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Introduction: How many of you have ever played Pea Pool? Or maybe Pill Pool or Kelly Pool? It's a fun game that was once outlawed in the State of Wisconsin. This story involves two couples having fun with a pool table in one of their basements. Warning though...the game gets a little complicated because the players have secret balls that the others are trying to shoot (into pockets of course). The winner gets to chose someone to spend seven minutes in heaven with anyone they chose. Don't get too bogged down on whose ball is whose. Just enjoy the story for what it is. You've asked for more couples playing games. All rights reserved. Enjoy.


Tim got a sweet deal on the pool table from a neighbor across the street that was downsizing and didn't have enough room to take it with him. His wife agreed to buy it as long as Tim fixed up their basement to house it. His best friend Mark, who lived a few blocks away with his wife Millie, helped him take the table apart, move it in pieces and put it all back together.

Mark and Tim played almost every night for a few weeks and then the women started joining them. Tim's wife Tess was tall and athletic whereas Mark's wife Millie was shorter with nice proportional curves. The friendly games soon became more serious as they all got better and better. At first they bet only a dollar or two per game but as the tensions increased so did the bets.

"How about we raise the stakes?" Tim asked the other three who were drinking wine and beer.

"I think we are betting enough," Tess said worried that the games would cause friction because the money bet was getting too high. Since it was summer and the basement was warm they all wore loose shorts and tee shirts.

"What else can we bet?" Tim asked with a sly grin.

"Don't even start with strip games again," Tess quickly said knowing that her husband wanted to see and touch Millie's round breasts.

"I think that's a great idea," Mark added. He too wanted to see Tess' long slinky legs and cute butt.

"That figures," Millie chuckled. "But I'm not about to strip naked and play pool."

"What if we have a few choices? You know like maybe kiss, finish all your drink or remove something?"

"It does give you an out." Tim jumped in.

Both Millie and Tess were already feeling good from the wine they already had. "What are the rules?"

"Simple. We all take number pills that correspond to the number of the balls you have. Each woman has four items of clothing; I think you both are wearing bras, so you will pick four pills.

"And we have on three articles of clothing so we only get three pills," Tim smiled.

They had all played pill pool but Tess wanted to repeat the rules. "So we play rotation pool where we have to go in order from one to fifteen. If one or more of our balls are made then...then we have to do one of those things Tim mentioned. We won't play the part about making your own balls."

"Right this is just making someone else's ball. There's fifteen balls so we will have an extra ball," Mark said feeling his manhood getting excited.

"I'll take the eight ball pill out. If someone makes it then it means that we uh...have to kiss."

"I'm not kissing Mark," Tim said firmly.

"But you would like it if I kiss Millie," Tess laughed.

"What kind of kisses?" Millie asked looking at Tim wondering how good a kisser he was.

"A real kiss," Mark added. "Wet and deep." He too glanced at Tess' lips wondering how soft and hot they would be.

The women didn't really want to strip naked but didn't mind kissing another man especially one that they knew and liked being around. "OK, I'm game," Tess giggled.

Millie peeked at Tess' hard nipples pushing out her beige tee shirt and then down at her own. "OK, but if you guys try to do more then the game is over."

"Deal," Mark said excited that they got their wives to play an adult game.

Tim took the balls and racked them with the 1 ball in the front, the 8 ball in the middle, the 2 ball on one corner of the triangle and the 3 ball on the other corner. Who wants to break?"

"Pills first," Mark said shaking the pill container. He turned it upside down in his left hand and squeezed the first pill. They took turns until all the pills were out. Millie got the 8 ball pill and put it aside before taking another one.

They all looked at their pills and put them aside so no one else would know their numbers.

"I'll break," Tim grinned. The order of shooting was Tim, Mark, Millie and Tess.

They all stood nervously as the taller Tim took his time lining up his shot. His hand on the cue stick flew backward and then quickly forward. The white cue ball smacked into the 1 ball hard. It seemed that balls went everywhere. They all heard a ball fall into the corner pocket and then one in the side pocket. Two balls were already in.

Mark pulled out the ball from the side pocket and held it up. "Who has the 6 ball?"

Tess sighed and raised her hand. "Me. How long do we kiss?" She looked at Mark.

Tim was shocked that his normally conservative wife would think about kissing Mark first. "She's bluffing," he laughed.

Actually Tess was bluffing until she heard her husband's laughter. "How long?" "A minute," Millie answered. If Tess broke the kissing barrier then she could do it next without hesitation.

"OK then I'll kiss Mark," she blushed. She put her pool stick against the table and moved his way. He met her by the corner and they stopped. "Who is timing us?"

"I will," Millie answered. She looked at the second hand on her watch and yelled, "GO!"

Tess, being almost as tall as Mark had no issues lining up her lips with his. They kept some air between their bodies and leaned forward until their mouths touched. Mark's eyes opened when he felt her tongue force into his lips.

"Fuck," Tim whispered when he saw his wife's lips open up and her tongue dash into his best friend's mouth. He thought he would be jealous but instead it was very hot and he knew that he would soon be doing the same to Millie.

Mark let her be the aggressive because it was new to him. Normally he had to start sex with his wife and he normally took the lead in kissing and touching. Her tongue explored into his lips, around his tongue and back as far as she could reach.

"Thirty seconds," Millie said as she too was getting excited as much as Tess was.

Mark felt her keeping back from him and decided to take charge. His right hand moved around her waist and pull until her pointed perky nipples jabbed into his chest. He thought he heard her moan as he pressed his excited manhood into her stomach.

"TIME'S UP" Mille cried out. When Mark moved back she saw what he was jabbing into Tess's tummy.

"OK the next ball made is a 7," Tim announced.

"That's me," Mark grinned. He glanced at Tess.

"Again?" She giggled.

"I'm not liking this game," Tim groaned as his wife moved back into Mark's arms.

"Uh go," Millie said too late because the two didn't hesitate this time moving together and kissing with open mouths. She saw Tess start rubbing her thigh against Mark's hard bulge and wondered how long he will last.

Time flew for Mark and Tess and dragged for Tim and Millie. When Millie yelled time was up Mark had almost climaxed and Tess' panties were soaked. "Whew," Mark grinned. "You can really kiss," he smiled at Tess who walked back to her stick.

"You're still shooting," Mark said noting that Tim's ball was trapped behind a bunch of balls and he didn't have a chance hitting the one ball.

Tim broke up the pile and saw a couple of balls hanging next to a cup. He knew things were going to get hotter. Mark was next and couldn't make the one ball because it was one of his balls but he could use it in a combination shot. He barely nicked the one ball, which moved to the side and tapped in the 11 ball.

"That's Mine!" Millie said excited.

"You're not supposed to be happy when someone makes one of your balls," Mark grinned knowing what she was going to do.

"Well I get to chose and I want to kiss Tim."

"Who would have thought?" Tess smirked. "I'll keep time." She waited until they were hugging and yelled, "Go!"

Tim and Millie were both shorter so they too lined up evenly. Since their spouses had already crossed the frenching line they quickly kissed and opened their lips.

Millie was happy that Tim was not forceful. She felt her soft pillows flatten against his strong chest knowing that he could feel her excited and very hard nipples. His cock was also hard against her stomach and she wasn't shy to begin rubbing her lower body against it. A minute flew by for them.

"Time," Tess grinned.

It was Mark's turn to shoot again so he purposely scratched by making the 1 ball and the cue ball at the same time. It meant his 1 ball would come back up and be spotted.

"I wonder whose ball that is?" Tim laughed. The women didn't get it.

It was Millie's turn so she spotted the cue ball and aimed to smack the 1 ball into the 5 ball near the corner pocket. The ball dropped easily. "Whose owns the 5 ball?"

"I do," Tess grinned.

"Again?" Millie asked noting that she was looking at Mark.

"Yes...if it's ok with Mark."

"Definitely," he said moving into her arms again. They didn't wait for the go.. Again the bodies pressed together but this time their hands started moving up and down their backs. His fingers fell dangerously past her waistline until they felt the top of her ass crack. Both were breathing raggedly when Millie told them the time was up.

"What happens when you are out of balls?" Tim asked.

"You're out of the game," Mark grinned. "And I think that the winner of the game gets seven minutes in heaven with the person of his choice. And what happens in heaven stays in heaven."

"That changes things a little," Tess said. "How about we have a way to bring one of our balls back out?"

"Good idea," Tim said. "So far it is just kissing so in order to bring out one of your balls you have to remove an article." He thought the women would object but they barely blinked. "Whose shot is it?"

"Mine," Millie grinned as she looked for the 1 ball. It wasn't her ball so she wanted to get it out of the way. She nor Tim saw their spouse standing together or saw Mark's right hand around Tess' waist. They stood back while his hand moved lower and lower until he cupped her left buttock.

"Shit," Mark thought as he finally got to touch the ass of his dreams. He could feel her bikini panties through the soft cotton shorts as he watched his wife line up to make the 1 ball.

"Bingo!" She smiled before pulling the stick back and blowing on the end like it was a gun. "Who has the 1 ball?"

"I do," Mark said pulling his hand quickly away before Tim and Millie saw where it had been. Mark knew that he would have only one ball left if the one ball stayed down. "I'll take off my shirt."

"Alright!" Tim cried seeing clothing removed for the first time. Both Mark and he had kept themselves in great shape and they had all seen the men already at the beach without a shirt. Never the less taking off the shirt crossed them over another line. Tim brought the 1 ball back on top of the table since Mark removed some clothing.

"Look his nipples are hard," Tess giggled as she reached over and gently pinched his right nip.

"Hey, do I get to do that to you?" Mark joked looking down at her rigid tips pushing out the front of her tee shirt.

"No," Millie said quickly. "So I keep shooting." She didn't have a good shot at the one but needed to break up three balls near the side bumper. She smacked the 1 ball hard into them and saw them scatter. They watched the 15 ball slowly roll all the way across the table and plop into the corner hole. "Who owns the 15?"

"It's mine," Tim grinned. Since he had two balls left he wanted to taste Millie's tongue again. "I'll kiss Millie."

As the two moved together their lips touched and opened before Tess said to go. Their eyes were closed and didn't see Mark's hand fall back onto Tess' ass. She continued looking at the second hand on her watch as if another man wasn't caressing her bum. The kiss had another fifteen seconds when Mark's fingers moved under her butt and through her legs. She tried to squeeze him out but his middle finger wormed over her moist pussy lips. "Stop," she gasped as she reached back and pulled his hand away.

He grinned. "You're wet," he whispered.

"And you have a hard-on," she whispered back looking down at his projectile. From the size of it she figured that the two men were both about 6 inches hard. Both were distracted and didn't realize their spouses had been kissing for over two minutes. "OK TIME'S UP."

Millie reluctantly pulled her tongue from his lips where he had been sucking on it. She wiped her mouth onto her wrist and tried to bank the 1 ball in the side pocket. It hit the side of the pocket and bounced away a few inches. "Damn."

"Ha-ha," Mark laughed. "Are you trying to get me naked?"

"Maybe I'm trying to get you out of the game so I can go to heaven," she smiled back.

Having seven minutes alone with another person besides their spouse was weighing heavily on their minds. The way that Mark said it about what happens in heaven stays in heaven meant that anything goes. As Tess lined up her shot at the 1 ball she wanted to make it so Mark would undress or kiss her again. She made it. "Kiss, drink or clothing?"

"Well I've only got my shorts and boxers but if I kiss then I lose another ball. What the hell?"

The others didn't think he would do it but when he pushed down the elastic waistband of his shorts they all gasped when they saw his hard-on shape in his boxer briefs. The game had again taken an upward turn. Tim brought the 1 ball back up and spotted it. "You're still shooting honey," he said to Tess.

She didn't have another shot at the one but tried to kiss off of it and make the 2 ball. The 2 ball went in and then the cue ball after it. "That's mine," Millie frowned.

Mark laughed. "Thanks for telling us honey because it comes back out since Tess scratched."

It was Tim's shot again and he wanted his wife out of the game so he would eliminate her from the seven minutes in heaven. He knew what balls he had and that Mark had the 1 ball and Millie the 2 ball. It meant that Tess had one of five balls. He hit the 1 ball into the pack and watched as two of his own balls fell into the holes. "FUCK!"

"Sounds like these are yours," Mark laughed holding up the 3 and 10 balls. "So you can pay two penalties or remove some clothing to keep your balls on the table."

"That sounded so funny," Tess giggled. She had finished her third glass of wine and was feeling no pain.

Tim knew that Mark had caused some sexual tension with the girls and wanted to keep it going. "I'll drink and remove my shorts."

Tess mostly kept checking out Mark's bulge until Tim did the same. In loose boxers his cock was already hard and was pushing out the front. "You guys better be careful with those," she giggled. "They might go off."

"Since you made some balls you keep going," Mark said to Tim before placing the 10 ball back on the table.

Tim had an easy shot at the 1 ball that was lined directly up with the 2 ball in front of it. "I think I'll make two that are not mine." They watched as he hit the 1 ball, which hit the 2 ball, and the two moved together until they dropped into the corner pocket. "1 ball and 2 ball."

"Well you know I have the 1 ball," Mark said.

"And I have the 2 ball," Millie confessed. "I'll kiss Tim." She wanted to feel his almost naked body against her own.

"And I'll kiss Tess," Mark said putting down his pool cue.

Tongue kissing with clothes on is different than when bare skin is thrown into the mix. Only the thin bras and tee shirts stood between the women's breasts and the guy's bare chests. Down below the women could actually feel the shapes and dimensions of the guy's cocks. No one bothered to look at the second hand before their bodies crushed together and their lips and tongues went to work.

Mark shifted just enough for his hard-on to push directly into Tess' covered pussy.

"Ohh," she moaned while opening her legs more to feel the crown against her clit. She wanted to reach down and touch it but knew they had to keep playing the game.

Mark felt her hands moving on his bare back and peeked over her body at Tim's ass where Millie was caressing and squeezing it. From the position he was at he couldn't see where Tim's left hand was and what it was doing.

Millie was happy to just allow Tim to rub his hard-on against her stomach so when he lifted his left hand and moved it upward she tensed up. She made eye contact with her husband just as Tim's fingers found her right breast. She was afraid that Mark would see but when she looked his way again his eyes were closed as Tess rubbed against his manhood.

Neither couple wanted to stop because it felt so hot kissing at the same time. What one couple would do the other couple quickly copied. It was actually Tim who pushed back. "I think a minute is up."

All four were on sexual overload when they separated. They all thought about calling it a night and hurrying to their bedrooms to fuck their spouse. But at the same time they wanted to proceed with this new feeling a little bit more.

For the next ten minutes they continued playing until they all had only one ball left. If someone made their ball and they refused to remove any clothes they would be out of the game and out of going into the 7 minutes in heaven room.

It was obvious now that The 10 ball was Tim's, the 9 ball Mark's, the 13 ball Millie's, and the 14 ball Tess'. The eight ball was still on the table but they all tried to use it for combinations. It was Millie's shot so she banked the eight ball on three cushions until it tapped the 14 ball into the hole.

"First female undies about to be shown," Tim chuckled at his wife.

"Well I'm not quitting now," Tess said nervously before grabbing the bottom of her tee shirt and pulling upward.

Neither woman came prepared to be showing their underwear so neither of them wore their newest sexiest selections. As Tess' pink plan bra appeared so did the long bumps of her nipples and the dark shadows of her aureoles. She blushed and tossed the shirt aside. "Bring my 14 ball back up."

Mark's eyes were locked on her chest while Tim brought his wife's ball back to the top. Millie smiled and missed as she tried to make it again off the eight ball.

"You bitch," Tess joked. "Are you trying to get me naked?"

"No just out of the game," Millie grinned. But now it was Tess' turn to shot.

"In that case I think I can make the 14 ball which they knew was Millie's." Tess took aim and the ball bounced around the side pocket before it fell in.

Tim moved closer to the table as Millie turned facing the other way and pulled off her shirt. Her bra was also plain and being white showed her large nipples through the thin cups. Plus her breasts seemed to overflow the too tight and too small bra. "Jeez," Tim whispered.

Mark put Millie's ball back onto the table and wondered just how far everyone was willing to go. So far no one seemed to be backing down. "Tess shoots again."

The eight ball was in front of a pocket so she decided to get rid of it. Since her 14 ball was the biggest number it meant it would be shot at last. "Eight ball kissing time," she giggled. When the eight ball fell into the pocket they moved together again but this time the women were wearing bras.

"Ummm," Tim moaned feeling the hard points of Millie's tits into his bare chest. Also suddenly their kisses became hotter and wetter. Tongues were being sucked and hands were roving over bare backs and down over bums.

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