Paul's Baby


"Hi Cathy," he said cheerfully as she tentatively perched herself on the very edge of the mattress.

"Hi Paul," Cath mumbled back as her eyes moved nervously between us. But it wasn't easy to keep my friend down long and she rallied, asking, "So I guess we aren't dressing for dinner?"

Then she wanted to know all he details. Called me a slut. Called Paul a home breaker. Finally lifted the sheet and took a good long look. "Just checking," she announced to a bemused Paul, "just making sure she wasn't lying."

She finally left at one p.m. It wouldn't have taken much to convince her to stay. But I hadn't been ready to share Paul with anyone! We only had a few more days...


Johnnie finally made the sale. On Thursday! I met my husband's flight just after eleven Friday morning. Just after I'd seen Paul off at his gate.

Paul and I had been fucking almost nonstop for seven days. Still I'd given him a blowjob as we drove to the airport. We hadn't discussed the future. Didn't say we were going to write...or e-mail...or phone. "Maybe I'll see you in the fall," had been his last words before disappearing into the tunnel.

"Maybe," I'd answered softly, and then had walked the two hundred yards to the gate Johnnie was soon to emerge from.

"Hi sweetie," I'd welcomed when I finally saw him. And you know, he tried his hardest to put a baby inside of me for the next three days. Unfortunately he was just a little too late!

Seven weeks later I told Johnnie I was pregnant. He was ecstatic. "I told you baby that we'd do it," he hooted as he crushed me in his arms. And for the rest of the summer I tried to forget the feel of Paul's penis as it plowed deep into my moist furrow. He slowly had became 'that boy' in my mind....I tried to forget the feel of him inside me...

Sept 3 2007

...until he showed up at my door and made me remember!

"Is it a boy? Or a girl?" he asked wonderingly as we lay entwined on the living room rug.

"Your daughter is four months old today," I answered, unwilling to deny Paul a third time. "She's due February 2nd."

"You're so beautiful," my love whispered as he placed his cheek next to my stomach.

"Fuck me again," I ordered, unwilling to deny myself the pleasure.

Johnnie had insisted that we stop having penile/vaginal sex as soon as he had learned the news of my pregnancy. "We've got to think of the baby," he'd insisted, promising we'd do other things to satisfy each other. Paul only wanted to fuck!


Autumn 2006

We'd meet two or three times a week. Paul and I. Sometimes at his apartment on a cool fall day. Entwine our naked bodies as we pleasured each other.

Or a lunch on campus or in the hospital cafeteria. Cathy would often join us. I encouraged her to seduce him.

"He's yours"...or "he's too young"...or "he's not my type," she'd protest to me when I suggested it.

"He likes you...he's so big," I'd coo enticingly in her ear as we made our rounds at work.

"Even though you're married," she'd respond haughtily, "I don't want to steal your boyfriend."

"We've always shared," I'd laugh back.

"How big?" she'd tease back.

Neither of them announced it to me when it happened...but I knew.

"So?" I finally asked my friend in mid October.

"So what?" Cath answered blushing, then laughed and told me all the details.


Feb 1 2007

At 9: a.m. on February 1st a beautiful seven pound nine ounce baby girl slid almost effortlessly down my inner channel and landed with a soft splat in the arms of my doctor. It had been an amazingly easy birth! As Doctor Kramer held up the baby to show us I could hear Johnnie ask, "Is that it? I mean I thought it as supposed to take hours..."

"Your wife is made for having babies," the doctor answered with a laugh.

"I knew it," my husband announced proudly, beaming at everyone in the room as if it was due to him that my labor was so easy.

I slept, then Johnnie visited for a few minutes in the afternoon, his arms full of flowers, his pocket full of cigars. Then I slept for three hours before a stream of visitors arrived between seven and nine. Cathy, in her nurse's uniform, directed the flow of traffic, finally shooing out Johnnie, the last visitor, at nine.


"Are you still awake," I heard hissed from the door ten minutes later.

"Cathy?" I asked and then watched as my friend entered the room with Paula Catherine Roberts in her arms trailed by a sheepish but obviously excited Paul.

"It's your kid, its father and the kid's fairy godmother," my best friend announced as she passed me my daughter.

The two of them watched raptly as my child's hungry lips latched onto a fat nipple and started to contentedly suck her mother's milk.

"God, they'll get all saggy," I groused as I cupped a hand under my free breast, now engorged and bursting.

"They're huge," Cathy complained, "they're even bigger than mine."

"Finally," I said softly, almost lost in the joy of feeling as my daughter sucked sustenance from me.

"Some for me?" Paul teased, the pride of being a father for the first time evident in every movement he made. His hand was gently stroking my hair.

"Anything you want," I welcomed, then drew his head to my chest.

"I was kidding," he laughed.

"Taste me, please baby," I pled, then felt his tongue curl across my straining nipple and then greedily suck.

Then I let Cathy feed. She'd tried to refuse but I wouldn't let her. It was as important to me that she drink from my body as it was that Paul had tasted me, more important really. We'd always been friends...and we'd always be friends.


"What are we going to do with him?" Cathy asked after Paul had finally slipped from the room.

"Are you pregnant with his baby?" I asked, already sure of the answer.

"Two and a half months," she admitted proudly. "A girl. I just had an ultrasound."

"They'll be best friends, just like us," I said, thinking of the future of our two girls.

"Half sisters too," Cath laughed.

"Gawd, you are a slut girl. Sleeping with your best friends botfriend," I accused.

"Yeah, like my old marrrrrried friend's young lover. A girl who used to be a nice virginal, chaste woman. A believer in fidelity."

"Until her slut friend took her out and got her drunk and then left her supposedly best friend in the clutches of a wild satyr just because she was too horny to drive said friend home."

"Right, Miss Fidelity who invites her best friend to breakfast and welcomes her naked, makes the poor friend see the huge cock of her boyfriend, wakes lusts she never knew she had," Cathy answered back.

We were both giggling uproariously by this time, both of us perhaps happier than we'd ever been in our lives. We lay side by side on my bed, comfortably together.

"So, you didn't tell me what we should do with Paul," Cathy finally said.

"He's got two more years til he graduates," I said suggestively.

"I guess we'd be stupid to waste him," Cathy smiled.

"Share and share alike," I agreed. "I think maybe next spring I'll let him put another baby in me."

"I'll see how my first one works out before I decide on a second," Cathy said pensively.

"It's good that we practice though," I suggested.

"Very good, very, very good," my friend agreed. "But what'll happen after he graduates?" We both knew that Paul wasn't really in our future, that eventually he'd have to leave and live his own life.

"We'll find somebody else."

"We will?"

"Un huh. Probably a freshman at the university... handsome ...kind....intelligent...a man who'll be able to appreciate two thirty something year old women..." I started.

"He'll probably be fairly well endowed," Cathy suggested.

"Beeeeeeg," I agreed.


"At least massive or maybe even elephantine," I giggled.

My friend simply hugged me tightly as our laughs echoed around the room.

"And Johnnie?" she asked minutes later.

"He'll be a wonderful father," I answered truthfully.

"You know, I think he will," Cath admitted.

"You know," I suggested, "you and he just might become friends, especially if you bring your baby around and suck up to him a bit."


"Your girl will need a Daddy," I insisted, a plan for the future clear in my head.

"I'm not sleeping with your husband!"

"I didn't say you had too," I said huffily, pretending anger while knowing I'd be able to bring my friend around. "But what if I could convince Johnnie to let you and your baby live with us."

"You're crazy. He hates me."

"He wants lots of children."

"I am not sleeping with Johnnie."

"If I soften him up...and if you tried to be a little nicer," I started.

"You do have a nice house," Cathy agreed pensively.

"And if you maybe gave him a blowjob once in a while..."


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