tagNonConsent/ReluctancePayback's A Bitch

Payback's A Bitch


Stuart had the perfect wife in Carrie. She was 27, tall, light brown hair and a perfect, surgically augmented, 34,C-24-34 figure. Piercing blue eyes and long beautiful legs. Stuart hadn't minded a bit when Carrie asked for breast implants. He was happy to be seen anywhere with his trophy wife on his arm. It gave Stuart a real sense of satisfaction at having other men envy him because of Carrie.

Stuart was a successful businessman. Mainly because he dabbled in unethical, if not outright illegal, practices at work. He wouldn't hesitate at cheating someone if he felt he could get away with it.

Carrie was the perfect wife. But she sometimes felt trapped in her lifestyle. Stuart was successful, but he was also boring. She knew that he loved to dangle her as his prize possession in public. That didn't really bother her. But she sometimes resented being forced to always behave as the "perfect little lady". Before meeting Stuart she had been more free spirited and fun loving. But she gave all that up for the security and financial wellbeing Stuart provided for her.

Stuart didn't realize it but he had made a serious mistake. He had cheated someone in a small business deal and that person had connections that would soon make Stuart regret his transgression.

Stuart and Carrie had just finished dinner and were sitting in front of the TV when the doorbell rang. Being the obedient wife, Carrie got up to answer it. Stuart paid little attention until two thugs led Carrie back into the living room at gunpoint.

"Freeze, mother fucker!" The first ordered as Stuart started to rise.

"Wh-what do you want?" Stuart asked in fear.

Both men looked to each other with smirks on their faces. "We're here to teach you a lesson." The first said. Stuart looked the two men over. Both were mid-thirtyish in appearance. In obvious good shape with callused hands of men who knew hard work. They were dressed in jeans and flannel shirts, but otherwise Stuart got the impression that these two men were more than just common criminals.

"What do you mean, 'teach me a lesson'?" He asked in alarm.

"You've cheated someone whose decided not to roll over and play dead, Stuart."

Stuart went over a mental checklist in his mind of resent customers. He had some idea as to who might have hired these men. But that was the least of his worries right now.

"Look," He said, trying to gain some control over the situation. "Take what you want and leave."

"Oh we'll take what we want alright." The second guy said, eyeing Carrie up and down.

"Oh fuck." Stuart thought. He couldn't bare the thought that this guy might be considering raping his wife. "Please, take my money but don't hurt us." He pleaded as he stood up.

Stuart received a right cross across the jaw for an answer. The blow sent him sprawling back into his recliner.

"Tie him up." The first man ordered.

Stuart's arms were pulled back behind the chair and tied. The width of the back made this more uncomfortable that normal. After his wrist were secured a rope was coiled around his chest several times until he was pinned into the chair.

"Pull off his pants." The man ordered Carrie.

"For Christ sakes what are you doing?" Stuart cried out.

"One more peep and I blow your knee cap off." The intruder replied.

Carrie nervously bent over and unbuckled Stuart's belt and undid his pants. He was afraid to resist and rose his hips to help her remove his trousers and shorts.

"Look at that little pecker." One of the men said jabbing his pistol against his cock. The force of the muzzle rubbing against him made his dick begin to arouse.

"Shit, he's getting hard from my gun." Both men laughed at this.

The leader leaned down and said, "Now Stuart. You have a choice. You can ask your sweet little thing here to suck you off in front of us, or we'll slash your nuts open."

To emphasize his words he pulled a switchblade out of his pocked and released the blade. Stuart hesitated.

"Well, aren't you gonna ask her?" The leader said lowering the knife to his crotch.

"Suck my dick, Carrie." Stuart pleaded.

Carrie wasn't sure what to do. Then she was pushed down onto her knees before her bound husband. Slowly she leaned forward and took his manhood into her mouth. It instantly sprang to full erection. While the men jeered her on she began sucking her husband's dick. Then the first flash took her by surprise. One of them had a camera. Stuart was appalled that the two thugs were watching Carrie suck him. Worse, they were taking pictures. Still, no matter how he hated their intrusion his dick was more than welcoming his wife's mouth. The two men enjoyed forcing him to be brought to an orgasm before them. Stuart felt his balls tighten. He tried to hold off, but his wife did her job well.

A moan escaped his lips as he released his man-seed into her mouth.

"Don't swallow." One of the men ordered. Carrie took her husband's spunk until he was finished, holding it in her mouth.

"Spit it into his mouth." He ordered.

Stuart was shocked. Carrie looked at him, her eyes pleading for instruction.

Then the knife lowered into his lap once more. With grim determination Stuart opened his mouth and allowed his wife to lean forward and spit his load of semen from her mouth into his. As the fluids were transferred the camera flashed again.

"Swallow." Stuart was ordered. He gulped quickly, holding back his bile as he did so.

"Now it's our turn."

Stuart and Carrie both went stiff with fear at that comment. One of the men ordered Carrie to strip. Reluctantly she did so. Trying to ignore the lewd comments of the two men enjoying her shame at disrobing before them. And also trying to avoid eye contact with Stuart. She knew how he must hate the very thought of other men seeing her naked. She was his prize alone.

She hadn't noticed that the two men had undressed as well. Seeing them standing their fully aroused caught her by surprise. While neither man was huge, both were more endowed than her husband. She was forced to kneel before her husband as the first approached, allowing Stuart a perfect view of her sucking another man's wang. Stuart clenched his fist in rage as the first man's cock slipped into his wife's waiting mouth. The camera began flashing anew as she sucked her second man of the evening.

Stuart wanted to scream. He fought the ropes that held him to no avail. He could not help but watch as his wife worked their abductor's rod before him. It didn't take long until he could see his ass cheeks clenching. He heard the cry of triumph as the man unleashed his load into his wife's mouth. Then heard the most dreaded sound of, "Don't swallow."

Stuart had thought it humiliating enough to have had to have drank his own sperm. But now his wife was leaning over him with another man's load in her mouth. With deepest regret in her eyes she spewed the salty load into Stuart's mouth.

Then she was on her knees sucking the second man. Stuart watched in horror. There were tears in his eyes as he watched his wife working her third tool. But what bothered him the most was the knowledge of where his load was going to end up.

Carrie sucked the cock in her mouth. She felt it swelling larger as she continued. Then she felt it blast into her mouth. This one was the largest of the loads yet. She regretted the command that was to come. She thought about swallowing but didn't dare. His load filled her mouth to overflowing. And she heard the words. Slowly she rose and leaned over her husband. He opened his mouth, not knowing the amount that she contained this time. Carrie spat the cum into her husbands mouth. Stuart gagged and choked as it filled his mouth. He barely swallowed before nearly vomiting. All the while the camera flashed.

Carrie was pushed to the floor before her husband again and commanded to suck. She took his pecker into her mouth and began working it. Against Stuart's wishes it grew erect again.

Stuart's eyes went wide when he saw the leader of the two kneel behind his wife. "Oh shit, he's going to fuck her." Stuart thought with alarm.

Carrie jerked forward as she felt the head of a cock press between her legs. She hadn't realized that her pussy had grown moist during all of the cock sucking. She tried to resist but the cock pressed forward, filling her cunt more than Stuart's ever had.

Stuart watched in horror as the man began fucking his wife. He felt his dick becoming more aroused as she continued to suck. He could feel the pressure of her attacker driving her head into his lap as he banged her pussy.

Carrie wanted to cry as she continued working her husband's dick while being reamed from behind. But something was stirring deep inside her. She had never had two men before. Now here she was with three. Her pussy was growing hotter as she was being fucked. Then Carrie realized that she was actually enjoying her rape. But by then the cock in her pussy was ready to explode.

"God, please don't cum in her!" Stuart begged. But for answer all he received was a joyful cry as his wife's rapist threw his head back as he emptied his balls into Carrie's belly.

Then he pulled out and stepped aside.

Carrie hated the moment when the cock pulled out. She was nearly ready to cum. She eagerly waited the second attack. When she felt the cock slipping inside she drove her hips back to meet it.

"Shit, she wants it!" The second man exclaimed.

"Carrie, no!" Stuart cried. He watched in disbelief as his wife began thrusting herself willingly against the cock inside her. He could feel her rhythm increasing and couldn't believe that she was enjoying this. Not his most prized possession enjoying another man's cock. Carrie fucked the stranger behind her with all her might. All the while continuing to suck her husband. Stuart couldn't help but cum again into his wife's mouth. As he did he could hear Carrie's moans of delight escaping her cock-filled mouth as her body broke into orgasm. Then the man behind her came deep in her pussy as well. The camera flashed over and over again as all three were in the throws of climax.

When they were through the two men dressed, tied Carrie loosely in a chair near her husband and left. But not before taking a few expensive items and heckling Stuart about how his wife will never be satisfied with just him again.

Stuart refused to call the cops. The last thing he wanted was for others to know that his wife had been taken by two other men. Especially that she had enjoyed it. And he definitely didn't want his own ordeal made public. Instead he tried putting the attack behind him. But he couldn't get over the knowledge that his wife had been so eager at the end. She was even talking about swinging.

There was no way that Stuart would put up with that. He tried forgetting the incident. That is until the day he was sitting at his desk when one of his co-workers came rushing over yelling, "Hey, Stuart. Did you know that you and your wife are on the Internet...?"

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