tagNonConsent/ReluctancePaying For Passage Ch. 01-02

Paying For Passage Ch. 01-02


Part I

Marica listened to the rush of the ocean as the bow of the ship cut it’s way through the night sea. Above her, the cloudless night showed even the faintest stars against the velvety black. Her naked body tingled with the occasional misting of ocean spray, as she lay there, lashed to the prow. Numbness had taken over and she no longer felt the stiffness in her limbs from being bound. She lay on her back at the very nose of the sailing vessel on an overturned crate, either wrist tied to the railing and her knees pulled up and apart, also tied to the railing behind her. A dull ache throbbed between her legs to remind her of what all had happened to her that day, and as she gazed up at the deep night sky she thought about how different today was from all of her yesterdays.

As she had the last three mornings, Marica woke at dawn as the sailors on deck above her were relieving those on duty through the night. Only a single portal existed to let the morning light in to the cargo hold she shared with her family. Her mother and father were always already awake and only her younger sister and baby brother could sleep through the yelling and laughter between the crew. Her father, Petre, lit a small lamp and shed light on their surroundings. Crates of various goods, bolts of fabric and barrels of wine and ale filled the hold, leaving cramped quarters for her family. Though it was cramped, it was no worse than the way they were living before, and if they could endure it all those years then they could endure it for three more weeks. Then, they would be in America! New York city, to be precise. Marica had always wanted to see New York.

Marica had been eight years old when her father began saving everything he could in the hopes of someday moving his whole family to America. Her mother mended clothes in their home to help support them while they saved. After three years of working multiple jobs her father had saved just enough to book passage for himself. He had heard that there was work to be had in America on a railroad. Knowing that he would never be able to save enough to move them with what he was making, her father left them to try to get work there. For nearly six years he labored in the worker’s camps on the Trans-Continental Railroad. He saved everything he earned during that time, as the railroad provided his meals and gave him a spot in a sleeping tent.

Finally, Petre Kuskin had more money saved than he had earned in his entire life. But, was it enough to give his family a new life? He had decided it was time to try. Returning home, he told them all about America and they delighted in his stories. For months he made preparations, earning as much money as he could while he looked for passage on a ship that he could afford. Marica’s mother, Mirela, gave birth to her baby brother while they waited for their opportunity, making it even more difficult.

One day her father came home and announced he had them booked on a cargo ship that would be in France in a few weeks. None of them cared that they were not going to America in a luxurious passenger ship. They were all going together, and that was all that mattered.

They arrived in France the day before the ship was to set sail, but there was a problem. The harbormaster informed them the ship had been delayed, and was at least a week behind schedule. Her father was forced to use some of the money he had for their passage to feed them for eight days until the ship finally arrived. Then he had to beg the captain to accept a reduced price, as he no longer had the agreed upon amount. The captain was a tall man, though not lanky, and he dressed more like a gentleman than a captain of a cargo ship. Her father had stood there pleading with the captain, for the sake of his family, as the captain remained silent. Finally, the captain looked at each of them in turn, paused a moment on Marica then said, “We leave in three days after we have taken on our cargo. You may stay in the hold until then.”

They had stayed out of the way as cargo was offloaded and freight bound for various points was put on. Finally, the departure date arrived and they set sail. With a couple of stops before reaching New York, the journey was to take three weeks. Marica’s mother struggled with sea sickness at first, but the rest of them were fine, passing the time in the dark cargo hold by playing games and singing songs. For three days that was all the adventure they had.

Around mid-afternoon of their fourth day at sea the door to the aft cargo hold opened and three crewmen stepped inside. One, the largest of the three, was the ship’s first mate. He was a homely man, with an unkempt beard and a large hoop earring in one ear. A missing tooth showed in his smile as he spoke. “Good day, sir. I hope you are comfortable…”

Marica’s family, all but the baby, stood before the trio of sailors. Her mother put her arms around the two sisters as their father replied. “The accommodations are fine. There is not much space, but we will make do.”

“Interestingly enough,” the first mate said, walking forward to stand right in front of them, “that is precisely why we are here, to help with your over-crowding problem.”

Petre began then to fear the men’s intent. “How is that, sir?”

“By giving one of you other accommodations.” He was still looking directly at her father when his hand snaked out, grabbed Marica by the wrist and yanked her from them. With one pull he sent her stumbling behind him into the arms of one of the two crewmen.

Her father yelled and leapt forward, but was met by the other sailor, who suddenly had a wickedly curved dagger in his hand. The seasoned crewman cracked Petre across the face with the heavy pommel of the knife, and then quickly reversed it, putting the point at her father’s throat.

“You cannot do this!” Her father yelled. “We are paying passengers! I demand to speak to the captain!”

“But you did not pay the fully agreed upon price did you? You actually paid for passage for four, but you are five. The captain sent us down here, and will not see you, peasant.” The first mate grinned as he spoke, obviously enjoying himself.

Marica’s mother, crying, stepped forward and wailed, “Do not take my daughter! I know what it is you want. Take me instead, but I beg of you, leave her be!”

The first mate had laughed out loud at that, and then looked her mother up and down. “Why, madam, would we want a saggy, worn out old cunt like you, when we can have that if we prefer?” He turned, indicating Marica. The crewman that held her reached one hand around her and gave her breast a vicious squeeze, pinching her nipple hard. Marica gasped and tried to pull away while the sailors just laughed.

Her father’s anger raged and he stood facing the first mate. “Release her now! I am warning you…”

At this the first mate immediately became a blur of motion. Quick as a jungle cat, a sun-leathered hand found a grip around her father’s neck and drove backwards. After three steps, the pair reached the wall and Petre was slammed hard against it, the first mate’s knife having appeared from nowhere to press against his ribs. The bearded man leaned forward and in an anger filled voice he growled.

“No, peasant, I am warning you. You have another daughter to think about. Pray we do not get bored with this one, or we may reduce your number to cover the deficit in your account!”

Marica saw her father look at her, still rubbing her now tender breast, a tear trailing down her face. She watched as he finally slumped in acquiescence, unable to help her.

Her mother cried out as the first mate released her father saying, “Wise move. Do not worry, me and the boys will teach her much!”

The three laughed as they pushed her out of the hold ahead of them. Marica heard her mother sobbing as they closed the door.

“Should we bar it, Sully?” One of the men asked.

“No need.” The first mate replied, dragging her toward the stairs. “He is not brave enough nor dumb enough to leave that room.”

Part II

The crewman continued to fondle Marica, rubbing his hands over her breasts and ass as they followed the first mate out of the cargo hold and up to the captain’s quarters. When she tried to protect herself, turning away or slapping his hands he would simply laugh and grab her long brown hair, yank her painfully backward and pinch one of her nipples through her thin dress.

“You’ll learn to behave soon enough you little cunt.” He told her. “Hey, Sully…how come the captain always gets ‘em first. It ain’t right. How ‘bout the three of us break her in right now?”

“You try it and yer dead. The captain gets ‘em first ‘cause he says so. You’d rather have a different captain who doesn’t look out for the crew at all?”

The crewman grunted at the remark, then reached out to squeeze Marica’s shapely little ass. She tried again to swat his hand, but he simply followed with a resounding smack on her backside. Crying out, Marica reached back to rub the spot, now tender and certainly bright red as well.

They reached the end of a hallway that ran the length of the ship. An ornate door signified the captain’s living quarters, which made up the majority of the aft on two decks. Sully knocked on the door then waited for a summons. A moment later the captain’s servant opened the door. A dark-skinned man of muscular build stood bare-chested in the doorway. Long black dreadlocks fell across his face and a large gold hoop hung from his nose. He wore only a brightly colored cloth about his waste.

“Let them in Sam.” The captain said, though Marica could not see beyond the tall servant. Sam stepped aside and motioned them into the room. There, sitting behind the ornately carved desk was the man she remembered her father pleading with over the price of the voyage. The first mate pulled her into the room and Sam stepped in and prevented the other two crewmen from entering. She heard them cursing as Sam shut the heavy door.

Sully pushed her into the center of the room as the captain rose and came around the desk to look at her. He wore a white shirt and a brown coat and sported a neatly trimmed black beard. He seemed not at all like his crew. Stepping close to her he raised his hand and touched her cheek as he spoke.

“What is your name, girl?”

Looking him in the eye she tried to be defiant. “My name is Mari…” His hand shot down and grabbed a fistful of her dress below her neck, and with a powerful yank he tore the cloth from her. She instinctively tried to cover herself with her hands but captain grabbed both of her wrists and pulled her arms away and up. Sam had moved in behind her and her wrists were passed from the captain into his vice like grip. Marica nearly hung from the taller man’s grasp. The captain roughly grabbed her chin and snarled.

“You do not have a name. You will be called one thing and one thing only. Slave. Do you understand? Now, what is your name, slave?”

“Marica.” She was not ready to quit, yet.

The captain smiled at that. He kept smiling as trailed one hand down her smooth neck and grabbed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Her legs buckled and she sagged in Sam’s grip as the pain in her breast hit her. The wave of sensation shifted from white hot to icy cold as moved through her body. Marica did not have time to ponder why it caused her to become very, very wet between her legs.

Close to her ear the captain whispered. “What is your name, slave?”

Her voice was very feint, a breath between gasps. “S-Slave…”

She thought he would release his clamp on her nipple then but instead he acquired the same grip on the other one. Pinching hard he spoke again.

“And I have but one name, slave. I am Master. You will always address me as such. And any member of my crew you will call lord. Do you understand me?”

“Yes.” Marica’s head was swimming. Still, a renewed wave of feeling hit her as he pinched down even harder.

“Yes, what?” He growled.

“Yes…Master.” She sighed the words through barely moving lips.

The captain released her nipples then, and even gently massaged them as intense sensation slowly receded into numbness.

“This is your situation, slave.” He said as he stroked each of her small breasts a final time then stepped back. “You are going to serve an important purpose on this ship to pay for the shortage in my fee. You will act as the ship’s sex slave.”

Stepping backwards the captain sat on his desk. “You will accommodate every man on this ship, anytime and every time they wish it. You will be enthusiastic in your duties, as you live only to please. If at any time we are unsatisfied with your performance, you will be put overboard and your sister will replace you. Do you understand your situation?”

Marica let her gaze fall the ground before her. “Yes, Master.”

“Good.” He smiled and with a motion of his hand as a command Sam brought her forward. “Let’s make you look like the slave you are.”

Sully set a chair in the middle of the room and the captain sat down. The first mate then produced a pair of delicate looking wrist shackles. Sam, who still held her arms above her head, passed them to Sully, who placed the shackles on her. He then took a chain that hung from the center of the shackles and tossed the chain over a hook on the ceiling. Pulling down, her arms were again lifted above her head, and Sully secured the chain there.

Sam stepped up behind her again, and reaching around her, he placed a collar that was not much more than a circlet of gold on her neck. A small hinge and a ring of gold protruded from the front of the collar and Marica heard an audible click as it locked around her neck.

Sully reappeared with two ankle restraints. Placing them on her, her legs were pulled slightly more than a shoulder’s width apart and fastened to rings in the floor. Marica half stood, half hung there in the middle of the room, naked and utterly vulnerable.

The captain stood and reached his hand out to take something from Sam. Holding it out before her, he watched her eyes as the cat-o-nine tails fell from the handle in his fist. Moving his wrist he made the straps of leather whirl in his hand before he reached forward just enough for the flying straps to come down on first one breast then the other. He made them slap her belly, and her thighs front and back. Then he moved back in front of her and concentrated stinging straps and her nipples, which responded by hardening quickly at the sensation.

“Sam says it does not matter if the nipples are hard during the next step. But I find that I prefer that they are.” He stepped to the side as Sam moved in front of her, setting a small table down beside him.

Sam dipped his dark fingers into a small bowl of clear salve on the tray, and then smeared a small amount of the substance on her left nipple. He then reached up and grabbed her breast with his left hand while his right threw back a small cloth to reveal two thin metal spikes and two golden rings. Sam quickly and expertly picked up one of the metal spikes. It was very narrow, not much thicker than a large sewing needle, and came to a sharp point.

Gripping it between his thumb and forefinger he dipped the point in the salve then looked into her eyes. Her fear was obvious and she started to struggle, but chained as she was she could not elude him. Squeezing her breast he laid the point against the side of her nipple and pushed it through.

Marica’s eyes rolled back and she sagged against the chain that supported her as the endorphins of shock permeated her body. The pain washed over her repeatedly, yet not pain like stubbing your toe or slicing your finger. This pain was worse…but again left her with a surprising amount of moisture between her thighs. Sam left the pin sticking through her nipple and grabbed her other breast. Repeating the same routine, he lanced the second pin through her poor nipple. The sensation did not stagger her this time, as her body was working to numb the intense feelings.

Sam took up the two small rings and expertly removed the pins and left the rings in their place. Finally, he took two thin gold chains, attached one to each nipple ring and then ran the chain up and through the ring on the front of her collar, letting the two lengths of chain hang through, between her breasts. The delicate chains dangled down just above her pubic hair and their weight was just enough to create a constant tug on the rings in her nipples.

“You look perfect slave. That is all you will wear for the rest of this voyage.” Her Master stepped up to her and grasped the two chains that were cold against her belly. With a wicked smile he pulled the chains and watched her breasts rise, lifted by the rings in her nipples. Marica cried out.

Her Master released the chains and then ran his finger down through her pubic hair. With her legs slightly apart, he had easy access to her. He pushed his fingers between her lips and smiled at the warm juices he found there. He used two fingers to probe her cunt and gather some of her wetness, and then he used it to moisten her all the way up to her now swollen clitoris.

Marica had discovered the good feelings that could be produced by playing with herself down there a few years earlier. In their small house in Romania, she had seen her parents make love many times, though they were quiet and thought she was asleep. And two years ago she had let a neighbor boy try to fuck her, but he was inept and though he did manage to penetrate her, he was barley inside her when he came.

Now she realized that she wanted more than anything for her Master to keep rubbing her just like that. She did not even realize that she had begun to move her hips, trying to rub herself against his hand. Her eyes were closed, but he watched her face as he again dipped his fingers into her cunt for more moisture. This time they easily slid into her tight little cunt, so he pushed them deep into her and she gasped with pleasure as his thumb brushed her clit while she fucked his hand. She was close to exploding when he withdrew his hand. She opened her eyes and felt ashamed.

“Open your mouth.” Her Master instructed. Marica opened her mouth and he offered her his fingers, wet with her fluids. She leaned her head forward and sucked his fingers into her mouth, tasting herself on him. “Release her wrists and legs Sully.” The captain ordered.

Sam grasped her about the waist and supported her while Sully released her chains leaving the shackles around her limbs. Then Sam put her down in front of the captain. She stood there before him a moment, and then Sam’s hands grabbed her shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

“You will always assume a position of submission around your betters, Slave.” Her Master said. “Now, please me with your mouth.”

Marica understood that she was to always show her complete enthusiasm or her sister could suffer. She took the front of his trousers and unlaced them. Sliding them down his hips she was able to pull his cock free from his pants. It was still mostly flaccid, but it was definitely larger than that neighborhood boy’s. Taking it gently in her hand, she leaned forward and took the head of her Master’s cock into her mouth. She immediately felt it growing and hardening. She had no experience with fellatio, but he was responding despite her ineptness. Placing his hands behind her head he took control of the motion and began to slide his cock deep into mouth, gagging her as it reached the back of her throat.

Her Master’s cock was fully erect now, and she could barely wrap her fingers all the way around it. It was long enough that it took both of her hands to cover the length of it. Her Master continued to fuck her mouth for a few more moments, then sat back on the chair, pulling his trousers off in the process.

“I am ready for her, boys.” He said.

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