tagInterracial LovePeak of Desire Ch. 07

Peak of Desire Ch. 07


Erica exited the yoga studio and headed out into the warm summer night, walking along the familiar route which would lead to the RV park. She only lived four blocks away from the building where her yoga class was held, so she saw it as an opportunity to get in some exercise and walk home, rather than driving her car.

A calm breeze drifted past her, carrying the smoky scent of meat grilling on a barbeque. From somewhere in the distance, there came the sound of a dog barking, and as she turned onto a residential road, she admiringly glanced at the various houses which lined the streets.

It was a pleasant evening, and the sun was just beginning to dip in the sky. Following her massage appointment with Jacob, she'd gone home and changed out of her work uniform, lounged around a bit, then had a lunch of grilled salmon, a cheesy baked potato and salad.

Following her meal, she'd attended a late afternoon power yoga class. The vigorous session had lasted thirty minutes, and although she'd had to bend her body into a number of challenging poses, it had left her feeling very invigorated.

Glancing at her cell phone, she saw it was six p.m., and was disappointed to see that she still hadn't received a phone call, nor a text from Cody. She was itching to call him, but pride held her back from dialing in his number.

She knew he'd felt miffed after the conversation they'd had earlier that morning, but she hadn't expected him to drag out this non-communication for so long. Now she was left wondering when she would hear from him again.

She found herself wondering how he would spend his Thursday evening, and guessed he would probably go out and enjoy himself. Knowing what a chick magnet Cody was, he would probably meet all sorts of women.

The mere thought of it turned her stomach, and she began to feel pathetic for spending so much of her time and energy thinking about him. She was pretty darn certain he wasn't obsessively thinking about her, and eagerly awaiting her call. So why was she?

She'd just arrived home and crossed the threshold of her Airstream when her phone vibrated, then chimed with an incoming text. After slipping her shoes off, and releasing her rolled up yoga mat, she pulled her phone out of her pocket and clicked the button to open the message.

*Meet me at Cherry Creek. I'll be at the rock pools. 7pm*

Short and to the point, the text left her wondering why he wanted her to meet him there. Her fingers pushed against the buttons on the phone as she keyed in her response.

~Why Cherry Creek?~

She then hit the message send button, and awaited his text. She'd been waiting hours to hear from him, and now that she finally had, she was intrigued by his spontaneous text message. No hi, no how are you, just a 'let's meet up here at this time.' The text he'd sent her wasn't even a request, but rather a command.

It wasn't exactly surprising, given Cody's dominating nature, but she couldn't help feeling a little annoyed that he just expected her to meet him when and wherever he wanted.

Although she didn't have anything special planned for that evening, what if she had? It seemed he hadn't even taken that into consideration, and she shook her head lightly at his expectancy for her to unquestioningly do as he told.

Minutes ticked by, but still no response from Cody came through, so she tossed her phone onto the couch, then headed for the bathroom. After taking a nice, cool shower, she put on a pair of denim cutoffs, as well as a white, cotton tank top.

Craving the taste of something sweet, she padded toward the kitchen counter and picked up a large glass canister, then twisted the top off and reached inside to retrieve a handful of M&M's. As she was munching on them, a melodious noise emitted from her phone, alerting her that she'd received a text message. She picked her phone up from the couch, then opened the message and read it.

*Just come*

She was very curious to find out just what he had in mind for them to do, but his over confidence was a little off putting. She was used to men catering to her, not the other way around, so why was she even entertaining the idea of meeting up with him? He was one of the pushiest and most stubborn men she'd ever met in her life.

But wasn't that also part of the reason why she was so attracted to him? She thought back to the way he'd aggressively approached her on the first evening that he'd come into the bookstore, and recalled how she'd been hopelessly drawn to him.

Like an addictive drug, he'd managed to work his way into her bloodstream, and now she was pretty much immune to resisting him. Of course he knew this, and was using it to his full advantage, but that didn't mean she had to play right into his hands.

The last thing she wanted was to become a love junkie, as she'd been there, done that, and wasn't about to retrace that same path. Pressing her fingers against the keys on her phone, she input her response.

~And if I don't?~

Her phone lit up with his incoming text.

*You will. See you there*

She cocked an eyebrow, then fed a few more M&M's into her mouth. Even through an electronic device, he could clearly pick up on her vibes. Cody had her hooked, and despite her attempt to remain aloof, he knew she would undoubtedly come. There was a fine line between cocky and confident, but somehow Cody was able to evade coming off as egotistical, and instead appeared as a self-assured, dominatingly sexy man.

Simultaneously irritated and turned on, and this mixture of feelings was doing quite a number on her. Feeling too energized to remain in her small living space, she grabbed her keys off the counter, then slipped her feet into a pair of low top converse and headed for the door. After locking it behind her, she walked down the pathway that led out of the RV park, heading off into the summer night.

* * * *

By the time she made it to the creek, it was ten minutes past seven, and after a short, easy hike, she'd reached an area known as the swimming hole. It was a large body of water surrounded by large boulders and volcanic cliffs, and cave-like alcoves provided areas where one could climb inside and look down at the beauty of the creek below.

The air was filled with the sound of chirping crickets, and a red-orange glow created by the approaching sunset illuminated her surroundings, adding to the beauty and serenity of the atmosphere.

Stepping carefully on the rocks and stones that lined the body of water, she navigated her way along the water's edge. Wondering where he was, she halted in place, surveying the area around her with curious eyes. She saw no signs of Cody, but she definitely sensed his presence.

There wasn't a doubt in her mind that he was watching her from a distance, observing every step that she made. She briefly contemplated sending him a text, but before she could, her phone lit up with a message from him.

*Nice top. Your tits look great in it*

A flush of heat shot through her body, and she quickly typed in her own response.

~Where are you? I don't see you~

*You're not supposed to*

Her first thought was to text him back and question him about his exact location, but then she suddenly realized that he didn't want to be found. What he wanted was to remain out of sight. He was the hunter, after all, so why would he allow himself to be visible?

Erica had never played a game like this before, but she was definitely intrigued by it. Since she was his prey, that meant he was trailing her every move, and he was probably fixing her with one of his sensually dark gazes. The mere thought of it caused a shiver of desire to dance along her spine, and her eyes curiously roved the area which surrounded the creek.

There were a number of places he could be hiding-in one of the small caves which were carved out of the cliffs, or perhaps he was obscured behind the foliage of the sycamore and oak trees located a few yards away from the creek's edge. Wherever he was, she could feel him watching her, and her lips curved into a little smile.

Erica headed toward the edge of the creek, and once she reached it, she slipped off her shoes. After unbuttoning her denim jean shorts, she slowly stripped out of them, then tossed them aside.

Now clad in only a stretchy white tank top and a pair of sheer white boyshorts, she slid her hands along her hips, allowing her fingers to coast along the border of her panties. Erica teasingly slipped one of her digits beneath the thin fabric of her underwear, allowing it to coast against her bare skin.

Uncertain as to just where her spectator was, her eyes wandered from trees, to large boulders, and then to the volcanic cliffs which surrounded her. It was thrilling, being half naked and out in the open like this.

As far as she knew, Cody was the only one watching her, but even if he wasn't, it certainly wasn't going to stop her from putting on a little show. She turned to face the swimming hole, then headed forward.

The ground felt damp and cool against the bottoms of her feet, and she slowly made her way into the flowing creek. The water was cold, but very refreshing, and she gradually ventured deeper, allowing more of the crystal clear water to surround her. She continued wading in until her feet no longer touched the bottom, then dunked her head under so that she was fully immersed.

She remained underwater for a good fifteen seconds before resurfacing, then swam toward the shallow end of the creek. Once her feet were able to touch the bottom of the swimming hole, she came to stop, then lifted her hands to her head and rung out her hair. Previously straight, it was now a voluminous mountain of loose curls, and she found that having her hair in its natural state only made her feel all the more sexy.

Now standing in waist level water, the soaking wet material of her white tank top had become transparent, and her dark areolas were fully visible for Cody's eyes.

Placing her hands against her shirt, she sensually glided her hands along the fabric, and as her palms met with the roundness of her breasts, she firmly cupped them. Although she was wearing a bra, it was made from a flimsy, gauzy material, so it appeared as if she was completely bare beneath the tank top.

Cody still hadn't given her any sign of where he was located, but that didn't stop her from feeling completely turned on. Here she was, completely vulnerable and exposing parts of her body for his viewing pleasure, and he was nowhere to be seen. She imagined it was a pretty slim chance of anyone happening by the creek during these early evening hours, but of course she couldn't be sure, and that's part of what made it so exciting.

Continuing to play with her breasts, Erica began to encircle her chocolate areolas with her fingers. The circles got tighter as her digits drifted closer to her nipples, and as the tips of her fingers finally made contact, she released a small moan of gratification.

Her peaks were rock hard from being exposed to the cold water, and every flick of her fingertip caused her desire to grow. If she was aroused before, she was now downright horny, and was desperately craving Cody's touch.

Erica slipped a finger beneath one of the spaghetti straps of her tank top, then slid it down over her shoulder. After sliding down her bra strap, she ran a finger along the top hem of the shirt, pulling the fabric down slightly so that the edges of her areolas were exposed.

Erica slowly caressed her breasts, kneading and stroking them for a few moments, before beginning to tease her nipples. She gave her swollen buds a light pinch, then began twisting them between her thumb and forefinger.

The sensation of her fingers manipulating her aching peaks was nothing short of exquisite, and a breathy little moan escaped her lips. It'd been quite some time since she'd felt so in touch with her body, and as her hands continued to fondle her curved mounds, she closed her eyes and lost herself in the moment.

The soothing sounds of flowing water, coupled with the feel of the summer breeze caressing her skin, put her in a state of tranquility. She began to imagine that it was his fingers on her, and wondered what it would feel like to have him lick and suck her tits.

Her nipples were now so erect that they poked obscenely through the thin fabric of her shirt, and despite the fact that she was standing in cool water, a heat had begun to pool in her lower stomach.

Having passed the point of longing for him, she was now impatient for his touch. Anxious for him to make his presence known, she opened her eyes and allowed them to dart from one spot to the other. Seeing no sign of him, she began to feel frustrated by the lack of his visible presence, but then suddenly she spotted him.

Perched on a ledge of one of the volcanic cliffs that surrounded the water, he was staring down at her soaking wet form. The ledge he was squatting on was narrow, and although it came as no surprise to her, she still found it interesting how comfortable he seemed crouching in a spot that severely restricted his movement.

Cody's body was as still as a stone statue, and as her eyes fixed upon him, she found herself wondering how he could remain so motionless. She couldn't help but be in awe of his amazing balance, and continued her erotic display.

Her hands had abandoned her breasts, and her fingers were now toying with the top of her shirt. She slowly peeled down the fabric, gradually exposing more of her skin until the see through cups of her bra were visible. Her stiff nipples jutted forth invitingly, and she enticingly played with the straps of her bra, slowly pulling them down, and then pushing them back up again.

She repeated this same move a few times, before finally allowing the straps to remain down, and as one of her fingers drifted to the front clasp of her bra, she saw Cody come out of his stationary pose.

Clad only in a pair of boxer shorts, he dove off the cliff and into the creek. There was a loud splash as his body hit the water, and he swam over to the shallow end where she was located. As soon as he reached Erica, he snaked his arms around her waist, pulling her firmly against him.

Time seemed to stand still as they stood there looking at each other, neither speaking a word as their eyes locked into an impenetrable gaze. She felt his palms coast along the soft curve of her ass, then he gave it a nice, firm squeeze.

He lifted slowly to touch her face, and he gently began to stroke her cheek. Shivering beneath his touch, she looped her arms around his neck. The air was thick with their arousal, and she could feel the heat radiating off his body. As he slowly leaned forward, she tilted her chin upward, her lips tingling as she anticipated the touch of his lips.

His lips pressed to hers in a wet, hungry kiss, and their tongues bumped hotly against each other, tangling in a rhythmic dance. Cody's hands roamed the top half of her body, palms sliding against her breasts through the wet fabric of her top.

Her fingers tangled into his hair, stroking his long, wet strands as he relentlessly dominated her mouth. Their lips moved passionately, and although neither wanted the kiss to end, they knew that it must. Starved for oxygen, their mouths parted with great reluctance.

Grabbing the hem of her tank top, he slowly slid it upward, peeling the wet fabric off her body. She lifted her arms to assist him, and once her shirt was over her head, he tossed it aside, where it landed in the water with a small plop. Her mind was so clouded by lust that she didn't think about the fact that her shirt was being carried off by the flowing water of the creek, nor did she really care.

All that mattered right now was having his hands on her. For nearly a week, her body had been starving for his touch, and as his fingers ghosted over the sheer fabric of her bra, her already rigid nipples grew to achingly swollen points.

Palming her soft breasts, he bounced them in his hands, testing the fullness of them before allowing the pads of his fingers to brush against her peaks. She gazed downward as he fondled her breasts, watching intently as he tenderly caressed one bud, and then the other.

His digits then dipped beneath the material of her bra, and as his calloused fingers made contact with her bare skin, a breathy moan escaped her mouth. The rough pads of his fingertips circled her areolas a few times before touching the very tips, and then he began flicking the pert points of flesh.

His ministrations sent a shiver through her body, and she traced her palms over the broad curves of his shoulders. Her hands moved lower to caress the musculature of his chest, then continued their journey southward until they bumped against the waistband of his boxers.

Her fingers slipped languidly beneath the fabric, moving lower until they met with his firm length. As her palm wrapped around the heat of his erection, he uttered a carnal groan, casting his eyes southward to watch the movement of her hand beneath the fabric of his boxers.

His cock felt long and thick in her palms, and it didn't take long before she'd built up to a nice, steady rhythm. Cody's breath came out in short, harsh gasps, and within a short amount of time, she had him trembling with desire.

She could tell from his body language that his orgasm was drawing closer, but instead of continuing to stroke him off, she slowed her pace, then came to a complete stop and removed her hands. Intense frustration etched into Cody's handsome features, and his eyes fixed hers with an inquisitive look.

She said nothing, only offered a crooked little smile, then pulled away from him. She stepped back a few paces, then once the level of the water began to rise, she sunk down into it, allowing her body to float in the water.

Like a fish on a hook, she reeled him in, and he began to follow her into the deeper end. She did a few backstrokes, then flipped onto her stomach and swam away. Although she could no longer see him, she could hear the sound of him trailing behind her.

It didn't take long for them to reach a small cave that was located on the other side of the swimming hole, and as she came upon a narrow ledge, she lifted herself onto it. Cody climbed up into the cave to join her, following behind her as she walked further in.

Wanting to make sure they had enough privacy, she took a few more steps, then turned to face him. Pressing her hands against his chest, she pushed him against the wall of the cave.

She coasted her palms down his well built torso until they met with his straining erection, then allowed her fingers to lightly dance along it. His cock twitched in response, and she slipped her fingers beneath the elastic band of his boxers. Eager to bare his manhood for her eyes, she tugged his underwear down, then bent onto her knees so that she was eye level with his arousal.

The sight of his penis jutting proudly in the air made her anxious to taste him, and she snaked her tongue out to sample his flavor. The first touch of her wet appendage against the engorged head of his cock withdrew a gasp of pleasure from Cody, and he placed his hands against the wall, bracing himself for the onslaught of pleasure.

She swirled her tongue around the swollen crown a few times, then licked a bead of precum that had collected at the slit of his penis. She savored the salty taste of it, and as she engulfed him in her mouth, he emitted a carnal moan of gratification.

His hands found their way to her hair, burrowing deep into her voluminous curls. Placing her palms on his hips, she firmly held onto him. Loving the velvety feel of his thick shaft, she moaned in pleasure, proving him with a vibrating sensation. This withdrew a throaty noise of pleasure from his lips, and spurred on by his response, she took him deeper into her mouth.

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