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I wrote erotic stories for a time as a hobby and diversion. During that time the comments, which had been received from people who had read the stories, were largely positive. There were some negative and rather abusive comments. They were primarily in response to homosexual activities, which took place in group sex or incestuous settings. I have some opinions about what motivated such responses, but the statements made were of no importance either then or now.

A number of the responses were from men who were bi-curious or admittedly bi. They had either experienced or wanted to experience man-to-man sex in either group sex or swinging settings. A few were from men who were interested in or fantasized about being with another man.

I responded to my e-mail whenever the sender included an e-mail address. (Interestingly enough, the abusive responses were always anonymous.) Sometimes a correspondence developed. Most involved two or three messages back and forth and then the correspondence ended.

One series of e-mail correspondence developed into an electronic relationship. For the purposes of this story, I’ll call the writer “Gil”, because I have never knowingly received or sent e-mail to anyone with a screen name of “Gil”.

Initially, Gil described how he seemed to slip into the stories as he read them. Although the stories were fantasies, they intrigued Gil. He wrote that he fantasized about being with another man, but he really had no good idea how to begin to fulfill his fantasy.

We continued our contact. Gil told how he fantasized sucking as he was being sucked. I wasn’t sure how to respond, but we continued to write to each about ourselves. I told him I was single and bisexual and equally enjoyed sex with men and women. He wrote me that he was bi-curious, but pursuing his curiosity could ruin his marriage.

We found out that we had a number of things in common. We both read a lot rather that watch TV. Neither one of us were sports fanatics. We both took care of ourselves and worked out regularly and, most important of all, we both traveled a lot in our work.

I decided to press the issue. I asked Gil what his travel schedule was for the next three months. I told him that I could change my schedule to match his and, if he was really interested in being with another man, we could arrange to meet somewhere.

He said he would like that. I looked at his schedule and found that I could meet with him. I told him that, if he wanted to meet, he should book his normal travel plans and I would make arrangements for place to meet. This way, his travel would appear “normal”.

I took a few days off from my job (It helps if you own the company) and booked a suite in a resort hotel near where Gil would be working. The resort hotel was gay friendly and I figured two men meeting in a gay friendly location would be less conspicuous that two men moving between rooms in a “straight” hotel.

Gil made his usual hotel arrangements. I booked the resort hotel. He left his hotel room and rented car and took a taxi to a light rail station. I had parked in the station parking lot and was waiting for Gil on the platform. We had exchanged photographs some time earlier so we could identify each other when we finally met.

As we walked to the car, I explained the hotel set up. Gil agreed that two men checking into a gay friendly hotel was probably less conspicuous that meeting at a “straight” hotel.

When we got to the hotel, I checked us in. Not an eyebrow was raised over the fact that we were the same sex and had very little luggage. I could have registered, as “Mr. and Mr. Smith” and no one would have cared.

Once we got to our suite, we decided to lay it on the line. Gil wanted to try sex with another man. I wanted to help him. We decided to get some dinner then return to hotel room. We would shower, possibly together, and then let nature or lust take its course.

We talked quietly while we ate dinner. Gil had had a long interest in photography and had once planned to work as a commercial photographer. He also studied figure photography and had developed an interest in photographing nudes. He found the male nude intrigued him.

“I began to seek out work by photographers who featured males. This led, of course, to both heterosexual erotica and to homoerotic work. I found myself pursuing more and more of the homoerotic and, as I studied the photos, I found that I wanted to experience another man’s body and experience sex with a man. It has taken years but here I am.”

Gil looked at me. I weighed my thoughts before I spoke. “I’ve always enjoyed sex. I had my first non-solo sexual experience with a friend in high school. I dated a number of girls and we did a lot of heavy petting and making out, but my first true sexual experience with another person was with my best friend.”

“We used to get skin magazines and jerk off together as we looked at and fantasized about the models in the centerfolds. One time, I remember, he got a hold of a porn mag. We really jerked ourselves raw while looking at the pictures, especially the blowjobs.”

Gil was raptly following my words. “One thing led to another. We talked about what it would be like screw the models in the pictures. And, of course, blowjobs were a big topic of discussion.”

One afternoon, while we were leafing through a thumb worn porn mag, my buddy says ‘ I know how we can get a blowjob.”

“Who do you know that I don’t?” I thought about the few girls we knew who had reputations for being ‘fast’. “We don’t know any girls who will let you touch their pussies, let alone suck your dick. If you take them to a movie and a hamburger and malt afterward, you’re lucky if you can get your hand inside their bra.”

He looked at me, “We don’t need girls.”


“We don’t need girls. We can blow each other.”

“You’re kidding!”

“No, you suck my dick and I’ll suck yours.” He was already taking his clothes off. “Come on, get naked.”

Before I knew what was happening, my buddy was standing in front of me. He was naked. And he had a big hard-on. It was too late to chicken out. I hurriedly pulled off my clothes. Soon I was naked and with a big hard-on too.

We looked at each other and gulped. My buddy gripped my hard dick. He dropped to his knees and put my dick in his mouth. When he closed his lips around my cock shaft, my knees almost gave away.”

“What happened next?”

“Well, it took just a few minutes before I blew my load. I shot cum all over his room. He stood up and I got on my knees. He had been jerking himself off while he blew me. His cockhead was wet with pre-cum.”

“Go on.”

“The second I slipped my mouth over his cock it felt so good that I knew I was a cocksucker. He began to cum even more quickly that I did. I barely got his dick out of my mouth before he blew his load over my face and chest.”

“What happened after that?”

“We spent the summer after high school sucking each other off. We didn’t need porn mags. I dated some of my girl friends and, when fall came, I went to college and he went into the service.”

“Gawd, I wish that had been me. When did you learn you were bi?”

“All through college, I was pretty straight. I quickly learned that a lot of women like to screw as much as I did. After I graduated and went to work, I met a number of couples and singles where I found that if you were a switch hitter, you got a lot of action.”

“Of course, I’ve become more careful. Early on, if you saw a hole, you filled it. Cunt, mouth or ass. It didn’t make any difference. Sex, woman or man, didn’t matter either. We didn’t use condoms or dams. I’m more circumspect and careful now.”

“Well, I’m clean and healthy.”

“So am I”

“Listening to you has gotten me turned on. Let’s go upstairs.”

When we got into our suite, I suggested we shower. I went first. I quickly showered and slipped on one of the hotel robes. I fixed a couple of drinks while Gil showered. It wasn’t the old ‘candy is dandy but liquor is quicker’ ploy, but I figured a slightly stiff drink would relax the inhibitions and stiffen the resolve. Of course, booze can relax everything if one isn’t careful.

When Gil came out of the bathroom he was wearing a hotel robe too. I handed him a drink.

He laughed, “Are you trying to get me drunk?”

“No. Actually, It’s a lever to pry your robe open.”

Gil set his drink down and untied his robe. He opened it then let it slip to the floor. I was looking at a nicely toned and fit man with a hard-on that needed to be taken care of.

I sat my drink down, leaned over and took Gil’s cockhead between my lips. I sank to me knees and slipped my robe off my shoulders. I rose up on my knees. I put one hand on Gil’s leg and I cupped his balls in my other hand.

As I pushed Gil’s hard cock into my mouth, I felt his knees buckle slightly. Gil’s cock felt good in my mouth. It felt as good when I sucked my high school buddy’s cock for the first time. It was the first time for Gil. And, I thought to myself, you still are a cocksucker.

Gil was so excited that he quickly began to cum. I held his cock and let him shoot his load on my chest.

“I’m sorry for cumming so fast. I couldn’t help it, your mouth felt so good.”

“Don’t worry about it. A hair trigger cock is pretty normal. Let’s get comfortable on the bed. I stopped by the bathroom and washed his cum off my chest.

Gil was sitting on the edge of the bed when I came out of the bath. I sat beside him then I put my hand between his legs and grasped his cock. “Let’s get you up again.” I jacked his cock as I got on my knees again in front of him again.

His cock was in my hand as I leaned forward and licked his hairy ball sac. I moved my tongue up the underbelly of his cock with a long lick. This was followed with an overall tongue swabbing of his cockhead. Then another long lick sliding down the underbelly.

After nuzzling his ball sac with my nose, I gently sucked one of his nuts between my lips. I felt his cock swell and stiffen in my hand. I gently bathed both of his nuts in my mouth before stopping.

I looked up at Gil’s face. He had a sort of silly grin. “Lie back on the bed.” He scooted to the center of the bed and lay back. I lay on my side facing his crotch. My semi- soft cock flopped down on my thigh. I held Gil’s balls in my hand as I sucked his cock into my mouth again.

I gently tugged and squeezed his balls as I ran my tongue over and around his cockhead. Alternating between sucking and swabbing soon brought him to the point of cumming again. I held Gil’s cock as he shot his second load onto his stomach. Each time a wad shot out of his cock Gil would go “Ahhhhh, that’s sweet!”

I released his cock and pushed myself up on an elbow. Gil looked at me, “You suck cock better than my wife.”

“Thank you.”

He pushed himself up on his side. He reached out and touched my dangling cock. “Lie back.” Then he got up in a kneeling position and leaned over me. He tentatively licked my cock shaft and then looked up at me.

“Just do what you like to have done to you.”

Gil held my cock upright. He touched the cockhead to his lips then he gently stroked me while he kneaded my ball sac. My cock grew hard. Gil licked up and down the cock shaft until he slipped his lips over my cockhead. He held it there a minute before he looked up at me. “I like the feel and taste of it in my mouth.”

He lowered his mouth over my cock again. For some minutes he sucked and pushed me deeper into his mouth until he gagged. I touched his head, “Slow down. That comes with practice and experience.”

He took my cock out of his mouth. A string of spit ran between his lips and my cockhead. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. Do you want to indulge your fantasy?”


“Yes. I’ll suck you while you suck me.”

Gil grinned, “Sure.”

“Well, move around.”

Gil moved around so we were both face to cock. I opened my mouth and leaned into his crotch. As his cock entered my mouth, I thought that I had better be gentle with him. His cock was probably a little tender after being sucked off twice in a short time.

Gil sucked me equally gently. After several minutes of sucking I felt Gil’s cock begin to get more rigid. I touched his ball sac. It was tight. Rather that take his cock out of my mouth I decided to swallow any cum he might shoot for the third time.

I figured he couldn’t have much left. It turned out he was a copious cummer, but I swallowed anyway. I held his cock between my lips while it softened. Gil stopped sucking me. “You swallowed my cum.”

“It seemed the polite thing to do.”

“My wife never swallows my cum.”

“Relax, it was nothing. Besides I’m not your wife.”

Gil stretched, “I wish you would cum.”

“It’s o.k. Maybe later.” I looked at the clock. “It’s late. We better get some rest.”

Gil looked at the clock. “Oh, yeah. I don’t want to work tomorrow. I want to suck you until you cum.”

I turned and started to get off the bed. “We have plenty of time for that.”

“Where are you going?”

“Too sleep in the other bed.”

“Let’s sleep together.”

“If you want too.” I got back on the bed. I still had some of his cum in my mouth so I spread in on my lips and leaned over and kissed him. I lay back on the pillow.

Gil sat up, “Is that me?”


He leaned over and planted his mouth on mine. He pushed his tongue into my mouth. After running his tongue all around, he broke the kiss and fell back, “Good night.”

“Good night, but don’t you think we should pull back the covers?”

“Oh, yeah.” We both laughed as we got off the bed and pulled down the covers.

I awakened in the early morning. I felt like I was having a wet dream but it was Gil. He was under the covers and he was licking and kissing my cock. I pushed the covers back. Gil looked at me, “ Spread your legs.”

I spread my legs as he lay down between them. He pushed my cock into his mouth and he began some serious cock sucking. He was determined. The scratching of his beard against my skin was an erotic turn-on. It didn’t take long for cum to start boiling up from my nuts.

“I’m cumming.” All I heard was a muffled ‘munff’.

Gil tried to swallow my load but it was too much. He started to gag and cough and I blew my load onto my stomach. Gil crawled back up to the pillows. “I’ll swallow it all next time.” Then he fell asleep.

I pulled the covers back over us and I fell asleep again too.

I awakened when the clock radio turned on. Gil stretched and sat up. He looked at me, “I dreamed I blew you until you came.”

“That wasn’t a dream.”

“Oh. Good. Let’s shower.”

We washed each other and we both got down on our knees in the shower and sucked each other’s cock while the water cascaded over us. Sucking in the shower, another fantasy for some.

We ordered from room service. While eating breakfast, Gil asked me what I planned to do all day while he was at work.

“Since I’m in town, I make some courtesy calls and several of my firm’s clients. And don’t worry, I’ll be here tonight if you want to come back.”

“Oh, I want to come back. I’ll be back at five fifteen.”

Gil was good at his word. He came through the door on the dot at five fifteen. I took his computer case and helped him take off his jacket. After hanging his jacket in the closet, I handed him a cocktail. “Last night at dinner, I noticed you ordered a Manhattan. I hope these are mixed the way you like them.”

Gil sipped the drink, “Mmm, just right.”

“I ordered Beef Wellington for dinner. It should be here in forty-five minutes. You get comfortable and loosen your tie, while I get comfortable and loosen your fly.” I sank to my knees in front of him. After unzipping his trouser fly, moving the shirttails aside and opening the fly of his boxers, I gently pulled his soft cock and hairy ball sac out of his clothing.

Gil looked down at me and watched as I exposed his pink succulent cockhead by skinning his foreskin back. I closed my lips over his cockhead so my lips rested on the sensitive rim of the crown. I rubbed my tongue over his soft skin.

I glanced at the reflection in the full-length mirror, which was hung on the wall beside the suite door. Gil was also looking at the mirror. Our eyes met as he watched his cock lengthen and stiffen to fill my mouth.

After setting his cocktail glass down, Gil touched my head. “Let’s go in the bedroom.”

He took off his tie, shirt and undershirt as he walked into the bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed and removed his shoes and socks then he stood and removed his trousers and underwear. He sat back down and looked at me, “Come closer.”

Gil unbuckled my belt, opened my waistband and pushed my trousers and shorts to the floor. He leaned forward and sucked my soft cock into his mouth. I felt his nose nestle in my pubic hair. I took off my shirt and t-shirt while Gil sucked me with rapid soda straw sucks.

He stopped sucking and looked up at me, “I’ve waited impatiently all day to do this.”

“Well, you better make it a quick taste before Room Service arrives.”

Gil squeezed my cock; “I’ll save it for dessert.”

I pushed my shoes off and stepped out of the trousers and shorts bunched around my ankles. I picked up my clothes and shoes and carried them over to the closet. After hanging my shirt and trousers up, I put the t-shirt and shorts in the laundry bag. I balanced on one foot then the other as I removed my socks and bagged them.

“I’d like to photograph you sometime.”

I turned and walked towards him, “Pardon?”

“I’d like to make nude and homoerotic photos of you.”

“I’m flattered, but we better get dressed unless you want to give the Room Service waiter something to talk about in the kitchen.

Gil laughed as we slipped into light sweat pants, t-shirts and sandals.

Dinner arrived just as we finished dressing. Gil picked up his tie, shirt and undershirt off the floor from where he had dropped them, tossed them into the bedroom and pulled the door shut.

Dinner was set up quickly. I opened a bottle a bottle of decent burgundy wine. We talked about Gil’s work and my business while we ate. Gil looked at me, “Seriously, I’d like to photograph you. Just for my own enjoyment of course.

“To be honest, I’d have to think about it.”

“You’d be great.”

“I’d have to think about it.”

Gil grinned, “Enough small talk. It’s time for dessert.” He stood up and undressed, then he walked over to me and pulled my t-shirt off me. I stood and took off my sweat pants.

Gil sat back down. He gestured me closer. He sipped some wine then held my cock as he pushed his lips over it. The wine felt cool on my skin. He sucked me for a minute or so then he took another sip of wine. This time, as he sucked my cock into his mouth, some of the wine ran down my cock shaft and into my pubic hair and onto my ball sac.

Again, Gil sucked me for a few minutes then he licked the wine off my balls. His voice was hoarse, “Let’s go to bed.”

I followed him into the bedroom. I lay down and Gil got over me in a kneeling 69. He plunged his mouth down over my cock. I put a pillow under my head and I leisurely sucked him off and played with his balls as he devoured me.

I had to ask Gil to be less rough. He settled into long deep sucks that slipped his lips up and down my cock. Gil was a voracious cocksucker. It seemed that he couldn’t get enough. I know I blew my load at least three time during the night.

I also ate my share of cock and cum that night. In the morning, we cleaned up the dinner dishes and traded them to Room Service for breakfast. After breakfast, I drove Gil to the light rail station. He returned to his “straight” world and I returned to the hotel.

That was twenty years ago. As Gil said, “We started as pen pals and became penis pals. For a long time we met three or four times a year. Each meeting was an oral fest and a feast of cocks and balls. Surprisingly enough anal sex and butt fucking never became a practice.

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