arrived at the daycare, Jason immediately ran to Jason and lifted his arms for Jason to pick him up. Jeremy scooped him up and spun him around as Mrs. Buckley and Barbara watched the two interact.

"He sure has taken a liking to Jeremy." Mrs. Buckley said.

"Jason is not the only one." Barbara commented. "No one has every treated me with the love and respect that Jeremy has shown me in the last few days."

Mrs. Buckley smiled as she watched them walk to the car, remembering what it was like to be young and in love.

While they were fixing dinner, Jason was watching his favorite video. Barbara knew that it was time she tell Jeremy of the story who Jason's father was and how he had been conceived. She was impressed that Jeremy had not asked any questions, but since this was the night that Angie was getting a sample of the sperm, she wanted him to know.

After they put Jason to bed, each night, they had gone to her bedroom and made love until Jason left to go back to his mother's house.

As Barbara closed Jason's door, she said, "Let's go in the living room. I have something I need to tell you." Jeremy followed her having no idea what she was about to say.

Barbara started by saying, "I want to thank you for not asking who Jason's father is. Most of the men I have even considered going out with, have asked that question. It is not a pretty story, but I want you to know the details."

"All I need to know, is that I love you and Jason." Jeremy responded. "You have never asked me why I am doing community service at the church." Reaching out, he took Barbara in his arms and kissed her, drawing her tightly against his body. This felt so good, Barbara was tempted to just make love and not say any more. However, she wanted Jason to know everything.

As they ended their kiss, she said, "I allowed myself to be conned into thinking the son of the president of the business school I attended, could help my career. I met him for dinner and wound up being raped. He threatened that if I told anyone, I would not graduate. He is the father of Jason, but has never agreed to talk to me since that night. It was difficult going home and telling my parents what happened. My father wanted to kill him, but my mother simply hugged me and said we would get through it."

Jason started to reach out to her, but she said "Let me finish. When Jason was three months old, I decided I had to make it on my own. My parents had sacrificed so much for me to get an education, I didn't want them to have to raise Jason. I moved here, hoping to get a job in an office, since this city was so much larger than our little town. The only job I could find was a job as a waitress. I was not making enough money to pay the rent and another waitress told me what she was making dancing topless. I worked a couple nights at a small bar dancing topless, when the owner of the strip club saw me dance and offered me a job. Mom and Dad do not know anything about the dancing or stripping."

"I didn't know anything about that either." Jason said. "All I know is that Pastor Sarah asked me to take a picture of her secretary, and I met the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world. I want you to be my wife and I want to be Jason's father."

"Are you just saying that because you feel sorry for me?"

Getting down on his knee in front of her he said, "Will you marry me?"

Spontaneously she shouted "Yes!"

They hugged and kissed and stripped the clothes from each other making love on sofa. When they had made love before, they had been careful to use a rubber. The spontaneity or excitement of this time caused them to forget or not care.

As Barbara felt his release deep within her pussy, she said "Jason has been saying he would like a little brother."

"What if it were a little sister?" Jeremy asked.

"He would probably accept that" Barbara said as she felt his limp cock still within her body. She began to contract her pussy muscles massaging his cock and bringing it to life again. As he felt his cock coming to life, he started to pump until he was ready for a second release. This time she exploded with an orgasm at the same time.

"I love you." they said in unison.

They started talking about the reality of telling her parents, his mother and others. Since her parents were arriving tomorrow afternoon, and his mother was arriving home tomorrow they decided to see if it was ok with Pastor Sarah for them to have a dinner for them at the parsonage. Barbara called Sarah to confirm that they could do the dinner and was assured it would not be a problem. Sarah had other plans for the evening, so they would have the parsonage to themselves.

"There is something else I need to tell you." Barbara said. "Pastor Sarah's friends Angie and Samantha are trying to prove the identity of Jason's father, to force him to pay support and provide for his education. I expect a call later tonight from her letting me know if she is successful in getting a sample of his sperm and if I should take Jason for blood work in the morning."

"How is she getting a sample of the his sperm?" Jeremy asked.

"I have no idea, however, Samantha assures me that Angie never fails."

"I cannot believe, that these women are doing all this for me and I don't even know them. I really believe Pastor Sarah is surrounded by angels."

"My mom would agree with that." Jeremy said. "We cannot believe the difference they made in my dad. I had lunch with him yesterday and he is a different man. Maybe we should invite him for dinner tomorrow night also."

"Do you think your mom would be ok with that?"

"Let's call her and find out." Jeremy responded.

As soon as Susan answered the phone, she wanted to know if everything was ok. She had told Jeremy to call her if he needed anything. After assuring her that everything was ok, he told her that he had someone he would like her and his father to meet at the same time and wanted to know if she would come to dinner at the parsonage tomorrow night.

"I am ok with it if your father is ok with it."

She was amazed when she found out that Brian had called Jeremy and invited him to lunch. She was even more surprised to hear how well they had gotten along.

"When I pick you up at the airport, I have another surprise for you." Jeremy said to his mother.

"What is it?" Susan asked.

"If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise." Jeremy said. "I love you and will see you tomorrow."

"So what is your surprise for your mom, other than the fact that you just proposed to a black woman?" Barbara asked.

"About ten years ago, my father had a billboard that had a picture of my mother in a convertible with her hair flying in the breeze. The only thing the billboard said was 'The Woman Behind the Success of Sharkey's Auto Sales.' He took down the billboard with his picture on it and replaced it with the billboard of my mother in the convertible with the same message. He told me yesterday that he plans to devote his life to seeking mom's forgiveness and maybe even asking her for a date."

"That is so romantic, I think I am going to cry." Barbara said, as she wiped a tear from her eye. "I am really anxious to meet your parents."

"Speaking of romantic…." Jeremy said as he picked her up and carried her across the threshold to the bedroom.

Angie arrived at the motel where she would be meeting Jonathan Anderson Jr. for dinner and sperm collection. She checked into her room and watched for the cleaning lady to come by her door. When she saw the cleaning lady, she asked her if she would get her a bucket of ice. When the woman returned, Sarah handed her a ten dollar bill.

"Not necessary," the woman said in broken English trying to hand the money back.

Angie spoke to her in Spanish calling her by name. She saw the name tag said Maria. "I want you to have it, and I have a confidential question to ask you. Have you ever seen this man before, she asked, showing her a picture of Jonathan Anderson Jr."

With a disgusted look on her face, speaking in Spanish, she said, "He is not a nice man. He brings girls here for sex in room 36."

"Does he come often?" Angie asked.

"One - two - sometimes three times a week." Maria responded.

"How do you know he has sex with them?" Angie asked.

"How I know? I have to change the bed! Full of sex juice and sometimes blood. Disgusting!" She said, as she pretended to spit on the floor.

"You have been most helpful." Angie said. "Please don't tell anybody I asked." Angie said as she handed Maria a twenty dollar bill. "Would you do my room early tomorrow morning?"

Maria reluctantly took the money, and said "I tell no one." Looking at the twenty dollar bill she said, "New shoes for my son."

Angie spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool before getting ready for her date with Jonathan. She dressed in a low cut cocktail dress with no bra, black fishnet stockings and high heel shoes. She took her oversized brief case and waited for Jonathan in the lobby.

When she saw him coming, she walked to meet him and said "Hello Mr. Anderson, I am Sylvia Brookfield."

"How did you know I am the person you were expecting?" he asked.

"Simply because everyone had told me how handsome you are, and you are the most handsome man that has walked in within the last fifteen minutes."

"Well, I like that answer, even if it is hard to believe, and let me say you are certainly more gorgeous than what I expected a research technician to look like. That is a beautiful dress he said looking at the directly at the low cut V barely containing the ample tits."

"I have to wear a lab coat later for the collection, but I didn't think a man of your prominence would want to have dinner with someone in a lab coat." Angie said pouring on the sex and bullshit in heavy doses. His ego was so big, that he was eating up every bit of it.

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