tagInterracial LovePeak of Desire Ch. 02

Peak of Desire Ch. 02


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Two days had passed since Erica had last seen Cody, but he was still heavily on her mind. It wasn't just her waking thoughts he was occupying, but also her unconscious ones. Just the previous night, she'd received a visit from him in her dream world, and their encounter had been nothing short of erotic. She'd woken up in an intense state of arousal, and had been astounded to realize that she'd been on the verge of orgasm.

She'd had sexually stimulating dreams before, but this was on an entirely different level. Throughout her work day, she found herself recalling snippets of it, and even now, with six hours having elapsed since she'd woken up, she could still vividly recall the dream images.

In the unconscious world that her mind had created, Erica had been lying naked on a bed beneath Cody, and his head had been buried between her thighs. His tongue had flicked back and forth with incredible speed, and with each lash of his wet appendage, she'd released moans and whimpers of pleasure.

She remembered how delicious it'd felt to have his long hair tickling against her bare thighs, and she also recollected the wonderful sensation of his fingers against her breasts, pulling and tugging on her nipples as he enthusiastically ate her out.

After he'd finished manipulating her with his tongue, dream Cody had climbed up on top of her and leaned in for a kiss. Their lips had come dangerously close to touching, yet before they could, she'd woken up. Although she'd been elated at the vividness of her unconscious world, she'd also been left feeling quite frustrated. Why did her dream have to end at such a pivotal point? She'd ached to feel his lips on hers, and although it was only a figment of her imagination, she still would have loved to share a dream kiss with him.

Although she barely knew Cody, her body was already hungering for his touch, and several times during the day, she'd found herself indulging in carnal thoughts about him. She knew it did no good to get herself so worked up, as it would most likely only lead to sexual frustration, but she couldn't help it.

He was damn sexy and completely irresistible, so of course she couldn't stop fantasizing. He was on her mind so much, that whenever she passed by a high rise building, she took a glance upward to see if he was at work washing the windows. But she still had yet to spot him around town.

Glancing at the clock on the wall above the cash register, she saw it was noon, which meant it was time for her fifteen minute break. During the cooler months of the year, she liked to go outside and take a walk down the block, just to get a bit of fresh air, but since it was currently summertime, she preferred to stay inside the bookshop and spend her free time reading. She did love books, after all, and was surrounded by all sorts of interesting literature, so it only made sense to spend her breaks this way.

With last night's dream still on her mind, she was curious about the meaning behind it, so she headed to the new age section and picked out a dream encyclopedia. She flipped through the pages until she found what she was looking for, then began reading the information about the symbols in her dream. Spotting someone from her peripheral vision, she glanced over to see Iggy standing at the front of the aisle.

"I'm out to lunch, Erica. See you in half an hour." He waved, then made his way to the door.

"See you in a bit." She called out after him.

Turning her attention back to the book in her hand, she flipped through the pages until she found the entry she was looking for. According to the dream book, the act of oral sex signified that she 'needed to inject some more romance into her life.' Well no surprise there, seeing as how she'd been single for nearly seven months. She then looked up the entry for kissing, and as she read the interpretation of it, she found that it perfectly fit what she was experiencing.

*If the dream ends just as you are about to kiss someone, then it indicates that you are unsure of what your future with this person is. You are looking for some sort of relationship with them, but are not certain how you should go about doing that.*

If that wasn't the truth, then she didn't know what was. Releasing a little sigh, she turned a few pages to explore more of the book, but the sound of a deep voice suddenly halted the movement of her fingers.

"So what was your dream about?" A deep voice from behind her asked.

Erica turned to see Cody casually standing with his hands stuffed into his pockets, glancing down at her smaller form with a slight smirk on his lips. Clad in a pair of black jeans and a gray t-shirt, he offered her a lazy smile. As her eyes feasted on the handsome features of his face, she felt her heart beat a faster rhythm, and her body swiftly heated up from his intoxicating presence.

"It wasn't anything that interesting." She closed the book and set it back on the shelf.

"Really? Well judging from the page you were on, it seems like it may have been."

"How long have you been standing behind me?"

"Only a couple of seconds."

She tried not to let on just how pleased she was to see him, but her body language and the look on her face said it all. She'd never been very good at pretending, and she knew he could sense just how strong her attraction was to him.

"So can I help you find a book?" She knew very well why he'd stopped by the bookstore, but she wasn't sure of what else to say to him.

"Nope. The only thing I'm interested in, is standing right in front of me."

A smile crept onto her face and she experienced a fluttering in her stomach. Glancing at her watch, she said, "Well I've got ten minutes left of my break, so I guess we can hang out for a bit."

"Good. So i've been thinking about you quite a bit these past few days."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yep. Have you been thinking about me?"

"A little."

"Only a little?"

She didn't answer, only gave him a crooked little smile.

"Have you been dreaming about me?"

She cocked an eyebrow. "Where'd you get that idea?"

"Well I saw you reading that dream book."

"And that led you to the assumption that you were the focus of my dream?"


Unable to deny it, she stared silently at him.

"So tell me I'm wrong."

"I can't."

"Exactly." There was a look of triumph on his face. "So tell me about the dream."

"Her cheeks grew hot. "My dreams are private. I don't tell anyone about them."

"Is that right?"

"Yes, it is."

"I think you're just too embarrassed to tell me. Must have been an x-rated dream." His lips tugged into a grin.

She suddenly recalled the dream image of Cody's head between her legs, and as she visualized it, she felt herself become wet with desire.

"I just can't talk about it, okay?"

He offered a light chuckle. "It's cool. I won't press you about it." He silently watched her for a few moments, fixing her with an intent gaze. Then he once again spoke. Sometimes dreams can come true."

"Yeah, sometimes they can."

"Would you like for the dream you had to come true?"

If she could have blushed, she would have. "I can't talk about this. Not here." She averted her eyes from his, focusing instead on an elderly female customer who was heading down the aisle they were in. Erica offered her a friendly smile as she approached, and the old lady came to a stop in front of her.

"Excuse me, can you show me where the cookbooks are located?"

"Sure thing. Follow me." Erica headed out of the aisle, and the woman followed behind her.

Once they reached the food reference section, the woman thanked her, then Erica headed back to the aisle she'd left Cody in. When she saw he wasn't there, she checked the next aisle over, and spotted him browsing the shelves where the Erotica books were located.

A smirk tugged at her lips as she headed towards him. "Find anything interesting?"

He glanced over at her, and handed her a book from a stack that he was carrying. "I want you to read this. I think you'll enjoy it."

Curious as to what type of sexual content it had, she looked at the title of the book and was surprised to find that it wasn't erotic at all. It was something he'd picked out of the adventure section, a true life tale about a mountain climber.

"It's about this climber who scaled Mt. Everest. Once he reached the top, he got really sick, and was technically dead for two hours, but somehow he came back to life. It's a pretty fascinating read."

"Sounds interesting. I wouldn't usually pick something out like this, but it does sound pretty good, so I'll give it a go."

"Cool. I'm buying it for you, of course." He gently took the book from her hands.

"Oh. Well thank you."

"No problem. Now since I picked out a book for you, why don't you pick one out for me?"

"But I don't really know your taste."

"That's the point. Just pick something that you find interesting, and I'll read it."

"Well what if you don't like it?"

He gave her a little smile. "I trust your judgment."

"Okay." Glancing at her watch, she saw there wasn't much time left before she was back on the clock. "Give me five minutes, and I'll have a book picked out for you."

"Sounds good. I'll meet you at the front counter."

As he headed for the front of the cash register, she quickly scanned the shelves of the non-fiction section, and came upon a book that she'd read some years ago. It was a favorite of hers, and something she was pretty sure he could find some interest in. As she reached the front of the store, she spotted Cody looking at one of the display tables. He glanced up at her as she approached, then headed to the checkout counter. Erica handed him the book so he could check out it out.

He read the tile aloud. "Life on the road: A travelogue of a nomadic spirit."

"I guess the title pretty much says it all. Not sure if you're into travel books, but I find road trip memoirs to be really interesting."

"Sounds like it could be interesting." He took a glance at the synopsis on the back of the book, and then handed it to her, along with the book he'd picked out for her.

"You don't have to buy the both of them. I was going to pay for the travel novel."

"It's okay, I don't mind." He pulled his wallet out of his pocket.

"Well thanks, I appreciate it."

"Not a problem."

He watched her intently as she rung up the books, making her feel as if she were a fascinating individual that he just couldn't keep his eyes off of. No one had ever gazed at her so deeply before, and it did make her feel a little nervous, yet was it not also turning her on?

After tearing off the receipt, she placed it on top of the book, then grabbed a shopping bag from beneath the counter.

"I'll just carry the book out in my hand, thanks."

"Okay." Taking a glance at her watch, she saw that her break was over. "Well, I guess I better get back to work. See you around." She started to leave the register, but he placed his hand on hers before she could move away.

"How about giving me your phone number?" It came out as more of a statement, rather than a question.

It was the first time they'd had any skin to skin contact, and her stomach fluttered in response. With a smile on her lips, she opened the cover of the book she'd picked out for him, then picked up a pen and wrote her number inside. As she was doing it, her coworker, Tammy, appeared from behind one of the book stacks.

Her eyes rested on Cody for a few moments, openly admiring him, then she glanced at Erica, and saw that she was jotting her number down. Tammy's lips curled into a little smile, and as Erica looked up at her, Tammy gave her a thumbs up.

As Erica handed the book to Cody, she said, "Hope to hear from you soon."

"Oh you will. Most definitely." Then he gave her a wink and headed for the door. "Later, cutie."

As soon as he was gone, Tammy headed towards Erica, her busty chest bouncing as she made her way over. "Damn, he's fine. What's his name?"


"Does he have a brother?"

"I don't know, but would it matter if he did? You're already taken, remember?" She shook her head in mock disapproval.

"I know, I know. I was only joking." She retrieved a bobble head pen from a pencil canister on the counter, then tapped her finger against it to make the head shake. "So now that you have a boyfriend, we'll have to double date sometime."

"He's not my boyfriend."

"He will be, though. I can tell that he really likes you."

Yeah, well I guess I'll see how it goes." Erica glanced out the bookshop window and stared wistfully into the distance, catching a glimpse of Cody's retreating form just before he disappeared around a corner.

* * * *

Only a day had passed since Erica had given Cody her phone number, but the anticipation she felt was nearly overwhelming. She felt silly being so crazy over a guy, but she couldn't help it. Physically speaking, he was everything she'd ever longed for in a man, and personality wise, he seemed very cool, but there was still very much an air of mystery surrounding him.

She was very curious as to what his daily life was like, and was eager to ask him all sorts of questions. She didn't know when he was going to call, but from the experience she'd had with men, the longer they waited, the less serious they seemed about having a relationship. Every time her phone vibrated from a text or phone call, she pulled it out of her pocket and snuck a peek at the display screen. Yet to her disappointment, it was never him.

After a few hours of this obsessive type of behavior, she'd shut off her phone and vowed not to turn it back on until once she'd arrived home. As gorgeous as he was, he wasn't worth losing her head over. If she was already this crazy over him, there was no telling how she'd behave if and when they ever did get into a relationship.

She refused to let herself become one of those insanely jealous girls. Although she did worry that he'd decide to call while her phone was off, she found it liberating to no longer have Cody consuming her thoughts, especially since she was so prone to indulging in mini fantasies about him.

Once she arrived home from work, she kicked off her shoes and headed straight for the shower. The cool water felt heavenly against her skin, and once she was fully refreshed, she got out of the tub and dried off.

Then she headed into her bedroom and slipped into a pair of denim shirts and a flower print tank top. After putting on a pair of low heeled sandals, she headed for the door. After closing it behind her, she headed down the road to visit her friend Marisol, who lived in a cute, cottage style mobile home.

As she approached Marisol's house, she saw her open the door and pop her head outside. "Hey there, stranger."

Erica waved and climbed up the steps to the RV. Standing at barely five feet, Marisol had thick, wavy, shoulder length hair. Her skin was olive colored, but could easily tan to a darker color when she spent time out in the sun. Originally hailing from Cuba, the thirty-one year old received citizenship at eighteen, and had been residing in California ever since.

As she entered Marisol's trailer, her eyes were treated to the sight of bright, tropical colors. The walls were painted a bright blue color, and colorful paintings which depicted tropical settings were hung on the wall. The delicious scent of cooking food filled the air around them, and Erica's mouth began to water.

"Your place always smells so good. What are you cooking?"

Oh, I'm making a lot of stuff. Enough food to last for a week, but you know how long it will be before it disappears? Two, maybe three days. That son of mine, he eats nonstop." She rolled her eyes and gave a little smile, then headed for the kitchen, gesturing for Julia to come along.

Every burner of the stove was occupied, with two skillets at the front, and two large stainless steel pots at the back. Glancing at the pans on the front of the stove, Erica saw that empanadas were frying in one pan, while plantains were cooking in another. Marisol removed a top from off one of the pots on the back burner, and used a large spoon to stir the contents.

"Are you staying for dinner?"

"Sure, I'd love to."

"Good. I know you can't have the meat, but there will be plenty of other things for you to eat. Oh, and I'm making that fish and tomatoes dish you love."

"Yummy. Can't wait." Glancing around the kitchen, she saw several cutting boards on the counter, as well as a few large mixing bowls and lots of different spices. "So can I give you a hand with anything?"

"If you could help me chop up those onions and bell peppers, that would be great."

"Sure, no problem." Grabbing a knife from off the counter, she busied herself with cutting up the vegetables.

Once the mixing bowl was full of diced onion and bell peppers, she assisted Marisol in seasoning up some chicken breasts. After that was done, Erica flipped the plantains over, and then stirred a bubbling pot of black beans.

By the time they finally finished preparing the meal, they were both eager to leave the sweltering kitchen, so after retrieving a cold beverage from the fridge, they headed into the living room, where it was much cooler. Once they were seated on the couch, Marisol gave Erica a deep, thoughtful look.

"So how have you been? I haven't seen you for nearly a week."

"I've been good. Just busy working."

"You still have your side job as a massage therapist, right?"

"I do it freelance every now and again, for extra money. Why?"

"I may have a new client for you. He's a coworker of my brothers. He's not too bad looking, either. You date white guys, right?"

Her lips curled into a little smile. "I'm open to dating all types of men, but I'm not currently interested in being fixed up."

"You already have a boyfriend?"

"Not exactly. But I am talking to someone."

"So when did you guys meet?"

"Three days ago."

"So on a scale of one to ten, how much do you like him?"

As she visualized Cody's tall, lean form, and long, dark hair, she felt a spark of desire course through her, and a wide smile graced her face.

"Wow, that much, huh? And you've known him less than a week? He must be pretty special."

"From what I know about him so far, he seems really cool. Not to mention, he's completely gorgeous."

"Well if he made you grin like that, then he must really be something."

Feeling her cheeks grow hot, she averted her eyes and took a swig of her carbonated malt drink.

"So when's he coming to visit you? I'm curious to know what he looks like."

She shrugged. "I don't know, we're just beginning to know one another."

"Okay. Well I hope it all works out for you."

The timer for the stove went off, prompting Marisol to head for the kitchen, with Erica following behind her. Marisol pulled a pan of arroz con pollo from the oven, then set it on the kitchen table. Erica removed the empanadas from the skillet and placed them onto a decorative dish, then arranged the plantains on an oval shaped platter. She took both dishes out into the dining room and placed them onto the table. Then she returned to the kitchen and assisted Marisol with bringing out a large bowl of black beans and rice. Once all of the food, plates and silverware was on the table, Marisol called out to her teenage son, who was located in his bedroom.

"Amador, dinner is ready!"

Both Erica and Marisol took their seats at the table, and once Amador joined them, they bowed their heads and Marisol said a dinner prayer. Then they began passing around the dishes, and once everyone's plate was full, they dug into the meal. Glancing at her son, Marisol saw that he'd brought his hand held video game along with him, and gestured for him to turn it off.

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