tagNonConsent/ReluctancePC Gone Mad Ch. 01

PC Gone Mad Ch. 01


"You want me to suck it again already? Oh, shit. Well sit down then; I'll lock the door."

Sally sighed as Lenny dropped his overweight shabby frame into her leather office chair. Having checked no-one was looking, she pulled the window blind down and secured the door.

"Come on then; let's get this over and done with quickly," she groaned.

Lenny's dirty penis popped into view, already semi-erect. Sally knelt in front of him and grimaced as the unpleasant smell of his crotch hit her. Suppressing her instinct to gag, she leant forward and allowed the grey-purple head of his engorged cock to slide into her open mouth. Ignoring his foul taste, she began to smoothly bob her head on his erection, eager to finish him off as quickly as possible.

How had she got herself into this situation in just a day? Lenny was an ugly loser, a balding oaf in his late forties who had achieved nothing in his life. And she was an attractive young woman with a successful career and caring husband. It made no sense! As she sucked hard and furiously nodded her head up and down, she thought back to when it had started.


Sally ran the local branch of the Small Business Enterprise Scheme or SBES, a government funded organisation devoted to helping to kick start small businesses and sole trader operations. She was young to have been promoted to office manager, still in her late-twenties, and proud of her achievements, a woman really going places.

She had been in position for twelve months now, running the office of 25 employees very successfully, at least in her own opinion. So she was mildly perplexed when her boss, Jane, called up from head office and informed her that she would be visiting the next day.

"No problem, Jane. I'll see you tomorrow at 10. Er, is anything wrong?" she asked.

"No, no. Nothing actually wrong. I just need you help on something," Jane replied cryptically.

The next day Sally prepared carefully, ensuring the office was tidy, that she had all her performance statistics to hand and that she understood the Scheme's current priorities just in case she had to answer any difficult questions. She made an effort with her appearance too, dressing her tall yet curvaceous figure in a smart two piece dark business suit. Her make-up complemented her long black hair and bright green eyes perfectly and allowed her beauty to present itself naturally.

Overall she was quietly confident. Maybe Jane was coming to talk to her about her prospects - maybe another future promotion?

Jane was a slender attractive woman in her mid-thirties with dark eyes, olive skin and dark brown shoulder-length hair. As ever, on her arrival, she was immaculately dressed in a Parisienne style. Which was why the sight of a portly middle-aged man in shapeless grey clothing ambling into Sally's office behind Jane was so jarring.

"How do you do?" Sally greeted him politely. He grunted in reply as he and Jane sat down next to each other facing Sally across her desk.

"Sally, I'd like you to meet Lenny Slackitt. He joined SBES head office a couple of days ago. And that's why I've brought him to see you. I feel he would be much better, er, suited to a regional role and I'd like you to accommodate him here."

"Oh, Jane. I mean, that's, well, great but I don't have any vacancies at the moment," Sally answered trying to conceal her personal distaste for him.

Jane replied "Of course, of course. Actually that's not a problem. Sally, have you heard of the government's new Positive Action Against Disability policy or PAAD?"

"No, I thought I knew all of our policies but I've not come across that one."

"I'm not surprised. It's hot off the press. In a nutshell it's all about ensuring that the ratio of disabled people in the workplace is in line with their ratio in the population as a whole. And as the private sector is behind their fair share, it's important that the public sector takes positive action to employ disabled workers."

Sally considered briefly. "That sounds very reasonable. I..." She trailed off as Lenny, who was sitting to Jane's right, casually reached across and started to paw her somewhat petite yet proudly thrusting breasts through her cream blouse.

Jane continued as if nothing were happening. "Lenny, who unfortunately suffers from several disabilities, has been taken on under our PAAD scheme quota and so whatever position he fills won't come under any headcount restrictions."

"Oh, right. Um, Jane, I don't mean to pry but why is he doing that?" Sally asked faintly. By this time Lenny had pulled his chair behind Jane and was reaching around her pulling roughly through her top at her now visibly erect nipples.

"Sally," Jane said indistinctly, now obviously somewhat perturbed by Lenny's increasingly forceful manhandling. "Do you know what SBES's policy is on disability?"

"Of course, we're an equal opportunities employer, completely against discrimination on the grounds of physical or mental disability. We will provide absolute and comprehensive opportunity to all disabled employees to allow them full and fair access to all roles in the organisation," Sally quoted automatically, her horrified eyes alternately moving between Lenny's grasping hands on Jane's boobs and the ugly-looking bulge in his shiny grey trousers.

"Oooh!" Jane squealed as Lenny began twisting her nipples, although she still made no effort to stop him. "Lenny has unfortunately been diagnosed as suffering from Uncontrollable Sexual Addiction Syndrome or USAS for short. Basically, if he doesn't, er, ejaculate on a regular basis then he suffers severe mental distress."

"I see. Oh! I see!" Sally had squeaked as Lenny released his unpleasant erection and guided Jane's hand to it. Jane began to masturbate him nonchalantly while she continued to speak.

"Even more unfortunately for Lenny, he suffers from Acute Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or ACTS, which means his wrists are weak and he's unable to relieve himself as would normally happen in such cases. Hence as part of our commitment to fair working conditions to all, we are obliged to provide Lenny with sexual relief on demand. Otherwise he would be unable to work and would have to claim benefits as he has been doing for many years. Indeed on the journey here I had to stop to masturbate him twice. Allowing him to, er, feel my breasts brings him to a swifter climax which, I think you'd agree, is best for everyone concerned."

"But his wrists don't look weak!" Sally protested.

For the first time, Lenny spoke. "Are you fucking prejudiced against the disabled or something?" he glared at Sally.

"Oh, no, no, of course not," she immediately protested, aghast at the thought of being considered a bigot.

"My poor wrists hurt all of the time but they get worse if I perform a repetitive action such as having a wank. I've got a doctor's report confirming that," he replied indignantly. "Oh that's it, you silly slut, don't stop," he added to Jane. Her manicured hand began to blur as she increased her pace.

"Lenny also suffers from Tourette's Syndrome, or TS, which occasionally leads to his language becoming somewhat, er, colourful. We have to forgive him the odd verbal indiscretion." As he pulled open her blouse and yanked up her bra to reveal her small yet perky brown-tipped breasts, her wanking become feverishly quick. Thank goodness the blind on the door is down, Sally thought.

Lenny continued to violently fondle her breasts before, all of a sudden, he groaned loudly and came abundantly all over Sally's beautiful beech desk.

She sat there in a stunned haze staring at the sticky white-grey mess as Jane calmly wiped her hand on a handkerchief before pulling down her bra and packing up to leave. "I'm sure we can leave Lenny in your capable, er, hands, Sally. As you can see I've had to take personal responsibility for Lenny's welfare as I've struggled to find any volunteers for the role of his, um, helper. Remember this initiative is very important to us at head office. We need to make sure that we provide full access to employment for all disabled workers. I don't need to remind you that I will hold you personally responsible for ensuring that this is the case. No matter how, er, unusual anyone's needs may be." she added as she left.

Sally stared at the closed door wordlessly.

"She's a stuck-up bitch but she's got fab little tits and she gives a great handjob."

Sally jumped as Lenny's words tore her from her reverie. "What?" she exclaimed.

"Y'know. Your boss. Good with her left hand as well. Great arse too."

"Please, Mr. Slackitt, er, Lenny. I know you have a condition but I'd really rather that you weren't quite so rude! I just can't believe she did that! I'm sure she's married."

"Well, I guess you never know what someone will do to keep their job. And I reckon she probably didn't tell her husband either." Sally shivered as Lenny's gaze wandered appreciatively up and down her body.

"Lenny, you can't smoke in here!" she said huffily changing the subject as he pulled out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter.

"I've got Post-Coital Compulsive Nicotine Disorder or PCCND. Which means I have to have a fag after spunking," he replied as he lit up.

"Well at least put your, um, penis away. Please."

"All right, love. Although I'll need some relief in an hour or so," he added while zipping himself up.

"Shit! An hour! Oh my god," Sally cursed.

"Well, look who's fucking swearing now. Yes, an hour. Are you going to be doing me personally?" he lewdly suggested, staring boldly at her substantial bosom. "You're fucking hot."

Sally blushed and hastily crossed her arms over her ample chest. "No! Certainly not! I'm married!"

"Shame. I'd love to get hold of those beauties. How big are you? D-cup, I reckon."

Sally reddened further at his accuracy.

"So who's going to be tossing me off?" he continued. "There are some nice looking birds out there," he gestured out to the main office. "Let's go and have a look."

With that he sauntered out and begun leering at the other employees. Sally hastily followed him and introduced him to the rest of her staff and asked one of her three team leaders, Rachel, to begin to coach him on a basic admin job.

Rachel coughed politely and looked at her askance but began to show him how to enter data onto the system, doing her best to ignore Lenny's shameless ogling of her body and his cigarette smoke.

Sally rushed back to her office to clean up the mess and to work out what to do. How on earth could she ask one of the young women, or indeed anyone, in her team to give this disgusting man sexual relief? Of course, it was completely out of the question for her to do it. She was happily married and would do nothing to put that at risk.

It seemed like no time at all before Lenny strolled into her office and sat himself down into a chair.

"Well?" he challenged. "As you can see I'm feeling a bit horny."

Sally blushed once more as she looked at the bulge in his trousers. She remained silent, not knowing what to say.

"There are three really good-looking girls out there but the one I like best, after you, is that Rachel. I love that tanned blonde look. And her tits are almost as big as yours."

Rachel? thought Sally. She wasn't surprised that Lenny fancied her: she was a very attractive woman. Also she was single and ambitious. And, Sally had heard, she maintained a considerable level of sexual activity.

"Stay there. I'll go and ask her."

Sally walked out into the main office and tentatively approached Rachel.

"Er, Rachel," she started hesitantly.

Before she could continue, Rachel interrupted. "Sally, what's going on? Who the hell is he and why did Jane bring him to work here? He said he had a medical condition that meant he could smoke in the office. And well, I hate to say it, but he's been ogling me and some of the other girls. He's got absolutely no shame. And he kept 'accidentally' touching my leg. And he smells dreadful!"

"Oh, Rachel." Sally tried to keep the despair out of her voice. "I really need your help. Would you mind stepping into my office, please."

Rachel followed Sally back to her room, grunting when she saw the grinning Lenny sprawled across a chair with his feet up on Sally's desk.

"Well, is she going to give me one?" he smirked as Rachel sat next to him, fastidiously edging her chair away from him.

"Please, Lenny. Let me explain to her," Sally pleaded.

As she clarified why Lenny was there and what they were required to provide him, she watched Rachel's expression become progressively more appalled.

"Fucking Hell! You want to do what to him?" she almost screamed.

"Please Rachel, keep your voice down," Sally said.

"I can't believe you're actually asking me to toss him off. He's, he's disgusting," Rachel spat. "Why don't you do it yourself, if it's so important!"

"Oh, I feel hurt by your prejudice against the disabled," Lenny moaned. "I might have to report the attitude on this site to head office."

Sally interrupted hastily. "Rachel, I wouldn't have asked you but it IS a medical condition that we're being asked to, er, help with." She continued, "And you know I'm married. I just thought with you being single and having a lot of..."

"A lot of what?" Rachel asked heatedly.

"You know, boyfriends," Sally finished lamely.

"Oh fantastic. I can't wait to let everyone know that my boss wants me to toss off a stranger because she thinks I'm a slapper."

"Rachel, please!" Sally groaned. This was all going wrong. She took a breath and continued, "Rachel, look, I can promise to make it worth your while."

Rachel uncrossed her arms. "How worth my while exactly?"

Lenny gave a low chuckle.

Sally thought for a while before replying. "Well appraisal time will be here soon. I could give you a top grade and a maximum pay rise for your cooperation in this matter," she offered.

"I deserve the top grade anyway but I'll take the pay rise plus you need to put me forward for promotion."

Sally groaned in anguish. She knew that Rachel wasn't quite ready for promotion and indeed would be jumping the queue somewhat. She cursed Jane for forcing her into such an unprofessional situation. "OK," she finally agreed.

"Oh, fucking fantastic," Lenny exclaimed. "C'mon then get your tits out." He was already fumbling at his crotch trying to liberate his hard-on. Sally ran to lock the office door before sitting back down at her desk.

Grim-faced, Rachel pulled up her top and reached behind her to release her breasts. "You only get to feel them. No kissing or touching anything else."

First Lenny's grubby erection sprang into view and then Rachel's large tanned boobs were revealed. Lenny's hands immediately leapt to squeeze her big breasts.

"Fucking hell, you've got amazing tits," he drooled as he rolled her chocolate-brown nipples firmly between his thumbs and forefingers.

Rachel grunted at his roughness before reaching out and grasping his cock tightly in her right hand. She began to wank him quickly but kept eye contact with Sally, refusing to look at what she was having to do.

"Oh, that's lovely" he groaned.

Sally watched on, caught between fascination and revulsion. She was amazed at the size and firmness of Rachel's breasts. Sally was proud of her own figure but had to admit Rachel's was just as gorgeous. Also she doubted she would be able to stand up to Lenny's rough squeezing fingers as stoically as Rachel was.

Lenny's groaning, Rachel's blurring hands and Sally's gawping continued for another ten intense minutes. By this time Rachel had switched hands several times and seemed to be struggling.

Eventually she stopped frustratedly. "Shit. How close are you to coming? My arms really ache."

Lenny didn't pause his breast groping. "Still a way to go, girl." He looked up at her slyly. "Of course if you give it a suck, I'll come a lot quicker."

Rachel shuddered. "No fucking way. I am not putting that thing anywhere near my mouth," she refused.

"Well then, don't stop or it'll take even longer," he said.

Rachel once again began to masturbate him, although at a slower pace. After a few more minutes she sighed exasperatedly, "Sally you're going to have to help me."

"What? No way, Rachel. I've told you I'm married. I can't!" Sally whined.

"Well, my hands are going to cramp up entirely soon. And my tits really hurt. Stop twisting my nipples like that!" she barked at Lenny who smirked back at her but continued to play forcefully with her breasts.

"I can't help! What if Ian were to find out!" Sally complained.

"Well don't fucking tell him! It's just a handjob for Christ's sake! Honestly if you don't take over I'm going to have to stop!"

Lenny looked up at this. "Don't fucking stop. That would be a violation of my rights as a disabled person. I would be forced to contact head office as well as, potentially, the press to expose your bigotry. And anyway, I'm getting really close."

"Oh, shit," Sally swore uncharacteristically. She just couldn't let Lenny tell anyone that her office wasn't complying with a national directive. At best her career would be sidelined. At worst she would be sacked. She moved around the desk and, taking a deep breath, grabbed hold of Lenny's cock as Rachel let go. She began to toss him off tentatively.

"Faster, you dirty little whore. That's it, faster!" Lenny hissed as Sally increased her pace.

Rachel shook her hands out until they felt better before grasping the lower part of Lenny's penis to help her out.

"Oh yes, girls, that's lovely, don't stop!" Lenny encouraged. He put an arm around each of them and slipped his hands onto their own heads, holding them by the hair.

Sally was sickened. She couldn't believe she was masturbating an ugly dirty stranger with awful body odour. And with one her own staff! She closed her eyes to avoid looking at the bulbous head of Lenny's penis.

Without warning Lenny began to come. He firmly held onto Rachel's and Sally's head as enormous ropes of jism came shooting copiously out of his cock.

Sally managed to avoid most of it by wriggling away from him but she still felt a jet of spunk hit her left cheek.

After a few moments she opened her eyes. She could feel the cum on her cheek dripping onto her top. "Oh no, I've got some on my blouse!" she complained.

She looked up at Rachel's disconsolate groan.

Rachel had by far caught the worst of Lenny's ejaculation. Her face, hair and boobs were covered in foul-smelling semen. She had her mouth clamped shut to avoid allowing any into her mouth. And her eyes were flashing with fury.

Sally grabbed a box of tissues from her desk and gave them to Rachel who took handfuls to wipe the spunk from her face and boobs.

"You bastard," she finally said to Lenny. "You bloody held my head down and came on my face on purpose", she spat.

"Sorry, love," the self-satisfied Lenny sneered as he zipped himself up. Somehow, he'd managed to avoid any of the mess. "It was an accident. Anyway, a little bit of cum never hurt anyone."

Sally cleaned herself up as best she could with the last remaining tissue. "Thanks, Rachel. I know that was, er, difficult but I'm very grateful for your help in maintaining our equal opportunities policy."

Rachel swore fiercely. "I've got come in my hair, Sally! Loads of it. I don't think he's disabled. He's just abusing the situation to get free handjobs from attractive young women. I'm going to go home now - I need a shower."

"But Rachel! You can't go yet; it's only lunchtime. What if he needs any more, you know, relief today?"

"Well you'll have to do it yourself, won't you! Don't you think everyone's going to notice that I smell of spunk if I go back to my desk!"

Sally's heart sank as she realised Rachel was right. "OK," she nodded as Rachel left, slamming the door behind her.

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