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Paula Needs More


I woke up early that Saturday morning around 6am. Our move to Australia was virtually all organized! I had a job arranged, the house sold. I just have some odd and end to sort this weekend before we moved to a hotel before flying out. Alan and Kate were going to visit the family for a couple of days while I finished off some work in the house and a friend party to go to in the evening.

As I lay there thinking of all the things I had to do, I started to feel horny as I had done every morning for the past week. As I lay there, I started to rub my pussy to relieve the ache of my sexual longing and much need relief. Suddenly I heard the shower turn on, I must have dozed off again and Alan was in the shower and I still had the tingling down below, I got up and strolled into the bathroom as Alan stepped out of the shower.

"Let me dry you off.' I said and got the towel, dried his chest with one hand while coaxing his penis into erection with the other and of course up it came.

I sat on the toilet seat and it was just the right height to slide it straight into my mouth, Alan had his hand on my head trying to control the pace I had to be careful here; I wanted him inside me so bad, I gave him just a minute or so of oral pleasure then told him to sit on the toilet seat while I got astride him. I was so wet, and he so hard he slid right in up to the hilt.

"Oh God I needed this." I said.

I was in full control as I slid slowly up and down on him, I was in heaven, I speeded up as I felt him getting near his peak, and I squeezed my inner muscles around his manhood he exploded inside me just as my orgasm washed over me. We both sat there for a few moments totally exhausted and sexually sated. We then jumped back in the shower for a cool down. Alan soaped me from head to foot and I did the same for him, after we showered off and Alan went to get Kate up while I used the spray from the showerhead on my pussy to add some more pleasure to my body. Feeling quite satisfied for a while I dried off, tided up the bathroom and bedroom.put on a robe and headed into the kitchen to make breakfast.

An hour later, they headed off. I pottered around the house most of the morning sorting out various things for the big move, had some lunch and by three pm was done. Feeling quite tired I decided to have a couple of hours nap, so snuggled down in the bed and had a nice erotic dream about the morning's bathroom adventure. This turned into a dream of a nice hunky twenty years old licking my clit to orgasm.

I woke up at about six thirty pm had another shower after all the housework I had done, trimmed the landing strip just in case my dream came true and to decided to wear a smart spaghetti strap top and a mid-calf length full skirt together with knee-length suede boots. I put my face on and got dressed, I had put a miniscule G-string but at the last minute took it off with a smile on my face as the dream came back in my head; well a girl never knows what luck she will have. Moreover, I was certainly feeling randy again. By seven fifteen I was out the door

I stopped on the way at the local supermarket to get some wine and as I walked out of the store with my bottle in hand across the car park, I saw two lads standing by a van parked next to my car, my heat skipped a beat when I saw one was Matt. A rather dishy young man who I had enjoyed a furtive snog and grope a few week back at another party,

"Hi Paula," he said."How are you, this is Conrad," and introducing me to his friend who was equally as dishy. "Be careful of Conrad," he said, "He is an arse man." and then laughed

Both were around their mid twenties compared to my nearly forty, but I can say everybody thinks I am younger. We chatted for several minutes before realizing we were all heading for the same party, Matt suggested we all go in the van as Conrad was not a drinker, therefore he and I could get a few drinks down, we drove to my house and left my car there and I jumped into the van. As soon as I got in the van Matt leaned over for a quick kiss and with his hand cupping my breast I knew this was going to be an interesting evening. A welcome to the van kiss and grope he called it, which made us all laugh.

We arrived at the party and all went our separate ways chatting with various friends in all parts of the house. Matt came up close behind me and rested his arms on my shoulders as I talking to a group; I put my hand behind my back and rubbed his package as he leaned close into me for a few moments before he drifted away to another group. Later in the kitchen, he tried to get his hand up my top but the coast was not clear to get far with that, but with a few whispers between us, the seeds were sown for more activity later in the evening.

It was about nine thirty we were both getting impatient and looked at each other then the door, the message was understood and we both say our goodbyes to the party crowd and headed out of the door. Conrad was driving.

"We can go to my place for coffee." Matt said with a wry grin, and his hand up my top, tweaking my nipples.

"Or something," I said with a smile.

We arrived at Matt's house, he flopped straight down in a big armchair while Conrad went to the kitchen for drinks and I settled down on the sofa not knowing how this would play out.

"Come over her and take you top off," said Matt. The amount of wine I had consumed had lowered my inhibition enough that the thought of being nearly naked in front of both of them did not bother me now, and I shrugged off my top, walked over, and sat on Matt's lap with my back to him.

"What a lovely back, and look at those arm, beautiful biceps." He said as I jokingly flexed my back and arm muscle.

"There's more around the front." I said.

He circled my waist and raised his hands to envelop both my breasts; my nipples leapt into his hand as he caressed them both with a smooth sensitive touch with his thumb rubbing over each peak and began kissing my neck as he held me fast to his still clothed body. Conrad arrived with some more wine for each of us, which we sipped and got back down to business, Conrad sat in the sofa opposite us and seemed to enjoy watching the show.

Until Matt called to him, "See what color panties she has on Conrad."

My legs were demurely together in between Matt's wide-open legs, as Conrad started to raise my skirt. I lay back against Matt and waited for the reaction with a smile on my face.

"Oh my! Flesh colored with a landing strip." Conrad explained.

Matt leaned sideways to get a look saying, "Can you see the man in a boat, you better go in to investigate!"

Conrad lifted both of my legs over Matt's legs so I was wide open to his gaze, and started to lick my inner thighs, and up and down my labia lips, it was both thrilling and tense at the same time as my body enjoyed the stimulus. The surges flowing through me with a man each end was incredible, and I shuddered with a climax as his tongue hit my clit and was tantalizing to perfection, and now with two fingers in me as well, my juices were flowing, I was in heaven.

I leaning back, and turning to Matt said, "I need fucking now!"

"Bedroom time." said Matt, lifted me up in his arm, and carried me to his bed.

He put me down at the side of the bed, while I undid my skirt; he managed to divest all his clothes and was lying on the bed with a huge erection pointing skywards.

I pointed and said, "I think I have a new home for that."

I clambered astride him taking hold of his penis and rubbing my clit with it before sinking it home in my soaking pussy. I kept still for a moment or two and let my internal muscles squeeze his cock, much to his delight.

"Long and slow," I said "long and slow."

I leaned forward over him to kiss him and have my nipples sucked and played with while I controlled the pace with long slow movement. I raised my head for air a second and noticed Conrad sitting in a chair by the side of the bed wearing just his T-shirt and with his cock in his hand enjoying the show. I grinned at Conrad, watching as he rose from the chair, picking up a tube of something from the side table. My eyes were on another fine erect cock as he walked behind me out of view. I went back to kissing Matt and enjoying his cock going in and out of me. My bum of course was high in the air in this position and suddenly felt something being smeared on, and immediately followed by what felt like a finger going in and out of my anus with a steady rhythm. In the position I was in it was impossible to turn to look, but it was a very pleasant feeling, raised my bum a bit more, and let Matt below me do the slow thrusting. I felt the finger leave me and something bigger started pressing into me in a slow and deliberate action, I try to relax as much as I could as it suddenly dawned on me, I was getting my first double penetration, and Matt had said when we met earlier that Conrad was an arse man, and was he just. More and more was entering me with each stroke.

"Gently Conrad," I whispered "Not too fast."

By now I had them both pumping at the same pace as orgasm after orgasm flowed through me like electric bolts, making me shudder all over, 'This is so unreal,' I thought as I felt the lads breathing heavier as they approached their climax, as mine was again. Matt was first to suddenly speed up and explode into me with four or five heavy thrust and Conrad following a few seconds later, They both stayed inside me to relish the moment we all then collapsed in a heap, completed exhausted, covered in perspiration. We rearranged out positions so I was lying on the bed between then both, all recovering from a fantastic experience.

"So I missed the party did I?" We all looked up to see Sarah, Matt's girlfriend staring down at us, with me holding a cock in each hand trying to bring them back to life. I knew Sarah to say hello, but not that well.

"I need a shower." I said, leapt up and headed for the bathroom quickly not knowing if there was going to be a problem.

"It's ok Paula," I heard a voice say as the shower curtain was pulled back; "we all share around here."

Sarah was taller than my 5ft-1in. probably by six inches, with short blonde hair, probably mid twenties and very attractive. My experience with other women had been restricted to a kissing and breast groping session with another girl a few years back and maybe because of the sex charged atmosphere, I really had quite an urge to try again.

"Join me," I said, "You can soap me up."

Sarah looked at me and smiled, quickly divested her clothes and joined me under the shower. She was smaller than my 34 DD and quite slim and willowy, and totally shaven. We lost no time in soaping each other, with much groping and feeling each other going on, I must say, a very pleasant experience. As we stepped out of the shower, the lads came into the bathroom to shower themselves as Sarah and I toweled each other dry. Returning to the bedroom feeling refreshed after the earlier activity I knew there was more to come, I lay on the bed and immediately Sarah had her head between my legs tenderly licking and sucking my whole pussy area as only a woman would know how to, within seconds my juices were flooding and the orgasms came thick and fast as I held her head and pulled her face harder into me until I was spent again.

"My turn," I said, as I pulled Sarah up and lay her alongside me.

The lads had now returned from their shower and were sitting in the bedroom chairs happily watching as I leant over Sarah and flicked her nipples with my tongue and then sucked them to erections as she groaned and squirmed under me. Then trailing my tongue down her stomach, I began kissing, licking, and stroking her labia lips. I opened her flower and inserted two fingers into her just as my tongue reached her engorged clitoris that was demanding attention, her whole body was shaking as her orgasm came over her. After what seemed a long time she slowly came down from her high and her breathing returned to normal.

"Oh Paula that was incredible." she said.

"Ready for us now," Matt called out, Sarah and I both turned to look at the lads standing naked beside the bed sporting erections needing attention.

"Conrad you know what I want, Astroglide ready please." Said Sarah as she assume the position on all four on the bed as Conrad approached her rear, ready for action.

Meanwhile, Matt was sitting in the bedside chair watching the performance, as I kneeled on the floor in front of him and slowly licked the length of his cock and twirling my tongue around the head on each full length lick, I held his cock in one hand, with my other hand firmly caressing his balls. I could feel the twitch of excitement coursing through him as he watched the other's, I switched to taking him fully in the mouth with still left room for one hand to hold the base and to squeeze that area as I sucked him to his climax. He held out for a good five minutes before exploding in my mouth, his legs and body shaking, I cleaned him up with my mouth, and turned to see Sarah writhing on the bed as she hit her climax and collapse face down sexually sated. As we all were.

It was getting late and Sarah offered to drive me home, which she did, I explained on the journey to her that I was leaving the house on the following Monday and staying in a hotel for about a week before travelling onto Australia for our new life.

"What a shame she said." "I would have really liked to get it on with you again."

"I feel the same, but if you are ever in Australia, we will." I replied

We kissed goodbye, and I went to bed and relived the whole experience in my mind. I got a full eight hours of sleep. The following day I busied myself with the sorting and packing, wondering how one collects so much junk in so few years, but managing to get most of it done. We had sold some of the furniture with the house so that was all staying. Sunday night I slept well again mostly due to all the work having been done.

Monday morning arrived. Nice hot soak in the tub ready for the off tonight, the family are due back around six pm. Lazy day for me, wearing my scruffiest shorts and T-shirt. By midday a quiet lunch with a magazine. The doorbell rings!

"Come in, what a surprise." I say, as I see Matt and Sarah standing at the door all dressed up "Sit down, would you like some coffee."

"Yes please Paula. I will help" said Sarah and followed me out to the kitchen. I was getting the mugs out of the cupboard as Sarah came up behind me, hugged me, saying,

"We enjoyed Saturday night so much we both really wanted you again before you left."

"My body says of course," looking at the clock working out the time available.

"My clock say's we have two hours for fun." At which point Sarah left hand went up my T-shirt and her right down my shorts, the trembles started immediately.

"You're not wearing underwear," said Sarah as she turned me around and pulled my short down to my ankles, kneeling on the floor, licking my pussy, and battering my clit until my orgasm came, my legs went weak as I clutched the countertop for support.

"Coffee, I need coffee." I said.

I pulled up my shorts, trying to gather my composure, thinking, 'and I still have Matt's nice cock to do its job.' Damn! I am so horny all the time.

We grabbed our coffee and returned to the living room where Matt was lounging on the sofa. We talked about my forthcoming journey while we drank our coffee, but my mind was on the bulge in his trousers and the clock, only ninety minutes left. This was going to be my last USA fuck and I needed it badly. I stood up in the centre of the room, put my arms in the air and declared:

"Time to take me, I need some action!"

Matt leapt up first, lifted me up in the air and kissed me, put me down and pulled my T-shirt over my head and started teasing my nipples with his tongue while Sarah had gone to my short and pulled them down and I stepped out of them, Matt continued to kiss and stroke my breasts. Sarah was now undoing Matt's belt and removing his trousers, until I could feel his cock on my stomach while he continued to supersize my nipples. My hand went down to encircle his cock, which was fully engorged as soon as I touched it.

In the corner of my eye, I could see Sarah removing all her clothes, then coming behind me and hugging me from the rear, being hugged naked by two people and feeling all their bits pressing into your own naked body is a wonderful erotic feeling.

"Fuck me, just fuck me hard now!" I whispered to Matt.

My pussy was aching for him to fill me as he laid me on the floor with a cushion underneath me. He kneeled down and raised my legs to his shoulders, using his hand he tantalized me by smacking my pussy with his hand, then holding his cock and sliding it up and down and slapping me with it until he eased it slowly into me, I was literally trying to suck him in with my internal muscles. I wanted to get to the full feeling.

Meanwhile, as he started slowing thrusting into me. Sarah was leaving over me from behind my head putting her nipple into my mouth and reaching forward and teasing mine to full erection as I did the same for her. Matt was bringing me to a first orgasm with his slow but very firm thrusting with his ball banging into me, as my orgasm came and my body trembled, Sarah moved to my side allowing my finger to caress and stroke, then penetrate her. My second orgasm came just as Sarah got to hers, with Matt emptying himself inside of me few second later. We had all been sexually sated.

We all looked at the clock; time had marched on, and with a flurry of clothes, five minutes later we all sat demurely in the living room, fully dressed, and saying our goodbyes as they left, probably never to be seen again, but I would be taking great memories with me. Fifteen minutes later the family arrived home.

Two hours later, we arrived at the Staybridge Suites for a week prior to our departure

We settled in, went for a meal, had a good night's sleep, we were all exhausted. We had plenty to finishing arranging during that week and spent the next few days getting the entire loose items sorted. Sex has not even been in my mind during those first few days but by the fourth day the lust has returned, my dreams were back to vivid flashbacks of the previous week.

On our second night at the hotel, we were all in bed asleep by 8pm ensuring enough rest for the long week ahead of us. Two hours later I woke up again feeling restless, the tension of this whole move perhaps getting to me. I sat at the table, read the Hotel brochure, and noticed the pool was open until 11pm. A quick flurry through a case, off I went swimsuit and dressing gown on. I entered the pool area to find only one other person in the pool, a young man doing lengths at a fast pace. I sat at a table watching him speeding up and down, until he came to a stop, he looked round and saw me.

"Come on in it really quite warm." he shouted and stood up in the shallow end letting me get a good look him Umm, 'young and very fit,' I though.

"Thanks." I said, and removed my dressing gown.

I walked down the steps into the warm water and started to do lengths myself. We swam alongside each other at a slow pace chatting about everything as we swam, I told him about out trip and he said he was just staying the night on his travels, and his name was Paul. After about 15 minutes of solid swimming, we stopped for a breather in the water, about chest high for me.

"It's strange he said," "women's nipples get bigger in the water, while men's bits shrink," With that, he began rubbing my nipples with his fingers, "look at that," he said as his stimulation brought then to an erect state.

"Let me just check your shrinkage then Paul" said, I putting my hand down his swimwear.

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