Jim and I sat on the bar stools debating our next move. "I can't believe Rick had someone video tape his stag," Jim said in a pissed off tone. "Who in their right mind would do something dumb like that?" he continued.

"Word has it, Sharron, his bride to be, wanted proof that he didn't touch any of the girls there that night" I replied. "But shit, I wish someone would have told us," I sighed.

"That bitch watched the tape, and then passed it around to all the girl friends and wife's of the guys who were there," Jim yelled and smacked his hand down on the bar.

"If the little prick was so concerned, why the hell didn't he just tell us, I would have cancelled the girls," I said as I drained my beer. "Now I've got to explain to Sue why I was feeling up one of the dancers and acted like a dumb ass most of the night," I told Jim.

"You think that's bad, I had one of them giving me a lap dance as I sucked on her nipples; I'm dead meat when I get home tonight," Jim followed up with. "Well, I'm not going to bring it up and if she does, I'm pleading the fifth; that I was too drunk to remember what I did," Jim said.

As I dropped Jim off at his house, I shouted, "good luck with Beth," and drove home to see what awaited me.

I walked in and Sue was waiting for me in the kitchen. "Hi honey," I said as I went over to give my bride a kiss.

"Don't you honey me," she snapped. "Beth and I watched an interesting little video this afternoon," she started. "It had many great actors and actresses, but the one I was particular interested in was feeling up a busty redhead in a g-string," she yelled. "How could you?"

Seeing that she was really pissed and there was no way to lie my way out of this, I played the Jim card. "I know what I did was wrong, but we'd been doing shots all night, and I was too drunk to know what I was doing; hell I don't even remember much of what happened that night," I responded. "If you say that's what I did, and it's on tape, then I must have done it; but I don't remember it though," I pleaded.

"Bull shit" Sue yelled. "You looked like you were trying to milk a fucking cow the way you were grabbing at her breasts, what else did you do that night?" she asked.

"Like I said sweet heart, I just don't remember," I said again. "Didn't it show any more of me on the tape?" I asked.

"Only you with the red head, but there was so much tit and ass groping going around I may have missed something," Sue explained. "You guys looked like a bunch of horny animals," she told me.

"Why don't we have dinner, you can show me the tape, and we'll discuss it like adults," I told her.

"Can't, Beth has the tape now and is going to make Jim eat it I think." "So Dan, if you think I'm pissed, she was livid," Sue explained. "In one part, it looked like this large blonde was screwing Jim, so she wants to confront him with it tonight."

"It's called a lap dance," I told her. "The girl sits on your lap and wiggles around, no sex, it's just a tease," I explained.

"Well it looked like sex to us and I don't envy Jim tonight," Sue said looking pissed at me, with her hands crossed in front of her.

Some how I needed to change the subject. "Remember about two months ago, you and the rest of the girls went out to the male review at Tony's?" "You were all so drunk, that we had to come and get you because you couldn't drive?" "What went on that night?" I asked.

"Don't try and get out of this by bringing that up" she shouted.

"I've heard stories of what goes on during those women only nights, maybe Tony has a tape of the last event that he'd be willing to show us guys," I announced.

"The only thing we did, was to put dollar bills in their Speedo's," she responded. "It was nothing like what we witnessed on this tape," she added.

We went back and forth all night on who did what and with whom, so by bedtime, sex was not on the agenda.

I picked up Jim on my way into work the next morning. "You look like shit," I told him.

"My wife yelled at me most of the night, and I ended up with her on my lap, trying explain to her what a lap dance was," he said. "Beth really thought I was screwing this girl on a chair," Jim told me. "It didn't help my case that I had my lips on her breasts either," he said with a yawn.

"After you got her all hot with the lap dance did you get any?" I laughed.

"No sex, no sleep, just a lot of yelling about trust and marriage vows, that's all," Jim replied.

After work, I pulled into Tony's. "What are we doing here?" Jim asked.

"Just checking on something," I responded getting out of the car. I walked into Tony's and looked around for the owner. He was sitting behind the bar getting ready for the after work crowd.

"Hey Dan, long time no see" Tony greeted me.

"I need a favor," I told him. "You know your ladies nights; do you tape them?" I asked.

"No way, it gets way too wild, and they'd probably shut me down if anyone ever saw what goes on," Tony replied with a laugh.

I went on to tell him about the stag, the tape and the trouble Jim and I were in.

"Well I can't help you guys, but I'm having another male review in a week and a half, and you and Jim are more than welcome to tape your wife's, as long as it doesn't get around," he told me. I thanked him and told him I'd take him up on his offer and we went back to the car.

On the way to work the next day, we worked out a plan to get even with the girls. "Look, we screwed up granted, but the girls aren't lily white either," I told Jim. "For the next two weeks, we'll be the best and most caring husband the world has ever seen," I told Jim. "We'll bring them flowers and take them to dinner; I want them off their guard when Tony has his next ladies night," I said.

"Beth will know I'm up to something," Jim replied.

"Just tell her, you're making it up to her, for being such an ass; she'll eat it up," I told him. "When they mention ladies night, just say that we've playing cards, to have fun and we'll find out what really happens there," I said with a wicked laugh.

For the next two weeks Jim and I were model husbands. We cooked, cleaned and did everything we could to make their lives easier. Saturday night after taking Sue to dinner, I hurried upstairs and lit about 20 candles, all around the bedroom. Going downstairs, I grabbed Sue, blindfolded her and I led her into the bedroom.

Telling her not to peek, I started to kiss and undress her. When she was down to her panties, I kissed her tenderly and asked her to remove the blindfold.

She was really taken back. "Wow, this looks so romantic," she told me. "Dan, you never cease to surprise me," she said giving me a big kiss.

"The surprises are just beginning," I told her as I laid her on the bed and pulled her panties off. Undressing in a flash, I pulled out the massage oil and told her to lie back and get ready for round two.

Warming the oil in my hands, I moved it across her shoulders and down to the small of her back. Kissing the back of her neck, and nibbling on her ear, brought a moan to her lips. I worked in the oil over her back, and down her arms with feather light strokes. Sue was in heaven, and every once in a while she'd instruct me on what felt good and where she wanted me to massage next.

I then dribbled even more oil on her lower back, ass and upper thighs. I made sure I had more than enough, for what I was planning next.

I got in between Sue's legs and proceeded to move my hands up her back and then down over her ass, ending at her thighs. Sue was now moaning as I worked in the oils making sure to lightly touch the crack of her ass and the outside of her pussy as I massaged her inner thighs.

Eventually we were both covered in oil, as I slid my body up and down Sue's back and thighs. My dick was rock hard as I moved it between her thighs and stroked it up and down the crack of her ass. My hands were now moving along the sides of her chest, feeling her breasts and moving under her thighs, as she lifted herself up to give him better access.

I cupped each breast, and played with each nipple until they were hard and erect. Spreading her legs to the max, I could see the moisture on the inside of her pussy as I reached down and rubbed her clit. Sue was really getting into it as she raised up her ass and got on all fours, as I continued to massage her clit and inserted two fingers into her pussy.

Sue was now pushing back against my fingers, as I worked them all around the inside of her hot box. Finding her g-spot, on the lower side, I worked both that and her clit until Sue yelled "yesss" and came with a gush.

This was just the beginning. I then lubricated my index finger, with oil and juice, inserted it into her asshole and at the same time entered her with one stoke with my dick.

I'm not sure if she climaxed again, or if it was just a body spasm, but pushing both my dick and finger to the hilt brought another moan and a cry from her not to stop. Removing my finger from her ass, I started pounding Sue's pussy hard. I would pull my dick all the entire way out and then slam it back in to the hilt. I kept this up, until I was very close, and then went for what I'd waited my entire marriage for.

Reaching around, I started to massage Sue's clit again as I pulled out of her pussy and placed the head of my dick at her brown hole. A few more drops of massage oil, and a little push, is all it took to get past her anal ring. As I worked in about five inches, Sue gasped, and I felt her ass clamp down on my dick.

"She's not going to climax without me this time," I said to myself as I started stroking away at her tight, virgin ass, as I continued to finger her clit and pussy.

"Oh fuck," Sue screamed as she started to cum.

I held off as long as I could, which was about two minutes, before giving her my full seven inches and dumping my load in her ass.

Sue's ass was still gripping me tight; so it took me a minute or two to shrink and finally fall out of her. I then rolled over next to her, kissed her and told her, "wow, you were really hot and into it tonight hon."

Sue, lying face down on the bed told me, "I'm never going to be able to walk again," she said with a laugh. Eventually she flipped over and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"Now that's something we've never done before" Sue stated.

"Didn't you enjoy it," I replied confidently.

"It felt good, just different," she replied.

"Well you ready for round two?" I asked.

"Not tonight, I have to work tomorrow, and I don't want to walk around like I'd been gang banged by the Green Bay Packers football team," she told me.

"Well if you change your mind, you know where to find me," I told her giving her another kiss.

I jumped up; got Sue a warm wet washcloth, a glass of ice water and gave them to her.

"I could really get use to all this attention," she told me.

We fell asleep in each other's arms, and remained that way until morning. I had to leave early, but left a mushy card on his pillow for her; I now had her eating out of my hand.

Picking up Jim, I asked how it went last night for him.

"Couldn't have gone better," he said. "I gave her a warm bath bubble bath with two glasses of wine; which really loosened her up." "I washed her back and everything else." "She was so hot by the time we hit the sheets, she was begging for me to take her."

Jim explained how he prolonged it for another 45 minutes and then had sex in a chair, just like the lap dancer. "I was sucking and licking her breasts and grabbing her ass as we pounded away; it was just like being in a porno movie; it was great." "After we recharged our batteries, we did it once more in bed; what a night." "Beth is such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, after three drinks, I could have done anything I wanted," Jim told me.

"Sue too, she can handle no more than 2 glasses of wine before she gets frisky." I added.

"After three she's like a zombie and any more than four she just passes out."

The girl's night was scheduled for Thursday. Jim and I asked the girls, if they minded if we played cards on Thursday night. The girls said no problem, because a group was getting together after work; so they see us later. The plan was on, and all we needed to do was to set up the final details with Tony.

I gave Tony extra money for the girl's drinks, and to make sure the dancer's keyed on them and pushed it to the limit.

"Just how far do you want it to go?" Tony asked.

"I don't want them fucked, but beyond that I don't care." "Look, if it get's too out of hand, we'll be here videoing and we'll stop it," I told him. "Tell the dancer's and the MC, the wilder it gets the larger their tip will be; that should get them going," I said with a laugh.

Getting there an hour early, Tony showed us the best spot back stage, where we would be able to see everyone, without being seen. Tony brought us a cooler of beer, a few bags of munchies and told us to enjoy the show.

By 5:30 the place was almost full, and by 6:00 it was packed with wild, screaming women. The three dancers were built like brick shit houses, and started off fully dressed, but by 6:30 they were down to tight gym shorts.

The girls ordered one round, and before they'd even finished it, another one was brought out; compliments of the house they were told. This went on until about 7:00, when the tempo picked up. The girls had downed three doubles and were swaying to the music.

The music got louder, and the MC asked the crowd, "do you want to see more?"

All the women started screaming for them to, "take it off."

Having breakaway shorts, with one tug they were gone and they were down to a skimpy Speedo. They started strutting around the stage, and women started putting money in their waistbands.

Sue and Beth were now hammered, waving dollar bills in the air, and making their way to the stage. As they slipped in the first dollar, Sue let out a yell that was loud enough to wake the dead. Jim focused his camera onto Sue, so he didn't miss anything.

The MC came on stage and shouted, "ladies, ladies, ladies, I still think these guys still have way too much clothing on don't you?" "Why don't we kick it up a notch." "If you scream loud enough maybe they'll peal off another layer, what do you say?"

The screaming was so loud that I thought my head would split, but one by one they stripped to a tiny g-string.

Two more bouncers positioned themselves on either side of the stage. They weren't there for the women; but to protect the dancers. The MC came up again and said that he needed three volunteers from the crowd to help the dancers. We made sure he'd pick Beth and Sue, but when Shannon took the stage with them, we thought we'd died and gone to heaven.

"What luck; Shannon," I thought to myself, a little payback was in order.

He asked the women to dance with the guys, in a very sexy way, as they bumped and ground with them. They even drank a shot of booze that was placed in the waistband of each dancer's g-string.

"Stop, stop, stop" the announcer screamed. "Don't you think we should oil these bad boys down?" the MC shouted.

The crowd went nuts, I was glad we weren't out there with all those crazy women. He brought out 3 bottles of baby oil and instructed the girls to "really" oil them down good, and to rub it in.

For the next 5 minutes our wives and Sharron slicked these guys down rubbing every exposed body part at least three times. 90% of the women were drunk and 100% were now sexual crazed. With a nod of the MC's head, one of the dancers took Sue's hand and put it down his g-string.

The announcer called out, "looks like he wants something else oiled up."

The crowd went wild chanting, "stroke it, stroke it, stroke it." Sue now had both hands in this guys little g-string stroking him for all it's worth.

Shannon, not wanting to be out done, lowered her dancer's g-string and started stroking him as well. Beth was the last one to get into the act as the women in the crowd pressed forward to the stage, for a better look.

These guys were hung. They had to be at least 10 inches and the black guy that Sue was working on had to be at least 12" and very thick.

"It looks like the guys are liking all this attention and are rising to the occasion," the MC announced to the crowd. A couple of women tried to get to the stage but the bouncers stopped them.

All three guys now had raging hard on's that stuck straight out in front of them. "With all that hard stroking, I can see their heads are a little swollen; don't you think these lovely ladies should kiss the head and make them feel better?" the MC said to the crowd of crazy women.

"Kiss it, kiss it, kiss it," the crowd chanted as the three women got on their knees. They were all blasted out of their minds and the crowd was controlling the mood of what was happening now on stage.

Shannon was the first to kiss the head of her dancers dick, but then started licking the sides and playing with his balls. Not to be out done, our wives also started kissing and stroking their dancers. Their dicks were so large, it took two hands to hold them, and steady themselves; because one or the other would tumble over after losing their balance. As Sue and Beth struggled to remain upright, Shannon continued to lick, suck and attempted to deep throat her dancer's 10 plus inches.

"Ladies, let's see which one of you can get her dancer off first," the MC announced. "The winner will get their entire bar bill paid in full."

The chant from the crowd shook the house. "Suck it, suck it, suck it," is what they called out. Each lady, and I use the term loosely, were now doing everything imaginable to get her dancer off. From licking, to sucking, playing with the boys and finally to Shannon's reaming of the guy's ass; and it was all on tape.

Shannon's guy was the first to shoot off. The spray caught her right in the face and dripped down the front of her shirt. She sucked him clean and then started jumping up and down on the stage yelling that she'd won.

Sue was kissing the head of her guy's dick when he shoved it all the way into her mouth. She pulled her head off and puked right on the stage floor.

You know how when you watch a person puke, you get that choked up feeling in your stomach also? Well Beth, after watching Sue puke, covered her mouth and ran for the bathroom.

"Looks like these little ladies had a bit too much to drink tonight," the MC said as the crowd roared with laughter.

The MC then raised Shannon's hand into the air and declared her the winner, and told the crowd to give all the ladies a round of applause, which the mob did. He then told the crowd that the dancer's needed a little break, and would be back in 15 minutes.

The dancer's came off stage and I tipped them and the MC each $100.00.

"I go on stage, have a beautiful women give me a blowjob and get paid an extra $100 for it, don't you love it?" said the guy who Shannon had gotten off, the other two weren't quite as happy.

"You guys earned it," I told him.

Jim said he was almost out of tape and that we'd better get out of here before someone saw us. Jim gave Tony cab money for Sue and Beth, because there was no way they were going to be able to drive; at least not for the next 24 hours. We left and went back to Jim's house to transfer the video onto a DVD.

We'd just finished watching the edited version when their cab pulled up. Beth must have puked because she had something all over the front of her blouse, and she looked like warmed over death.

I headed for home, and found Sue in about the same condition. She hit the bed fully clothed and never moved all night.

I was long gone to work before Sue even moved. I called her at lunch to see if she was alive, but never got an answer. About 4:00 I called to say I was bringing home dinner and a movie for tonight. Sue said she was a little under the weather, and appreciated me bringing home dinner.

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