tagBDSMPaying The Piper

Paying The Piper


The 13 year of marriage of James and Lisa was in serious trouble, and both of them knew it. Some would expect that infidelity was the cause, but neither of them had a leg to stand on there, since they had both cheated on each other from nearly the beginning. They were in love with each other, however, for a while, before a teenage wife's respect and admiration for her twenty-something husband turned gradually into scorn and contempt.

James was a hard worker, but Lisa wanted him to pursue something more lucrative than automotive mechanics. She hated that her hubby was always going to be just a "grease monkey". She started to mock and criticize him, in front of her friends and his, and she soon began to withhold sex for larger periods of time. What's more, despite her own adulterous acts, she frequently questioned him about his whereabouts.

This kind of hypocrisy annoyed James, who was not stupid enough to believe that his voluptuous but capricious wife was faithful to him. He began to seek out proof of her infidelity, to throw it in her face if she ever bothered him about his activities. That should slap her in the face, figuratively speaking. She, on other hand, tended to get more violent, literally slapping him around.

Things got even worse after a lengthy period of sexual blackmail, when Lisa turned up pregnant, and she decided to abort the kid, since she had not slept with James enough lately to make him think it was his child. James ran across the medical bill for the abortion, and held it until it was time to use it against her.

Also frustrating to James was the fact that, due to the infrequency of their sex life, they still had no kids. He was especially upset when she locked him out of the bedroom on his birthday, of all days. That was it, he thought. I've had enough. I'm going to leave Lisa, and let her find some other fool to mistreat.

He was still thinking that the next morning, a Saturday, when he visited his best friend Lloyd and his wife Tina. Tina was also Lisa's best friend, but she never seemed to buy into her friend's verbal attacks on her husband. Today, however, James was about to find out more about Lloyd and Tina.

"James, buddy, I think that we need to sit down and talk. It's about Lisa."

"Okay, so what about her?"

"I have to confess that I slept with her last night. So did Tina. It was a threesome."

"Well, you and everybody else."

"So, you're not upset with me?"

"I don't plan on staying with her, so it's not an issue."

"You're getting a divorce?"

"Yep. I've had enough of her disdain for me."

"Oh, well, then you might be interested in hearing this. Tina dominated Lisa last night, and so did I. Lisa is not really a bossy woman by nature, after all."

"She submitted to you?"

"To both of us. Primarily Tina, but both of us."

"Your point is?"

"You've been approaching this thing with her all wrong. Stand up to her more often, threaten to leave, and let her crawl to you, groveling on her knees, because she will."

"Are you saying that I should not leave Lisa?"

"I'm saying that you should try controlling her, like I control Lloyd here. He's my slave."


"Look, some people, of both sexes, like to submit to other people. They get a sexual thrill out of it, while others, also of both sexes, want to have the power."

"Your point is?"

"I think that, given the way you've shown some spine, though not enough yet, you're really meant to be a master, whereas Lisa is provoking you with bad behavior, because she wants to be a slave."

"So, all of this is a subconscious plea to be dominated?"

"Yes. Lisa certainly responded to our commands, especially mine, as I am a natural dom."

"So, how did you get to control Lloyd?"

"Simple. When we were still just dating, Lloyd broached the subject of unfulfilled fantasies, and I said that we should seek to fulfill all fantasies if ethical and possible, and that we should be willing to have casual partners as well. Then, he told me that his big fantasies revolved around gang-bangs and orgies, while I confided that I wanted to be the dominant partner."

"What then?"

"We reached a deal, wherein, after work every Friday and Saturday night there would be gang-bangs and orgies, once the kids were asleep, and that when the orgies were over, he would have to clean up after the guests, and then report to me to begin his nocturnal bondage."

"During this bondage, how do you dominate him?"

"I restrain him in some way, handcuffs, ropes, and such, and I make him eat my pussy and rim my ass for several minutes. Then I straddle him and fuck him as long as I wish, until I cum. I untie him, then I make him pleasure me for a while, and take a good spanking or flogging, before I finally let him cum, in whatever place I choose."

"Do you ever suck his cock?"

"Only when he's very good. I do, however, invite people from the orgy to spend the night and fuck me while he is cleaning up, after which they get to fuck him as they please. If a guy wants to suck my hubby's dick, I'm cool with that."

"So, he has sex with men, if that pleases you?"

"Yes. He does whatever I say until it's bedtime. If I am fucking women, he fucks them too. The same with men."

"Ever fuck him in the ass with a strap-on?"

"Certainly. Several times, in fact. He just takes it, too. He knows his place, to service me, as I service his friends and share him during his orgies, which he directs."

"So, why was Lisa different? You said that he dominated her, not vice versa."

"I wanted to see if she was dom, or sub, and I definitely found that one out."

"Did she attend these orgies then?"

"Yes. She really enjoyed them. A lot of the ladies that you have fucked go there, and they are often wondering why you've never shown up. I think that you should soon. Pick a night when Lisa is too busy fucking Jonathan, her main paramour, to attend it, or just keep a distance from her, and sneak up on her. Either way should work. I think that you should watch how submissive your wife can be."

"Well, Lloyd, Tina, this is certainly a surprise. I thought that you and Lisa are best friends, Tina."

"We are, so I want what's best for her, and this is it. She aches for a dominant male."

"So, I should then confront her."

"Yes. Tell her that you've decided to leave her, like you told us, and see how quickly she becomes a groveling bitch, ready to be enslaved."

Sure enough, James sneaked to the place that very night, and found Lisa and Jonathan making out on the front porch of Lloyd and Tina's house. He ignored them, and headed inside, to find a major orgy happening already. The sign on the door now hit home.

It said, "Abandon Fidelity, all ye who enter here." There was a smaller inscription, saying, "No Voyeurs Allowed- Get In, Or Get Out. We'll have your ass, or kick it out of here."

James could tell by the looks on the people's faces that both signs were serious, so he quickly undressed, and prepared to fuck some brunette's rectum, which was the only hole available. Just then, however, he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Tina.

"Rule One of the House Club- on the first night, the male neophytes are laid first by me, and the females by Lloyd. Yes, that's right, we've both fucked Lisa often."

"I notice that singles are welcome as well as couples."

"Yep, if you can fuck, you're welcome here. No condoms required, either."

"Cool. So, you're gonna fuck me now?"

"I'm standing in front of you in the buff, telling you about Rule One, and you doubt that I'm going to fuck you immediately?"

"Guess you're right? Any favorite positions?"

"With Lloyd, I do cowgirl, to emphasize my dominant role, but with you, I want to go doggie-style."

"How much foreplay do you need?"

"None right now- 4 men have already fucked me!"

"Including Lloyd?"

"No, he'll be the last. He loves sloppy seconds, and frankly, so do I. The feeling of another woman's juices on his cock when he enters me turns me on."

"So this bondage, it's not lifestyle then?"

"It's a weekend thing, just like the orgies. We both like to leave it behind us at work. Less tension that way. However, I think that Lisa would love to be dominated full-time. I could just tell, because she didn't want it to end at all."

"Even though she had Jonathan waiting for her?"

"She's got the hots for Johnny Boy, for sure, but he doesn't enslave her the way she now knows she wants. You would, so I think that you have an advantage there, plus he's got just a 5 inch dick."

"Mine is 7 inches."

"I can tell, so why don't you just stop talking and fuck me with it?"

He did, entering her cunt rapidly, and really going deep inside her vagina, pounding away at her with all of his force. His considerable size definitely helped him reach to her womb, nearly ripping it with its awesome penetration.

She squealed loudly, as she felt like he was impaling her, shoving a sharp stake into her pussy. She wasn't complaining, however, as she made it clear to him.

"Oh, holy, fucking shit! That is such a great cock! It's as long as the others, and much thicker! I've got to help you dominate Lisa, so you can get your cock back into her, and she can find out what she's been missing! I'm sure you're alot better in bed than you were the last time."

"You're really enjoying this fuck, aren't ya, Tina?"

"Absolutely, fucking A! Oh, and the number 2 rule says that the first fuck has to be in all 3 holes. If you don't do anal, there's the door."

"I've been wanting anal for years!"

"Oh, pretty, precious Princess Lisa won't let you sodomize her? Stupid bitch, sometimes, even though she's my friend. You'll get your hot rod into my rear end as often as you like."

"So, how did she get past the anal rule?"

"She didn't. Lloyd deflowered her ass like you wouldn't believe. She screamed for hours, it seemed to us, but he didn't let up. He just ravaged that rectum as much as he pleased, and when it was over, she had to lie down and not touch her ass for the rest of the night."

"He didn't rape her?"

"No, she submitted to it as an ultimatum, but she definitely regretted it for a few hours. Then, she was happy about it, and has wanted him to fuck her ass every time since."

"She never gave it up for me!"

"That's because she wants to piss you off. What better way than to fuck everyone but your husband?"

"So, how did you treat Lloyd after he butt-fucked Lisa the first time?"

"Very well. I had to reward him for taking her anal virginity, so I let him cum in my ass as well. I kinda enjoyed watching her howl in agony as he plundered her butt."


"And I hope that you get to sodomize her, yourself, tonight. The 4 of us can have a discussion tonight, right before I dominate Lloyd again. Oh, Jupiter fucking Juno, that cock of yours is really fucking me out of my senses!"

James shagged Tina harder and rougher until she finally came, and he quickly followed suit, emptying his balls into his wife's girlfriend.

"Oh, that's wonderful! Now don't forget my mouth, and my ass!"

He let her suck him deliciously for several minutes, evidently thrilled about getting the chance to suck this penis that was one of the best she'd come across.

When he was hard enough, she offered him the chance to just ram her backdoor, and he eagerly took it. She cooperated with him quite well, spreading her own cheeks, and letting him simply insert his phallus in her ass all the way.

The combination of pain and pleasure on her face told him that she was feeling him inside her rectum, and ultimately loving it. His sizable cock relentlessly nailed her butt, probing as deeply as he could, until she flexed her rectal muscles, and forced him to ejaculate.

The massive shower of semen inside her rump gave her the most obvious look of happiness, as she looked behind herself to see the satisfaction on his face.

Lisa, meanwhile, was taking Lloyd's dick in her mouth, while Jonathan was sticking her cunt with his smaller penis, and she was tightening her pussy to accomadate him.

Here was his chance, and he took it, winking at Tina as he withdrew from her ass, and just slammed Lisa's with his 7 inches.

She yelped out a bit, and then she began to adjust to his size, while he continued to use her anally, Jonathan was thoroughly enjoying her pussy, and Lloyd was filling her face and mouth with his cum.

3 men at once felt fantastic to Lisa, and she began to groan and grunt out her orgasm. She gritted her teeth as they screwed her, then the 3 all came in rapid succesion.

"Oh, God, that anal fuck was the best I've ever had!"

"Thanks, Lisa."

"James? How did you know?"

"How the fuck do you think I found out about this orgy- from certain people."

"Lloyd and Tina?"

"Yep. Anyway, we have to talk- the 4 of us. Soon."

At that point, she groaned again as he ejaculated into her.

An hour later, the 4 of them sat down, and James spoke up.

"Lisa, for 13 years, I have stomached more than I should. The hypocritical accusations of an unfaithful wife, the headaches, the locking me out of the bedroom, the slapping, kicking, beating, shouting at me, mockery and criticism in front of everyone, the derision for my chosen profession, and the constant nagging all add up. I'm leaving you today."

"No, James, please! I'll do what you want, just don't divorce me! I'm sorry that I've been so mean to you over the years."

"What about the abortion?"

"You know about it? How?"

"The doctor's bill for it."

"Oh, shit!"

"Well, it's safe to say that it wasn't mine, but did you have to kill it?"

"No. I just got scared that you would have proof of my infidelity, which you do anyway, now. I guess I was a hypocrite, attacking you for doing exactly what I've done. I've been a terrible wife, and you have every right to divorce me, but can you punish me some other way?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know- whatever you want! You've complained about no kids, so I will give you kids! I promise, whatever you wish!"

"Being married to me suddenly matters to you?"

"Not suddenly, James. I just took you for granted, and now I have risked losing you for good."

She was really, literally groveling to him, pleading and crying for him not to leave her. He looked at her with some disdain for a second, and then he ordered her to suck his cock.

"Do as I command for the rest of the evening, and as Tina commands, and I will put you on probation. Otherwise, it's sayonara, baby."

She really got busy with the blowjob, sucking like her life depended on it, as it did. She deep-throated, licked, sucked, nibbled, and massaged his penis with her tongue and lips, until he was forced to cum. As she began to swallow it, James gestured an invitation to Lloyd to fuck his wife in the ass as hard as he did the last time.

Lloyd took him up on it, at his wife's coaxing, and soon his dick was nearly splitting Lisa, as she reeled from the excruciating pain she felt inside her ass. She kept sucking James, however, until he ordered her to eat Tina's pussy and ass.

Lisa began to voraciously indulge her newly discovered taste for pussy, even rimming her ass as long as James wanted it done. He, for his role, began easing into the pussy that she had once denied him. That would change, because, after tonight, she would never withold sex from him again.

He continued fucking her for several hours, while they both watched Tina dominate Lloyd. James paid her close attention, as she gave pointers to him on how to control Lisa. He saw Lloyd's cock slide in and out of Tina's ass and pussy, until he pulled out and came on her tits. He also saw Lloyd lick it off her breasts, and that sight made him cum instantly.

Tina then took a strap-on dildo and asked permission to bugger Lisa. James was more than happy to oblige her there, and they began to hear Lisa shriek in pain like she had never done in life. Tina then pointed to Lloyd, suggesting that James could sodomize him, if he wished.

James just went ahead and tried it, using some lube at first, but then pushing into Lloyd's obviously experienced ass. Lloyd grunted and winced for a second or two, and then he went back to taking the cock as well as he could.

He laughed hard as he came inside Lloyd.

"Man, you've got a nice ass for a guy!"

"Thanks, but I think that my wife is getting the better deal."

Lisa's growing excitement sent her out of control, until she just yelled out Tina's name. The invasion that she had hated earlier now felt like ecstasy, as she came on the dildo, and then fainted from the pleasure.

James made her his slave from that day, and she proved quite willing to obey him now, not to mention bear his children. Already, thought James, Tina is pregnant, and she will given be the chance to carry his firstborn, while Lisa will have my second.

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