tagErotic HorrorPastor Tom and the Succubus Ch. 01

Pastor Tom and the Succubus Ch. 01



A middle-aged minister unexpectedly conjures up a succubus while tinkering with a spell in an old book. Not exactly your typical demon story.



The good reverend, Tom Conrey, fingered the tattered pages of the ancient book he held in his hand. It was an old book from the late 16-century, with blocked scrollwork along the sides of the pages. By the lines penned inside it had once been owned by one, Lucia Smith, of Salem.

He had an eerie feeling as he looked down at it, wondering if it had ever truly been used. Who had written the summoning rituals inside? And if any of them had ever worked? The last question of course being laughable, for everyone just knew that all that kind of gibberish was phony.

He was 42 now and a widower, his wife having passed away three years earlier. It had been a big adjustment in his life, one he didn't think at times he was going to be able to make.

He had started collecting old Bibles and books of the black arts about ten years ago. His wife had purchased an old family bible, at a garage sale of all places that dated from the early 1800's.

He had been fascinated with the family records in it, and all the penned opinions next to various scripture throughout the book. He was hooked after that, and began picking up anything having to do with the spiritual warfare for the possession of humanity's destiny, including volumes on the black arts.

His collection wasn't all that large, his annual substance wouldn't allow for that, but each of his volumes was a treasure to Tom. He had toyed with idea of trying one of the old summoning rituals, or spells in his books. But his wife, Martha, had fearfully protested the idea, and successfully.

Just then he heard a knock on his office door, which exploded into his daydream, shattering his thoughts into a thousand tiny shreds.

"Pastor Tom, are you available?" the sweet young voice said.

"Hello Trish, how are you? And how may I help you?" He asked her.

"I need to borrow a hymnal there doesn't seem to be any in the sanctuary," she told him.

Trish Logan had been an ongoing test of Tom's patience for some time now, always wearing skirts that were immodestly short, and bending over in front of him in them. Resulting, of course, in exposing to him her festively colored panties, and beautiful ass as she was doing again at this moment.

She turned her back to him and slowly bent over at the waist, her dress creeping high on her lovely legs. The thin material hugged the outlandish curves of her sweet ass sinfully tight. She paused long enough to ensure that Tom had committed everything to memory, and then slowly stood up, book in hand.

She crossed the room toward him, her hips swaying sensually with each graceful step. She came around to where he was seated, and plopped her gorgeous cheeks down on the desktop and then smiled.

Her dress was high on her well-defined thighs, and her legs open just far enough, to almost allow Tom to see the front of her panties. "Pastor Tom, you really should join the choir for the musical next month, we need a good baritone," she said smiling.

"Trish you know I have lectures at the seminary at that time, and there is no way I can do it," Tom told her. She was in the choir herself, and that was reason enough for Tom not to be.

Leaning over and coming very close to him she said, "But I could make it so much fun for you Pastor," her voice was very seductive as she spoke. Tom could smell the fragrance of her shampoo, and clearly see the gentle curve of her breasts, which threatened to spill free from her top.

"Tom thought, if it wasn't for the fact that I still wanted this job, I'd bend her over this desk, and bring the little tart shouting for glory ... to the salvation she really wants, several times!"

"Sorry Trish, not this time," he told her, as she stood ready to leave.

Tom watched her walk away contemplating the hardness she had left behind with him ... damn the woman always did that! The cheeks of her ass swayed seductively as she moved. At the door she paused, half turned, smiled and said, "Goodbye for now Tom."

He would have thought seriously about Trish had it not been for their age difference, she was 10 years his junior, and Tom thought that a little bit much. Too bad, she was a beautiful woman and in many ways very sweet.

In another half hour the choir would be finished and the church would be empty. Then Tom was going to run through the ritual for calling a succubus, just so he could brag that he had once done so.

He worked on the monthly publication until he heard the saints begin to file out of the building, last of all he heard Trish's expected knock before she opened the door.

"Returning the hymnal sir, I hope we didn't disturb you Tom," her voice warm and sexy.

"Not at all Trish, I was so absorbed a freight train wouldn't have bothered me," he replied.

She moved to the front of the desk, with more body parts jiggling with her movements, than should ever be apparent on a woman of faith. She laid the book down and placed her palms flat out on the desktop her heavy breasts accentuated by the angle of her body.

"I do hope you'll reconsider the musical next month Tom, I'd love to have you next to me on stage then," she said smiling; as her eyes caressed everything on him she could see.

Tom knew the location that she really wanted him to be next to her at, and it wasn't the choir line-up!

"Sorry dear saint, it just isn't going to happen, maybe next time," he told her smiling sweetly.

"Well ok," she said as she bent low and planted a kiss on his forehead.

"Goodnight dear," she said over her shoulder as she walked off.

Tom watched her ass cheeks do their little wiggle dance again, and moaned internally. The damn woman was just a pain in the ass, he thought.

Tom retrieved the bag containing the compound of salt, iron, and herbs the book had called for. He sprinkled it in the form of a small circle in front of the door, being careful to inspect it closely, and make sure there was not a breech in it anywhere.

He used a black magic marker to inscribe the circle on cardboard, and placed it on top of his desk. He then pulled the black candleholder and red candle itself from his desk drawer and prepared to initiate the ritual.

Tom recited the ancient Latin phrase from the book and the room was instantly filled with an ominous presence. While it was not a sinister sensation it was nonetheless ungodly.

Tom couldn't believe his eyes, as a form began to appear inside the circle; it was twirling smoke that thickly folded over, and into its own space rolling very rapidly. The room was filled with the sweet scent of musk, and a hint of vanilla.

"Who has called me forth," the voice that asked was seductive and warm.

Tom began his recital to bind the conjuring, "With the light of this candle I called thee forth."

"By the words I have spoken thou art bound to me. Until my bidding is complete and whole, I command thee in deed, body, and soul!"

"Answer me now succubus!" his inflection elevated and deeply toned.

I am bound to your will ... as your slave I remain ... my Lord and Master," the beautiful succubus replied.

Tom was unnerved by his own success, something he hadn't really counted on at all. He took a moment to study the creature confined in the circle and discovered that she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

"May I move Master?" the voice was soft, and pleading, as she asked.

"You are free from my Iron, but held by my will!" he finished.

"Yes my Lord," she responded.

"Do you have a name succubus?" Tom asked her.

"Unlike all of the others I have been granted an identity by Lord Raythe first warrior from the legions of shadows, and defender of the Master's seventh portal at the river of souls," she replied.

"I am Raven my Lord... Queen of the succubus at the seventh portal, and keeper of the master's Harem," bowing as she spoke.

"You may use it, or give me another. I live to please only you my Lord," she said.

"Not a feminist ... huh?" He teased, but gathered quickly that the humor was lost on her.

She moved like the fog driven by a gentle breeze, as she came toward him, gracefully and without sound. Raven kneeled in front of him, and placing her arms on the floor with her palms down, she bowed then, and eased her body forward kissing the toe of his shoe.

"Ah-h-h-h, ... look we don't do that anymore. If anyone sees this, the NAACP or someone else will be in here on me, ok!"

The significance of her posture and kiss was lost on Tom, but when her lips touched him a current of cleansing power passed through his body. That soothed his strained nerves filling him with energy, and also stiffened his cock.

She rose again to stand before him, her lips full, shapely, and blood red. She wore a dress of bitch black, so thin he could see the creamy alabaster skin of her breasts through it. Her nipples tested the thin fabric strenuously, their color and areola seductively hinted at.

"My Lord, it has been nearly a hundred years, and I need to feed, may I do so now sir?" she asked sweetly as her fingers passed over the hot bulge of his cock. The power of her beauty held him there, as he was trapped by the mystery in the sparkle of her dark green eyes.

"What is it that you need Raven?" Tom asked her.

"Male semen is the only thing that will sustain a succubus my Lord, and my hunger now burns. Please my Lord, I promise to bring you pleasures you have never known before," she said, her hand now softly stroking his cock through the fabric of his pants.

As Raven's hands continued to touch her Master, everything in the world fell away from Tom's mind, except the haunting presence of those green eyes, and the lustful touch of Satan's offspring.

"It is my will that you feed Raven," his voice, but a weak whisper as he spoke.

Tom heard the sound of his zipper working, and then felt subtle hands freeing his burgeoning cock from its hiding place. He watched as she slowly extended her tongue and lightly touched the head of his cock with its tip.

It was like a single drop of water in a filled pan, the event radiated outward evenly in all directions within his body. Ripple after ripple of pleasure caressed every nerve in his being, and filled his mind with the sweetest desire he'd ever experienced.

It was sensually exotic, watching her blood red lips stretch slowly around his cock. Forming a tight, perfect circle around the shaft, the heat of her mouth nurtured his lust, making his blood race through his veins like fire.

"Suck it slut ... you know you want to suck it dry!" he hissed. Tom couldn't believe he had said that, it must be that lustful force he sensed filling the room he reasoned.

The demon shivered as his insult stirred the embers of her hellish need, adding to the hot dampness already present between her flexing thighs.

Gently, she tortured the quivering flesh of his meaty tower with the sharp tip of her tongue, suckling the savory mass between her soft red lips.

Her tongue unsettled every nerve in his brain, making his breath pant and his body pulse with need. He rocked toward her face, as his eyes closed against the intense sensation of her tongue and mouth.

After three years of nothing but wet dreams he was ready for this, and knew that he would explode very soon. Her tongue danced around his shaft like a slithering snake, the demons mouth worked like magic, and had Tom's nuts tight and hard against his body.

"Lay down my Lord and open your mouth ... I have something I wish to give you," her voice passed over him like a pair of soft gentle hands. Their caress was like a wave of indescribable rapture of pleasure, which washed over him with a warming tingle.

Raven's hips were rocking lewdly, as she corkscrewed her pussy over the tip of Tom's hot tongue. Then very slowly, she began to rise and fall on the hard little member in his mouth, building the pleasure deep in her being that exploded forth between her lips, as a loud cry of pleasure.

"Am I not the scent and taste that you have craved my Lord, is not this what you've longed for so long now Master?" her voice soft and gentle now.

"You are the moving image of all my dreams Raven," he told her. Raven had some how removed all his lower clothing and Tom couldn't remember her doing it.

Tom reveled in the taste of the fluids the beautiful demon expelled into his mouth, her taste was mysterious, and sweetly spiced and the more he drank the more he craved. His lips and tongue glistened with the coating of sweet, sticky fluids, from her pulsing pussy.

He moved the sharp tip of his tongue to her anal opening and swiped sensually at the forbidden slit, and she threw back her head hissing loudly like a wildcat. As her gentle hand robed his cock with pleasant sensations she moved her body again and ground her oozing cunt into his mouth once more.

"Drink from the spirit of my lust master and experience love as you've never known it before," she moaned. Rolling her hips advantageously to help benefit the slick, sensitive pearl between her folds.

She bent over his cock then, slowly teasing the flexing mass of hot tissue. Grazing its head only lightly at first, with the wet wicked tip of her evil tongue. He gasped deeply at the sensation that rushed through his body making it arch sharply upward against her lusty mouth.

Tom erupted into Raven's mouth, and blast after powerful blast exploded from the end of his burning cock, inundating her mouth with the bounty of his fiery passion. She softly suckled his dick until it was empty of all its precious life force, ingesting every single drop before turning loose of him.

"Thank you Master, I am grateful, you have rescued me from the clawing pain in my belly!" her voice soft and very feminine as she spoke.

"You may feed anytime you need to Raven, and how often do you need to do this?"

"It depends upon which powers I use, and how frequently they're used," she told him.

Tom knew the reason he was still hard and energetic was because he had drank her thick heady fluids. Raven began to suck him gently again, until at last his embers flared hot against her mouth, and his heart trembled once more at the thought of empting himself there again.

She turned around on his body and moved her soft lips to his, her tongue sliding easily between his lips as she kissed him. She ground her cunt against his cock causing sensations in his flesh, which left him breathless and wanting release.

Raven didn't lower her cunt over his cock; it sucked him inside her passage, without she herself moving a single muscle. Then it continued to suck him after he was inside, it felt like her mouth, only hotter and tighter.

She levitated above him, with her legs folded under her. Then slowly began to spin round and round while still connected to his cock, the sensation of the movement nearly ripped Tom's mind lose from his skull.

"Does what I'm doing please my Lord?" she asked almost modestly.

"Yes Raven!" he squeaked tightly, unable to say anymore.

"Just like a woman, Tom reasoned ... any question, wrong time!" God what was he thinking of, for heavens sake she's a demon.

He felt Ravens' passage ripple once again around his pumping shaft, and begin to draw the fires of life from deep inside their hiding place.

"Oh fuck Raven ... I'm coming you sluttish bitch!!" Tom shouted, shocked again that he had used such language.

"Yes fill me with your fire my lord!" she cried out against her passion.

He sprayed Raven's tight pussy with the hot thick fluid, feeling all his tension drain with his sperm as he filled her body. Raven whispered in his ear, words that flattered his ego, as she laboriously sought to help him unload his fiery burden.

She held him close after he finished, her teeth lightly raking the lobe of his ear. Then sliding her mouth down to his neck she teased him with a gentle bite on the neck that made him sigh.

Oh Master ... you're so rough and manly. I just love it when you curse!" Raven teased him knowingly with a smile.

"Don't rub it in their demon girl. I know I got a little carried away ... as we say," he said with a chuckle.

"May I call you by your name Master?" she asked him.

"I suppose that would be all right, I guess we're a little more than casually acquainted," he told her.

"Do you live her Tom?" Raven asked him.

"No, theirs a parsonage two blocks down the street, that's where I live Raven."

"Your wondering how to sneak me in there aren't you master?" she inquired.

"How did you know that?" he asked with a look of shock on his face.

"I can read minds, yours ... anyone's really," she told him with a smile.

"Oh ... and, yes I was," he told her.

"Its really no problem my Lord, no one but you sees, or hears me, except those that I allow," she told him smiling.

"You're kidding!" he said, a deep look of awe in his face as he spoke.

"No my Lord ... I assure I'm not," Raven replied

Wow, that could be really useful Raven!" as the wheels at the top began to spin.

"I could help you accomplish the good you seek to do my Lord," she said with a smile

"Oh ... yeah, that too of course," he said. "What else can you do Raven?" he asked.

"I can control anyone's sex drive and influence them in other ways as well, let me show you my Lord. I am going to will you to jack-off in front of me now."

Raven slid her hand to her mound inserted one finger and then held it out in front of her face. She chanted something Tom couldn't understand, and then softly blew across her finger in his direction.

Tom noticed a scent that smelled somewhat like licorice and then stood there waiting for something to happen.

"Look down my Lord," Raven said.

Tom lowered his eyes, gasped out loud, his hand was wrapped around his cock, and stoking it at a hundred miles an hour, and he hadn't even felt it.

"That's pretty neat," he said.

"Thank you my Lord," she said with a smile.

"So what happens now Raven? Do you go? Do you stay or what?" Tom asked.

"I stay until you send me away ... but please don't," I need to be with you my Lord.

"Ok, but I get the side of the bed with the nightstand ... understood," he laughed.

Raven giggled and ran up to him placing her arms around his waist and kissed him.

"Does my appearance please my Lord?" she asked him. "If not I will surely change it for you ... I do so want to please you master!" she sighed.

"What do you mean you'll change it?" he asked.

She stood in front of him smiling, and made a single sign with her hands then raised them above her head, paused, and then dropped them rapidly. And there before him, stood the exact likeness of Nicole Kidman.

Tom rushed forward immediately, and ravished her mouth severely, his tongue lashing hers, his hands groping everything. He moaned, as he felt Raven's belly roll with laughter ... and smiled.

"I haven't laughed or had this much fun in a long ... long time, Raven. Thank you."

"You're very welcome Tom," she said.

"Lets go home Raven and explore your new sleeping quarters," he told her.

"Yes my Lord," she said as she slipped her arm through his and smiled.

Later while reclining on his bed, as she sucked his cock again, she paused raising her head to speak, "May I watch you work sometime Lord?" she asked.

"If you promise not to do any dastardly, mean evil stuff, while you're there ... sure," he told her smiling.

"I promise Master, to be a very good demon," she said smiling with a purr.

Tom looked down at her face again, and he was looking at Marilyn Monroe, "God, he was going to love this, he thought!"

Ravens mouth seduced Tom's cock with a gentleness that seemed more caring than lustful, but as equally pleasing to his flesh. Tom came screaming his head off, his butt arched high off the bed with his cock shoved deeply in Marilyn's/Raven's mouth. Again, she leisurely savored every single drop of his fluids.

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