tagMaturePatti's Plumbing

Patti's Plumbing

byIrish Moss©

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn't be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don't expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.


"Remember a couple of weeks ago when I went to close the bathroom sink drain and the thing pulled off right in my hand?" my wife asked shortly after I got home from work one night.

Of course I remembered; it was an easy thing to fix but a pain in the ass because of the small cabinet in the sink vanity that I had to reach into to work on it. I was dreading what was coming next because I didn't want to work on it again.

"The same exact thing happened to Patti," she continued as I immediately felt sympathy for my friend Dave, Patti's husband, "and Dave is out of town this week."

I knew the reason she was telling me was because she'd already told Patti that I had experience with fixing the problem and that I'd be glad to help her out. For anyone but Patti, I might have been reluctant to get involved and probably would have suggested they just use a different sink until hubby was back in town. Patti, however, I had a bit of a crush on and I would have volunteered to do whatever she needed done just to spend some time around her, even if her husband was there with me. On the drive over to her place, I tried not to think about how many porn movies I'd seen where the lonely housewife, wearing a short skirt and no panties, stood over the hardworking plumber before seducing him right there under the sink. It was actually a relief that Patti wasn't wearing a skirt when she answered the door.

"Where's Autumn?" I asked, noting the quiet as she led me up to the master bathroom with my toolbox. I figured that Sara was at school since she lived on campus and Kayleen had been out of the house for probably a year already.

"She's studying with a friend," Patti replied but I was careful not to make any jokes about the two of us being alone so I didn't make her uncomfortable.

I was relieved to see that the sink Patti was having the problem with had a much larger cabinet opening below it which would make fixing it easier. I helped her move everything out of it then lay back and looked up, removing a couple of pieces of the connection to show her what had happened. She seemed pleased that I was talking her through what I was doing rather than just doing it and letting her know when I was done. It didn't take long before it was working just fine again and I was packing my tools away while she put everything back in the cabinet. As I was getting ready to head back downstairs, Patti grabbed her purse and actually tried to pay me. I refused to take any cash from her while she kept insisting that she had to compensate me somehow.

"You want to repay me for my efforts," I finally said, "just do me a favor then and don't tell anyone about this." Then I leaned down and kissed her.

I was pleasantly surprised to feel her arms go around my neck and her returning the kiss, so I placed my hands on her waist and pulled her against me. When I felt her mouth open and her tongue slipping into mine when I responded in kind, I slipped my hands down to her ass while my cock grew against her abdomen.

"I have another idea of how to compensate you," she said, pulling her mouth from mine and reaching down to caress my throbbing tool, "How about I suck your cock?"

I had lowered my head and was kissing her neck while inhaling the scent of her hair but I didn't hesitate with my answer.

"I would love that," I replied, "after we make out some more."

As she worked on getting my jeans open, we continued to explore each other's mouths with our tongues. Once she had them open and had pushed them down enough for my cock to spring out, she backed up as she had me sit in the nearby armchair. Before she dropped to her knees, though, I made a request.

"Would you be willing to get naked first?" I asked, knowing that I'd regret it if I had the opportunity to see her naked and didn't take it.

"You want to see me naked?" she replied, seeming a bit incredulous.

"Of course," I assured her, "I always have."

"Really?" she asked, still not quite believing it and I don't know why because she's got a nice figure.

I nodded and she shrugged then started to pull her shirt up, revealing her stomach followed by her bra. Her tits were fairly large and probably would have looked much larger with a supportive bra, but the one she was wearing almost seemed to restrain them rather than show them off.

"Jeans next, please," I requested when she reached behind to unfasten her bra. She immediately brought her hands to her waist and unfastened her jeans then started to slide them down, her cleavage looking incredible as she bent forward. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be looking Patti over in nothing but bra and panties so I was savoring the moment and had her turn to show me her ass, too. I was captivated as she unfastened her bra and it went slack, watching closely as it slid down her arms and her breasts were revealed. Her areolas were large and dark and her nipples thick and hard and I knew I'd be sucking on them before she covered them up again that night.

Her panties were pretty basic and I'm sure she never expected anyone to see her wearing them but I thought she looked beyond sexy wearing just them. She started to slide them down, revealing her brown bush and setting her tits swinging as she leaned down again. My cock was throbbing even more as she stood before me naked. She showed me her ass again before she came over and knelt down in front of me then took my cock in her hand. She immediately wrapped her mouth around it inhaled nearly the full length then slid it back out again. I moaned and ran my fingers through her brown hair while telling her how awesome her mouth felt.

Not for the first time I was jealous of my friend Dave because Patti sure knew how to suck a cock. I was watching closely as her lips slid up and down and she seemed very focused on what she was doing. When she caught me looking, she smiled sheepishly and went right back to it. Occasionally, she'd pause and pump my cock in her fist while licking my balls and I couldn't help but think that she was just incredible. It not only felt amazing, but was really something to watch because Patti was so into it that I wondered whether she was doing it for me or for herself. She seemed completely in her own world as she slowly and skillfully slid her mouth up and down my tool. Although my wife was a talented cocksucker, it had been a while since anyone had made love to my cock with her mouth the way that Patti was.

Making out with Patti and watching her undress had naturally put me in a high state of arousal, yet somehow she managed to draw out my building orgasm and continue to provide me with immense levels of pleasure. Ultimately, however, there was no way she could hold off the building torrent and when I exploded into her mouth, I didn't think that I'd ever stop cumming. She continued to suck my cock, nursing every drop of cum out of me, then let my cock fall from her mouth.

"Paid in full," she said as she sat back on her heels with a smile on her face.

"You overpaid," I replied, my gaze drawn to her tits again.

"What?" she asked, clearly not following but still smiling.

"I owe you some change," I told her.

"What does that mean?" she asked.

"It means we're going to switch places for a bit," I explained as I leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead.

"You don't have to," she said as I was moving off the chair.

"I know," I told her, "but I want to and there is nothing you could possibly say to change my mind."

She smiled and kissed me before clambering up onto the chair while I positioned myself in front of her. I started by kissing her neck as I fondled her breasts, caressing the soft skin and brushing my hands over her hard nipples. I kissed my way down until I was licking and sucking her nipples while still gently squeezing and hefting her tits. Patti was moaning and running her fingers through my hair as I continued south over her abdomen and found myself staring at her bush. It was dark brown and, though well groomed, it wasn't trimmed down like she was ready for bikini season, which was perfectly fine with me. I had to admire it for a bit and kiss around it before diving in and licking up her slit which was overflowing with her pungent nectar.

She moaned loudly again as I started to lick her pussy but I quickly found myself in what I suspected was a similar Zen-like state to what she'd been experiencing while blowing me. I found myself wanting nothing more than to be there between her legs, licking her pussy and bringing her pleasure. I slipped finger into her and soon followed it with a second, which I pumped in and out while licking and sucking her clit. I was savoring both the taste and feel of her pussy and the opportunity to make her feel good so I wasn't trying to push her too quickly toward an orgasm. I put everything I knew about eating pussy into giving her the longest, most pleasurable build-up toward what would hopefully be an incredibly intense orgasm.

My free hand was still caressing her tits and nipples while I was eating her pussy, which I think wasn't hurting in bringing her closer to cumming. I could feel her start to tense up then try to force herself to relax again but that seemed to be harder for her to do the longer I ate her pussy. Her back was starting to arch while she held my head tightly and her moans were getting louder and longer. I didn't try to draw things out to the point where I was torturing her, wanting only for her to experience as much pleasure as I had. When her body started to shudder and the tension left it, I felt a flood of fresh juices around my fingers and eagerly lapped them up. Once she'd gone still and had let out a long sigh, I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and into my mouth to suck off her juices as I sat back on my heels.

"Are we even now?" she asked, "It feels like we're even."

"I'd say we are," I agreed, "but I don't believe we are finished yet."

I stood up in front of her to reveal that my cock was rock hard again and her eyes and smile both got very wide. She sat up and reached out to stroke it then started to stand.

"Shall we get onto the bed?" she asked and started over that way.

"I don't know," I replied feeling hesitant, "while all of the rest of this feels right, having sex in your bed doesn't. Do you know what I mean?"

"I guess you're right," she agreed, "should we just use the chair?"

I thought that was a fine idea and sat on it once again. I had kicked off my jeans and underwear while she'd been undressing earlier and my shoes were by the front door, so all I had on was my socks and shirt, which I removed so I'd be as naked as she was. She straddled me and reached for my cock, lowering herself onto it while I held her by the hips. We both moaned as I filled her then my hands took a brief detour to her ass before I fondled her breasts while she started to slowly ride me. Her pussy was hot and slippery, though obviously not the tightest I'd ever slipped into after three daughters, but just the fact that it was Patti's pussy that I was embedded in more than compensated for that. The feeling of it sliding up and down my tool was incredible and I relished the fact that we had the time to enjoy it.

Although I loved the fact that I was finally getting my hands on her succulent tits, I wasn't content to just fondle them while she rode me. Because I'd never done more than give her a fully-clothed hug, I had to run my hands all over her bare flesh just to convince myself that this opportunity had actually presented itself to me. Though they consistently returned to fondle her tits, my hands also squeezed her ass, caressed her smooth thighs and waist and traveled up her back. I also became aware that, as she bounced up and down on my tool, her tits were also bouncing enticingly. I knew that, once this night was over, I would not be content to never see her naked again.

Her pussy seemed to become even wetter and more engorged the longer and harder she rode me. She'd started out just easing herself up and down, relishing the feel of my throbbing cock sliding in and out of her. Gradually, she'd been picking up the pace and moaning more and more. I was trying to push up into her to give her as much of my length as possible, as well. When it was clear that she was getting close to cumming again, I held her waist and pushed up into her while pulling her down on my tool. I could feel my own orgasm beginning to rise due to the hot wetness of her pussy, but knew that she was going to beat me to the punch and was okay with that. Again, she started to tense up before letting out a loud moan as her body started to shake.

I let her control the action as she was cumming, just sitting back and watching her tits quivering. When she finally sat still on my tool breathing hard, I sat up and kissed her before lifting her as I moved from the chair to my knees. I lay her on her back on the floor and slipped out of her, then moved up to straddle her ribs. I lay my cock between her tits even as her chest was still heaving and she squeezed her tits around it. Her attention was on the head of my cock in her cleavage as I started fucking her tits, moaning at the feeling of the soft, smooth skin on my tool. The orgasm that had been slowly building was coming on even faster as the feeling and visual combined to heighten my arousal.

I'd thought about moving forward to cum in her mouth again but fucking her tits felt so good that I wanted to keep doing it for as long as I could possibly hold out. Finally, however, my cock began to swell even more and, with a grunt, I started to spew on her chest. Patti's eyes got wide as I spurted cum onto her while she held her tits together. Once I was spent, I slipped my cock from her cleavage and move to lie beside her as she released her tits and scooped up my cum on her fingers, feeding it into her mouth.

"I should probably feel guilty about this," she finally said, looking into my eyes, "but I really don't."

"I know what you mean," I concurred, "it isn't like the point was to betray our spouses."

"We've both been happily married for a long time," she went on, "This was just something to spice up our lives; not a way to act out against them."

"All that being said," I confessed, "this cannot be the only time I get to see you naked."

"Oh, of course not," she agreed, "but we need to be careful so that no one ends up getting hurt."

I agreed with her and, before I had to get dressed and leave, we figured out the best way to create the occasional opportunities to see each other. I went home feeling both content and enthusiastic, which is more than I could have ever said previously after fixing a plumbing problem.

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