tagMaturePat Wants To Play

Pat Wants To Play


It started out innocently enough. We were paired up during first aid training and I wanted to see how far I could take my little test. I should back up here and set up this little scenario. Pat and I work together. She is a very good looking 50 year old woman. When you first meet her there is no doubt what stands out, her tits. Big, full and oh so nice to look at, I dreamed about those tits. Her ass was nice too, she had a nice wiggle when she walked. No kids, she was married to the same guy she met in high school. My guess was she had never been with another guy.

We had CPR and First Aid training at work. Pat and I were standing next to each other when the instructor asked everyone to pair off.

I glanced over and tapped her shoulder, "Your mine." She sneered as she gave me a quick punch. I volunteered to be the victim. Pat played my rescuer.

"Are you alright, can you breath." She grabbed me by the shoulder and asked those first important questions. I made the sign I was choking by grabbing at my throat. Pat maneuvered herself behind me. Her leg was between my two legs as she wrapped her arms around my chest. I made her work a little by not giving her easy access. When her hands clasped in front of me I felt her big tits squeeze up against my shoulder and back. I could feel her nipples, even through our clothes! They were poking through, I had noticed that when we first sat down in the chilly room. The air conditioning does that and I couldn't take my eyes off those wonderful tits. Pat is 5'5", I am 6'. She had to reach around me and really try to get her hands to meet. I squirmed my shoulder into her tits as she clasped her hands.

"Wise guy," she whispered as she gave me a nice jolt to my gut. But the entire time she never moved. I noticed she had her arms around me for quite some time. Pat knew what I was doing but she loved it. I wanted to have her hands go lower and grab my semi-hard dick growing in my pants. Then we switched places.

"Are you alright, can you breath." I was behind her and I took advantage of it. My leg went between hers and I eased that sweet ass onto my thigh. I gently brushed her thigh as I tried to clasp my hands, carefully, under those titties. But I wanted to see if she would object to my hand accidentally rubbing them. So I went high, I couldn't see my hands anyway and I said something to her.

"I can't see my hands so you better help me out." She laughed but before she moved my hands I had brushed against her nipples and glided the tops of my hands under her tits. She didn't squirm or move away. How about that. I didn't linger because I wanted it to seem like a mistake.

"Oh, I'm sorry about that." I whispered into her ear and she just whispered back,

"Don't be." I laid my flat palm across her belly and gave her a tickle instead of making a fist. She squirmed then and moved from my grasped. I thought I was going to get a stern warning at this point. She had all the cards against me, there were other people in the room and she could have really made a scene.

But she didn't. And as quickly as it happened it was over. But as I think about this, it was just beginning. Pat and I sat back down on the floor. I had a slight issue, my pants were a bit tight and there was no hiding the lump growing in them. She made herself comfortable on the floor directly in front of me. Her eyes were looking straight at my bulge and I caught her. I wanted to run my hands through her hair and unzip my pants right then and there. And the view of her tits was great, a little cleavage helped too. I moved my hips towards her face and took a seat.

"You are a naughty boy Michael." She gave me quick smack on the face. I had to make my comment quick and easy, take advantage but not so she gets mad at me. And I had to make sure no one else would even know what was happening.

"And I deserve a spanking." I whispered it lightly in her direction. Pat just smiled and didn't say anything at this point. The class continued for 10 more minutes and we both stood up and left with the rest of our fellow coworkers. But I made sure to walk with her, to walk and talk to her. And I knew things had changed.

I started making small talk every time I saw her. And she would do the same. A few months went by with us being a bit friendlier to each other. I would tell her if she ever needed something on the side to just say the word. She would give me the look; the half I would do you and the half in your dreams look. Then during the Christmas holiday, I got to give her a kiss. She hugged me and pulled me in close, making sure I felt those tits against my chest. It was late and I wanted to make sure I got to see her. The kiss was full mouth, no open mouth but a kiss that I didn't expect.

"So what are you doing this weekend." Pat was married, I just wanted to flirt with her. Was she happily married, that was the question? Some of my fellow coworkers also wondered what her deal was. She answered me by asking the same question.

"What are you doing?" so I went with it.

"I am going to be a naughty boy and I'll need a spanking." I said this as I playfully bent over. Pat took it further by spanking my ass. A nice hard smack. I was getting turned on and she knew it. We were the only two people left in the upstairs office. The door was closed, I didn't stand up straight, I wanted her to spank me again.

"Spank me harder Patty." she had a big grin on her face as she smacked me again. Her hand grabbed my ass. I kind of turned my head and looked into her eyes. We didn't say anything, I just took it another step by teasing her, kind of pretending to unbuckle my belt.

"You would love it wouldn't you." She was looking directly at me. Now what do I do. My head was racing with ideas. I wanted to feel her up, it was the last day before the holiday and no one was around.

"And you wouldn't love to spank me more." I had unbuckled my pants and the only thing left to do was pull them down. I wanted to just go for it and see what she had on her mind. I let go of my pants and the front opened up revealing my tight boxer briefs. I was hard. But I wanted to see her titties. Do I keep going, or do I stop. This was the furthest I had ever taken my flirting with her. I was standing in front of her and my pants were unbuckled. Pat was thinking too, I could tell. If something was going to happen it was going to be spontaneous. So I took my hands and ran them under her shirt. She had a lacy bra on and her nipples were hard. I stroked them lightly and she let out a slight moan. I had my chance and I was going to take advantage. I reached around to find the snap. My pants had completely opened up and fallen to my knees. Pat kept looking down at my hard on as I unsnapped her bra. Then I kissed her.

Our tongues met and we kissed each other deep. A slow, wet, passionate kiss. I unsnapped her bra and began kneading her tits in my hands. I was feeling her up in the office. This married 50 year old hot piece of ass. And then she pulled the waistband of my underwear out and took a peak. She snapped them back against my waist.

"You are being a very naughty boy and you need to be punished." She was taking control. We broke our embrace and she ordered me to go and lock the door. I did the funny walk over to the door when you have your pants down around your ankles. I shuffled back and she stopped me. She had pulled her shirt off and those beautiful tits were bouncing free. She grabbed hold of them and played with her nipples.

"Ever since you touched them you have wanted to see them. Do you like?" I could hardly speak, she laughed at my lack of words. I wasn't one for not speaking my mind.

"What happens here stays here, got that." I just nodded.

"Good. What I say goes, understood." I nodded again. She licked her right nipple.

"I need some new dick every so often so if you really are a naughty boy, I might let you play again." With that she took my hand and rubbed it down the front of her pants. I could feel her pussy through the material.

"Take out your dick and let me see it." I almost fell over but I managed to pull my underwear down. I was hard and fully erect. Pat studied my dick and her hand went to my balls. She massaged them between her fingers as she look into my eyes.

"Today is you lucky day. I know you want to fuck me, but I am going to have some fun before you even get close to this pussy." She grabbed hold of my dick and began stroking me.

"Jerk off for me naughty boy." She took a seat and was inches from the head of my dick. I slowly began stroking the length of my dick, I wanted to put on a show for her. She began to unbutton her pants and slide her hand down inside them. I watched as she gave me a peak of her panties. Naughty black ones.

"You like, get over here." She motioned for me to come closer. I kept on jerking off and she made me bend over in front of her. Smack, her hand came down across my ass. Smack, another time and then again. It felt so good, my dick was straining and throbbing. I wanted to finish for her.

"Stand up in front of me." I did and now my dick was right in front of her mouth. All I kept thinking about was her sucking me off. She grabbed hold of my shaft and gave it a few strokes. Precum was forming at the tip and she swiped it off with her finger. She licked her finger clean and made sure I watched.

"Imagine me sucking you hard dick Michael." Please, I wanted her to suck my dick. So I started to reach for the back of her head to glide it towards my dick.

"Get your fucking hands off my head." She was mad and stood up to get into my face. Her tits looked so hot and the top of her pants was open. I just wanted to play with her and fuck her on the desk. Instead, she took hold of my wrist and spun me around taking me to my knees. It hurt and she kept the pressure on until I was completely under her control. My face was inches from her pussy, I could smell her.

"You are my little bitch and if you want any chance of fucking my pussy you will do as I tell you. I like my men submissive, can you be my bitch." I flinched a bit but of course the answer was yes.

"Yes I can." She tightened her grip when she said the next thing.

"Then you are going to get lucky bitch." Two days before Christmas, imagine that. I stood up and took off the rest of my clothes. Pat sat back down but not before taking off her pants. Those very sexy boy cut panties looked so hot. They were semi-transparent and I could see her neatly trimmed pussy for the first time. I concentrated on that and her tits. She had big areolas and nice hard nipples. She let me lean forward and play with them as I jerked off. I was beginning to have that feeling and she could see it as well. I picked up the pace. Pat got on her knees and squeezed her titties around my dick.

"Shoot your load between these Michael." I wasn't going to argue with that. I made sure to tit fuck her a few times.

"I'm gonna cum." I stammered out as a thick stream of white sperm shot between her tits. I had leaned back a bit and some more shot directly into her open mouth. Then the third landed on her nipples. She was covered with my cum. Pat began rubbing it into her skin. What a sight.

"Good boy. Look what a mess you made." She had swallowed the load in her mouth. I wanted to eat her pussy so bad. She smiled up at me.

"You pass, maybe I'll let you play again." I smiled back. Pat stood up as I leaned against her desk. My dick was still semi hard and she flicked it with her tongue. It twitched and she gave it a quick suck. She kissed me again. I felt her sweaty tits and started to reach for her pussy. She stopped me.

"In all good time Michael." She had me sit down and now she was bending over looking through her bottom drawer. Her ass was so hot and she wiggled it in my face. I reached up and stroked her cheeks. Pat found what she was looking for.

"I got this Christmas present from Donna and I thought you might want to see it." she opened the box and pulled out a dildo. My mouth was open but nothing came out. And the thought of Donna and her both naked got me hard again. Pat laughed and playfully sucked on the head. She then ran the rubber dong alongside my hard dick. Then she did something that took me by surprise.

"Open up and be a good little bitch." she wanted me to suck on the dildo. I was so turned on so I did. She held it in place as I took a lot of it down my throat. I even took my hand and pretended to stroke it.

"Look at you, that is so fucking hot." I wanted her to start using it in front of me so I continued to suck it. Her hand had gone down her panties and I kept sucking the head. I went for it, I figured the only thing I would get was a spanking. I reached for her panties and tugged on them. This time she let me pull them down. Her pussy was trimmed and wet. Her second finger had found her clit and I watched as she began to slowly masturbate. Then she removed the dildo from my mouth and did what I wanted her to do, she rubbed it into her clit and slowly between her pussy lips. The dildo I had just been sucking on was now in her pussy. She was completely naked and so was I. My dick was hard again and I wanted to fuck her. But the sight of Pat playing with her pussy was just too hot to stop.

"Do it baby, do it for Michael." I said it and she was doing it. She worked the dildo in and out. The entire length would disappear inside her and then reappear. Her pace quickened as she leaned against her desk. She then lifted one foot onto my knee and spread her pussy for me.

"Watch this my little bitch. Watch me cum." With that she moved her hand faster and faster.

"Oh god, oh my fucking god, yeeeeessssss, oh yeeeeeesssss. Oh my, oh fuck. She was cumming. Pat pulled out the dildo and began rubbing her clit furiously. She grabbed hold of my head and pulled it closer to her pussy. Then she let out a stream of cum. It was a mixture of sweet juice and pee. But it was so good and warm. She shot it right into my face and mouth.

I swallowed as much as I could.

"You are such a fucking bad boy." She was now leaning against her desk. My dick was hard and I was sitting in her chair. I motioned for her to come sit in my lap. This was all the invitation she needed. She wasted no time impaling my dick with her wet, sloppy pussy. She rode me like a horse, bouncing up and down in my lap. Her back was to me, which gave me excellent access to her tits. I leaned her back and slowly worked my hands over her nipples. She moaned as I played with them.

"I love your tits Pat," I whispered in her ear. I licked her neck and continued playing with her nipples. My dick fit like a glove in her pussy. Seems like she had the pussy of a 25 year old. Still tight and oh so wet. I found her clit and started to slowly stroke it. She was mine for the time being and I wanted to make her cum again. I was getting close too and I figured the best place to deposit my sperm would be deep in her pussy. We bucked and squirmed and once again that feeling was building. Pat too was starting to climax and her hand was furiously rubbing her clit.

"Cum in me, fill my pussy with you hot fucking cum." She moaned and came all over my dick. I shot a full load inside her. It was wet and sloppy. My legs were soaked, the crack of my ass was soaked. She just laid back into me as I cupped her tits in my hands.

"38DD", she said. I didn't want to take my hands off of them. My dick remained inside her for a long time. But we both knew it was time to get cleaned up. But I had one more question for her. I kissed her, a slow kiss that let me talk quietly to her at the same time.

"Are your tits bigger then Donna's."? Donna was a 48 year old hot piece of ass. A biker chick and a grandma. The answer Pat gave me was interesting to say the least.

"Why, do you want to fuck her too."? Every guy in the place wanted to fuck her. Pat was still horny, my dick was actually twitching inside her pussy and she didn't want to get up. We kissed and pawed at each other. I swear she wanted me to fuck her again. I was getting hard inside her. So Pat did something that I had dreamed about. She leaned forward and placed her hands on the edge of her desk. I was supporting her from behind and fucking her doggie style. What a view. Her sloppy wet pussy sucked in my dick.

"Damn Michael, you are fucking horny." I just began to pump away, faster and faster. My dick was like a piece of steel. I would take me another 20 minutes to blow my load but Pat didn't seem to mind. I rode her hard and gave her another orgasm. I shot my cum deep into her hole. Her pussy juice ran down my shaft and my balls. And then I pulled out of her. She spun around and kissed me hard. We couldn't take our hand off each other but we knew it was done for the time being. I wanted to set up the next encounter, I wanted to fuck Pat again but I wanted to fuck Donna as well. I whispered into her ear, licking up her neck, which sent chills down her arm.

"I want to watch you fuck Donna with that dildo. Then I want to fuck her" Pat smiled.

"In good time Michael, in good time." With that we both got dressed. It smelled like sex and I was concerned that we might get caught. Pat didn't care, she thought it would be funny to tease Gary a little bit as he came in to clean up later on. I kissed her again as she walked with me down the stairs.

"Remember, this stays between us."

"Of course my dear, between us."

Of course I guessed wrong. She had been with a few other dicks in her life.

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