tagFetishPeeing with Suzy Ch. 01

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 01


Background: I met Suzy at College during my first term year. I was nineteen whilst she was still only eighteen. I can still remember the first time I saw her. I was in the girls changing room getting undressed from my gym clothing and had just looked up as I heard somebody entering the room. I think it was her incredible white smile that first caught my notice. It was that plus her sparkling blue eyes which offset beautifully her short blond cropped hair. I had continued to change my clothing, conscious that I was now only in my bra and panties. Suzy had started a conversation with me and there was something so fresh about her and the way she spoke that I was captivated. We soon became firm friends and I would always love being in her company. It was like being in a fresh summer breeze. She was always so happy and positive and would always give me loads of compliments about my looks and body. It wasn't until much later in the year when events lead onto something else entirely.


As Suzy's friend, she had invited me one day into her bedroom to watch her do something 'naughty'. It wasn't until she had pulled out her bedroom bin and placed in the centre of the room before starting to undress, that I gained an idea of what she was planning to do.

"You won't tell anybody?" she whispered. She bent downwards moving into a squat with her round, peach like buttocks hanging over the opening of the bin.

"Of course not," I replied. I was barely able to believe that Suzy might be intending to do what I suspected. Suzy didn't reply. Instead she gazed down at her naked thighs and slowly parted her legs which in turn exposed the view of her shaved blond pussy to me.

As I stared in amazement at my friend's exposed crotch nestled between her creamy thighs, I could clearly see the outline of her fleshy pussy lips posed over the middle of the bin. I would have been foolish to think that my friend had anything else in mind except to relieve herself into the bin. However it still came as a shock when suddenly from out of Suzy's lower lips erupted a thick stream of hot yellow pee. Her golden shower instantly formed a flowing arch which rained downwards and impacted against the inside wall of the bin. The soft hiss and patter of her toilet grew in strength as she squirted harder, her urine stream levelling at the same time.

As Suzy continued to urinate into the bin I gazed transfixed by the sight of her fast flowing piss stream. I was entranced by the way it squirted out of her shaved muff pussy and sprayed down into the bin. As her pee landed I could clearly hear the splatter her piss made as it landed against the inner plastic wall. Suzy's shower of squirting pee turned and twisted in the air as it arched its way from my friend's pussy. As she continued her toilet into her bedroom bin I could clearly see the contents of paper and tissues inside beginning to yellow and turn sodden as they absorbed my friend's golden piss shower.

"I love peeing in my bin!" Suzy said. She looked up from watching herself urinating into the plastic container below her bare bum cheeks.

"It looks like great fun," I replied, almost sarcastically. I was not really convinced. I had never thought of relieving myself without using a toilet before. However, I was beginning to change my mind having now seen my friend strip off and proceeding to have a piss into her bedroom bin.

"Do want to try?" asked Suzy. She was still looking up at me and not at the stream of golden pee she was still sending into the bin.

For a second I was unsure as to what she meant. Then it sunk in. She was offering to let me have a pee into her bedroom bin as well. It was such a strange question that it took me a second to respond.

"OK!" I replied, shocked already by my own reply. Subconsciously I was checking my bladder to see if I was ready to pee. Yes I was, but was I really ready to squat my bum over my friend's bedroom bin and go to the toilet in front of Suzy?

"I'll only be a second," giggled Suzy causing her stream of piss issuing out of her crotch to waver for a second. This almost caused her stream of pee to miss the bin wall and splash over the carpet instead. As my friend finished off peeing into the bin, I started to undress. Pulling down my skirt I waited until the last drops of piss had vanished from my friend's pussy lips before pulling down my panties to expose my blond triangle of pubic hairs nestled between my legs.

Suzy stood up from her squatting position where she had seconds ago been relieving herself. As she moved away from the bin I was just about to squat my buttocks down in the same location over the bin when Suzy quickly grabbed it and headed off for the door.

"I'm going to empty it first," she said over her shoulder as she opened the door.

I was horrified as she left the room with the door still open. She had just walked out onto the landing whilst half naked and holding a bin full of piss. Here I was, standing in her bedroom, with my uncovered pussy on full display and getting ready to have a piss of my own into my friend's bin.

'Where was she?' I wondered, now desperate to start peeing. Just having my pussy uncovered made me want to piss. I gazed down at the carpet beneath my feet. 'If she doesn't hurry up,' I thought to myself, 'I'm going to squat over her carpet and relieve myself all over her floor.'

I looked around the room for inspiration of a place I could quickly sneak out a bit of my piss before being discovered. I was just considering holding up one of the room's thick curtains to my pussy and having a quick pee into them, when Suzy returned holding a completely different bin.

"Here you go," she said, closing the door and putting the bin down on the carpet. "You can use my mum and dad's bin for your piss."

I was too desperate to argue. Desperate to pee I immediately rushed over to where Suzy had placed the bin on the floor. Squatting down over it I ensured that my bare buttocks were clearly positioned over the opening.

Suzy had now gone to sit on the bed opposite me, spreading her legs wide so I could clearly see her muff again. Nervously I parted my legs realizing that Suzy was now as eager to watch me pee as she had been to relieve her own piss shower. I was now ready. Looking down between my own bare legs I released my hold on my bladder and waited with baited breath. I could feel my pee sweeping down my body to my waiting pussy lips. Barely a moment later and a soft pattering sound arouse from the bin as I commenced my toilet into its innards. My honey coloured shower squirted out of my muff and formed a short golden arch in the air before impacting against the plastic wall of Suzy's parent's bin.

As I continued to squat over the bin whilst squirting my piss into it, I realized just what a thrill I was getting from this experience. It felt so erotic to pee somewhere else for a change instead of a toilet and I was actually enjoy the sensation. Looking up I saw that Suzie was entranced by the sight of me carrying out a piss into her mother and father's bin. This made it even more fun! Relieving my piss into somebody else's property without a care in the world was orgasmic!

Slowly my piss stream started to dwindle. I was about to do my last couple of squirts into the innards of the plastic bin, when suddenly Suzy moved off the bed and bent down to pull the bin away from under my naked buttocks.

"Suzy, I haven't finished!" I whined urgently, barely able to hold back the last few squirts of pee from leaving my pussy.

"Do it over the floor," urged Suzy.

At that stage I couldn't help it anyway. Looking down at my triangle of blond pussy hairs, I watched on helplessly as I started to finish my pee. Out of my muff lips shot a new golden streak of hot urine as I now pissed all over Suzy's bedroom carpet.

As my hot piss sprayed over the floor, the carpet instantly absorbed my honey coloured urine. This was definitely the biggest thrill I had for ages! Pissing in the bin had been fantastic fun but to simply squat and finish off my leak by going all over the carpet was simply orgasmic. My pee had come to an end now but I continued to hover off the damp patch I had just created on the carpet. Suzy still had her legs spread and I could clearly see her pussy slit nestled in her shaved blond muff. I could feel her gaze still locked on my private parts and I could feel my excitement building as I contemplated what might happen next. Suddenly the sound of the front door opening into the house echoed up the stairway and into Suzy's bedroom. This had an immediate effect on my friend. Jumping off the bed she ran over to the spot where she had abandoned her clothing prior to her pee in the bin.

"Quick, get dressed. That will be my mother who has just come in."

Butterflies were dancing in my stomach as I fumbled trying to yank up my panties around my bum cheeks. Suzy was already dressed and rushing to the bedroom door holding her parents' bin in one hand. I was horrified at the thought of her being discovered carrying the urine filled container and explaining to her mother how I had just peed in it. Fortunately Suzy managed to dispose of the evidence in time. I swear we were both blushing badly when we went downstairs to see her mother. Not long after that I took my leave from my friend's house and rushed home to an incredible masturbatory experience fuelled by the day's events.


It was now the day after I had watched Suzy pull down her pants and urinate in her bedroom bin. During the course of the night I had relived the memory of watching her squatting over the plastic container. My mind had been filled with the image of her naked legs spread apart whilst seeing her yellow torrent of hot piss squirting out of her pussy lips. I could still hear the soft hiss and patter in my head as I recalled her urine shower raining down into the bin below her deliciously nude buttocks. These memories where however nothing compared to the thrill I had got when I remembered what it had then been like to follow Suzy example; dropping my panties to the floor and squatting my own tender bum cheeks over her parent's bin. I recalled that it had taken no effort on my part to then simply squirt my own pee into the bin. Then there was the wonderful recollection of watching whilst I squirted my pussy piss into the plastic container. All this however was nothing to the final thrill I had got when Suzy had taken away the bin from underneath my bum and had urged me to finish off my toilet by urinating over her carpet. I had done so straight away, sending my golden spray of urine out over her carpet and watching the fabric darken as it absorbed my hot yellow pee.

I had been to the toilet several times since the event of the day before. Every time I had felt like I was missing out on some thrill whilst I urinated into the toilet bowl. My parent's had left the house and I was now all alone in the bathroom. Quickly I slid down my skirt and panties. Once I was semi nude with my bladder fit to bursting I simply couldn't wait to position my buttocks so that they hung over the rim of bathroom sink basin. I had decided that I was going to relive myself into the bathroom sink instead of the loo. Later on I also wanted to try having a sneaky pee in the bath or even in our laundry basket. For now I just wanted to be a really naughty girl and carry out a piss into our bathroom sink.

Several seconds later and I had managed to get into position so that I was squatting over the basin. My large naked bum was hanging inside the bowl and I had spread my legs to allow me a view at my blond pussy hairs nestled between my legs. Slowly I started to let go on the hold on my bladder. I could feel my pee surging through my body flowing from my bladder to my waiting pussy. The moment finally arrived and I started to relieve myself whilst squatting over the bathroom sink. A soft hissing sound announced the start of my pee from between my parted legs as my urine stream squirted out of my pussy hole. Immediately my hot piss sprayed over the ceramic wall of the basin and then started to flow in a golden stream out of sight under my burn and into the plughole. This was great fun! I relished every second of my naughty toilet. The thrill of reliving my pee into the sink bowl mixed with the wonderful feeling of relief building in my bladder as I squirted my hot yellow into the sink bowl. Just watching myself urinate in such a naughty way excited me even more.

As I squatted over the sink, still busily peeing into the basin, I started to fantasize about all the other places in the house I could go next for my next piss. Slowly the golden arch of flowing urine issuing out of my pussy began to droop as I neared the end of my pee. It was with a great disappointment when I had to climb off the sink bowl after doing my last squirt of urine down the plug hole.

Later on and I was back in the bathroom. It was so hard to resist the urge to squat back over the sink and have another pee into the bowl. Instead I yanked down my clothes from around my legs and stared at the sight of my naked pussy. My blond triangle of pussy hairs almost hid the sight of my lower lips from sight. Still gazing down and admiring my own pussy I am so tempted to try letting my bladder urge out now. Temptation proved too much too resist and suddenly I was doing it. My hidden pee hole opened and there it was; a thin trickling flow of my hot pee falling to rain on the bathroom floor. I stared in wonder and part shock at seeing myself so brazenly taking a piss whilst standing in the bathroom.

A small golden puddle was forming on the polished wooden floor as my pussy continued to squirt out my hot relief. I knew I had to stop but the feeling of pissing was too wonderful to hold back. Desperately I moved over to the bath leaving a wake of spent pee on the floor behind me. It took only seconds to mount the edge of the bath and then I let go in earnest. Instantly the squirting trickle of pee escaping my pussy slit thickened in size as I started to squirt at full force. The resulting fountain of pee leaving my pussy formed a shooting arch of twisting yellow urine in the air above the bath. As it fell it became a golden shower, pattering down over the bath surface below.

The sight of my piss spraying into the white tub was making me feel incredibly horny. Naughty thoughts were flowing through my mind at all the opportunities my new found fetish was offering me. Most of all, I desperately hoped that it would be an opportunity to get into Suzy's panties. I had been subconsciously thinking about her uncovered pussy ever since the moment I had seen it first start to squirt her pee into the bin. I knew now how desperately I wanted to taste her womanhood and run my tongue lovingly up and down her pussy slit. Part of me even wanted to have my mouth open in case Suzy took it upon herself to reward me with a golden shower for my ministrations. The very idea of having Suzy have a pee in mouth was earth shatteringly and mind blowing in its concept.

My pee in the bath had come to an end. I continued to squat in my peeing position staring at the mess I had made with my toilet. The surface of the bath was covered in a long stain of yellow pee which was now slowly running down to the plug hole. I was so incredibly horny now but couldn't finger myself whilst using my hands to support my body over the bath. I didn't even make it to my bedroom. Instead I collapsed on the floor by the side of the bath. With one hand pleasuring my pussy my other rubbing my tits I brought myself to a thundering climax. Now the floor was doubly stained, both with my piss and my love juices. It took an age to clean up my mess but once I had finished, I was ready to do it all over again!

Coming next:

In my next instalment, I tell of my naughty detour on the way back to see my friend Suzy for what I hope is the start of a new level in our relationship.

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