tagFetishPeeing with Suzy Ch. 02

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 02


My next visit to see my friend Suzy came several days later. I must admit that on my way over to her house, I was filled with a sense of deep excitement about what the day might hold. Naturally I had ensured that I'd had a large drink with my breakfast and already I could feel a deep burning in my bladder with the need for a pee. Whilst I was walking, I studied my surroundings with an interest I had had before. My mind was racing as each footstep jarred away at the pent up piss inside me. A large clump of bushes on the opposite side of the road looked a suitably safe place to hide behind whilst I dropped my panties to my ankles and showering the ground below with a deliciously hot stream of my squirting piss. Next to this array of foliage was an old decrepit garage, the worn wooden doors on the front seemingly unlocked from my vantage point? Maybe I could venture inside whilst nobody was around and then release my urgent need all over the floor?

As you can probably have guessed, I had done nothing but fantasised about my last visit to see Suzy. So far I had not dared venture further than our bathroom when squirting my piss out of my blond haired muff. However, I had already created numerous fantasy scenarios where the two of us would relieve our piss in newer and naughty locations. My own experiments with relieving my pee into the bathroom sink bowl, the bath and even a very daring sneaky piss into the laundry basket, still seemed quite tame to Suzy's exploits. In my mind's eye I could still see the image of Suzy's piss stream as it flowed copiously out of the deep slit nestled at the base of her blond curly haired muff. I could clearly recall the sight of her golden piss shower as it had squirted away from her love hole nestled just beneath her fleshy protruding clit. It had arched away from her muff and suspended bum cheeks before forming a fast flowing arch into the plastic bucket where it had pattered over the wall before running downwards to cover the contents of paper and tissues with a growing damp yellow stain. For some reason, watching another girl have a pee in a naughty location seemed to hold an even bigger thrill than watching my own pee spray squirting out of my pussy and decorating an object with my staining stream of urine!

By now I had reached the end of the road and had turned left before commencing the sharp incline of the road leading upwards to Suzy's home. Large private houses sat back in large gardens on either side of the road. This was the posh side of town and Suzy was very lucky in that her parents were substantially well off. Most of the gardens were surrounded by large hedges and this made me think once again about risking a naughty pee in the undergrowth. I was now only a five minute walk from Suzy's house but I knew that there was no guarantee what-so-ever that Suzy would want to play pee games once again. What a vast disappointment it would be if she pretended the other day had never happened and I had to relive my pent up piss in her loo!

With this last thought in mind I paused in my ascent up the hill. To my immediate left, a large driveway lay invitingly open, running a short distance over a tiled drive to a large garage. I carefully viewed the house. It looked empty. It was still early in the morning and although not dark, it was still grey enough for most house occupants to be using their electric lighting. The need in my bladder was really desperate now. Involuntarily, I felt a warm hot damp sensation forming around the crotch of my panties as my pussy lips parted for a second and a wet gush of piss soaked into my underwear. That was that! With just a quick pause to scan the deserted street and empty house windows I made a dash for the side of the garage on the adjacent side of the house. It was only a short distance but I was panting by the time I made it into the gloomy void between the concrete wall and the protective garden hedge. My heart was beating ten to the dozen but it was too late for second thoughts now. Opening up my thick woollen coat I quickly reached down to my short pink skirt. Hoisting it up around my waist I then inserted my cold fingers between my panty elastic and my warm flesh. The chill almost set my off peeing immediately. If that had been the case then my panties would have instantly become a sodden mess. As it was, as soon as I had squatted down so that my naked bum cheeks hung suspended the earth, an incredibly large squirting flow of piss started to jet out from my pussy lips.

I gasped with the joint delight of peeing in such a naughty location coupled with the sheer ecstasy of emptying my much needed pee all over the ground below. I stared in the dim light at the event going on between my legs. My pee shower was a veritable gushing torrent, my urine stream flowing out of my muff at an incredible rate. Already a growing puddle of piss was forming between my legs as my urine sprayed earthwards. The sheer force of my pissing was causing my pee puddle to flow away from my squatting position and run off towards the driveway. I watched in horror as this spectacle continued, my hot spent pee steaming in the cold air as it flowed away from where my main pee stream was splashing noisily over the bare earth. Suddenly a loud bang coming from the other side of the garage announced the closure of the house front door. It hadn't been empty after all!

Instantly I ceased my pee. My heart was beating in overdrive and I realised that I was holding my breath whilst still crouched down in my squatting position that I had just been peeing in. Between my bare legs and below my exposed pussy triangle, my puddle of cooling piss laid testament to my naughty deed. Footsteps grew louder, high heels resounded sharply on the brickwork driveway, getting closer and closer by the second. I didn't dare move in case the noise drew attention to my hiding position at the side of the garage. Should the woman look round the corner it would be more than obvious what I had been doing especially with my panties between my knees, my pussy on display and a large wet puddle on the ground where I had just been pissing. I shivered involuntarily I think both with the cold air against my naked flesh and with the fear of pending discovery. What would my parents say when they found out I had stopped for a pee in somebody's front garden?

The footsteps grew even louder and just then I saw a momentary figure pass in front of my limited viewpoint. Then she was gone and the sound of footsteps started to diminish as the woman descended the hill and away from her home. Letting out a deep sigh I reviewed my situation. My need to pee was still great but the near miss of nearly being caught had stolen the thrill in simply resuming my pee by the side of the garage. Besides my pee puddle was ready for running onto the driveway and that really would be a give away should the woman return. Standing up I pulled my panties back up my chilled legs with some reluctance. I had no desire to have to continue my walk to Suzy's house and waste this opportunity to take a sneaky piss out in the open. As I pushed my skirt back into place I suddenly had a very naughty thought! Turning around from my pee spot I looked behind me. The gap between garage and hedge continued all the way to the end where it was just possible to see a green lawn stretching outwards.

Gingerly I made my way up this gap being careful not to stand in my pee puddle in the process. As I emerged from the gloomy void of the garage passageway I found myself it a large open garden with a featureless lawn surrounded by tall hedges on each side. As I had suspected none of the neighbouring houses had a view of the immediate space at the end of the house meaning that the paved patio was completely unobserved. Just where the idea I had got to finish off my pee in the wide open space at the back of this house, came from I had no idea. However the butterflies were dancing at the thought of this wonderful opportunity! I took a quick peek into the kitchen window as I passed just to ensure that the house really was empty this time. Reaching the large double rear doors I decided that this would be as good a place as any for my toilet so I stopped where I was and start to pull off my coat. This time I wanted to savour every second of my piss over this household's patio. I put my coat down on the nearby garden table and reached down to my skirt. This time I pulled both skirt and panties down my creamy legs and deposited them on top of my coat. Now I was truly ready!

Standing half naked on a cold December morning in a strangers back garden, getting to have a pee all over their patio was a sensation I will never forget. The sheer freedom of knowing I could pee where-ever I liked coupled with having my bum and pussy on display and ready to start my pee was intoxicating. Slowly I lowered myself to the paving stones below ensuring my legs were wide apart in the process to give me a good view of my blond muff getting ready to let loose on my much needed piss. Barely a moment later and I resumed my toilet. Immediately the air around me was filled with a loud hissing sound as my golden pee stream squirted out of my hairy muff and started to spray over the paving stones beneath my bare legs. I increased the force of my pee watching my squirting shower of pee grow by the second. This created a fantastic fountain of piss washing over more and more of the flag stones and covering them in my hot pee. The sensation of relief was like ecstasy and my mind tried to memorise every moment of my outdoor toilet. Already my pee puddle had formed a large obvious stain on the patio and I wondered what the home owners would think when they returned and saw the puddle I had left for them with my pissing. Would they even guess that a pretty young girl had taken upon herself to relieve her piss in their back garden without a care in the world!

Warm trickles of my pee were now running under my bum whilst my main pussy shower sprayed the paving stones with my hot golden urine. I was now almost two thirds of the way through my supply of piss and the urgent need in my bladder was finally beginning to subside. Although was by far the naughtiest thing I had every done. My piss in Suzy's parent's bin seemed like a lifetime ago. Even so I still wanted to be even naughtier. Looking around from my squatting position, hot pee still gushing out of my pussy hole, I toyed with different places I could possibly use for a new slash. Taking a piss on the lawn would be too boring so I dismissed that straight away. Otherwise there was not much else of interest. Suddenly a big smile lit up my face as my gaze rested upon a solitary garden gnome sitting on the edge of the patio. I couldn't resist. Stopping my gushing toilet flow over the stonework I half stood up and did a quick hop over to the garden gnome. Bringing my blond pussy to within inches of his face I resumed my pee. Instantly the gnome became covered in a flowing deluge of raining piss emanating from my open pee hole. I giggled to myself as I peed all over his face watching excitedly as my urine ran down his body.

I was nearing completion now, the force of my piss squirt, beginning to wane as my bladder emptied. With one last little gush of hot yellow pee over the gnome, I closed my pussy hole and stood up. I now had only enough pee left inside for two final acts on pee vandalism. First off was the chimney fire stack which was situated up against the house wall. Moving over to it I lifted up its protective cover and moved my blond pussy up towards its large opening. Peeing stood up was hard work, but with my fingers holding my pussy lips apart I finally managed it and was soon peeing again, this time urinating like a school boy with my golden fountain of hot pee squirting into the fire stack.

Stopping once again I approached my finally toilet spot -- the two French doors. Deciding to use the one on the left for my last pee I walked over to it before getting as close as I could to the glasswork with my pussy. With my hands at my lower lips I started one last deliciously wonderful pee. This time I squirted my piss stream all over the glass door enjoying every second of my dying pee shower. It was an incredibly intoxicating feeling to be relieving myself over another person's property. I was really conscious of how I might look to an unknown watcher, what with my peach like bum cheeks facing the garden and my blond pussy pissing all over the back door.

Sadly my toilet reached its end. Warm streams of spent pee had trickled their way down my legs during my various peeing sessions and my skin was now cold and wet. I had nothing with me to dry myself upon so I decided to use my cotton panties as a towel. Once I had dried my pussy lips, bum and legs I decided it would be a nice gift to leave my pink panties behind for the occupants of the house to discover upon their return. This would definitely prove to them that a young girl had visited their back garden for her morning toilet. Looking around at the various damp piss stains on display I felt incredibly pleased with myself. Surely this was better than anything Suzy had ever done? On reflection I wasn't so sure and just thinking about my friend made me remember my original purpose for setting out this morning. Should I even dare to let Suzy know about my naughty pissing on the way to her house? There was only one way to find out so after dressing sans panties, I made my way back over to the garage. Another trip in the gloomy corridor between the out building and the hedge brought me back to the scene of my first pee. Gazing down at the puddle on the floor made me recall just how easy it was to have a wee outdoors and vowed that I would definitely be having one on my way home as well. Stepping over the puddle of my spent piss I made sure the coast was clear before dashing back to the street and resuming my walk up the hill towards Suzy's house. My mind was racing now as to what possibilities the day might bring with my naughty friend. After all it was her fault that I was now such a bad girl. Even if she didn't want to pee in naughty places in her house, I was pretty certain that I would the find the opportunity myself. Little did I know at this stage at just how wrong my fears were about a change in Suzy's antics? If anything my early piss sessions were a tame affair compared to what we were going to be doing latter that day, but as they say, that is another story.

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