tagInterracial LovePatti & Eddie

Patti & Eddie


For the past few months, Patti has been teasing me about her friend Julie, telling me that Julie's husband has been bringing home several different black men to meet Julie. I told Patti he must be doing that because Julie liked big black guys, and Patti agreed, knowing that Julie and Dave, the black custodian at work, were always hanging around together. I thought that if Julie's husband was bringing these big black men to their house, surely they were satisfying Julie with their long black cocks, while Julie's husband watched, and perhaps participated in the action.

Over the years, we have accumulated a vast collection of interracial videos, starting with Lexington Steele, and culminating with a huge black stud named "Mandingo." Because of this, Patti knew how excited I would get whenever she talked about black men, either at work, or big black guys she had seen. I suggested that I should try and meet some big black guys, to fulfill our fantasy. This had been a fantasy of ours for years. I know that Patti thought I was just talking, and not really serious. We had discussed this before, and I had urged her to follow through with our fantasy. I thought the time had come to finally go ahead. I wanted to see if Patti would actually go through with our mutual fantasies about me watching her with a large black man.

I was really uncertain about how I was going to find a really good looking black guy, but I had remembered that there was a club in town where I had heard white women went to "hook up" with black men. I decided that I would start there.

As I entered the club, I wasn't exactly sure what it was that I was going to encounter, but just the thought of trying to find a big black man for Patti had me pretty excited. I noticed that even though it was early afternoon, there were several big black guys there, some already with white women, some alone, and some in groups. I decided to go sit at the bar next to a very big, I guessed 6'5" to 6'7", very dark, black guy with a shaved head. What had attracted me to this particular guy was his size, and his looks...I knew Patti would like him a lot. I sat down, not knowing what to expect, and was somewhat surprised that he started talking to me almost immediately. He told me his name was Eddie, but I could call him "Big Eddie" because that's what all the women called him. He smiled, glanced down at his pants, and I knew that he was referring to the size of his cock. As we talked, and had a few drinks, I told him that I was married, and the conversation suddenly turned sexual. He boldly asked me if I was looking for some big, black cock for my wife, and if I was, I was talking to the right guy. My cock began to get even harder, realizing that getting his big black cocksman for Patti was going to be easier than I had imagined.

Eddie told me that his cock was very thick, and an immense 14 inches long. I thought he must be exaggerating, but knew that "Mandingo" from our video collection was about that large. (That was one black stud I knew Patti would jump on.) He smiled and asked me if I thought that my wife would be able to "handle" that much hard, black cock. I asked him if he was really that big, and he told me to reach down and feel his thick cock in his pants. I am certainly not gay, but I wanted to make sure that if I brought this black stud back home with me, that his cock was huge. I lowered my hand under the bar, and felt my way to his big bulge. The first thing I noticed was not only how thick and long his cock felt through his pants, but also how hot it felt. I squeezed his cock, feeling it up and down, and his cock was every bit as big as he said he it was. Eddie told me to take it easy, and not get him too excited. I told him that he was just what I had hoped to find for Patti, telling him how Patti loved deep long strokes into her hot pussy, and wanted to feel the power,length and thickness of black cock. I also explained to Eddie that this was going to be Patti's first black experience, and asked him to please take it slow and easy with her. Eddie smiled and said, "Nice tight, white pussy, just what I like." I asked him if he was ready to go with me, and meet Patti. He replied, "Hell, yes!"

When we arrived at our house, Patti wasn't home yet. I asked Eddie if he would mind putting on a pair of white shorts for Patti, (something that she fantasized her black lover would wear),and he readily agreed. About ten minutes after changing into the shorts, Patti got home. When she came in, she saw Eddie sitting in the library, and to my surprise, walked right over to him. I really wasn't sure what her reaction might be, but it was obvious that she was turned on immediately. Eddie introduced himself, and Patti's eyes glanced down to the large bulge in Eddie's shorts. He was obviously excited when he saw Patti, as the length and thickness of his huge black cock strained against his shorts. The outline of his big black cock was very visible now, and Patti knelt down in front of him to massage his cock. Patti's fingers slowly teased his black cock, running up and down the shaft and slowly tracing the outline of his huge cockhead. Patti then looked at me, and told me I had made an excellent choice. I was ecstatic. She told us that she was going to take a shower, and as she walked past me, reached down and squeezed my hard cock, telling Eddie to look at how hard and excited my cock was. Eddie told Patti to hurry upstairs, he really wanted to feel her hot lips and tongue around his big black cock.

Patti quickly showered, and put on her nylons and black garter belt, short black leather skirt, heels, and a thin black camisole top, that showed how hard and excited her nipples were. She called us upstairs to the bedroom and told me to put on a video tape of "Mandingo." Eddie told me to get a chair and put it next to the bed, so I could get a good, long look at my wife taking his big black cock. Then Patti asked Eddie to sit on the bed.

As I was putting the tape on, Patti climbed on the bed and straddled Eddie, pulling up her short skirt, and rubbing her shaved pussy against his smooth hard cock. Her fingers were massaging his nipples, and he was moaning, as his big black cock got harder and harder. Patti climbed off Eddie, told him to stand up, his smooth, dark cockhead now poking out of the bottom of his shorts. Patti took her tongue and slowly began licking his big, smooth cockhead, making Eddie moan even louder. As Patti continued licking his now slick cockhead, she reached up, unsnapped, and started to slide his white shorts off. Then, she told Eddie to stroke his big black cock for her.

At this moment, Patti seemed to be in total control, and Eddie was willing to do whatever Patti asked. As Eddie stroked and massaged his huge black cock, Patti turned her attention momentarily to me. Patti stroked my rock hard cock, telling me to look at how good Eddie looked, standing, stroking his huge black cock for us. Slick, clear cum was starting to ooze from Eddie's long black cock, and Patti reached over and began rubbing his slick cum around his big, smooth cockhead.

Patti took some of Eddie's clear, slick precum on her finger and rubbed it on my smooth cockhead. She told Eddie to watch her suck and tease my hard cock. I was so excited by all of this, that within a few minutes of Patti's teasing me, I began cumming...not just cumming, stream after stream of hot cum erupted from my cock. Patti let my cum shoot all over her, and then licked and sucked me, getting the rest of my cum in her mouth.

Patti stood up, turned to Eddie, her lips and tongue slick with my cum, and began to kiss him. Patti's fingers wrapped around Eddie's long hard black cock, stroking and then rubbing his balls. Eddie started to tease Patti's hard nipples, and she loved how his strong black fingers felt, leaning back and looking down, as he kept her nipples hard and thick. I could sense that she was starting to lose control when Eddie took his long tongue and began to suck and lick her smooth hard nipples.

Patti moaned, enjoying the feel of Eddie's hot tongue, as he lowered her to her knees. Eddie told me to give Patti some oil, so she could stroke and massage his huge black cock. He told me I would have to sit and watch, while he took over. I handed the oil to Patti and sat down.

Patti was almost in a trance-like state, just staring at Eddie's beautiful black cock, which was now rock hard, jerking and bobbing up and down. Patti slowly began rubbing the oil up and down his huge thick black shaft. As she rubbed the oil all over his big smooth balls, she licked the cum around his huge smooth cockhead. Eddie told me to look at how excited my wife was, and that Patti was going to want his black cock again. Eddie then moaned loudly, and sliding Patti's lips over his cockhead, began to cum. Eddie came so much that Patti couldn't swallow all of his huge load. She slid her lips off his smooth cockhead, as he stroked and pumped more slick cum on her face and hard nipples. Eddie kept stroking his big black cock, and Patti wrapped her slick lips back around his throbbing black cock, and started to lick and suck his black cock clean. Eddie was moaning, telling Patti how great she made his big black cock cum.

He sat, then laid back onto the bed, but Patti never took her slick lips from his shiny black cock. Patti climbed on top of Eddie, now wanting to feel how long and hard he would feel in her hot, wet pussy.

As Patti straddled Eddie, spreading her legs wide apart to allow his immense black cock inside her, I could see how wet and slick her pink pussy looked. It was incredible. The pink lips of Patti's pussy were spread open, shiny and slick, glistening with her slick cum. It actually appeared that her pussy was throbbing in anticipation, awaiting the smooth purplish cockhead, and long, thick, black shaft Eddie was about to give her.

Patti reached back to wrap her fingers around Eddie's pulsating black cock, and guided his huge smooth cockhead between the lips of her slick pussy. Patti held his hot cockhead, slowly, sensuously, rubbing it all over her wet pussy, before taking just the tip of his smooth, hot, black cockhead, and sliding it in her. She let out a little moan, slowly rotated her hips, covering his smooth cockhead with her juices, and began to slide, ever so slowly, down onto Eddie's awaiting black cock.

"Oh God Ron," Patti moaned, "Eddie's black cock is so hot and thick. His cock is stretching my pussy open, and oh, it feels so good. He's making me cum so good." I told her how good her slick pussy looked, wrapped around Eddie's slick, shiny black cock. Patti continued to work Eddie's huge black cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. Taking his huge cock slowly, her slick pussy opening to accommodate the thickness and length of his 14 inch black cock. "Oh God, it's so deep inside my hot pussy, the head is so smooth and hot. He's so hard and thick. I love his black cock, it's so strong in my tight pussy. Please don't stop, it's so good. So big and hot and deep," Patti groaned, in an almost animal-like way.

At this point Eddie was really excited also, telling Patti she should really try to take all of his big black bone in her pussy. All the way down to his balls. "Oh yes Eddie, I want all of your big, hard black bone, give it to me, deeper...deeper...yes...oh, yes!!" Patti let out a very low moan of pleasure, and tried to take more of Eddie's black cock. Almost unbelievably, just when it appeared Eddie's huge black cock could not slide any deeper, Patti rocked her hips, sliding the remaining three or so inches of Eddie's immense black cock all the way down to his balls. Patti groaned, "Ahhh, Eddie, I love your big black cock."

Patti's hips and legs began to shake and shudder, with the strongest orgasm she had ever felt. She was leaning back, her eyes closed, rubbing her hard nipples, and licking her lips, never having cum with such incredible force.

My cock began cumming for a second time, watching the immense pleasure this big black stud was giving my wife. I hadn't touched my cock as it began to cum, but began to slowly stroke it, continuing the most intense orgasm I think I had ever enjoyed.

My cock stayed hard, and after a few minutes Patti leaned forward, Eddie's black cock still buried deep in her pussy. Her fingers went to Eddie's nipples, slowly teasing and pulling on them. Patti then began French kissing Eddie, and started working her slick, hot pussy up and down on Eddie's long, thick, black cock again.

Keeping about ten inches of his hot cock deep in her pussy, she slowly slid up, and then down to his balls, over and over. Patti's cum covered Eddie's cock and balls, and his cock looked so slick, big, and black. Patti was still cumming on Eddie's huge pole, but now Eddie could no longer hold back. "God Patti, work that pussy, that's it...yes, that's it. Your pussy's so slick and hot...work it babygirl...Oh, yes," Eddie shouted. "Your tight, slick, pink pussy is going to make my big, black cock cum again."

Patti then started to slide all the way up on Eddie's black cock, all the way to the smooth cockhead. Gripping just the very tip of Eddie's cockhead with her tight pussy, exposing his huge hard cock for the first time in about 30 minutes. The sight was amazing. Eddie's huge black rod, slick and shiny with Patti's cum and her pussy, so slick, tight, and shiny around Eddie's gigantic plum colored cockhead.

Patti slowly rotated her pussy around Eddie's slick smooth cockhead, and then, started sliding down on his big black pole again. This time, her pussy was able to accommodate his length much easier, and Patti began working her tight pussy up and down the entire length of Eddie's massive black cock.

Eddie atarted talking to Patti, as she worked her slick pussy up and down, and it excited her even more. Eddie moaned, "I'm going to cum...it feels so good on my big black cock. I want your hot pussy so much, it's so slick and tight. Please let me have your pussy again. I need your pussy so much. Nobody has ever made my cock so fucking hard Patti."

Patti was now cumming intensely as she worked her pussy up and down. "Give me your hot cum, I want all of it. Shoot it, Eddie. Shoot it." And shoot it he did, deep, deep inside Patti's slick pussy.

When Patti felt his hot cum shooting deep inside her she looked over to me and said, "Oh God Ron, he's cumming so hard in my pussy. It's so hot and slick. I want Eddie's black cock in me again...and again...he makes me cum so much." I could see the slick white cum running out of Patti's pussy, and down onto Eddie's balls. Patti slowly slid up and off Eddie's still hard, black cock, leaving him moaning on the bed.

She kissed me, straddled my hard cock, and, her pussy still dripping with Eddie's hot cum, lowered herself down on my cock. Patti's pussy was so hot and slick from Eddie's black cock, and I was so excited from what I had just seen, it was only about ten minutes before Patti had made me cum again. This time in her pussy. I had never before cum three times in one session...NEVER.

Patti whispered how much she loved me and said we would have to do this again...soon. I agreed completely. At times fantasy is better than reality, but not in this case.

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