tagInterracial LovePeak of Desire Ch. 14

Peak of Desire Ch. 14


*So once again, I'm late with updating. Sorry to make you guys wait, but hopefully the length of this chapter will make up for it. I hope you'll enjoy, and many thanks for your comments, votes, and continued interest. :)*

Erica woke the next morning at just past eight a.m., and after rolling onto her side, she cast a gaze at her sleeping lover. As she reached a hand out to brush his hair away from his face, he stirred slightly, then emitted a cute little noise, but didn't wake.

Thinking about the previous night, she pleasantly recalled their passionate coupling, and was pleased to know that despite all of the other changes in their relationship, the one thing that remained constant was their sexual chemistry.

The past month had been challenging to say the least, and having sex with Cody had not only fulfilled her sexual needs, but also her emotional ones.

Ever since Cody had been paralyzed, it'd become increasingly difficult to connect with him on an emotional level, but during the act of sex, it seemed that the more familiar side of him emerged.

She knew it would take time of course, and she was doing her best to be patient, but it broke her heart to see just how mentally devastated he was. She wanted her old Cody back, and it was her fondest hope that he would gradually regain all of those wonderful qualities that had made her fall so hard for him.

After a few steady minutes of watching him peacefully sleep, she planted a feather light kiss on his lips, then quietly slipped out of bed. After making her way to the kitchen, she went about making breakfast.

It only took five minutes before the scent of sizzling sausage patties filled the air, and as the coffee maker gurgled away, she busily cut slices of bread into triangle shapes. She was just placing an egg soaked piece of bread into an oiled skillet when Cody entered the kitchen.

"Morning sweetie."

"Morning," He groggily murmured, then opened the fridge to take out a carton of juice.

She got a glass down from the cabinet, then set it on the counter for him. After pouring himself a cup full, he took a generous sip.

"Seems like you slept pretty well last night," she said.

"I slept great. Only problem is, I woke up feeling exhausted. Not to mention, I have a terrible headache."

"Sorry to hear. Guess that's one of the side effects of those sleeping meds, huh?"


A sizzling noise emitted from the skillet as she placed another piece of egg drenched bread in, then she tended to a second frying pan, which held breakfast patties. After flipping them over, she turned to face Cody, and saw that he was shaking pills out of various orange medication bottles that were lined up on the counter.

After collecting half a dozen pills in his palm, he brought his hand up to his mouth to swallow them, then chased them down with juice. Finding herself curious, Erica decided to inquire about the number of pharmacy bottles.

"I had no idea you had to take so many pills. What are they for?"

"Pain, muscle spasms, blood thinners, swelling...the list goes on." He recapped a bottle, then set it aside. "This is what my life has been reduced to. Loading myself up with chemical junk so I can get through the day."

"Must be a pain to have to take so many pills every day," she said with concern in her voice. "Hopefully it's at least doing some good, though."

"They do what they're supposed to, but the side effects are killing me. Most of the time I feel tired and cranky and just really off balance." After capping the last medication bottle, he blew out a heavy breath. "I'm so sick of feeling like this."

"Like what?"

"Like someone else. I don't feel like me anymore. And if I'm not me, then who the hell am I?"

Placing her hand on his shoulder, she gave it an affectionate rub. "Give yourself a break, sweetie. You're going through a major transition right now, so it's only natural you'd feel this way."

"There's nothing natural about it. It's a fucked up feeling, and I hate it."

It broke her heart to see the look of utter frustration on his face, and after grabbing one of the medication bottles, she closely studied the label. "Maybe the dosage levels are too high. We could always call the doctor and see about getting them reduced."

"Yeah, I guess it's a worth a try."

She set the bottle back down on the counter, and giving him a hopeful look, she said, "Don't worry, we'll get it worked out. I'll give the doctor a call later this afternoon, okay?"

He nodded, and after leaning over to give him a peck on the lips, she turned to face the stove.

"Breakfast is just about ready, so if you want, you can wait for me at the table."


Once the French toast was finished cooking, she served a portion for the both of them, then added a few sausage patties to Cody's plate. After setting the food on the table, she took a seat across from him.

The majority of their meal was spent in silence, as each were wrapped up in their own thoughts. But as the minutes passed by, she found herself eager to ask Cody some questions.

"Have you spoken to Mia today?"

"No, not yet," he said. "Why?"

"Just wondering how that whole thing with Natalie's car worked out. Do you think she actually went back and fixed it?"

"She better have."

She took another bite of her French toast. Then setting her fork down, she prepared to ask another question. But before she could, the sound of Cody's ringing cell phone filled through the air. Spotting his mobile on the kitchen island, she got up from her seat to retrieve it. As she glanced down at the caller ID, she expected it to be Mia calling, but was relieved to see that it was Helen.

She came back over to the kitchen table, and after retaking her seat across from Cody, she held the phone out for him to take. "It's your mom." He stuffed a large piece of sausage patty into his mouth, then released his silverware and then took the mobile from her.

Bringing the receiver up to his ear, he said, "Hey mom, what's up?"

While he talked on the phone, she continued to eat, and once her plate was empty, she rose up from her seat. Seeing that Cody had finished his breakfast as well, she took both of their dishes into the kitchen, and after rinsing them off, she put them in the dishwasher. She was just exiting the kitchen when Cody finished his call, and as she reached him, he brought a palm up to her waist, sliding it along the curve.

"Thanks for breakfast. It was really good."

"No problem, glad you enjoyed."

Erica angled her body so that her lips could meet his, and after sharing a lingering, open mouthed kiss, they both made their way to his converted bedroom.

Once they were there, Cody maneuvered himself in his chair so that he could take off his boxers. Erica thought of offering assistance, but knowing that he strived to become more independent, she allowed him to do it on his own. Once he was able to get his undergarment off, he offered her glance.

"You gonna take a shower with me?"

"Of course."

"Great. See you in the bathroom." He gave her a little smile, then wheeled out of the bedroom and made his way toward the hall.

After stripping out of her slip nightgown and taking off her underwear, she headed for the bathroom, and upon entering found that Cody had already transferred himself into a plastic shower chair. His gaze swept over her nude body with clear desire, and as she returned his look with one of her own, she felt a tightening in her loins.

She stepped into the walk-in shower, and after turning on the water and adjusting the temperature, she positioned the removable shower head over his body. She got him nice and wet first, then squeezed some soap onto a washcloth.

Then holding a shower nozzle in one hand, and a washcloth in the other, she began soaping up his chest. Even with a month of inactivity, Cody's body was still quite toned, and she found herself lustily eyeing every inch of his hard masculine form.

Using small sudsy circles, she made her way down his stomach, then moved further southward. Since he was sitting and she was standing, she found it awkward to bend over him in order to wash the lower part of his body. So kneeling down so that she was eye level with his torso, she began to wash his penis.

Using a gentle touch, she gently rubbed the cloth of the towel back and forth against the skin of his cock, then sprayed warm water over it to rinse the soap off.

Not wanting to neglect his testicles, she lightly caressed the fleshy globes with the washcloth. She heard him emit a sound of contentment as she did it, and within the span of a few short moments, his cock became semi-erect. Bringing her gaze up to meet his, she noticed that his eyes had taken on that glazed look, and her lips curved into a little smile.

After rinsing the soap from the velvety flesh of his balls, she rose to her feet and walked around to the back of the shower chair. He moved forward a bit so that she could soap up his back, and after draping his long hair over his shoulder, she caught sight of his stab wound scars.

Not having prepared herself to see them, a barely audible gasp found its way from her lips, and she was assaulted by flashbacks of that terrible night. It was the first time since the accident that she'd gotten a look at his back, and as her eyes roved over the long, thin, bumpy pink scars, she felt a wave of sadness course through her.

Their lives had changed in a major way since then, and they'd hit some major emotional potholes, but despite all that, they were still together. Of course she knew this was only the beginning of this path they were traveling along, but it still gave her some comfort to know that they'd managed to keep their relationship afloat.

Placing the washcloth on his back, she began to rub it across his skin. As she reached one of his scars, she gingerly ran the small towel over it, just barely allowing it to graze over the raised area of flesh. Perhaps noticing her hesitancy, Cody urged her on.

"It's okay, you won't hurt me."

From the way that the scars looked, it seemed as if they might be tender, so she still felt unsure about allowing the towel to make too much contact with them. Yet as she pressed the cloth against his back and began to wash him off, she found that he didn't release any sounds of pain. But even still, she knew that he must be feeling some discomfort, so using a very gentle touch, she got his back nice and soapy.

Feeing an urge to touch one of his scars, she placed the pad of her finger against the one on his lower back, then lightly ran it across the smooth, raised blemish. To think that a knife had penetrated his skin and sunk deep into flesh, filled her with disgust for the man who had marred her lover's perfect body.

After rinsing off his back, she set the shower nozzle in its holder, then grabbed a bottle of shampoo and squeezed out a large glob. After working the soap through the strands of his hair, she began to massage his scalp.

The sounds of contentment he released made her feel a deep sense of satisfaction, and continuing to work her magic, she allowed the tips of her fingers to caress his scalp. It didn't take long before an especially blissful sound left his mouth, and she gave a little smile as she realized just how much he was truly enjoying her ministrations.

"Feel good?" She asked.

"Mmm, feels great." His voice came out in a murmur.

She massaged his scalp for a few more minutes, then once his head was nice and foamy, she grabbed the shower nozzle and rinsed off his hair. Once that was done, she began to soap herself up, but the feel of Cody's hand against her waist brought her attention to him.

As she turned to face him, he patted his lap, then said, "Sit down and let me wash you."

She obeyed his request, and once she was straddling him, he began to bathe her. He ran the soft fabric of the washcloth lazily along her breasts and stomach, then once he reached her nether regions, she rose up a little from the sitting position she was in, allowing him better access to the juncture between her legs. He gently ran the cloth back and forth against her pussy lips, then allowed his fingers to briefly caress the delicate flesh.

A sound of enjoyment came from her mouth as he did it, and glancing down at his crotch, she noticed he had a rock-hard erection. Realizing where her gaze was directed, Cody gave her a little smile, which she returned with one of her own.

Having finished washing the spot between her legs, he soaped up her back and buttocks. Once that was done, Erica rinsed herself off, then set the shower nozzle in its holder.

Seeing that his cock was begging for attention, she wrapped her hand around his shaft and began to languidly tug it. The slow, long strokes she gave him gradually became quicker, and soon she was jerking him off at a feverish pace.

His groans bounced off the tile walls, mingling with the smack-smack-smack of her hand manipulating his hard flesh. Then giving a heady moan, his body stiffened and he climaxed. A thick spurt of come shot from his penis and as he trembled in ecstasy, she felt a deep sense of gratification sweep through her.

Nothing was more arousing to her than watching him come, and her inner muscles clenched from the erotic sight before her. After giving him a few more pumps, she released his softening penis, then wrapped her arms around his shoulders and gave him a tender kiss. Still breathing heavily, Cody's chest heaved against hers, and as their lips broke apart, he let out a sigh of content.

Erica reached behind her to grab the shower nozzle, and after rinsing him clean, she stood up from his lap and turned off the shower. Steam billowed out of the glass shower door as she opened it, and after reaching out to grab a towel from off the rack, she began to dry him off.

Her care and gentleness with him silently conveyed her love for him, and after toweling off his torso, she used the towel to squeeze the moisture from his hair.

Having always been a thorough type of person, she even took the time to dry out his ears with a corner of the towel. Then leaning in toward his face, she pressed her lips to his soft ones.

His mouth tasted sweet like syrup and as his tongue flicked against hers, she felt a little shiver dance up her spine. Every kiss they shared seemed like the first time all over again, and as she pulled back from his mouth, she heard him offer a few words.

"Thank you."

"For what?" She curiously asked.

"For being so good to me."

"It's no problem, I'm happy to do it."

She stroked his cheek affectionately, then began to dry herself off. Then she stepped out of the shower so he would have room to transfer himself back into his wheelchair. Once he was situated back in his chair, Erica led the way out of the bathroom and down the hallway.

Once they reached the bedroom, Erica put on a pair of fitted jeans and a strappy turquoise tank top. Seeing that Cody was still getting dressed, she grabbed her makeup case from her overnight bag, then walked over to the floor mirror that was located next to the window. After putting on some eye shadow and a bit of mascara, she coated her lips with some gloss. Then she ran a paddle brush through her hair a few times to bring out the layers around her face.

Content with her appearance, she turned away from the mirror and headed over to Cody. Wearing a pair of faded black jeans and a red t-shirt with black lettering on it, he was rummaging through the drawer of the beside table.

Reaching his side, she asked, "Need a hand?"

He reached further into the drawer, then pulled out a wooden hairbrush with coated bristles. "Yeah, I could use some help brushing my hair. Can't really lift my arms too well, so if you wouldn't mind..." He held the brush out to her.

"Sure thing, no problem."

After grabbing the brush, she positioned herself behind his wheelchair, then started brushing his locks. Reaching mid back, his hair was the texture of silk and of a jet black color.

He was the first man she'd dated that wore his hair so long, and as the bristles of the brush slipped through his locks, she found herself admiring the luster of them.

Every time she ran the plastic coated bristles through his strands, it made a pleasant sound. She found herself soothed by it, and figured that Cody did as well, because every now and again he would give barely audible sighs.

The moment they were sharing was so nice and relaxing that she felt hesitant to break the silence. Yet there was something on her mind she just had to speak with him about.

"Is it necessary for Mia to have a key to your apartment?"

"No, I guess not. Why?"

"I don't feel real good about it."

"Why not?"

"Well for one thing, she just walks in unannounced. Doesn't that bother you?"

"It does when you're here. But otherwise no, not really."

"So is that like a regular thing she does? Just randomly show up and let herself in?"

"No. She only did it once before, and that was because she had a fight with her girlfriend and wanted to spend the night somewhere else." He gave a brief pause, then continued. "The only reason she showed up last night was because she knew you were here."

"Well yeah, obviously. And that's one of the things that really bothers me about her. She's so disrespectful of our relationship."

"She did cross the line last night. Next time I talk to her, I'll be sure to let her know she can't just show up like that."

"Hopefully she'll listen this time." Still running the brush through his hair, she said, "I know she's your friend and all, but there's something about her that seems off."

"What do you mean?"

"She's unstable."

"Unstable..." He allowed his voice to drift off, as if he was thinking about what she'd just said. "So basically you're saying she's crazy."

"Yeah. Can't you see that?"

"Well she does have her weird moments, and she can definitely be a handful, but I don't know if I'd call her crazy."

"What about last night, and that whole plan she had to set Natalie's car on fire? That's not something a mentally stable person would do."

"Okay, yeah. That was pretty crazy. But I've never seen her like that before. I think her emotions just got the best of her."

"So naturally the best way for her to deal with that was to rig a car to catch fire."

"I'm not saying she doesn't have any issues at all, because it's obvious she does. But I've known her for many years, and this is the first time she's done anything like this."

"The first time that you know of." The tone of her voice conveyed her serious mood.

"Come on, Erica. I know Mia's got a few issues to deal with, but you make it sound like she's some sort of a psycho."

"Because that's how I feel. Something isn't right with her, and last night was a pretty good indication of how she truly is. Why can't you see that?"

"I've known her for nine years now. Do you seriously think we could be friends that long without me noticing any signs?"

"Yes, I do. Or maybe you have noticed, but you've just chosen to ignore them." Beginning to feel agitated, she ran the brush through his hair a little faster. "People sometimes do that because they're too afraid to see the truth."

"I'm not afraid of anything. And I find it really interesting that you seem to know more about her than I do."

She halted the movement of the comb, then changing her position so that she was standing in front of him, she looked him straight in the eyes.

"It's called intuition, and it's never led me astray, not once. Now what I want to know is, why are you sticking up for her?"

"I'm not."

"Yes, you are. You're taking her side, and it's very insulting." As she grew more emotional, her voice began to waver. "*I'm* your girlfriend, *I'm* supposed to be number one."

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