tagLoving WivesPatricks Marriage Changes Ch. 03

Patricks Marriage Changes Ch. 03


Patrick has told you some about us. I should add that I love him more than anyone or anything on the face of the earth. We met in high school and dated steadily for several years. We both went to college, Patrick until he graduated while I dropped out to support him until he got his degree. It was a mutually agreed decision between both of us.

Some people would have questioned my choice to quit school in favor of Patrick. I never thought twice about it. I knew that when the time was right he would support me too. After he got the great job he has now, I decided to go back to school and get my degree. I went year ‘round and finished up in pretty good time.

After I graduated I went to work for the firm I am presently employed by now. When I started I could tell that part of the reason they hired me was my looks. My grades in school had been the best and not meaning to brag, I was in the top five percent of the graduating seniors.

The fact that other men found me attractive after my having been married and had two kids was ego boosting as well. While I had no intention of cheating or even flirting outside of my marriage, it was gratifying to know that I still had it.

Patrick and I settled into a nice and comfortable life of marital bliss. After I had worked for the firm for two years I was promoted up a small step. I didn't make a big deal about it to Patrick since I felt that it was more like a step of added responsibility instead of a real promotion.

I found that I was working more and more hours and our sex life was taking the hit. I knew that Patrick was bothered by it, but he was so supportive of me I could see that he was putting me ahead of any of his needs. It touched my heart to know just how much my husband really did love me.

In the middle of my second year, just a few months after my first ‘promotion' my boss Sam began to spend more and more time with me. He told me that he was training me for the next step upwards in the company. He also mentioned that I could be traveling out of town like the other agents had been too. I think he was trying to feel me out to see if I would be willing to do that.

I found Sam to be a very handsome and sexy man and from time to time as we worked together I would have a thought or two, never really serious, just a little fantasy about what it would be like to have him in bed for a little bit. I would always go home to my husband and feel just a tiny bit of guilt for having had those thoughts, but I knew that nothing would ever come of them.

My work load rose a bit more and I soon found that I had to take trips around town during the regular business day talking to our local clients. I didn't say much about it to Patrick since I thought it to be a regular part of my job and I would still be home as usual at night.

The little trips to local business's we had as clients soon had me dealing with them on a full time basis. Some of our clients were real macho type men and they would really look me over while I was in their presence. I knew that some of them were having fantasies about me just by the way they acted.

All the male attention I was receiving was beginning to really keep my libido up, but by the time I was getting home I would be tired out or on those nights I wasn't tired it seemed that Patrick would have had a tough day and he would be tired instead.

Then Sam told me about the next promotion I was due to get. It would require travel overnight to many locations. He was very proud of how well I had turned out so far and he was impressed with my work too. I ended up being gone for up to three or four days at a time shortly after that.

It was right after I got the promotion that things started to get way out of hand. While our sex life at home had dropped to nil, my work time was around Sam and other strong and sexy men constantly in my face. I was getting offers on a daily basis, usually those joking type flirtatious offers, but I could sense a seriousness to most of them that hadn't been there when I had started.

I guess it didn't help that I had started flirting back too. I had gotten a bit more open the longer I worked with these guys. They were regular men for the most part, but each one had a special trait or way of talking to me that caused me to have little day dreams about how they would be in bed too.

Mostly I think my thoughts were straying due to the lack of sex Patrick and I were having at home. I knew that it was becoming a problem between us but every time one or the other of us would be ready the other was not. We were both getting to be very horny constantly.

My sexual needs had not been getting taken care of and I knew that while Patrick was suffering just like me, he didn't have all the eye candy like I had where I worked. Most of his co-workers were either men or older ladies who were not exactly sexy or someone that Patrick would want to flirt with.

I found that the longer our sex life was in the toilet the more the offers from the men around me at my job became harder to brush off. I knew also that Sam had something on his mind as he had begun to say something several times then dropped it as ‘nothing'. I wondered at times if he was trying to work up nerve to make a pass at me.

One day I was able to secure a large contract out of the blue. I had worked on it for over two months and it was all new business, unexpected and lucrative too. I was happy that I had been able to use contacts developed in my work over the last year to nail this one and everybody was shocked and extremely happy that I had gotten it.

The biggest deal about this contract was the fact that it was the first international one that the firm had ever gotten. I had lucked out a bit having heard from a client about this company needing services just like we offered, and a couple of phone calls later, I had been able to set up the initial meeting.

The guys I dealt with were based in Jamaica and there were four of them that were partners. I had wined and dined them, showing our services and how much more we had to offer than our competitors. Actually, our other customers had made the sale when the new clients had called around and checked up on not only me, but other contract agents as well.

When I dropped the new contract on Sam's desk the afternoon it was signed he about fainted. As he read it over he was at first stunned, then very proud of me. He asked me a few questions then he began to smile. I had just pushed the business into the international market where Sam had wanted to go for a very long time.

Standing, he took me into his arms hugging me tight as he shouted out the great news to the whole building. He had picked me up so high that my feet were off the ground as he spun me around in his joy. I was taken with his strength and smell as he held me close to him.

I could feel a stirring in my pussy as he held me. Other agents came in to see what was going on and as they heard I got hugged and kissed until I was beginning to get real turned on. Each man that hugged me had a distinct smell that sent waves of an unknown feeling through my body.

By the time everyone had settled down and Sam had ordered bottles of champagne to celebrate, I was about as hot as I had ever been. I had been hugged by six men who had each stirred me in ways I couldn't explain. I was also painfully aware that I hadn't had any sex for over four weeks too.

My pussy was wet and I actually went to the bathroom twice to wipe myself dry. The last time I just left my panties off since I was sure that everyone could smell my excitement.

We drank the champagne, and I think that Sam kept one whole bottle just for me. It seemed that my glass was bottomless. I hadn't eaten anything and it wasn't quite lunch time when the party started. As I got quite tipsy, Sam ordered up meals for all and then the party was moved from his office to the conference room.

I was the only woman there since the receptionist and the two assistants were out for the day at a wedding. Someone started playing some music and others cleared the conference table and chairs out of the way to make a dance floor. They all shouted for me to give them a speech, so I got up and said a little bit about the contract.

The next thing I knew, I was the star attraction and dance partner for six very sexy men. They each took turns dancing with me. At first they would hold me out away from their bodies as we danced but after a few dances, one of the guys changed all of that properness. As we danced around I found his hands pulling me in very close to him. So close I could feel the outline of his very hard erection on my tummy. I soon found myself wondering just what his cock actually looked like. How it would feel? How deep would it go inside me?

My nipples were hard and my pussy throbbing. I was more than slightly drunk from the champagne too. As we danced I could feel the cool air in the room wafting up between my legs and across my bare pussy lips. Each time I was spun around by him that cool air was bringing me closer and closer to heaven.

At one point in the dance I could feel his hands on my bottom. Since the others had taken several shots at fondling me and I hadn't stopped them, I let him continue to hold my asscheeks in his hands. It felt good to be in those strong arms, those hands holding me so firmly.

The next five songs were slow ones too and by the time the last one had finished each man had held me in their arms and fondled my ass with their hands. I had felt the lumps of large erections against my thighs and tummy separated only by the clothing each of us was wearing.

When Sam took me into his strong arms my resistance to anything had been lowered to almost nonexistent. I was horny, drunk and wanting to get laid by this time and Sam's smell was making me wetter and wetter as we danced.

I hadn't thought about Patrick for over an hour and a half by this point. I was so turned on and feeling like a sexy wanton woman, I was already fantasizing in my mind what it would be like to fuck this guy or that guy or whomever I was dancing with at the moment.

As Sam held me he leaned in close to my face and kissed me lightly on my cheek. I was surprised and it must have shown since he stopped for an instant. I could see that he was debating something in his mind, then he went ahead and spit it out, finally.

"Ann, you are the most talented and intelligent woman I have ever had the pleasure to work with. You are also the sexiest woman I have ever known too. I have wanted to tell you something for quite some time but you seemed so... in charge, yet so innocent and pure, I just couldn't bring myself to tell you."

"Tell me what Sam?"

"Um...well a woman as sexy and beautiful as you makes it hard for a guy like me to concentrate at work. I keep wondering about you and your assets."

"I have assets Sam? What assets do I have that could do such a thing?"

In my drunken horniness I had decided to tease Sam a bit. I knew what he was hinting at and I also knew that he was probably scared that if he brought up what was really on his mind in too direct of a way he would open himself up for a sexual discrimination lawsuit.

"I...uh...well, you have the perfect body, the most beautiful and expressive one I have ever seen. You could have any man wrapped around your little finger in mere seconds just by showing up."

"Oh, so you think I am pretty and that could cause men to want what they don't have? Just by offering my body to them? Isn't that a bit...sexist Sam? Are you saying that you want my body Sam? Are you asking me to have sex with you, boss? Isn't that sexual harassment?"

I was teasing him openly now and I think he knew it, but at the same time he got real flustered. I could see that he thought that I could be serious and he had just opened up the firm for a lawsuit of major proportions.

I let him suffer for a bit then laughed in his face. I saw him relax a bit then he joined in laughing with me. I had scared him for a moment there though. At this point I was so horny and he smelled so good, I had other thoughts on my mind. God help me, I wanted to fuck someone. Anyone. I was that horny and just drunk enough to not even remember I was a married lady with a loving and caring husband waiting for me at home.

"It may be sexist Ann, but it is true too. You have the body and sexiness of a woman that one does not see very often. You get the rest of the agents here real stirred up too. If you wanted, you could have any man in the office."

"What are you thinking Sam? I am not a whore or prostitute. I could never offer myself to other men like that. Besides, I am not that good looking anyway. Julie, your assistant is far better looking than I am."

"Oh, she's not even in your ball park Ann. Isn't that right guys?"

Sam had just made our conversation available to every man in the room. They all began to talk at once and I had a time trying to understand what they were saying in my drunken horny state. I suddenly realized that they had all been listening to us talk this whole time.

"Oh Ann, you are the sexiest and best looking woman in the state. Hell, in the country. You make those women in Playboy and Penthouse look like plain Jane's."

"You gotta be kidding me. You don't know just how beautiful you are?"

"Man, if I were your hubby, you wouldn't be let out of my sight for a second. I'd want you naked and ready all the time."

"Ann, you are so hot...damn baby...you're da bomb."

Sam was holding my hands now and looking intently into my eyes as the other men chimed in with their opinions of my looks. "See? I'm not the only male in the office that thinks this way. You are the hottest and sexiest woman I have ever known. You could make the Pope give up his vows for a taste of you."

"Oh you guys...quit it. You're just saying that because I am the only woman here right now and I got that contract today."

"Your breasts are perfect. Your ass is out of this world. What man in his right mind would pass on you? I'll tell you...none."

"Sam, be careful what you say. I'm loving it too much at this moment. Don't tease me anymore. Besides, none of you guys have ever seen all of me. You have never seen me naked at all. You have no way of knowing. Just because I dress a bit sexy at times doesn't make me sexy at all."

"Look, this is the playmate of the month. You are much more better built than she is. You have better tone and everything. I can tell that your body is tighter and hotter in anything you wear Ann, I look at it all the time. I mean to tell you I do notice, as does everyone else too. You beat her hands down easy."

One of the agent's, Jim was his name, was holding up a Playboy magazine, open to the centerfold. I could see her breasts and of course the rest of her as well. I had never given a thought to how I compared to a centerfold before.

All the men in the room had gotten quiet as I looked at the picture shrugging my shoulders, dismissing the whole thing. My pussy was tingling with need and my drunken state had caused my inhibitions to be lowered far below what I would have considered ‘safe' normally.

"How can you tell that Jim? You've never seen me naked before. Besides, she must be ten years younger than me. Never had any kids either I'll bet."

"I can tell just from some views I have had of your hot little body before. Are you aware of how many hard on's you cause in a single day around here? Every guy here has gotten hot and hard over you Ann. You're sexy. You're also very beautiful. Honest. Matter of fact, I ‘ll bet your tits are firmer and your nipples stick out more than hers any day."

"You're just saying that to make me feel good. Look, my nipples aren't that big and they certainly don't stick out like hers. As for firmer...I wear a support bra Jim. That would explain that."

"I'll bet you that your tits are bigger, and firmer and that you're nipple's stick out way farther than hers do. Ten bucks, cash."

"Oh yeah? Well, you guys ain't seeing my tits for ten lousy bucks Jim. Make me a real offer, don't embarrass yourself."

I was so hot from hearing them go on about my body and how good looking I was that I let my lust and passion over-ride my common sense. Of course I was drunk too, but with all the things going on at that moment, I just felt that a short look to compare would show them I was right and I would collect some cash at their expense.

I was on top of the world since I had worked hard and gotten rewarded with that contract. These men fawning over me was helping my inner self to overheat in the needs that hadn't been fulfilled lately at home.

I was on the highest power trip I had ever had. The world was my oyster as I swayed around listening to these men talk about me like they were.

My nipples were hard as rocks at this point and my pussy was actually dripping as I stood there making a bet to show my tits to my co-workers. I was so turned on I think I could have been talked into walking naked down the street in broad daylight at that time.

"Fifty bucks. I'll bet you fifty bucks that you're tits are far better, bigger and firmer than hers and that you're nipples stick out more too. What do you say to that Ann?"

"Fifty? Ok, you and I in my office...I'll show you, we will measure everything and then after I collect your money, you have never tell anyone what you saw."


Everyone in the room was groaning as I said that. They had all been wanting to see my tits and I had effectively prevented that. Suddenly everyone wanted a piece of the action.

"Hey, I'll bet fifty too. So I get to come in and measure you too Ann."

"Me too."

"I'm in for that."

Everyone put up fifty bucks. I was trapped now. I should have stopped right there, I had a little cautionary twinkle in the back of my mind that this had gone too far. Then Jim, the agent who had started the betting, put out another idea.

"Well, since we are all betting Ann, why not just do it right here and we can all see at once. Less time, more room, and if you win, you'll get you're money quicker. Besides, you might feel safer in with all of us instead of one of us at a time."

I think he was worried that something could happen if I were alone with each man here one on one. My mind was a blur of emotions and wants at that time and I couldn't concentrate on any one thing for very long.

One of the men slid the conference table back out to the center of the room again. I sat up on it while someone got a ruler. When everyone was ready I had a wicked thought. I was going to tease them for a bit first, then go ahead and let them measure my breasts.

"Oh, you guys. I need something to drink. I'm really thirsty from all this talk. Besides, I need some liquid courage. I can't believe I am about to show you all my naked chest."

Sam held up a full glass of champagne to my lips. As he held it and began to tip it up, I drank. In a moment I had drained it dry. Another glass showed up immediately and I drank it too. After three glasses that way I was flying higher and quite satisfied as far as my thirst went.

I sat up straight and began to undo my bouse. Underneath I was wearing a black see-through bra that had lace surrounding the cups. I undid each button slowly and as sexily as I could imagine. When the whole thing was unbuttoned I decided that I was going to back out of the bet.

"I don't think that this is a good idea. After all, while I am feeling real good right now, tomorrow I still have to work with you guys. How could I live with myself after letting you all see my titties today? I think that I should just forget this and go on back to work."

There was a stir through the men and some groans. Then Jim slipped in close to me and began a sales pitch.

"Ann, we will still respect you. After all, you got the biggest contract so far in the history of this division. How could we not know that you earned it the hard way, by working hard and using the skills that we all have. I promise that we will not only respect you, we are all a bit jealous due to your skill at getting that contract too."

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