tagBDSMPaying for the Broken Promise Ch. 02

Paying for the Broken Promise Ch. 02


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* * * * *

"What did you do?" Lisa repeated "This isn't a cock that hasn't cum for almost a week, is it?" "IS IT?" she insisted.

I felt like a little boy that had been caught being bad.

"No" I answered weakly, "it isn't."

"You broke your promise and masturbated, didn't you?"

"Yes" I whispered.

"Peter, I'm so angry, and hurt. I can't believe you did this. I wanted tonight to be so special and you've ruined it."

I felt like a real heel. I rarely break promises and it always makes me feel shitty, especially when I get caught! I could tell that Lisa was mad, but somehow I got the impression she wasn't nearly as mad as she was acting. After all, I'd obviously been set up. She assured that I would break down with her phone calls. It was clearly what she intended and expected. Nevertheless, I was sorry I'd let her down.

"I'm really sorry, Lisa. I promise I won't ever, ever do it again. Really, I won't break my promise again. I'll do anything to make it up to you." I went on for quite a while, genuinely trying to make amends.

Finally Lisa said, "Okay Peter, I'm going to give you a chance to make this up to me, us really. But first you have to also promise to follow all my instructions this week. Do you promise?"

Obviously I had no choice but to agree.

"Just saying "I'm sorry:" isn't going to cut it. Let me explain," Lisa went on "I wanted to give us both a very special evening tonight, with you terribly horny, we would both have enjoyed what I had in mind. I would have gotten to tease you and watch you truly squirm all evening and you would have ended the evening with a mind shattering orgasm, now that can't be. However, I'm GOING to get what I intended. Peter, I've never made you go a week without cumming, but this time that's exactly what is going to happen. Next Friday night I'm going to get what I had planned for tonight. Between now and then you are not going to cum. In fact, you aren't going to touch me until then, and I'm not going to touch you either. I'll find ways to make sure you're horny though (this she said with a sly grin) You're going to learn that playing with yourself isn't nearly as pleasurable as me playing with you. Finally Peter, if you ever, ever masturbate again without my permission, ... well, you will definitely regret it!"

I swore I never would, and I meant it. I felt like I was getting off pretty easy. Going without cumming for a whole week would be hard, but if it was only a week of abstinence without physical teasing I could handle it. All and all I thought I'd gotten lucky. I was wrong, as I would find out the following day.

The rest of the evening was rather normal. We had a nice dinner and chatted about our respective weeks. Both having had a long week we headed to bed rather early. As I was starting to nod off, I slid over next to Lisa and started to cuddle.

"PETER!" she snapped.

I quickly remembered the no touching rule. Obviously she meant that quite literally. I rolled over and soon we were both asleep.

Saturday morning rolled around and was going pretty normally. We had a lot of chores and stuff to attend to and we both went about our way. Lisa seemed to be taking every opportunity to give me a flash of cleavage or bend over rather provocatively, but nothing terribly overt. Just knowing I wasn't going to get to cum for a week was a kind of teasing all in itself, but I was just going to have to deal with it.

Right after dinner that evening Lisa said "Okay, its time for your first lesson."

I had no idea what was up, but it didn't sound good.

Lisa told me to undress, quickly. I complied. Once that was done she cuffed my hands behind my back.

"Watch me" was all she said.

I did, and as I did she began to slowly undress in a way designed to get me rather hot. By the time she finished I was fully hard. I could now tell this week was going to be much more difficult then I had thought. I was still underestimating her.

Beckoning me towards the bed she pointed to a spot at the side of the mattress and said "Kneel down and put your chin right here," I did. "Now don't move and keep your eyes open and straight ahead."

I heard her open and close a couple of drawers. Soon I figured out what was coming. I started to groan.

"What's the matter Peter. Oh, you've guessed my little surprise have you? You didn't think that I was going to just go on being horny all week because of your weakness did you?" She was giggling now.

With that she put one foot next to me and stepped over me with the other. She was now standing with her feet apart, facing out from the bed and my head was directly under her pussy. True to her word she wasn't touching me, but I was surrounded, just inches from the vee of her shapely legs and her crotch. She sat back on the bed with her lower legs hanging over. I was now looking straight at her moist slit.

"If you'd behaved yourself this week, you be licking this instead of watching what's cumming next" (She giggle uncontrollably at that for a few seconds).

She started to work the vibrator in and out. She was doing what she always insists I do, fucking her slowly. With great deliberation. She was PLEASURING herself. I was panting by this time. She was slowly stoking the lifelike cock in and out, in and out. It was humming furiously. It was making her phone call on Thursday night seem like looking at an ad for swimsuits!

Watching her cunt pulse around the soft rubber cock was terrible. But listening to the slurping sounds, and seeing and especially smelling her juices run , was driving me insane!

"Oh God this feels good! Ummm.. Ohhh... YES!" with that she came for the first time.

She didn't slow down. My cock was twitching by now. She gave herself two more. She was quite mellow, obviously.

After many minutes she finally spoke, "Mmm, WOW, that was quite nice. Stand up!" It wasn't a request. "Normally, I'd at least check to see how full they are, but ... you know the rules"

My balls were aching, my need to cum.. great. I couldn't imagine waiting a week before I'd cum again.

As if reading my mind, Lisa said "Peter, you are going to learn not to touch yourself without my permission. This is going to be very, very difficult. But you Fucked Up, and you know it! You have only just begun to learn how bad."

Now I was scared!

We went off to bed, but it was quite a long time before I could sleep.

To be continued...

* * * * *

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