Peeping Paul


"You shouldn't be in here," I protested feebly.

"Why not Paul, you've been watching me and Chelse; why can't I watch you?" she whispered.

I could feel my skin becoming hot with embarrassment. I tried to defend myself; "I haven't been watching you. It's all in your imagination!" I protested.

"Oh yes you have and I've been putting on a show for you! I knew you'd like to see me with those two bikers. I knew you liked the bad boys as much as me. I knew you'd like to see me get it from two men," she smiled.

Then she put her finger in her pussy, swirled it around then offered the tip of her finger to me.

Eagerly, I opened my mouth and suckled the digit. My body shook with delight as she finger fucked my mouth with her young juices. I wanted to taste them for myself. I wanted to stick my tongue into her sweet cunt and nibble her erect clit.

I knelt before her and she spread her legs wide. I smelled her sex and my dick exploded all over my legs.

Molly pressed my head to her open pussy lips and my tongue slipped into the liquid there. My breath caught and I spilled more seed.

"Lick it Paul! Show me how a real man takes care of his women!" she demanded as my tongue slipped in and out of her liquid gold pleasure.

My body shook with excitement as her sweet juices filled my mouth. It was like the honey of bees. I just knew that young pussy had to be sweeter tasting and smelling than older pussy. I was right.

She lay back on the cool floor of the tub and I sucked her and licked her until the water began to run cold. I didn't even realize the change of temperature but her body began to tremble. At first I didn't notice, but when I did, she was really shaking.

I quickly stepped out of the shower and covered her with a towel.

"No, don't stop," she pleaded. "That's just so good!" she sighed and slipped out of my arms.

I pulled her out of the shower and carried her into her bedroom. I lay her on the bed and turned to leave.

"Don't go, I want you to fuck me," she cried.

"No, I can't do that. It's just wrong!" I protested and left the room just incase she tried to pull me in.

I went to my room and locked the door. Once protected, I put my fingers to my nose and smelled her sweet young juices. Then I suckled my fingers like a baby. Such sweet juices! I imagined that Chelse's would be even sweeter since she was younger.

Protected behind my locked door, I masturbated until my body gave out. I changed the sheets and fell asleep.

The next morning, I took a shower and headed for the kitchen to get some breakfast. I heard someone in the hall bathroom shower.

I check Molly's room and she lay naked, asleep on her bed with a dildo sticking in her pussy.

Chelse's room was closed and I assumed that it was she in the shower.

I headed for the kitchen when I saw the luggage. It was Margaret. It hadn't been two weeks.

My hard-on dissipated. She was now the last person I wanted to fuck. Especially after Molly last night, I liked that sweet young stuff.

I fried me up some eggs and bacon, made some toast and sat down to eat. The door to the bathroom opened and out she walked.

I put on a smile and said, "You made it home early! I'm glad you're here.

"Oh, and why is that? Did the girls give you problems?" she asked.

"No, they're never any problem. Quiet as mice when they're home," I lied.

"Good, because I'm going to be gone for another three weeks, she smiled. "I hope that won't be an incontinence for you."

"Not at all, honey. Your kids are always good for me," I lied.

"Sorry to do this to you, but we need my job, you know that!" she continued on and I ignored her.

"I really am horny though; you want to take care of my itch?" she smiled devilishly.

I silently took a deep breath and smiled. "Nothing I would rather do, my love!"

"Good, I only have forty minutes until Michael picks me up, so let's go and try not to wake the kids."

I followed her back into our bedroom and she stripped off her clothes. She lay on the bed and spread her body wide open giving me access to the parts she wanted stimulated.

She put her fingers in her pussy and spread the lips wide, "Start here," she directed.

I licked my lips and stuck my tongue into her cunt. It tasted bitter compared to Molly's sweet juices. I swallowed hard and managed to tongue fuck her without gagging. Then I climbed onto my knees and stroked my cock.

Thinking of Molly it took little time for it to become like a steel spike. I positioned myself over her cunt and slammed my hardness deeper in her than I ever had.

Her closed eyes opened wide and she had a surprised expression on her face. "Wow, you sure missed me didn't you!" she smiled.

"Why of course, sweetheart, I always do when you're gone," I lied. There was a knock on the door and then it opened. Molly stood there naked. When she saw her mother there, she was shocked.

"Oh gosh, I'm sorry. I heard voices and I thought Paul was cheating on you. I was going to give the bitch hell!" she lied quickly and exited from the room.

"Sometimes I wonder what kind of kids I have," she scoffed and pushed my face back into her pussy.

I sucked and licked her to an orgasm and then rolled off her. My prick stood tall wanting to finish the coupling with a fuck. But she just rolled off the bed and said, "Go into the bathroom and take care of that; I don't have time."

When I came out of the bathroom, she was gone. Not even a good-bye.

I pulled on a pair of shorts and headed for the living room. Sitting there was Chelse; she had on a sheer nightgown, no underwear.

"Good morning Paul. I heard my mother come home this morning. She didn't stay long did she?"

It was all I could do to hide my arousal. I couldn't do with her what I had done with Molly. She was way too young for me to have sex with. I would kill myself first.

She patted the spot beside her on the sofa and indicated that she wanted me to sit beside her.

Cautiously, I sat next to her keeping my prick in tact.

Her delicate hand landed on my thigh and she sat there without notice of the hardening dick between my trembling legs.

With one hand she stroked my thigh, the other she had around my neck. I felt the softness of her young breast on my chest. She smelled of lilac and she made me horny.

I tried with all my might to push back the urges. Her skin touching mine burnt like fire.

"My friend Jessie is coming over this afternoon to fool around for a while," she said nonchalantly. "I'm glad mom is gone before he gets here. She'd have a fit."

I just smiled nervously and shook my head in agreement. We sat there in that position watching TV until the doorbell rang.

She jumped up and headed to the door. She opened it without looking to see who was there. I could see the silhouette of her sleek body and sprigs of the soft hair between her shapely legs. My dick grew hard; I couldn't stand up. I put a pillow on my lap.

Jessie came in and waved. They headed for the bedroom. He was taking his shirt off as he passed through the door.

He grabbed her butt as she led the way.

My dick grew.

"Paul?" her voice cried out.

"What is it?" I replied.

"Want to come in here?" she called back.

"Why?" I asked.

"So you don't have to hide in the bathroom. You'll get a much better view from in here and you can join in too. I think that would be fun; don't you?"

I started shaking. I was so excited. "Sure, why not," I replied. "Just give me a minute."

I slowly walked into the bedroom. I closed the door behind me. Chelse walked to me and held her hands over her head. I slipped the light gown off her shapely body and she released my belt and let my jeans slip to the floor.

"Have a seat man," the boy invited me and pulled out the desk chair for me. His dick was standing tall already. And when I sat, mine stood taller than his.

He lay Chelse on the bed and spread her legs. He climbed between them. His dick bounced up and down. It was stiff and droplets of precum danced on its tip.

He licked the slit that lay open for him. Then he turned to me, "You want to open the gates?" he asked.

I stood up and walked next to the bed. Chelse looked in my eyes and smiled as I bent over her and ran my middle finger the length of her pussy lips. The hair there tickled. My dick stood at attention.

"You wanna lick her clit? Look how tall it is already!" he smiled proudly.

"Nah, I would rather see you lick it. I want to watch you make her happy," I told him, then sat in the chair and stroked my prick in unison with his motions as he fucked here as I knew I never could.

Their bodies colliding created a symphony for me. My hand slid up and down in sync with their lust. Within minutes, I exploded in a spurt of cum that covered my bare legs. My arms trembled and all essence escaped my body.

I sat there, vibrating, watching them come together so naturally.

Chelse licked her lips and then suckled him until he spilled his seed into her mouth. The he covered her sweet lips with his mouth and my hand went to my erect cock and stroked it hard and fast. Trying to keep rhythm with their lust.

He and I exploded almost simultaneously. He cried out; I held my lust in. But my body shook so that I could barely hold myself in the chair.

He rolled off her delicate body and she covered his prick head, slurping the thick cum into her hungry mouth.

Then she slipped off the bed and sucked my now half limp cock into her mouth. She kneeled before me and sucked until I spilled the rest of my seed into her mouth. Then she kissed me and forced me to drink my warm cum.

My prick stood erect once more. I took a deep breath. Then pushed her back to him. I left the room. I wanted so much more but knew I would go too far had I stayed.

Now I just watch from a distance. They both know I watch and they love putting on a good show for me. Occasionally, when their mother is gone, they slip into the shower with me and sometimes share sweet nectar with me.

I swore I would never share mine with them. I could never live with myself otherwise.

But I still watch whenever I have the chance and they love being watched.

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