tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeeping Tom Ch. 04

Peeping Tom Ch. 04

byMany Feathers©

Friday. It had been a very busy week. I had finally gotten the last of my new furniture delivered. Liking the way my living room now looked, the soft leather couch, chairs...along with a deep mahogany coffee table and end tables. Something I had always wanted, but up until now, had never had. Karen had insisted on what I termed as scratchy floral printed couches and chairs after we had gotten married, and I had hated them. Now I had what I wanted as I stood there admiring my new digs. And even better, when Karen arrived tomorrow and saw my new set-up, it would be one more little reminder that I was now doing what I wanted...and not what she did.

I had even spoken with her on the phone again briefly. At first thinking she had perhaps changed her mind about doing this, hoping she had. But she had only called to say she had gone out and purchased something she would be wearing, and that she hoped I liked it. Admittedly, I was interested in seeing. Karen always had had a nice body, no complaints there. So even if this did turn out to be the last Harrah, I'd have something a bit more pleasant to remember her by.

I pulled into the parking garage having just gotten back from the store where I now carried a case of Corona's in each hand. I was quickly learning that a six pack or two didn't go as far now as they normally did. Not in this neighborhood anyway. I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted Rub walking towards me, having obviously just come from the laundry room. I remembered then that she didn't work, or go to school on Friday's, suddenly hoping for some entertainment, though it was perhaps a bit early for a beer-job.

"Hey Rub!" I called out holding up the two cases of beer in my hands. She laughed, approaching.

"You having your own party today?" She asked.

"Actually, they're for tomorrow night," I told her. I was surprised when she sort of frowned at that, and then must have realized something.

"Sorry, I guess we forgot to tell you. Mom has a two drink maximum rule at her party. She doesn't want anyone getting drunk, and spoiling anything for everyone else."

"Great," I said...though thinking I'd at least have plenty of beer on hand for the rest of the week.

"Oh, and I should also probably tell you, that today's refrain day too."

"Refrain day?"

"Yeah, everybody refrains from having an orgasm. That way, at the party...everyone's already pretty damn horny, so it sort of speeds things up a little without wasting a whole lot of unnecessary time."

I didn't bother telling her I'd already broken that rule earlier this morning.

"Somebody should probably put together a handbook. You know, something they could pass out and give to all the new people who move in here? Maybe even put a disclaimer in the back, something about the Mole in there as well so there wouldn't be a whole lot of unexpected surprises."

Rub laughed openly. "Yeah, maybe we should at that. I'll even mention it to mother," she continued giggling as we walked along. Reaching the center court she stopped though, looking at her watch.

"You want to come up for a beer later?" I asked, though I already knew there'd be nothing else I could expect, not until tomorrow night anyway.

"Can't. Promised mom I'd help her get the placed cleaned and ready for the party tomorrow night," she told me. "So have to take a rain check on that. She looked at her watch again."

"You meeting someone?" I asked curiously, realizing she must have been.

"Yeah. Stacy and Jan. Said they'd meet me here at ten, I was running a little late. Hope they didn't go without me."

It was ten after ten now. "Go?"

She grinned. "Yeah, they need to make a payment at Moles. Said I wanted to go with them and see if they were able to set a new record. Wanna come?"

"I don't know." I laughed. "Had a dream about that last night. Actually, it wasn't even a dream, more like a nightmare. I dreamt I was Indiana Jones, and that I had fallen into a pit full of cum-spitting cock-snakes." I shuddered as I stood there thinking about it. "I think it's still one of the strangest things I've ever seen."

Rub again laughed. "Oh come on, come with us," she urged. "Eventually you'll get used to it," she assured me. Though I highly doubted that.

Having nothing better to do as I'd pretty much gotten all settled in, I reluctantly agreed. "Let me run up and put the beer away," I informed her, just as the girls suddenly appeared heading in our direction. "I'll be right back, tell them to wait for me."

I had noticed that there had been a painting crew over at Jan and Stacy's place the past couple of days. They were obviously having some work done, and were now on their way over to the Moles to make payment, and go for a new record according to Rub. I hurried upstairs, dropping my beer off, and then rejoined the girls downstairs where they all stood waiting for me.

"Too bad we can't watch you squirt too," Jan told me as we walked down the path heading over to the Moles place. "Sometimes I hate refrain day, but admittedly...it does get me damn fucking horny just waiting for the party to arrive!" Obviously, the girls honored the tradition as well. Maybe there was something to it, as I promised myself I'd "refrain" from doing anything myself going forward. I had no idea how hard of a promise that was going to be to keep as I would soon find out.

We reached the back gate, letting ourselves in as Stacy walked over, opening the slot-drop, placing a small envelope inside, and then pressing the buzzer. As she did that, I stood there thinking to myself.

"I hate snakes." And even the term, "Toss me a rope!" Suddenly had a whole different meaning.


I stood there watching the hole in the dark black box suddenly open, even holding my breath as it did. Moments later, the Mole's mammoth meat met the waiting hands of Jan and Stacy as they caught it slithering out. It reminded me of one of those sausage makers seeing it coming out the way it did. And now I was worried I'd end up have an entirely different nightmare to look forward to.

With the girls standing on each side of it, both hands holding and now stroking the gigantic piece of sausage as I now saw it, there was still plenty of room for an extra pair of hands even then. As they stroked, caressed and teased the thing, it was almost as though they were coddling and toying with some sort of affectionate pet. And then I realized ironically enough...Mole would be about the only person living in this complex that would actually experience an orgasm today. Though I was again reminded of my own early morning adventure and almost felt guilty about it.

"Look at this fucker leak!" Jan suddenly announced running one hand up and down its entire length, almost as though she were massaging it. Admittedly fascinated, I stood there watching as a very large dollop of clear fluid drooled from the massive looking eye-slit in the monster's great head. Looking more like a gaping maw of a mouth than that. Rub walked over, now taking the almost too heavy head of the thing in her hands, cupping and holding it as the girls continued to caress and stroke the thing with theirs. It continued to spew a great deal of its liquid venom as I thought of it, Rub's hands now glistening with the pearly-like substance. A long streamer of it now just barely attached to its mouth, hanging down what looked like almost a foot, dangling and swinging back and forth slightly as the girls continued stroking and playing with it. Finally it detached and landed with a sizeable splat on the floor beneath them.

"Maybe you should get one of those black towels ready," Rub informed me. "I think it's going to be a big one too!" She added to that.

I did as she asked, laying out the long black towel, stepping back again and looking up, just as to my horror, I saw Rub insert her pinky-finger into the mouth opening of the beast. I almost lurched at her, half expecting to see her take her hand away, missing her finger.

"Jesus!" I said instead, weirdly aroused, appalled, disgusted, and yet curiously excited too, as she stood there finger-fucking the damn thing.

And worse...I now had a whole new image bouncing around inside my head. In two seconds time, I'd written an entire screen play, this time an X-rated version of the movie Dune...only with "Sand cocks" instead of worms. And knew then as Rub continued to stand there fucking the thing with her finger, that I could indeed expect and entirely new kind of nightmare to invade my dreams at some point.

"It's getting redder and redder," Stacy announced unnecessarily. And surprisingly, for as large and thick as it was, it was pretty much standing up all by itself too. The girls no longer having the need to really support it the way they had been. I even found myself trying to peer in through the impossible to see through dark glass, wondering what the Mole physically looked like on his side of that hole. I could almost imagine seeing him hanging onto some sort of pulley system, using that as a counter-balance for the massive amount of meat and weight sticking out through the opening on this side.

"I think he's gonna come soon!" Rub now added to that, finally removing her finger, which I was delighted to see was still attached. Though she now wrapped both hands around the head, jacking that as Stacy and Jan continued to use both pairs of their hands in a weird sort of relay as they stroked down, letting go, reaching up and then stroking down again in perfect coordination.

"Yep! I think so too!" Stacy giggled as a thick fat drop of a whiter substance suddenly boiled at the tip. "Any moment now!"

I stood back, well out of the way. The Mole's massive purple tipped head lifting all by its self suddenly, it's now gapping maw expanding even further, another second, even bigger bubble of white cream appearing, almost as though the beast was foaming at the mouth. And then it spit.

"FUCK!" I bellowed, watching it...as we all did. A massive stream of white cream suddenly skyrocketing into the air, well short of the mark...but impressive enough. The great beast seemed to teeter for a moment, once more lifting, holding as Jan and Stacy held onto it like aiming a fire hose.

"This time for sure!" One of them cried out, though I paid no attention to which one of them had said that. The second explosion only then erupting, another great rope of cum suddenly shooting out of the head of the Mole's dick. Almost as though it were in slow motion, we all watched. Watched it as it defied gravity, a thick coil of spunk that far surpassed anything I'd ever done myself before. It shot out up into the air, followed quickly by another, even before the second one had reached its zenith. And even I knew before it had landed, this would be a record setting toss and then some.

"We're gonna need two towels in the future!" Rub said in amazement. It didn't take a cum-expert to know that the Mole's dick had sent the second spurt of cum flying well over and beyond the end of the first towel, easily surpassing the best mark by a good foot or more. And though the third and forth shots had landed far shorter than that one...the volume of spunk that now dotted and splattered the dark towel was impressive. Almost...almost...as good as my own.

Like I said. It wasn't so much about distance for me, as it was the number of actual ejaculations and volume. My personal record, though I didn't divulge this to the girls at the time, was fourteen. The really sad part there was. I had no one that could authenticate that for me at the time when it had happened either.

What had been only moments ago a very hard, very stiff rod of fleshy-steel, suddenly drooped, falling, even slapping against the side of the glass box as neither girl had made any attempt to catch it. And then just like a snake again, retreating back into its hideaway, I watched the rapidly dwindling behemoth slide up the wall, and then disappear back into its hidey-hole once again.

Once more the girls stood washing and cleaning their hands. I joined them in doing so, even though I hadn't touched anything. "Well, I bet someone gets a freebee after that one!" Stacy exclaimed almost proudly.

"A freebee?" I asked.

"Yeah, it was three days after his last world record shot before anyone ever saw him stick his dick out again. I bet it's at least a week this time," she added to that. It almost made me wish I had things that needed doing.

As we turned to leave, heading back through the gate, Jan looked down, noticing what soon after everyone else did. "Damn Tom! Is that thing as hard and as big as I think it is?"

Ok, so maybe it wasn't nearly as big as the horse-cock we'd just left, but it was at the very least every bit as hard, if not harder than his had been. And worse, there was a sizeable wet spot covering the front of my beige jeans too. As weird, strange and halfway revolting as that had all been, it had been oddly arousing as well, more so because of the way all three girls stood there stroking and playing with it. No wonder the Mole came as hard as he had!" I thought considering it, feeling my cock throb in hopeful expectation. Though all thought of that happening evaporated a moment later.

"Damn, if it wasn't for refrain day, I'd be half tempted to take care of that for you, and forget all about the deal we made," Stacy stated. "So...like we said Tom, if you're interested in our doing something like that for you, then you know what we want you to do for us." I just smiled, saying nothing, and then followed behind the three girls, my hard dick pressed awkwardly and almost painfully against the front of my jeans as we did.

We soon after parted company with Jan and Stacy who went on their merry way. "Want to come up for a beer?" Rub asked. I looked at her and grinned broadly. "I said a beer. Not a beer-job," she smiled back. "Refrain day, remember?"

I was starting to hate the word, half tempted to go back to my place, stroke one off anyway...refrain day or no.

"Sure. Why not?" I said instead, and then followed that cute tight ass into the elevator, where I was again tempted to stick it between floors on purpose, and then stick it to her. Which is something I hadn't even done...yet.


As was becoming a habit living here, after grabbing us a couple of beers, we headed outside onto the balcony, sitting down and sipping on them. Across the way, I noticed that Steven too was outside, reading a book. But even more oddly, he was wearing what appeared to be a swimsuit, or brightly colored shorts of some kind. I think it was the first time I'd actually seen him with any clothes on, even though that's all he had on. Upon seeing us, he waved of course, and we waved back, before he settled back with his book once again.

I even commented on it to Rub. "Yeah he does that as sort of a reminder to keep his hands from doing what they always seem to be doing...stroking his cock. As you can see, even Steven takes refrain day seriously."

I really was starting to hate those two words. And worse, I had an entire afternoon and evening to get through yet, not to mention another full day until it was finally party time. Though then the image of Karen being there, and spoiling everything, even put a bit of a damper on that too.

"Hey, how'd you like to see a video of the last party we had here?" She suddenly asked. "At least that way, you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect when you show up for this one."

"Why the hell not?" I thought. And even though it would no doubt go a long way to making me even hornier than I already was, I figured it would still give me an idea of what I could expect, not to mention seeing some of these folks in action, as well as a few others that I heard would also be coming, who I hadn't met yet. I followed Rub back inside as we headed back to the "fun-room," where she quickly inserted the DVD into the player, and then joined me there on the couch. The image I saw looking back at me in the mirror wasn't nearly as erotic as it had been the last time. But at least the TV showed images that were as it came on.

We were already about fifteen minutes into the already erotic DVD when Darlene's other guests arrived, people I hadn't as yet seen yet. "You're gonna love her," Rub told me, likewise fidgeting around on the couch now, hands down between her legs.

"No cheating," I warned. Daring her anyway.

"Oh I won't!" She said seriously. "Just my own way of making sure I don't. I sort of pin em there so that they CAN'T do anything, like reaching over and grabbing you!" She now added, which I of course, was now wishing she would do.

Rub quickly redirected my gaze back to the TV however as the dark-haired woman with the almost alabaster looking skin came sauntering into the room. And I thought Crystal was tall for a woman. This gal was a good two inches taller than she was! At the moment she was wearing some kind of a lightweight robe, but it was obvious by the length of her legs, which seemed to go on forever, that that was about all she had on too.

"Wait for it..." Rub said clamping down on her legs even harder than she had been. The gal was talking to a couple of the others, not yet undoing the robe, though her hands had already reached for the sash on it. Spotting Darlene, she strolled over towards her, only then starting to at last undo the sash. "Wait for it..." Rub said again, making me wonder what I was about to see. Already it was clearly evident that this gal was stacked, with no doubt bigger tits than anyone else there, save for Darlene's perhaps. But I'd seen big tits before too, and not just the big silicon enhanced ones either. I sat literally holding my breath in eager anticipation however, as she finally undid the robe, turning just slightly, removing it. From the side, I could indeed see that she in fact did have very large breasts, perhaps not even as large as Darlene's were however, so I again paused...wondering. And then she turned, coming once again face front into the camera.

"Well I'll be damned!"

"Told you!" Rub giggled excitedly. "Isn't that the most amazing thing you've ever seen?" After my experience with the Mole, I'd have been willing to bet against that. Now...I was beginning to wonder what could possibly top this.

"That can't be real," I said looking on, almost wishing I had a much closer look. Though I realized that tomorrow night at the party, I probably would have.

"No, it's real, trust me I know," Rub said continuing to giggle. I believed her of course, but I still wasn't sure I was believing my eyes. In all the things I had ever seen, and especially lately...I had never once heard of, or seen a woman who had three tits before! I was reminded yes, of the scene in the movie where this alien woman in a bar somewhere on Mars had three breasts, but even in the movie, they looked a bit too unreal to be believed. This gal...Jackie as Rub now told me, hers looked honestly as natural in appearance as they could possibly be. They didn't even sit fully up on her chest as one might expect with someone who'd had breast implants. These having a bit of a natural, gravitational droop to them for a woman who was obviously in her mid to late forties. And all three were proportionately sized and shaped, the middle breast a bit more tightly squished in from either side, though she actually reached down, lifting it so that it now rested a bit more comfortably on top of its two friends.

"Ha....ha...how?" I finally managed watching as she turned and then moved out of range of the camera as it panned on to someone else. "Wait...wait, go back!" I asked as Rub paused the DVD, reversing it just a bit until we were back at the moment she had turned facing the camera when I asked her to pause it again. I even got up off the couch for a closer look, though with a fifty-five inch TV sitting in front of me, there was really no need to. "You're sure they're real?" I asked, so wanting to touch them and find out for myself, though the image on screen, even said as much.

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