byMr James©

Kat stood in front of Andrew, waiting for his temper to explode. On the table, in front of him, the monthly statements from their credit cards and the bank bore mute witness to the reason for his ire. She had to admit that she had spent more than she had meant to, at the beginning of this month, but she still thought that everything she had bought had been a bargain. The silk bra and French-cut panties had felt like liquid ice as they moulded to her generous curves, while the bodice of the black gown had been just enough to draw appreciative glances at her bosom, but not enough for her to be called tarty or sluttish.

She looked at his dark frown, irritation clouding his grey-green eyes and totally masking any sympathy. She tried to hide the glee she had felt when she had found the things in the sale and look suitably shame-faced but she knew that he had seen the glimmer at the back of her eyes. She had worn the gown and the lingerie, with a pair of hold-up stockings and tall spike heels so that he would see, for himself, how well they suited her. It had, in part, worked because he had not stormed out of the room. Instead, he had sat down with the statements, and sighed as he added up the cost of the items she had on. At last he laid his pen down and ran his fingers through his short, dark hair. Taking his spectacles off, he rubbed his eyes and looked at her.

"You realise that those clothes cost nearly three thousand," he asked.

Kat's eyes widened and she just nodded dumbly. Any minute now he would order her to pack them away and take them back for a refund. She had not realised just how much the things had cost. She swallowed nervously and looked at him as plaintively as she could. Andrew shuffled the bills together, in one pile, and looked into her deep, chocolate-brown eyes. He still felt the hot flush of desire, every time he ran his eyes over her lush curvy figure and the new dress did hint at the promise of further delights.

"I suppose that you really MUST have this outfit?" Andrew sighed, "and the lingerie?"

"I bought the lingerie to look nice for you," Kat whispered.

"How can I make you see that you mustn't be so extravagant?" he asked, "It isn't as though I can spank your bottom like a naughty child."

"I have been naughty though," Kat murmured, with a hopeful gleam in her eye.

Kat thought that, if she could distract him for a while, he might forget about her extravagance, for once, and she could keep the dress and the lingerie. Smoothing the dress over her hips, she lifted her hand to her mouth and carefully slid the tip of her finger into her mouth. Andrew watched her, feeling the stirring in his loins as he imagined his cock in place of her finger, her tongue hot and fluid as it swirled around his swollen cock head. His breath caught in the back of his throat and he had to shake his head to clear the lust that clouded his thoughts.

"Naughty girls should be punished," she continued, "If you think it might help."

"go up to the bedroom and wait for me there," Andrew ordered.

Kat felt a sudden thrill ripple through her body. He had never heard such a stern tone in his voice before and, though he had never raised a hand against her, she had sometimes imagined him abandoning the tenderness he normally showed towards her. Andrew watched as Kat made for the stairs, her hips swaying provocatively, the swing of the skirt emphasising the curve of her hips and the long, elegant line of her legs. With a deliberate tilt of her hips, she swung around the post at the bottom of the stairs and made a show of reluctantly going up to their room.

Leaving the bedroom door open, Kat stood and looked around, trying to decide where to sit and wait. She had thought that about lying on the bed, then about sitting on the stool in front of the dressing table finally, she decided to stand, hands clasped in front of her and head bowed like a naughty girl. She listened to the tick of the clock on the landing and glanced through her lashes at herself in the full-length mirror in the corner, judging the effect. Andrew climbed the stairs slowly, his footsteps heavy on each tread, making sure that Kat's apprehension had plenty of time to build. In the bedroom, Kat could feel the silk of her panties becoming damp, where they were pressed against the hot slit of her pussy. The points of her nipples were hard and hot against the silk of the bra cups and she could feel them swelling and tightening as she imagined the feel of his hand on the bare skin of her buttocks.

Andrew stepped into the bedroom and closed the door, then walked across the carpet to the stool by the dressing table and sat on the cushion. Silently, he gestured to Kat, signalling for her to step closer. She crossed to his side and stood, hands clasped in front of her. Andrew grabbed her hands and pulled her down, so that she was laid across his knee, her breasts on one side of his legs and her ass raised high in the air. Kat let her head hang down and could see herself, sprawled across Andrew's lap, in the full-length mirror. His hand pressed on the back of her neck, bending her further over his knee. Kat could smell the dust in the carpet, tickling the back of her nose. She felt the cool air of the room against the bare skin of her thighs, above the tops of her stockings, as Andrew lifted the dress of her gown over her back, displaying the deep red silk of the panties. Even across the room, reflected in the mirror, Kat could see a faint darkening of the material where it had pressed against her excited pussy. She felt the warmth of his finger hooking into the waistband of the panties and then there was cool air on her buttocks and the skin of her almost bare pussy. She could see, in the mirror, her taut ass lifted high and the silk of her panties around her ankles. The bare skin of her ass and pussy was creamy smooth and white, with the dark line of her moist slit clearly showing, damp and glistening with pearls of nectar that had already seeped from her cunt.

Kat felt the grip of his hand tighten on the back of her neck and willed herself to relax. She could feel her heart flutter as she abandoned herself to his punishment. She felt him shift, as Andrew raised his hand, then there was a stinging pain in her ass cheek as a sharp crack of flesh upon flesh echoed through the bedroom. Kat almost convulsed at the burning sensation from the reddening handprint on her milky-white ass cheek. She caught sight of the scarlet print of his fingers across her taut ass, and blushed as the sweet juices flooded her cunt. Andrew raised his hand again and brought it cracking across the cheeks of her ass, leaving a second bright mark imprinted on the taut curve. A sob of pain and arousal slipped past her lips and she felt her limbs relaxing as she surrendered herself, completely, to him.

Andrew pushed her off his lap, grabbing her wrist as she clambered to her feet. Roughly spinning her around, he took hold of the zipper at then back of her dess and yanked it viciously down to her waist. Grabbing the material at her shoulders, he pulled the bodice of the dress to her waist, revealing her lush, tautly swollen breasts. Reaching up he unfastened the clasp of her bra with a flick of his fingertips, spilling her breasts out, the hard nipples erect and standing proud from the dusky aureoles.

Pulling her back across his lap, this time belly up, Andrew lifted the skirt of her dress, exposing her shaven pussy. She shivered as he ran the tips of fingers along the neatly trimmed strip of soft curls, leading down to the hood over her clit. His other hand curled over the swell of her breast, his fingers trapping, then pinching the hard points until she moaned in the back of her throat. He released his grip on the nipple and then slapped the taut mounds, leaving red prints on the pale globes. His other hand drifted closer to her clit, peeping from beneath the protective hood and his fingers stroked the hard bud, caressing gently, then pinching hard. The sensation raced through her nerves as though he had electrocuted her and her body arched as her muscles spasmed. He gripped her clit and nipple at the same time, pulling and twisting, punishing the tender flesh cruelly. Kat whimpered plaintively, pleading for mercy and release.

Andrew released his grip and used his fingertips to spread her pussy lips wider, caressing her clit slowly, then nipping it, so that she yelped as she felt the pressure of his fingers on her hard, swollen bud. Andrew lifted his hand above the smooth shaven mound of her taut pussy and brought it back down, slapping his fingers against her creamy skin, leaving distinct red stripes across the swollen mound. Kat whimpered and bit the flesh of her bottom lip as the dark sparks of her pain joined into a burning sensation within the depths of her pussy. Andrew squeezed the tender mound of her breast, his finger and thumb tight on the base of her puffy nipples. Kat moaned, deep in her throat, unable to deny her mounting lust. Andrew slapped the mounds of her breasts with his fingertips, leaving a row of red fingerprints on her skin. The taut mounds quivered and she moaned again, feeling the heat flaring in her pussy.

Andrew rested his hand on the smooth mound of her pussy and gently curled the tip of his finger, so that it pressed between the lips of her pussy and slid easily into her cunt. The red marks on her ass and her breasts seemed to burn and throb in time to her building lust. She moaned as he pushed his fingers slowly into her tight pussy, gently and slowly stretching her as her sweet nectar bubbled over his fingers. She could feel the trickles of moisture on her thighs and the cleft between her buttocks, gradually seeping over her skin and moistening the puckered rosebud of her anus.

Andrew pushed gently and rolled Kat off his lap onto the floor, slipping his fingers out of the smooth wetness of her cunt. She could feel it throbbing urgently as she slid to her knees, then turned to kneel at his feet. She squatted back on her heels, the bodice of her new dress draped around her waist, displaying her bare breasts and waited. Andrew stood and moved across to the bed, then beckoned her over to him. Kat crawled across the bedroom carpet, head down and knelt in front of him. She could see the bulge of his swollen cock pressing against the cloth of his pants and, reaching up, she eased his zipper down, pushing the material aside, so that she could reach into his fly and ease the stiff rod of his erect cock out. She felt her mouth water at the sight of his cock and the subtle muskiness of his male hardness made her mouth water to taste him. Andrew reached down and caught her beneath her arms, lifting her to her feet. The new dress fell to the floor, in a crumple of expensive silk as he lowered himself to his knees. Kat felt his fingers sliding over the smooth skin of her thighs, slipping higher and higher, until he was caressing the smooth mound of her pussy. Sliding his hands around to her buttocks, Andrew gripped Kat firmly, and then leaned forward, until his lips were brushing against the smooth skin of her mound. Kat arched her neck and moaned as she felt the warm caress of his breath. Gently, he ran the tip of his tongue along the puffy lips, tasting the sweet droplets of pussy juice and insinuating the tip of his tongue, just inside. Kat shivered as another gush of her sweet nectar flooded her cunt. Andrew's hands tightened on the cheeks of her ass and he tilted his head back a little, running his tongue along the slit of her pussy until the tip slipped beneath the delicate hood protecting her clit. Kat reached down to press his head against her pussy, but Andrew knocked her hand away, continuing to caress the base of her tender clit with his mobile tongue.

Kat was sobbing now, trying to find words to beg Andrew to let her cum. Andrew could feel her taut thighs vibrating, as his tongue caressed and teased her diabolically, sending showers of sparks ripping through her nerves. She could feel her knees trembling, and then buckling as she fell to the floor, her thighs spread widely and her dripping pussy an angry red gash against her smooth skin. Andrew knelt between her thighs and dipped his head, pressing his lips around her clit and sucking hard to draw it into his mouth. Kat bucked and screamed beneath him, arching her back and thrusting her aching pussy against his mouth. Andrew nipped her clit with the edges of her teeth, feeling the arch of her body trembling . His hands cradled the swell of her buttocks as he spread the cleft between them, resting the tips of his forefingers against the dark opening of her asshole.

Sucking hard on her erect clit, Andrew moistened his fingertips in the slippery juices sprinkling from her cunt and then pressed them into her hot, tight asshole. Kat shrieked as she felt the penetration of her tender anus and her knees gave out, her legs collapsing and her body flopping onto the floor. Kat impaled herself on Andrew's forefingers, screaming as she felt them stretching her ass and sliding deeply into her bowel. She panted desperately, spasms wracking her body and focusing on her asshole, while her limbs thrashed helplessly. His mouth devoured her cunt, the edges of his teeth grazing, almost painfully, along the shaft of her swollen, erect clit. Andrew slid his fingers out of her asshole and nipped hard, with his teeth, at the tip of her clit. Kat howled and flopped back onto the floor, gasping, as her cunt gushed over her thighs and onto the pale carpet beneath her ass. She could feel his hands in the smooth skin on the inside of her knees, spreading her legs as wide as he could and pushing her knees back to angle her cunt towards him, so that he could plunge his cock as deep into her tender passage as possible.

"No, please no," she begged in a hoarse whisper.

"No? don't you want your pretty new dress?" Andrew taunted.

"Yes, but I don't think I can take any more of this. It hurts when you make me cum like this, please, Andrew, let me rest for a minute," she begged.

"You want the dress, you do what I want, and I want you to cum for me again," Andrew snarled.

Kat bit her lip as she felt the tip of his cock nuzzle between the lips of her pussy and then stretch her tight cunt as he forced the length of his cock inside her tender passage. Her belly tightened as Andrew's cock sank deeper and deeper inside her, the ridge around his cockhead rubbing against the tip of her aching clit. She arched her spine and locked her ankles around the small of his back, trying to slow his long, insistent thrusting, but he stiffened and rammed the thick length of his meaty cock hard into her. Kat could feel him filling her cunt and the tip of his cock pressing painfully against the mouth of her womb. Reaching between them, Andrew flicked his thumbnail against the tip of her aching clit and she screamed as her body was painfully wracked by orgasmic spasms.

Kat writhed and thrashed on the floor, speared by Andrew's cock, wither cunt flooded with slippery juices. The tight walls clenched around Andrew's shaft milking the thick, sticky cum from his balls. She could feel him stiffen and swell inside her and then his cock jerked, spraying a stinging jet of cum deep into her cunt. Kat howled as she felt every splash of his cum, while he pinned her to the floor with his hands on her shoulders and his chest pressing her knees against her tender, swollen breasts. He thrust hard and viciously, driving his cock against the opening to her womb and pulling her hips upwards to pierce her as deeply as he could. Kat surrendered herself to his lusts panting and grunting as he fucked her with hard, selfish strokes.

"Feel me fucking your sloppy cunt?" snarled Andrew.

"God yess! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she begged, gasping.

"I'm gonna fill your hot cunt with my cum and fuck you till you can't walk," he bragged.

"Please, make me cum, fuck me until I cum," she whispered.

"Yess! I'm cumming," he yelled.

"Aaaaargh," she screamed, "I'm cumming!!"

Andrew stiffened, his cock buried deep in Kat's cunt and felt his balls tightening as he pumped every drop of his cum deep into her pussy. Slowly his cock softened and he relaxed. Kat whimpered and trembled as she felt his shrinking cock sliding out of her pussy, leaving a thin trail of slime on the inside of her thighs. She could not tell which felt more tender, her asshole or her cunt, but the intense burning had subsided, with the throes of her reluctant orgasm, into a throbbing ache and a delicious lanour permeating her whole body.

Still breathing heavily, Andrew stood and made his way out of their bedroom, leaving Kat splayed across the floor, her outstretched hand caressing the cool silk of the new dress she had very thoroughly earned.

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