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Peggy's New Job


I spent the afternoon shopping and even went into some of the more conservative woman's stores all the while keeping the word classy in mind. By six o'clock I'd spent nearly sixteen hundred of my advance and had at least one of each item on Daddy's shopping list. I splurged and spent two 'c' notes on sexy lingerie including a couple pair of crotchless panties and half a dozen pair of silk stockings which I figured I'd be buying quite often.

I knew that I was good with shoes having a collection in my closet that approached two hundred pair.

Shopping bags in hand I headed to my Benz and piled them in the trunk. I was feeling kind of hungry but figured I'd order Chinese when I got home.

Pulling into the driveway I remembered that I'd wanted to call a locksmith today so I could have the locks changed on Tuesday morning. I chuckled thinking should have written it done instead of making a mental note.

The garage door slowly closed and I nearly tripped over the pile of boxes where his E-Class usually sat. I carried my shopping bags inside and quickly hung the contents on the rack mounted on the back of the laundry room door so my new outfits wouldn't get wrinkled.

I grabbed the phone book and opened the yellow pages leafing through to the section for Chinese delivery. After ordering Chicken stir fry and white rice I thumbed to the section to find a lock smith. Dog earring that page I went back to the "A"'s and left the book laying open on the counter at the attorney adds as a reminder for me to make those calls as soon as possible.

My computer was still on the table so I flipped it open and started it up. As soon as my desk top appeared my friendly postman said. "You've got mail."

Wow I thought I've gotten more emails in the last twenty four hours then I probably got in the last twenty four weeks.

My in-box contained a message from something called Shutter Bugs. I nearly deleted it but then realized it could be from Daddy's photographer.

Opening the mail I read. "Hello Angel my name is Craig and I'll be your photographer. Our appointment is for one o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Please bring at least three changes of clothes one of which should be an evening gown. We'd appreciate if you would not wear any make up as our staff with be applying what is needed to enhance your photos. We may also want to experiment with some different hair colors so don't bother doing much with your hair. We'll take care of that also. There is a one hundred dollar sitting fee which is payable at the time of your appointment. Please bring cash. I'm looking forward to working with you. Thanks Craig.

I closed my email but left it running in the back ground.

Things were moving along very quickly. I assumed because Daddy want to begin receiving a return on his investment and to be quite honest I was happy since I'd start receiving compensation for my talents.

A short while later the door bell rang signaling that my dinner had arrived. As I sat eating the tasty stir fry I began wondering about the who what and when of my first appointment. I was beginning to feel very excited about getting started and knew that by the time it arrived my anticipation would be at a fever pitch.

I love Chinese take out not only because it's so tasty but there's always a little left over for tomorrow's lunch and never any dishes to clean up.

It was almost eight thirty when I placed the styrofoam container into the refrigerator and I decided to turn early partly because I hadn't slept well last night but also I'd be rested and fresh for my photo shoot tomorrow.

Curling up under the fluffy down comforter with my body sandwiched between satin sheets I quickly dosed off into a restful sleep.

It's amazing what a good night sleep does for you. I awoke a little after eight the bright sunlight streaming through my bedroom window feeling wonderful and excited to have my photos taken by a true professional.

While enjoying my morning coffee I picked out three outfits I'd take with me to my shoot and carefully removed all the tags before placing them in a garment bag and hanging it over the laundry room door. I hoped that my choices would result in photos that would entice our clients to choose me over the other five girls who worked for Daddy.

After breakfast I went upstairs to shower. While in the shower I shaved my legs underarms and the tiny bit of stubble above my pussy. My vulva had recovered from the assault Daddy had made on it days before. I shampooed my hair giving me the sweet fragrance of strawberries.

After patting my body dry I stood for a moment surveying my form in the large vanity mirror. At thirty five I was still a stunningly beautiful women. My bright eyes and lush pouty lips were both accentuated by high cheek bones. My auburn hair while shorter than many could be teased to highlight my lovely facial features.

I smiled as I examined my breasts. Their D cup size while firm to the touch still looked very natural. The scars from my implant surgery only noticeable under very close inspection. The pink areola are perfectly round having been surgically altered to be the exact same size and appear to act as sensual frames for the tiny sensitive nipples at their center.

My stomach is perfectly flat shows no signs of the muscles that rest just below the smooth flesh. I had once considered having my belly button pierced but could never get the nerve to see a body artist to have that done. Perhaps I could now get the nerve to have both my belly and tongue pierced.

The vanity top blocked my view of what rested below so I used my fingers to do a quick physical inspection of my loins. The lips of my vulva which had been swollen and nearly rubbed raw by Daddy's massive erection days earlier were now drawn tight forming a perfect seal over the moist pink flesh they protected.

One finger slipped between the soft lips without penetrating into the moist flesh beyond. The smooth lips slipped along either side of my finger while still hugging it. My hot little fuck tunnel was back to normal and I became excited for the time when it would again massage a strong hard cock.

I didn't need to examine my long shapely legs knowing they would always be exactly as they've been since I was twenty.

As my eyes moved up again I thought. "Perhaps I should join a gym to insure this sensuous body would continue to entice the opposite sex until I'd bank rolled enough to retire from the business."

I slipped a brightly colored sun dress over my shoulders then buttoned it up the front. Beneath I slipped into a pair of white lace panties and finished with a pair of open toe heeled sandals. Without make up I looked rather plain but I knew that when I arrived at the Shutter Bug studio their artists would transform me into an elegant classy lady.

As I walked into the kitchen I noticed it was only eleven thirty. I had two hours before my appointment so I took the time to call a locksmith and make arrangements to meet him at the house at four to change the locks. I told him I had an appointment and that if I wasn't home by the time he arrived he should just start.

I knew the Hills was a drive across town but had no idea how long it would take at mid day. My garment bag was placed flat on the floor of the Benz' trunk and since Craig had said not to worry about my hair I pressed the button to lower the top before backing out of the garage. Pausing briefly in the driveway to enter the address of Shutter Bug in my GPS the on-board computer calculated my route and drive time. It flashed up arrival at destination at one fifteen. Perfect timing.

I love driving with the top down. Not only does the wind feel incredible in my hair but the looks I get from others on the road always excites me. Men just love seeing a stunning woman on the road with them and the truckers sitting high up in their big rigs get the added view of my sexy legs which are always exposed to mid thigh while I'm cruising in my sporty Benz.

I arrived at Shutter Bug two minutes later then my GPS had calculated pulling into a space with enough time to spare.

As I bent over to retrieve my garment bag from the trunk a strong hand reached in past mine.

"Hi I'm Craig." The handsome twenty something male said then added. "You must be Angel."

"Yes I am and thank you for helping me." I replied extending a delicate hand toward his free one.

"Welcome to Shutter Bug." Craig said.

I smiled at him as he said. "Right this way." His hand motioned to what clearly wasn't the main entrance into the business.

"We have a lot to do so let's get started immediately." Craig explained.

He guided me past the back of what must be the receptionist desk and into a small room.

"While we're waiting for make up let's have a look at what you've decided to wear." Craig said.

"I hope the clothes are okay."I said.

Craig unzipped my garment bag and pulled out the three outfits I'd brought.

"I like this." He said as he held up a pale yellow sun dress similar to the one I wore to the appointment.

"Buttons down the front can be very sexy." He mentioned.

The next one was a very classy black cocktail dress it's sleeveless design and higher than normal neck line appeared rather plain but when he turned it around and looked at the back he smiled widely. The back was cut nearly to the waist line with folds of fabric that I would describe as a reverse cowl neck.

"This is very hot." Craig exclaimed.

I smiled recalling how stunning I looked when I tried it on at the shop.

My final choice was the evening gown. At pure white almost bridal strapless design that stove piped almost to the floor. Dancing wouldn't be easy in this dress but on the seduction scale it ranked a nine and a half.

He turned to me then said. "This is gorgeous but I'm not sure it'll work for our purposes but we'll see."

"Did you bring shoes?" He asked.

"Oh my god I completely forgot shoes" I admitted. "And stockings for the cocktail dress too." I added feeling more than a little unprepared.

"Stockings are no problem we have some here. But I'm not sure we can find the right size shoe for you." Craig offered.

Just then a slightly overweight young woman entered the room.

"Hello." She said as she closed the door behind her.

Craig introduced us. "Angel this is Mandy our makeup artist."

"Hi Mandy." I said extending my hand.

Mandy shook like a man her strong grip pinching my delicate fingers tightly together.

"We're going to do this sundress first." Craig said holding the dress up so Mandy could see the colors.

"Okay I suggest pale pink to contrast with the yellow in the dress." Mandy suggested.

"Exactly I want Angel to look like she's been in the sun for a couple hours." Craig commented.

"Gotcha." Mandy replied as she opened the cabinet doors beside where I was sitting.

"Page me when she's ready." Craig said just before he left the room.

"He's very handsome." I commented to Mandy as she prepared her tools.

She grinned at me then replied. "His boy friend thinks so too."

An older woman came in carrying a clip board. "Hi I'm Janet. I have some paperwork for you to sign." She said standing next to me.

"Okay." I said.

"It's a standard photographer's release form. I'll need your signature right here." Janet said handing me the clip board and a pen her bright red fingernail pointing to where I was to sign.

"Do I need t read this?" I asked.

She smiled then said. "You can but if you don't sign we don't shoot."

I knew that wouldn't make Daddy happy so I scribbled my signature on the form.

"I also need your sitting fee." Janet said.

"Oh yes of course." I answered then asked. "Can you hand me my purse." Pointing to my bag beside her.

"It's a hundred right?" I asked as I started pulling twenty dollar bills out.

"That's correct." Janet said as she started filling out another form.

I handed her five bills and she handed me the receipt. In the name line it just said Angel.

"Thanks Angel." Janet said. "I'll let you with Mandy to work her magic." She added just before leaving the room.

Mandy began explaining the process. "Let's start with your hair. I'm going to shampoo it and add some very faint pink highlights. They will hardly show but the camera will pick them up as a reflection of the colors we're going to use on your face."

"I'm all yours." I said

Mandy tilted the salon chair back and and braced my back until my neck rested in the curved opening of the sink behind me. "Just relax you're going to look incredible." She offered.

The warm water and her strong hands helped me relax as she shampooed my hair and applied water colors to give it the pink highlights she'd spoken of. Forty minutes later she was finished and said. "Okay let's slip into your sun dress." She said.

I stood up and began unbuttoning my dress as Mandy undid the one hanging on the wardrobe rack. She turned to me just as I slipped the dress off my body.

"Wow I love your body." She remarked.

I was certain Mandy was more than a little jealous of my soft supple lines. She helped me with the new pale yellow dress her skillful fingers making contact with my flesh more then needed.

With all the buttons closed Mandy said. "Take a look at yourself."

I turned to face the full length mirror mounted on the wall. "Oh my gosh!" I exclaimed. Mandy's skillful fingers and artistic talents had transformed me from a thirty eight year old MILF into a vibrant and sensual twenty something vixen.

The supple pink color she'd applied to my eye lids and lips seemed to fade up into my perfectly styled auburn tresses. Only the slightest bit of eye liner was used to frame my sparkling blue eyes and my lashes appeared to have doubled in length. Under all that my skin appeared smooth and silky every minor blemish and crease skillfully masked with her own concoction of foundation and blush.

"Absolutely incredible." I remarked gazing at her art work.

"I'm going to stay with you in case Craig wants anything changed once he looks at you through the lens." Mandy said as she gathered up a few essential tools and a small tray of assorted colors and other items.

"Thank you so much Mandy." I said smiling widely at her.

"My job." She replied then placed her hand on my back before adding. "Let's go find Craig."

"Wait in here." She said pushing the door open to what obviously was a studio.

As I walked in and Mandy headed off to locate my photographer I was amazed at the amount of equipment in the room. It was unlike any photo studio I'd ever been in. Lights with reflectors and tripods were everywhere. They all pointed at a green back drop hanging from the opposite wall from the door. In one corner of the room there was a small desk which with a computer sitting on it and beside that a book shelf kind of unit containing more camera equipment then Craig could possibly need.

As I stood just inside the door I began to understand how the photos of the other girls got to be so awesome. While all five girls are very beautiful the artists here at Shutter Bug had drawn out their best features and made then into absolutely stunning women.

"All ready?" I heard Craig's say from behind as he and Mandy returned to his studio.

I turned and smiled widely at him then said. "I'm ready."

He stopped in his tracks and as Mandy flipped a small sign that announced "In session." over and closed the door Craig said. "Great job Mandy."

"Thanks hun." She replied placing her tray of artist tools on a chair just inside the door.

"You look incredible." Craig said to me.

He turned to Mandy then said. "I don't think we need to pin any part of the dress it fits perfectly."

Mandy shook her head in agreement then moved to the side knowing her services wouldn't be needed at the moment.

"Let's have you on that stool." Craig said motioning toward the tall bar type stood in front of the green back drop.

"Green's not really my best color." I mentioned as I slid up onto the stool and hooked my feet on one rung.

"We add the backdrops here." Craig explained pointing to the computer monitor on the desk.

"Everything is digital today." He said as he turned to me holding a very expensive looking camera.

I flashed him a broad smile and put my hands on my hips. Kinda shrugging my shoulders and shaking them a little caused my breasts to jiggle under the fabric of my dress. "Not everything is completely digital." I suggested.

"Hold that." He said quickly lifting the camera to his eye and snapping a picture. Flash lights went off everywhere.

"Hey I wasn't ready." I said.

"The best shots are usually caught when my subjects weren't ready." Craig replied.

As he moved closer to me he said. "I want to get your close up head shot first."

"Look directly into the lens and smile." He asked.

"Naturally." He said then as I smiled the camera clicked. "Good."

Craig moved the camera down below his chin. "Now I going to move and I want you to follow the lens with you're eyes but don't move your head an inch." He explained.

As he moved side to side clicking photos every few seconds I did as he asked and kept my head very still but let my eyes follow the lens.

"Very nice." "Good." "Great one." Craig kept talking while he moved and snapped pictures.

After taking eight or nine pictures Craig turned to Mandy and said. "Have Mark bring us that folding canvass deck chair please."

Craig returned his attention to me and said. "I think we've got some great heat shots. Now let's go for a couple full length pictures."

"Okay You're the professional here." I replied.

"Let's lose the stool." He said.

I slipped off the wooden stool and stood still as Craig slid it off to the side.

Mandy returned and Mark followed shortly. "Is this the one?" He asked.

"That's it. Thanks." He said as he took my hand and moved me closer to the back drop.

"Okay Angel." I'd like to to stand in the classic models pose.

I wasn't sure what that was but I moved one foot slightly in front of the other my hands at my sides.

"Put your left hand on your hip and the right one on your thigh high up." Craig said.

He moved to his left and lifted the camera to his eye. "Wait." He said dropping the camera down again. Let's lose the wedding band. I slipped both rings off leaving a tiny tan line where my wedding band had protected my fingers from the harsh sun all summer.

Mandy took the rings and put them in her tray.

"That's better. I can touch up the tan line in PhotoShop later. He remarked.

"Okay Angel hands back where they were." He said waiting for me to move my hands back. "The right one a little higher on your thigh." Craig captured the image he was looking for then keeping me posed like that moved around me taking several more.

"Great legs." He commented.

"You're doing a great job." He said as he moved to his desk and picked up a different camera.

"Let's have the deck chair." He said to Mandy.

She moved the chair where she'd probably move it a thousand times before then paused a moment to check my make up.

"She's good." Mandy remarked as she moved away.

"Okay have a seat and we'll finish up your sun dress with some skin shots. " He said smiling at me.

I climbed up into the high deck chair and brought my heels to rest on the rung in front.

"Cock your butt in the seat a little." Craig said.

"Good now cross your legs. No the other on top." He said as I moved then changed which legs crossed over the other.

"Fantastic. Now drape your right hand over the arm and bring your left hand up to the top button on your dress and slowly undo the button." He said.

As my hand moved up to the row of buttons his camera went crazy snapping repeatedly as my delicate fingers undid the button.

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