tagGroup SexPeeping Tom Ch. 06

Peeping Tom Ch. 06

byMany Feathers©

By the time I got back into the fun room, Holly was already being strapped and secured into the swing. Rub, Stacy and Jan securing her in when I arrived. Just standing there looking on as they did that, and as she looked over towards me, smiling...was more than enough to harden my prick almost instantly. Holly hung there suspended, her hands, legs and feet bound and secured in the sex-swing, virtually unable to do anything but just sit there.

"Ok, Tom...now it's your turn!" Rub stood crooking her finger at me, telling me to step over to her. I noticed then there was another pair of wrist straps hanging from the ceiling. Curious, I still did as she asked. Jan and Stacy now taking the straps, securing my wrists within, and then hoisting them upwards until I was standing there, arms in the air, but surprisingly comfortable.

"Ok, so now what?" I asked though looking down at the delectable prize swinging provocatively so, there in front of me.

"Now we tease...or rather I do," Rub stated reaching down, taking my cock within her hand. Several had started to gather around to watch, including Karen who had positioned herself in such a way that she made it virtually impossible not to notice her. I could have cared less at this point. Too excited and aroused to be concerned with what she was thinking, though the expression on her face certainly didn't look angry or even jealous. There was again an almost lusty look to them which was something I quite simply wasn't familiar with in seeing.

Pulling me a bit closer towards Holly, Rub ran the head of my dick slowly, and quite teasingly up the very wet glistening grove of her bare split. I could see Holly's juices already starting to smear the head of my dick, pleasuring it even further, as Rub now tapped at Holly's hard exposed little clit. Hearing Holly moan as she did that, closing her eyes, gritting her teeth and struggling to some extent was erotic as hell as Rub continued the teasing torture of us both, simply using her hand.

Although my eyes were pretty much glued to what Rub was doing, enjoying the sight of Holly's gorgeous looking bare cunt, I quickly stole another look in Karen's direction, wondering once again how she was taking all this. Actually seeing her with her own hand down between her legs, the subtle movement which was undeniable, that she was in fact touching herself, surprised me. Though again, her even being here in the first place had surprised me. I was almost feeling guilty about it now, though that thought quickly evaporated hearing Holly's voice.

"Smack my clit with that hard fucking cock!" She demanded of Rub. "And you two...get over here and start playing with my tits!"

Though they had been standing close by the entire time, both Stacy and Jan had been as mesmerized as everyone else seemed to be, though hearing Holly's demand, they quickly found their senses. Each one now taking one of Holly's sweet tits in hand, they now added the additional pleasure of their doing that to her, toying and tugging on her nipples, pinching and pulling on them as Holly urgently demanded. Rub, slapping my prick against her pussy, the wetness of it now adding a more decadent, obscene sound that further intensified my own pleasurable ecstasy.

"Oh fuck that's good!" I wailed, closing my eyes briefly, knowing that Karen no doubt was looking towards me now, and truth of the matter was, I didn't really want to be looking into her face when I was feeling this.

"Rub it fast now damn you!" Holly called out. "Rub my clit Rub!" She chuckled at the words, though her face was flushed with the impending orgasm that was already starting to creep up on her. "That's it...hard, fast...faster! Faster! Make me cum Rub! Make me cum!"

All around us everyone seemed to be either touching themselves, or someone close by. Not one person wasn't now somehow as involved as we were. Even Crystal had walked up behind Jan on one side, now fingering her as she stood playing with one of Holly's breasts. Jackie doing the same to Stacy, David standing next to her, jacking himself off with one hand, though fondling Jackie's three tits as though playing the piano with the other. Darlene stood next to Jim, his large thick cock finally looking harder than I had seen it so far, stroking and fondling it, while Andrew looked on once more stroking his own, preferring to do so while watching us. Steven had saddled up next to Karen, who continued to even more openly toy with herself, though I now saw her looking down at Steven's dick periodically, almost willing her to finally reach over and grab it. Even Rob and Daniel stood there looking on, completing the circle that now completely and totally surrounded the two of us.

"Suck em! Suck em! Suck em hard!" Holly was begging, delirious with pleasure now as both Jan and Stacy latched onto one of her breasts, biting and nipping at it as Holly began to thrash almost violently in the swing.

"Cum baby! Cum!" Rub was urging, and whether she was speaking to Holly, me or us both, it made no difference, as I now too found myself teetering on the edge.

And then...she was coming.

That first juicy splurge was a sight to behold! I felt the warmth of it almost before I actually saw it. The pleasure of her liquid orgasm as it erupted. Rub holding my prick against her opening, still rubbing it furiously and directly against her clit. The sudden bath of Holly's juices as they began pouring out in rapid, pulsating spurts, each one of which seemed to drench Rub and I both as Rub cried out in ecstasy too, only then making me aware of the fact she'd been fingering herself almost the entire time. She joined us in our mutually combined bliss, even as Holly's continued deluge of female spunk continued to pour forth, raining down in a glorious cascade upon and against the two of us.

It was like watching dominos fall after that. In all the porn movies I had ever seen, I had never seen the almost simultaneous eruption of so many spurting cocks all at once, nor the orgasmic cries that most if not all of the women were simultaneously experiencing as well, if not otherwise engaged. In seconds, Jim and Andrew had turned on Darlene, her large breasts suddenly saturated with several thick copious loads of spunk. Even Rob and Daniel were at it again, coming together as Karen diverted her attention back to them, watching... her own hand and fingers wildly moving now against her sex as she strove towards her own orgasmic release. Steven had even reached up, cupping one of her breasts, fondling it still Jacking himself off as she turned towards him. In moment's he too was spurting all over her, yet another surprise as she stood there in climatic bliss, watching him do so, now climaxing herself as she shuddered, almost collapsing, reaching her hand out to his shoulder for support.

It was simply too much, even for me. With Holly's pussy still spritzing a bit of her own female nectar, and though Rub had in fact let go of my cock, no longer holding on or working it as she savored the last final moments of her own sweet cum, I felt the throb, the pulsating sign, another throb, and then the "no-hands" jettison of my spunk as I stood there watching the first several spurts suddenly leap from my cock. And Holly laughing excitedly, still quivering herself as she saw the streamers of my own cream raining down on her almost everywhere at once.

"That's it baby! That's it! Come for me...come on me baby! Give it to me...give it all to me!"

I gave her all that, and then some.


The party had been going on for well over two hours now. But after the last climatic thrill we'd all shared, everyone seemed to be in need of a little breather. I had gone back into the kitchen to retrieve the last of my beer, following Darlene and a few others. Karen had made an immediate bee-line towards the bathroom of course to clean up, unlike Darlene who stood leaning against the counter sipping on her drink, strings of cum still clinging to her, now running down over her breasts and onto her tummy.

She looked at me inquisitively. I motioned my head towards the hall. "Bathroom," I said making it obvious. She nodded hers in understanding, asking.

"You're Ex a one-time cum?" She asked pointedly.

It was a fair and concerning question. She always had been, at least with me anyway. Not that I hadn't tried. But for her, after her climax, which usually was a good one, she was pretty well done for, even though I could have easily with a short time out, gone again.

"I honestly don't know," I told her, again seeing her thoughtful look.

"She did seem to be enjoying herself that time though," she added. "And I noticed, she even let Steven have a feel of her tit there for a bit."

"Yeah, she did," I said hopefully. But though she'd allowed it, she hadn't really reciprocated in any way. Seeing her finally allow herself to have an orgasm amongst a group of people was almost more than I had actually expected to see. But it was far short of what I was hoping to have seen, if this was going to work. I was again having doubts about myself, about her...and more importantly about what I was actually doing here, though again as Holly walked into the kitchen joining us, I was happily reminded why.

"That was...really something!" I told her as she leaned into me, allowing one of her soft pliant breasts to snuggle into my side.

"So. You liked that huh?" She grinned, leaning in to give me a quick peck on the cheek. "Well just so you know, I enjoyed watching you too. And hand's free no less! Can only imagine what that would have been like had you actually been helping it to come out!"

"I don't think it could have been any more, or any more intense as it was," I assured her. "Just watching you, and feeling you...come like that, was amazing Holly!" She smiled at that.

"Well admittedly, as good as it was, you should see me when I really get worked up."

"You mean, even more than that?" I asked incredulously.

"Oh yeah. Tell him Darlene, what's the one thing that really gets me off and gets my juices going!"

I turned towards Darlene just as a dangle of cum dripped from the tip of her breast, falling to land on her toes. "That's easy, whenever she gets her pussy licked. If you think she came hard that time...you should see it whenever anyone does that to her!"

I knew then and there, if it was the last thing I ever did...I had to eat this woman's pussy!

"Now, I guess I really should go and clean up a little," she said excusing herself, sliding by. "But it also might be a good time to check in on...Karen," she said pausing. "And see how she's doing."

Crystal had emerged just at that very moment before I could really say anything else to Holly, especially as I was still trying to work up the nerve to tell her how badly I really did want to go down on her. The fact I was Jones'ing for another beer didn't help much either. Having finished my second one by now, I was thirsty as hell, and water just wasn't going to cut it. Since I'd brought four along, and since Karen really wasn't much of a beer drinker, I figured "what the hell?" who was going to know anyway? Really? There'd already been a small bending of the rules around here as it was, so I figured a minor third-beer infraction wasn't going to kick me out of this party. Crystal was already opening the fridge.

"Hey, would you mind grabbing me one of those Corona's?" I asked her, admiring the view as she leaned forward, bending over. The subtle sway of her bare breasts was enticing enough, the cold from the refrigerator no doubt causing her nipples to harden considerably more than they already were. But I was slowly discovering that I was starting to have a thing for nice firm asses too , as Crystal seemingly took her time getting my beer, and whatever else she was looking for. When she finally stood, all she had in her hand was a single bottle of my beer, holding it against her cheek as she turned towards me.

"Whew, definitely hot in here, especially after seeing that," she said grinning at me.

"You can say that again," I smiled back, feeling as I did the re-emergence of my own member awakening again. That memory of Holly in the swing would be forever engrained within my mind. But even Crystal now standing there as she rolled the top of the bottle back and forth over her breasts and nipples was contributing to my rapidly hardening erection.

"Only one problem with that though. I didn't get to cum," she pouted sexily. "And I really need a good fuck right now!"

I was SO tempted. She popped the cap on the bottle, starting to hand it to me.

"Wish I could help," I offered apologetically, starting to reach for the beer.

"I know, rules is rules," she grinned as we now stood each of us with hands on the bottle. "But...you could still help," she grinned even more broadly, and then began lowering the bottle we both still held until it was quite obvious what she wanted me to do with it.

"Yeah?" I questioned.

"Yeah," she moaned as she finally let go of it, hands coming up to rest on my shoulders as I slowly began to ease the neck of the ice-cold bottle into what I was fairly sure was a hot slick pussy. "Hmm," she purred. "That feels nice!"

We stood there together in the middle of the kitchen, me...slowly easing the bottle in and out of her cunt as she clung to me for support, leaning back just a bit, arms around my neck now, leaning back some as I gradually increased the tempo of the ice-cold beer slipping in and out of her sucking cunt.

At that moment Jackie came walking in, walking over immediately and stepping up behind Crystal, lending her support as she spoke. "Interesting way to open a bottle of beer," she laughed. "Do you have a cork-screw in there for wine bottles too?" She asked.

Crystal didn't bother responding of course, too focused on the sensation I was giving her, responding instead in other ways as she shuddered and shook uncontrollably. Jackie meanwhile now cupping and fondling Crystal's breasts, lending support as she did, Crystal's head comfortably resting against Jackie's middle boob.

"Oh fuck! Faster Tom! Faster!" Crystal wailed now, thrashing wildly, clinging so hard to my neck that she was nearly pulling me over to her. I could just see it, losing my balance, tumbling, falling into Jackie, and then the three of us crashing to the floor together. A broken beer bottle could prove disastrous! Somehow I managed to remain strong as her powerfully intense orgasm finally began to wane. It was interesting to note, as she calmed and finally had me remove the beer bottle from her pussy, that half, if not more of it was now gone. Her cunt foaming as though maddened, frothy beer now running down between her legs.

"Hmm, always wanted to try a cunt-beer-float," Jackie exclaimed, and then knelt down in front of the nearly exhausted Crystal, beginning to lap away at her, cleaning her up...amongst other things. I stood back, content to watch, as within moments Crystal was in the throes of yet another orgasm. After she came this time, she had to take a seat at the table, her legs no longer able to support her as Jackie stood, wiping the foam from around her mouth, and then burped. "Sorry," she blushed somewhat embarrassed. "Beer always does that to me, which is why I don't drink it very often. Though I have to say, drinking it that way was an interesting experience."

I glanced up just in time to see Karen turning, heading back down the hallway. How long she'd been standing there watching all this, I had no idea. But I was curious if she'd say anything to me regarding it, I had once...long ago, teased her flirtatiously in a similar way, though she'd never quite let me take it that far. It was one of those silly unplanned moments, but I had often wondered. Taking a swig from my nearly empty bottle of beer, I thought briefly about taking out the last one, deciding against it, draining what remained of the one that had been so recently inside Crystal's cunt. I swear I could taste her sweet honey still sticking to the neck of the bottle as I drank it. Another instant reminder that I wanted...no, needed, to eat Holly's cunt!

With another puddle on the kitchen floor that now needed cleaning up, I decided to return to the fun room myself and see what else was now taking place. But more importantly, try and get a feel of some sort as to how Karen was now dealing with all of this. Although aroused prior, even going so far as to actually get herself off, now that the edge was off...would she remain aroused, or would she be more than ready to call it a night?


I couldn't believe my own eyes. By the time I'd gotten back to the fun room, Darlene and Rub were helping Karen get into the swing. After strapping her legs and arms in, Darlene put on her vibrating strap-on, preparing to actually fuck her with it! The fact she was even allowing this in the first place was surprise enough, she'd never really shown any interest in other women, and though this was technically somewhat removed from that, especially with Steven and David now standing off to either side of her, I stood watching with renewed interest. Not to mention a very hard erection which Rub immediately came over to address.

"Surprised?" She half whispered leaning into me, her hand surrounding my cock as she proceeded to squeeze, half-way stroking it.

"Very, I certainly didn't think she'd ever submit herself to a turn in the swing. It'll be interesting to see how she responds, especially with David and Steven there," I grinned hopefully. I saw Karen look over towards us, smiled briefly, and then nodded her head at Darlene as she placed the tip of the not-yet vibrating penis at the opening of her cunt. Darlene began running up the fake prick through the wet slippery furrow of my ex-wife's split, teasing and tantalizing the hard little clitoris that Steven had now taken the liberty to reach down and more fully expose. Karen moaned, closing her eyes signaling as she did her acquiescence to David's hands now cupping and beginning to fondle her quivering breasts.

I suddenly felt a pair of hands caressing my ass cheeks, along with the simultaneous feel of soft fleshy breasts digging into my back. Holly's breath against my neck sent a flood of chills racing up and down my spine. "Mind if I borrow him for a few minutes?" Holly asked Rub, who grinned knowingly. "Unless you'd rather stay here and watch," she then stated turning towards me.

"I was wondering when you might come and grab him," Rub giggled glancing over her shoulder as Darlene began to slowly thrust the now vibrating prick in and out of Karen's cunt. "Especially with mom being occupied", she added, reluctantly releasing my cock. "I'll keep an eye on things, and come warn you if it appears the action here is coming to an end," she now whispered conspiratorially.

I raised my eyebrows questioningly, but Holly took my hand in hers, leading me off back out of the room and down the hallway again. Entering the main room where a few others were, relaxing, or gathering their strength again, simply talking or enjoying a drink together, Holly pulled me towards the balcony. I think it was the first time I had actually seen the curtains pulled closed in front of them. Seeing us, Jackie nodded, smiling and stepped over towards the curtains pulling them apart, sticking her head out briefly.

"It's all yours," she laughed wickedly. "I'll keep an eye out on this side."

Holly nodded. "And Rub's keeping an eye out on that side," she winked stepping through the closed curtains out onto the deck.

"What's going on?" I finally asked, curiously aroused and excited. Whatever it was, this seemed to be a major rule violation that was about to take place here.

"Believe it or not, Darlene doesn't know anything about this. But the rest of us came up with our own little rule, in addition to all of hers. Out here, on the deck, as long as it's safe enough, and she's currently occupied, we call this, "The consensual zone."

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