tagNonConsent/ReluctancePC Gone Mad Ch. 03

PC Gone Mad Ch. 03


At last he was gone.

Sally breathed a sigh of relief as Lenny Slackitt left her office for the last time.

It had been four weeks since Sally & her new Deputy Site Manager, Rachel, had succumbed fully to Lenny's unwelcome but irrefutable sexual demands.

Sally had not realised how happy and settled she'd been until the unhygienic mendacious hypochondriac Lenny had entered her well-ordered and successful life. She was the head of the local Small Business Enterprise Scheme office, a government-run concern that promoted local companies.

Sally had been enjoying her job until Lenny had been unceremoniously foisted on her as a disabled employee whose illnesses didn't seemed to manifest themselves in any apparent form beyond, through an incredible series of coincidences, the medical need to be regularly sexually satisfied by attractive young women.

She was told by her boss that she had to ensure the ugly fat Lenny was not the victim of any discrimination and that she had a personal responsibility to ensure all of his needs were met, no matter how exotic, unusual or unlikely they might be.

Luckily she was able to elicit the help of an accomplice, the gorgeously pretty, gloriously proportioned and flexibly principled Rachel, who, after being inveigled with a range of career-related inducements, agreed to give Lenny a topless handjob. Unfortunately, the situation escalated until Sally found herself unexpectedly giving him frantic oral sex despite her erstwhile status as a staunchly faithful and happily married woman.

In fact matters had rapidly spiralled even further out of control as they had tried to gather proof that he was faking his disabilities, culminating in an afternoon of Rachel & Sally being forced into using their mouths, breasts and pussies, as well as Rachel's poor tiny pink arsehole, to satisfy Lenny's varied and relentlessly insistent erotic needs.

And just to make the worst day of Sally's life even more appalling, through a progression of increasingly implausible events, her husband's digital video camera, complete with an explicit recording of their depraved ménage-à-trois, had gone missing! Sally had been mortified at the thought of what might happen if naked images of both her & Rachel sucking Lenny's repulsive grubby erection and licking his spunk from Sally's plump creamy breasts found their way into the hands of someone unscrupulous or corrupt.

However, despite her worst fears, things seemed to have improved.

No-one had approached her with hard video evidence of her indiscretions and she had successfully replaced the camera surreptitiously.

Also, for the last few weeks, Lenny had settled for making regular use of Rachel's hot pouty mouth for his pleasure four or five times a day, although Sally had had to promote her in return.

And, best of all, he had finally gone!

Despite the fact he was being paid to come to work for the Civil Service and do nothing but have his cock sucked by a beautiful full-busted tanned leggy blonde, a disabled rights action group had managed to find him a job at a City investment bank earning a fantastically high salary as Head of Recruitment.

Lenny had thought long and hard about his decision: regular free oral sex from a lovely young woman or an enormously well-paid job.

However Rachel's somewhat unethical argument that as the manager in charge of all recruitment, he would be meeting lots of young ambitious women who would do anything to join a merchant bank had finally swayed him to leave SBES. After all even if, as was likely, he failed horribly, the pay-off would be enormous.

Which was why Sally had a big smile on her face as he finally left the building for the very last time.

Within a few minutes of his leaving, Rachel bounded in, closing the office door behind her.

"Thank fuck he's gone!" she exclaimed.

Sally laughed despite Rachel's bad language. In fact she and Rachel had gotten closer in adversity, perhaps owing to the mutual lesbian activity on which Lenny had insisted. And despite her disquiet at Rachel's earlier-than-deserved promotion, Sally had to admit that she had started extremely competently and confidently despite the time she'd had to devote every day to kneeling between Lenny's legs, bobbing her pretty blonde head up and down on his rod.

"I know! I can't believe it! I'm going to go home and celebrate tonight," she answered.

"YOU'RE going to celebrate! I'm going to get pissed and find some lovely young stud and ride him all weekend. I can't wait to get rid of the taste of Lenny's dirty smelly cock. I must have swallowed pints of his cum!"

They giggled together a bit more and, after a long friendly hug, wished each other a great weekend.

Sally drove home, listening to some loud happy pop, looking forward to spending a romantic weekend at home with her husband Ian and glad to have finally put the whole insalubrious Lenny episode behind her.

As she soaked in a hot soapy bath, Sally sighed gladly before drifting off into a gentle drowsy reverie.

She was startled awake by the doorbell. She grunted in displeasure. Ian was travelling back from an off-site meeting and wasn't due back for an hour. She dried herself perfunctorily, donning a thick gown, but by the time she got down to the front door, whoever it was had gone.

She looked around before noticing a plastic bag that had been left on the doorstep. She scooped it up and looked inside.

"Oh, shit!" she swore involuntarily as she looked down on the camcorder that had been lost a few weeks back when Lenny had stolen it and hidden in her garden. She opened it up, her heart racing. The disc was gone but there was a note attached.

Written on it in a slightly immature script was the message, "I found this stuck in the hedge at the front of your house. I thought I'd look at what was on it to see if I could work out whose it was. And now I can't stop watching you and your pretty friend with that old man. But I feel guilty about the camera so here it is as I'm not a thief. I have to keep the DVD but I won't tell anyone because I think you are a really nice person and very beautiful and I don't want you to be hurt."

Bewildered and disturbed by the return of the camera and the bizarre message, Sally took a few minutes to collect her thoughts.

She hid the camera in her briefcase before going back upstairs to get dressed, her mind racing. Who on earth could it possibly be? She resolved to phone Rachel the next day to work out what to do.

Her evening with Ian wasn't quite as romantic as Sally had hoped. He was tired after work and she couldn't keep her mind from wandering to the mystery of the returned camera.

She called Rachel on Saturday when Ian had gone shopping at the hardware store.

"Hello, Sally. Missing me already?" Rachel greeted her.

"Rachel, we need to talk," she started but stopped at the odd noise on the line. "What's that wet slurping noise?" continued.

"Oh, well you know I said yesterday I needed to pull and I'd be fucking all weekend," Rachel answered. "Well, I did. He's called Matt and he's lovely. I was just sucking him off when you called. I saw it was you and didn't think you'd mind if I kept him warm while you talked."

"Oh my god! Haven't you had enough oral sex for a while?" Sally exclaimed, aghast at Rachel's brazenness.

"Well you know what they say about getting back onto the bike once you've had a crash. Anyway he's got a gorgeous big cock and he tastes lovely. You should come round and try it out."

"Rachel! I'm married!"

"Well it's your loss. Anyway what did you want?"

As Sally explained how the camera had been returned she could hear Rachel cursing and coughing.

"Are you OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Matt just chose that moment to come in my mouth and it went down the wrong way. Hang on. Let me just clean up." After a pause, Rachel continued, "So bloody hell! Who the hell is it?"

"I don't know. And I don't even know how to find out."

"Listen, why don't I come round and we can see if we can work it out."

Sally thought for a second. "OK. Ian was talking about going to the football this afternoon. I'll tell him to go and let's meet at three."

Rachel came around and, as ever, looked stunning. She was wearing a powder-blue v-neck jersey and jeans that showed off her long legs and arse perfectly. Sally herself was in a white and green summer dress and sandals with her black hair tied back in a pony tail.

The pored over the note and camera, looking for clues as to how to proceed.

"Well, we can either wait and see what happens and just hope that he leaves us alone as the note suggests. Or we need to find out who he is and get the DVD back," Rachel suggested.

"I think we need to get it back. What if he shows it someone or posts it on the net?" Sally shuddered at the fallout if Ian found out about her extra-marital antics.

"He doesn't exactly seem like an evil blackmailer, does he? And he seems to fancy you. 'You are a really nice person and very beautiful,' he says."

Sally blushed a little despite the fact she knew her tall curvaceous figure, pretty green eyes and colossal firm breasts meant that she was indeed a very attractive young woman.

"He must know you," Rachel continued. "Unless he worked out you were a nice person just from watching the way you licked Lenny's dick he must have met you."

"I guess so," Sally mused. "And he must have been passing the house. Hardly anyone comes down this road -- it doesn't go anywhere. Maybe he was going to one of the houses at the end.

"Maybe it's one of your neighbours. There're only two houses past here on this side of the road. Who lives in them?" Rachel asked.

"Well next door you've got the Jones's. But he's away during the week working in Birmingham so it couldn't have been him."

"What about her?" Rachel replied.

"Oh, no way! She's a friend and she's straight! And that's definitely not her handwriting. It looks male to me."

"Hmm. OK. What about the house at the end?"

"Well, I can't believe it's them either. It's just Mrs. Smith and her son. She's an estate agent in town and he's a schoolboy. Maybe it was someone just passing."

"Hang on. He's a schoolboy is he? How old exactly?"

"I don't know -- he looks so young. But I think he might be doing his 'A'-levels though."

"So he would be eighteen then? Old enough to want to watch home-made porn anyway," Rachel said flatly.

"I suppose so. But it can't be. He's painfully shy. He won't even look at me when I say good morning."

"Doesn't mean he doesn't secretly fancy you though," Rachel replied. "You're a beautiful woman, Sally."

Sally blushed again, remembering licking Rachel's pussy, under Lenny's direction of course.

"So shall we go round and see him then, just to see if it might be him?" Rachel suggested.

"Oh, I don't know. This is so embarrassing!" Sally moaned.

"Come on. Let's do it now, otherwise we'll worry even more. Can you think of a reason to go and see them?"

"Erm, well I can ask if Gloria, his mum, is in, I suppose. But she works Saturdays so she won't be..."

Sally and Rachel walked into the Smiths' well kept garden and up the path to the front door. As expected, Gloria Smith's car wasn't in the drive but there was no sign as to whether her son was in, although the curtains in the front room were closed.

"By the way, what's his name?" Rachel asked.

"Oh. I think it's John," Sally answered nervously as she knocked on the door.

They heard some movement inside and thirty seconds later the door was opened.

"Hello, is your mum in?" Sally asked breezily.

"Oh shit!" they heard before the door was slammed shut, leaving the impression of a dark-haired teenage boy of less than average height and greater than average girth.

Sally and Rachel looked at each other.

"I think we could be on to something," Rachel said with wry smile. "Not much of a looker is he? No wonder he's shy."

Rachel knocked on the door again. "Come on. John. We just want to talk," she shouted through the letterbox when he didn't reply.

Eventually, they heard a heavy slow tread as John reluctantly came to the door again.

"What do you want?" His voice was hesitant.

Sally smiled at him reassuringly, causing to blush immediately. "It's OK, John. I think we need to talk, don't we? You know me - I'm Sally from two doors down and this is Rachel."

John looked at the two women in consternation.

"It's OK, John. We don't bite!" Rachel laughed. Despite his obvious concern, he obviously couldn't help glancing at their long tight bodies and oversized full bosoms.

"Is your mum at work?" Sally asked encouragingly, as he led them into living room.

"Er, yes. She'll be back in a couple of hours."

"Wow," Rachel exclaimed. "It's a bit dark in here." The curtains were drawn with just a table lamp on in the corner. She glanced up at Sally knowingly before turning to John.

"Were you watching something on the TV, John? Anything interesting?"

John's eyes widened in evident fright but he didn't make a denial. He sat down on the sofa behind him.

Sally sat down to his left. "John, do you have something you need to say to us?"

He shook his head and shuffled away from her but Rachel took the opportunity to sit down to his right.

"Come on, John. We know. Just tell us," she said, grabbing his arm to stop him jumping away.

Up close, John wasn't the most handsome of young men. His face was ridden with acne, his eyes were too close together and his nose to big. His hair was greasy and he looked flabby, unfit and sallow.

Sally gently placed her hand on his other arm. "It's OK, John. We just want to know what happened. You won't get in trouble."

John buried his face in his hands before replying. "I'm sorry. I was walking past your house a few weeks ago and I saw a camcorder there, poking out of the hedge. I didn't know if it was yours so I wanted to look at what was on it. And I rewound it and I saw..., I saw both of you and that ugly old man. He looked disgusting but you're both angels. Your bodies..., well they're so perfect. And the things you did! I couldn't help watching it over and over again."

He looked to be almost in tears. Sally put an arm around him comfortingly, wrinkling her nose at his body odour but wanting him to continue.

"Hmm, well, I guess we can hardly blame him for that, can we, Sally?" Rachel smiled at him.

"But then I felt really bad about taking your camera. And I was worried you might call tell the police. So I left it at your door..." He broke off obviously distraught.

Sally hugged him closer to her, his head against her chest as he sobbed.

"There, there, it's OK," she soothed.

"Er, Sally," Rachel said. "I don't think he's so much upset as..." She pointed at his crotch which was bulging menacingly.

"John!" Sally exclaimed, pushing him away.

He leapt up and faced them his hands covering his straining crotch.

"I'm so sorry! I can't help it! I mean, I saw you on the DVD. I couldn't believe when you both stripped. But then, you both gave him a blowjob. He must be the luckiest man in the world! And then you did it again! And then, best of all, you licked her tits and touched her between the legs. And now I can't stop thinking about either of you. And I can't stop watching you with him. Why did you do it? He's so horrible and you're both so lovely."

"Um, well it was kind of charity work," Sally replied.

"Charity work?" he replied disbelievingly.

"Yes. Sometimes charity work can be, er, demanding," Rachel replied cheekily.

Sally changed the subject back to the point. "John, you know, we can sort this all out very quickly. We just want the DVD back and then we'll be done."

"But, but, I can't. You don't understand. I can't live without it. Without you -- either of you," he blurted out, red with shame, gesturing at his bulging jeans.

She continued, "It's OK, John. You're a typical teenage boy. It's not surprising we make you hard. I mean look at Sally. She's lovely isn't she? You should feel her tits. They're really firm."

"Rachel!" Sally tried to interrupt.

"What was your favourite bit, John? Did you like it when we sucked his big ugly cock? Or when I licked his spunk off Sally's tits?"

"Rachel, stop it," Sally said, aghast at Rachel's inappropriate goading.

"I guess what I'm trying to say, John, is wouldn't the real thing be a lot better than a DVD? Don't you want to touch my tits? And finger my tight hot pussy? Wouldn't you like Sally's hot sucking mouth on your hard cock. We could make that a lot better you know," she added pointing to his crotch.

Sally couldn't believe it. She really didn't think it had been necessary to offer so much. The boy seemed petrified of them and she'd thought with just a little persuasion and maybe a carefully timed cuddle that they wouldn't have had any problem breaking his will. He certainly wasn't the unscrupulous blackmailer that Lenny had been. He was just a boy confused by what he's seen.

But now Rachel had escalated the stakes immediately and irrevocably if the lustful look in John's eyes was anything to go by. Why had she done it?

"Really?" John asked incredulously. "You'll do what you did for him, to me?"

"Oh, yes, John. We'll both lick and suck you until you explode in our pretty mouths," Rachel replied, moving to stand just behind him and breathing on his neck. She winked knowingly at Sally who relaxed a touch. Rachel obviously had a plan.

"And will you, um, touch each other?" John gasped in patent excitement.

"Oh yes, we'll touch and kiss each other in places you wouldn't believe, John," Rachel said teasingly, as her hands slid around his ample frame stopping inches away from his cock.

"Oh, fuck," John swore. He looked up to Sally, "You too, Sally?" he asked pleadingly.

With a glance at Rachel, she nodded, not trusting herself to say anything.

"John, why don't you go upstairs to your bedroom and take your clothes off. I think Sally and I need to get ourselves ready for you. We'll be up in a minute to make all of your dreams come true," Rachel breathed into his ear, her breasts pressing against his back. She moved her hands around to cup his bulge and squeezed it firmly.

John groaned loudly, pressing his cock against her hands as he shuddered in obvious pleasure.

Rachel's eyes widened before she giggled silently over John's shoulder.

"Go on," she said, patting his bum. "Get yourself ready. We'll be up in a few minutes."

John stumbled out of the room and upstairs before slamming a door closed.

Sally jumped up off the sofa. "Rachel, what on earth are you doing?"

Rachel laughed. "I think he's just come in his trousers, the poor boy. I don't he gets much girl action so I suppose the two of us were just too much for him!"

"Rachel!" Sally growled.

Rachel grinned. "Sorry. I just thought that if he was watching the DVD before we came in, then it would be in here," she said pointing to the DVD player below the TV. "So I thought if we sent him upstairs, we could grab it and go. Without having to persuade him -- I mean he's no better looking than Lenny. And he's just a boy," she said, grabbing the remote controls from a coffee table.

"But I have to live next door to him!" Sally protested.

"What's he going to do? He's terrified of you," Rachel answered as she put on the TV and turned the sound down low.

"I suppose you're right. It's just that..." Sally stopped dead as a picture of Rachel's and her arses appeared on screen pointing up in the air as they fellated Lenny. His thick fingers fingered their wet pussies cruelly and in fantastic detail. "Oh my god!"

"Wow! We've got great butts haven't we?" Rachel said triumphantly. "Come on let's get it out and go," she added, ejecting the DVD.

She pulled it out and handed it to Sally.

"Come on!" she hissed.

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