tagNonConsent/ReluctancePaying the Landlord Ch. 03

Paying the Landlord Ch. 03


After a three hour trip, I arrived back at my apartment, my sanctuary I had once thought. I closed the door behind me and walked into my bedroom and emptied the contents of my bags onto the bed. I placed each item separate from the next and surveyed the items which I had brought, costing almost £200. I didn't like what I saw or where I had been.

I visited a store which was in a notorious area where I never ventured. I never went there as the number of disgusting old homeless men was overwhelming and I had to suffer the disgusting chauvinist chants of the filthy tramps.

It was a 'sex shop' to put it plainly, but to put it plainly as a 'sex shop' would be wrong as it was a little more than that. I went in and was greeted by an array of uniforms, dildos, vibrators, whips...almost every sexual item one can think of, it made my skin crawl.

I showed the person in the store the items on the list, well I say 'store person' but yet again, she looked anything but. She looked like a slut. She had a tight pink plastic boob tube which hardly covered her enormous breasts and a tight micro-mini skirt on. She was very helpful none the less.

I brought the items and was now surveying them. They consisted of 2 pairs of handcuffs, a ball gag, a whip, knee high shiny leather boots, a few pairs of fishnet stockings, a few Basques, a few micro-mini leather skirts, a short black tight latex dress, a few slutty tops and finally a big black rubber dildo. The clothes and lingerie to be honest didn't really scare me, but the whip and the dildo did. The woman in the store couldn't believe the size of the one I had to choose. It was at least 12" long and very thick in diameter, I hated the sight of the vile thing.

I placed all the items back in the bag and hid them under the bed, hoping Stephen would never find the humiliation which I have to suffer.

The next day, I was awake early, before Stephen. I was restless, I couldn't sleep knowing what lied under my bed, what I knew I would have to suffer.

Time passed slowly, when Stephen had left for work it was still only 8am. I had no idea as to what debauchery I would be suffering in 3 and a half hours. As with yesterday the time dragged.

I couldn't get comfortable, the whole morning I was watching the clock, until the clock read 11.30. I couldn't believe it that he arrived exactly on time.

When I let him in I sighed relief that he was on his own.

"Did you get what I asked for?"


I walked into the bedroom and pulled out the bag from under the bed and poured the contents onto the bed. His eyes widened with glee at the sight of what I had to gotten.

He rummaged through the items and he picked up the short latex dress. He threw it at me and told me to put it on.

"Can I at least have some privacy?" I asked.

I barely finished my sentence when I felt a stinging blow to my face, just like yesterday.

He grinned and said, "I don't think so."

I stripped down to my bra and undies when he told me to remove those also. I didn't want to suffer another slap, so I did so. His eyes almost dropped out his head. It made my skin crawl as he stared at my body, my breasts and my shaved pussy.

I eventually managed to squeeze into the latex dress. It was extremely tight and I felt as though I was being suffocated. I pulled at the bottom of the dress to make sure it was 'presentable'.

"Look at yourself in the mirror, you slut." he ordered.

I had tried the clothes on in the store but didn't pay much attention to how I looked as I knew I looked like a whore.

I turned to face the mirror and my thoughts were confirmed, I looked like a whore. My big breasts were straining against the rubber and it looked as though they would burst free. The shortness of it had my ass cheeks slightly peeking out. I hated how I looked, but my pussy didn't. I could yet again feel myself getting damp between my thighs, it liked the look of me as a whore and was letting me know it. I glanced at Mr.Allen and saw the tiny tent in his trousers.

My pussy was ordering me to unleash his smelly little cock. It was craving for me to take him in my mouth and suck his dick hard and be enveloped in his stinking aroma. I couldn't believe how my pussy was acting. Yesterday's humiliation seemed to of awoken my dormant pussy and I hated it. I wanted to rip it out for wanting to purposely betray Stephen .

He had me put on the knee high boots as well and I looked the complete slut.

"We're going out, now." he ordered.

Out! I couldn't go out like this, I knew I risked another slap but I didn't care, I couldn't, people would see me.

"But, I cant go out like this, I'll be seen."

He turned and smiled. "Helen, you do have that long coat over there, do you think I'm stupid?"

I looked at the floor, waiting for the slap to come. But it didn't.

"Besides", he continued, "you don't think that you're the only stupid slut behind on your rent in this apartment block do you?"

I'm not the only one? Oh my God I couldn't believe that another poor woman was having to go through the same ordeal. Who was she? Did I know her?

I grabbed my coat and followed him down the stairs. I was scared as to where we was going, I had absolutely no idea. He stunk of sweat as I followed, it made me feel nauseous.

We got into his nice flash BMW and left the car park. It too smelt of sweat.

As we drove it started to drizzle, little specs of raindrops landed on the windscreen. The weather was dowdy and wet, as my pussy was quickly becoming. The anticipation of what was to come was becoming difficult to control, I hated this man, I hated what he was forcing me to do, I just wanted to be with my husband.

I began to realise that we were on the wrong side of town. The streets were crawling with druggies, hookers and tramps. I started to become scared, I hated this place. We drove past the sex store I had visited yesterday. I looked at Mr.Allen and he kept his gaze on the road.

We turned into an empty street, with litter laying everywhere. The boom of thunder made me jump, I was scared. There was a few big old run down warehouses on this road. The signs on the side of the warehouses were faded and the windows smashed. They looked completely derelict.

The car turned into one of these warehouse car parks. Mr.Allen stopped the car and turned off the ignition.

"Get out."

I slowly opened the door and got out. My latex dress had slightly risen so I corrected it.

"Take off the coat and give it here."

I did so and never felt so vulnerable in my life. I was stood in a short latex dress with knee high boots on the wrong side of town, I was scared.

"Now this is what you are going to do..." he began, "...you will walk into that warehouse, do not worry you will be fine."

I looked over to the derelict warehouse and asked what is in there.

"In there are a few...friends of mine. They know of your arrival and you will assist them in whatever sexual gratification that they require." His cold smile made me almost burst into tears, I had never been so scared in my life.

"Like I said, don't worry, I will be close, I promise." he hardly inspired me with confidence.

I turned and walked towards the big gap where I believed a door used to be. My heels on my boots clattered loudly as I apprehensively entered. I peeked around the corner and heard men talking loudly and laughing. I strained to look harder but could not see anyone from where I stood.

I took a deep breath and walked in. It was largely empty save for lots of cardboard boxes.

"Woah look at that!" a voice bellowed.

I shot my gaze in the direction of the voice and my heart sank at what I saw.

In the corner of the warehouse sat 3 filthy tramps. They looked terrible, had brown clothing had a disgusting look about them.

Before I knew it they were around me like flies around shit. Their eyes couldn't believe their luck, their luck mind you. The tallest one looked like the leader. There was a small one and a tubby one too. They all smelt like shit, just as bad as Mr.Allen. I didn't say a word.

"Well, I dunno about you lads, but I'm gonna have me some cunt," the tall one laughed. They all seemed in agreement.

"What sa' matter bitch? Your hubby can't get it up so you come looking for some real men!"

I turned to the small one and spat in his filthy face for that remark. All I received in return was a vicious blow to head. I fell to the floor amidst their laughter. I was roughly pulled up to my knees by my blonde hair. A little dazed I saw that the tall one had his cock out and was massaging himself. His other two crones followed suit.

The tall one grabbed the back of my hair and told me to suck his dick. He pulled me forward and thrust his dick into my mouth. He tasted like piss. His dick was filthy. He began to viciously fuck my mouth as I felt hands run over my breasts and ass. I felt a rigid hard cock thrust into my left hand.

"Wank my cock you fucking whore!"

I did as I was told and grasped his length at its base and wanked his dick. The third tramp was fumbling to get my breasts out of my tight dress, good luck you fucking loser, I thought.

The tall tramp was roughly fucking my mouth, he had a sizeable cock, and thrust it to the back of my throat until I gagged. He pulled it out to allow me to cough and splutter before shoving his filthy dick straight back in again.

Before long the cock in my mouth twitched and unleashed a gallon of his filthy cum into my mouth. He pushed my head down hard on his cock and I struggled accommodating his length and his gallons of spunk.

"Damn, her pussy is fucking soaking wet!" I heard one say.

Oh God no I couldn't believe my pussy was enjoying this, I wanted to go home. The tall one backed up and pulled his cock out my mouth, I got a good look at it and saw it was a good 7 inches long. From his cock a stand of saliva and cum joined with my mouth. He backed up and sat down, he had his fill, for now.

I hardly had time to think before the fat tramp had his cock in my mouth. It too was around 7 inches, but had a large bend in it. He too fucked my mouth silly. He didn't last long at all and he too dumped the contents of his ball bags into my mouth.

I was then pulled up from behind and dragged over to this bench. I was thrown across it so my ass was at their mercy. It was the small one and he slapped my ass silly and stuck his finger into my virgin anus.

"Ahhhh, God please...Ahhh...not there!" I cried. I heard him unzip his flies and heard the ruffle of him rummaging in his pants.

"You're gonna get it now you silly whore!" I heard one of them shout.

Without hesitation, a big dick was thrust into my pussy. I cried out in anguish, as I had never felt one so big. It pulled out and slammed back into my cunt again. Inch by inch his cock was getting deeper and deeper inside me. How long does this cock go on for I thought?

This filthy cock was bringing me pleasure I had never experienced before. It was so big I couldn't fight against it. This big cock was ravaging me and I was helpless to fight against it.

I could hear the other two tramps laughing aloud.

"See Monty, she's lovin' your cock mate, what a fucking whore!"

He was fucking my pussy so hard I could feel my love juices running down my thighs.

"Ahhh, please, ahhh, fuck, ahhh, no more, oh fuck, oh fuck!" I cried.

His thrusts sped up and I felt a feeling inside my cunt I never felt before. It felt so strange, yet good. I couldn't believe it...I was having my first ever orgasm at the hands of a tramp.

I screamed for him to stop, I didn't want to suffer this, if I came, I would never be able to look my husband in the eyes again for what I've done. It was useless.

He only pumped me harder and I gave way. I felt an explosion inside me, my body shook violently and I cried out in pleasure. My knees felt as though they would give way, my hips bucked as I came all over his filthy big dick.

As I came back down to Earth, I heard them all laughing. I couldn't believe what I had just done, I wanted to die. These tramps had raped me and I enjoyed it, I started to quietly sob. I was a whore, how could I do this to my husband?

"I'm gonna come!" I heard him cry.

"Not in my pussy, please!" I begged.

I begged to no avail and he pumped his disgusting seed into my disgusting cunt. I felt so humiliated, I had let my husband down.

It didn't end there for me. I don't know how long it lasted, but those tramps violated me over and over again, even my anal virginity was stolen from me. At the time I was having to ride the big cock and suck on the bent one as well. The tall tramp had no orifice left except for my anus. I begged as I did throughout the ordeal but yet again to no avail. His long penis was pushed into my tight ass and it hurt so bad I cried my eyes out. They just laughed.

Finally, after they had all used my mouth, pussy and anus, I had to give each in turn a tit wank. One by one they took turns fucking my big breasts until they shot their load over either my breasts or face.

As I knelt there, with semen dripping out of my pussy and ass, running down my thighs and breasts and over my face, I had one final act of debauchery to carry out.

"You filthy rich whore, I'm gonna go for a shit and when I come back, your gonna lick my ass clean!" said the fat one.

They all laughed hysterically. A few moments later he returned. He turned around and bent over and pulled his ass cheeks apart. I looked away in disgust, but the tall tramp grabbed a hold of my hair and pushed my face into his dirty asshole. The smell and taste were indescribable.

I licked away at his filthy asshole. It was wet from the fresh shit he had just had.

"Oh yeah, you fucking whore, clean my shitty ass!"

I licked the tramps asshole and the fresh shit all around it until he was satisfied it was clean. My head was pulled away and I didn't want to imagine what my face looked like. The taste in my mouth was terrible.

I was finally allowed to leave. As I left, Mr.Allen awaited me outside, a big grin on his face.

I looked at him and asked how does that have anything to do with the rent we owe. He just smiled and said, "Helen, this experience will be financially beneficial to you, I promise".

He drove me home without a word exchanged.


If you liked or disliked the story or have an suggestions please comment or send feedback, it is really appreciated. Thanks.

This story is fiction, any resemblance to actual people or events is purely coincidental.

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