tagLoving WivesPenny Ch. 03

Penny Ch. 03

byJust Plain Bob©

Penny was still sleeping when I left the house in the morning. I thought about her and our marriage all the way to work. I kept going back to the ease with which Penny let every thing happen and wondering if that was the real Penny. In all of our years of marriage I'd never had any reason to doubt Penny. I'd never seen one thing to make me believe that she wasn't faithful. She had always been loving and affectionate so why was I thinking the thoughts of her that I was thinking?

The answer of course was the ease with which Penny gave it up. It was circular thinking at it's worst. No matter the question, no matter the doubts, no matter the "why am I" it always came back to how quickly Penny had spread her legs and given in to those two men. How could a faithful wife do that?

I didn't get much done at work that day. I sat in my office and stared out the window and cursed the day that I'd heard the guys talking about Steve and Marsha. I thought about my marriage and Penny. I thought about her final comment when I left the bedroom about working out the details of the separation. I didn't want a separation! I loved her. There had been some major changes for both of us over the last several months, but none of that made me love her any less. Granted, I was pretty fucked up in the head right then what with all the suspiciousness that the previous night had generated and I wasn't sure how I would take it if I found out for sure that she was cheating on me, but separation followed by a divorce was not an option for me. I loved Penny and I would find some way to work things out.


When I got home that night Penny was sitting at the kitchen table sipping a beer and waiting for me. As soon as I walked into the kitchen she pushed a pad of paper over toward me and said:

"The top two pages are what I'm taking with me. The rest of the pages list what I would also like to have. Look them over and then come and get me so we can discuss it."

I picked up the pad, tore off the pages that had writing on them and said:

"No need for that" and I tore the pages in half and dropped them in the garbage pail. "You aren't going anywhere so you don't need a list of what to take."

"I'm not staying here; not with the way you feel about me after last night and certainly not after what you accused me of."

"What the hell did you expect when you took off with those two bozos and left me behind?"

"You got left behind because I needed to set the stage for you to come watch. It took me fifteen minutes to convince them that I was serious about wanting my husband to watch and when we came looking for you we couldn't find you. You should have known that I wasn't going to leave you out of it. How was I supposed to be able to come home and face you otherwise? When you gave me the nod and then weren't there when we came looking for you I thought you had given me the go ahead. That's the god's honest truth and if you don't believe it I'm sorry, but I can't change it."

"Why would I give you the go ahead if I wasn't there? This was supposed to be about us remember?"

"How was I supposed to know what you were thinking. You have change so much over the last couple of months that I have no clue where you are coming from or what you are thinking. You saw how far I had gone with them and you made no move to stop it. You had to know by the time you nodded at me that I was hot enough to melt the booth I was sitting in and you still didn't get up and leave. That was the only signal we had for getting me to stop. If you wanted me to stop all you had to do was get up and walk out the door and wait a couple of minutes and I would have followed you out. But you didn't leave. All you did was give me a nod that I took for a yes, go for it.

"I was hot enough by that time they could have set me on that table and fucked me in front of god and very one. I was hot enough to fuck every man in that lounge and you had to know that. You could also have just walked up to the booth and said, "Come on honey, let's go home" instead of walking by and nodding. But none of that means shit Roger. What does mean something is your saying that I have been doing it all along - that I've been cheating on you behind your back."

"Just what the hell am I supposed to think Penny? There wasn't any hesitation on your part, no timidity, no nervousness, just straight from housewife to slut in no time. They didn't have to work at talking you into anything. They pointed you in a direction and you went. Another thing - you have been the driving force behind this entire situation. You have been on it like a duck on a june bug since the day I told you about Steve and Marsha. You initiated the role playing. You were the one who drug the chair over to the bed, started using a dildo as a mystery lover and it was you who asked me if I was ready to try it for real. You were the one who had the plan ready when I asked how we could do it. You picked out the lounge we went to and given the ease with which you gave in to those two men why wouldn't I wonder if maybe you already knew them and had arranged for them to be there? What better way to hide cheating from your husband than to get him involved with you and your lover.

"And one more time; this was supposed to be about me watching you. Not you getting gangbanged by two guys while I sat at home for five hours waiting for you. Even if I accept that it took you time to talk them into letting me watch, when you came looking for me and couldn't find me you should have been on the phone to me, either at home or on my cell, to tell me to come watch or come pick you up if I didn't want to watch. If you couldn't have reached me on the phone you should have been in a cab on your way home. Shrugging your shoulders and saying "Oh well, can't find him so let's go fuck" just doesn't cut it. Doing it with out me is the same as cheating Penny. Put it all together Penny, roll it over in your mind, look at it from all sides and then tell me why I shouldn't have the thoughts I've had. Once you have done that if you want to talk I'll be down in the basement."


I tried to work on the china cabinet I was building, but I just couldn't seem to concentrate on things and using power tools when your mind isn't on what you are doing is not a smart thing so I gave up and just sat there staring at the plans. Maybe an hour later I heard Penny come down the steps. A couple of minutes went by and when she didn't come over to where I was I turned and saw her sitting on the bottom step and looking at me. We looked at each other for several moments and then she said:

"I have never cheated on you Roger, not once. You might consider last night cheating and after doing as you suggested and looking at it from every angle I can see that from your point of view it might have been. But I can't go back and change it Roger. I honestly thought I had your blessing. That said I want to talk about the rest of what you said. You were right on most of it. I did everything you said I did, except for the cheating part, and my reason for doing it was so you would let me fuck other men. But only Roger, only if you were a part of it. If you were a part of it in my mind I wouldn't be cheating.

"I'm a slut Roger and I have been one since my early teens. I loved cock Roger. I craved it and I took as much of it as I could get. I did gangbangs at frat houses, went to drive-in moves in a van with five guys and never saw one minute of the film. Threesomes were normal for me and I never went on a date that the guy didn't get a piece of ass or a blow job. Then I met you and knew that if I was going to have any chance at all with you I was going to have to clean up my act. I packed my slut half away, became a good girl and did my absolute best to land you. I got lucky, you proposed and we got married. My slut half was packed away Roger, but she was still there and I have suppressed her all these years. You have no idea how bad I've wanted to unlock her cage and let her out, but I never did because I knew if I did you would eventually find out and my marriage would be toast

"I love you Roger and I do not want to lose you so I have been good. Then the Steve and Marsha thing happened and you seemed interested so I saw it as a chance to let my slut half out of confinement. If I could get you interested in doing what Steve and Marsha were doing I could fuck other men with your blessings. I could have the best of both worlds - have my husband and other studs to play with from time to time - I could have my cake and eat it to.

"You were right about last night. It was preplanned. Mark was supposed to be waiting for us when we got there. I wanted someone I liked and thought I could trust. He has been hitting on me at work for over a year now. I like him and I told him if he were to be at the lounge he just might get lucky. I didn't tell him about you because I didn't want to scare him away. I thought with some drinks and some close dances he would be wanting to bed me and then I would tell him the price. I was pretty sure that he would be willing to go through with it. I didn't know that he would bring his roommate with him. He told me that he thought I'd been bullshitting him about the possibility of getting lucky and so he brought Dave with him to have some one to shoot pool with when I didn't show.

"The slut in me was overjoyed at the thought of two men instead of just one and my only worry was how you would react to two instead of one, but you didn't seem to mind. You gave me no sign that you disapproved and as I let the two of them go farther and farther I kept one eye on you looking for a sign that it was time to quit. I am not exaggerating one bit Roger when I say that when you got up and walked past the booth I was hot enough to fuck every man in that room on that table. I thought for sure that you were coming over to break things up and when you walked by and nodded I said, "Thank God, he's going to let me do it." I asked Mark if he had a room and he said he'd get one. By the time he got the room and we went up to it and I talked them into doing it while you watched and we came back down to get you you were gone.

It is easy to see today, hindsight being twenty-twenty, that I should have had have told Mark and Dave if they wanted me they would have to come home with me, but right then I wasn't thinking all that straight. All I could think about was spreading my legs and getting laid. I'm sorry Roger, honest to God I am, but I swear to you that until last night no man but you has touched me since the day I met you."


I sat there and didn't know what to think. I know all about raging hormones. Before I met Penny I had occasionally gotten so hot that I did some really stupid things without considering the consequences. Like the time I fucked Helen Catron on the hood of her husbands pickup truck in the parking lot of Riley's Bar while he was inside the bar shooting pool. With that memory and understanding how hot Penny must have been with two guys working her over I could understand what happened. I didn't like it, but it was done and there wasn't anything I could do about it.

Then there was my astonishment at learning that my wife was a full-blown slut when I met her. Threesomes, foursomes and gangbangs? My Penny? It boggled the mind. I must be one sick individual because my train of thought immediately switched tracks on me. I went from thoughts of Penny cheating on me to thoughts of Penny getting gangbanged.

"So last night was just like being in school before you met me?"

She looked down at the floor and mumbled a yes.

"What was it like? What did you do?"

"Please Roger, I don't want to talk about it. It is bad enough that I screwed up our marriage. Don't make me feel worse by asking me to tell you about it."

"In the first place you haven't screwed up our marriage. Yes, you did do something that it is going to take me some time to get over, but when I tore up your lists it was my way of saying that I'm not planning on losing you. If the marriage is over it will be because of your decision, not mine. Secondly, we were supposed to be in this together. Since you didn't let me watch the least you can do is let me listen. What did you do?"

"You're serious? You aren't going to throw me out?"

"Of course not. What happened Penny? Don't leave out a thing."

"Are you sure about this?"

"I'm positive Penny, I want to know everything that happened.


"It started in the elevator on the way up to the room Mark rented. We picked up where we left off in the bar. Dave unbuttoned my blouse and he and Mark started sucking my breasts. I was rubbing their cocks through their trousers and my pussy was dripping and I wanted to get down on my knees and take out their cocks and suck on them, but there wouldn't have been enough time. When we got to the fifth floor the elevator stopped and I quickly closed my blouse. When the door opened there was an old couple standing there ready to get on and the man looked at me and I saw that he was envious of Mark and Dave and somehow that made me feel sexier.

"We hurried to room 505 and once inside the guys started stripping. When they were naked I had them sit next to each other on the edge of the bed. I still had all my clothes on when I knelt in front of them, took a cock in each hand and started stroking them. I spent about a minute doing that and then I took Mark in my mouth and sucked his cock for about thirty seconds and then I switched to Dave and did the same to him. I alternated between them for about two minutes and when I thought I had them where they wouldn't say no to anything I asked of them I told them that I wanted to fuck them, but there was a price. They asked what and I told them that to fuck me they had to let you watch. I told them that I had gone as far as I could go without you being there. Mark said hell yes and to go and get you, but Dave said that he didn't think he could do it with you in the room. Then Mark went to work on him and convinced him that you watching wouldn't be any different than him watching. Mark finally convinced him and I got up and said I'd go get you. Mark said he would go with me and then he laughed and said it was to make sure I came back.

He took his cock out in the elevator and I bent over and sucked on it all the way down to the lobby. Then we looked for you in the bar and Mark even checked out the men's bathroom while I took a quick tour of the parking lot, but you were gone. I was boiling hot and I wanted to fuck Mark and Dave and you hadn't stopped things and so I convinced myself that you had given me a green light."

"So you went back upstairs and spent five hours with them?"

"Not right away. Mark pulled me into the men's room and led me into the end stall. He took out his cock and I sat down on it and he fucked me right there in the bathroom. It was such a hot fucking turn on to be bouncing up and down on his cock while other guys were coming in to pee. A couple of them wanted to know if they could be next and he told them no, that I was his private stock."

"What would you have done if he had said yes and opened the door to let them in?"

"The way I felt right then? I'd have done them all. Anyway, Mark finished just as I came and then he said we should hurry back up to Dave. As soon as we got on the elevator he opened my blouse and started sucking on my breasts. When the elevator stopped on two I tried to push him away and close my blouse, but he held onto me. Two guys got on the elevator and Mark didn't stop. He sucked on my tits in front of those guys all the way up to five. I felt so deliciously wicked and slutty that I swear I would have gone to my knees if one of those guys had pulled out his cock.

"Once Mark and I got back to the room it was just non-stop sex until he and Dave couldn't get it up anymore and then I grabbed a cab and came on home."

"What do you mean when you say non-stop sex? Just what exactly did you do?"

"Mark and Dave took turns on me."

"Doing what? I want the details Penny."

"They fucked me Roger. What's to describe? They put their cocks in me and banged away until they came. Along the way I came a half dozen times."

"Details Penny. Ass, mouth, pussy, two at once?"

It was obvious that she didn't want to go into it, but she could see that I wasn't going to drop it and so she told me what happened after she got back to the room.

"Once back in the room I undressed and got on the bed. Mark told Dave to go ahead and do me and while Dave was sliding his cock into my pussy Mark knelt by my head and fed his cock into my mouth. I sucked Marks cock while Dave fucked me and when Dave came they switched. I sucked off Dave and worked at getting him hard again while Mark fucked me. Mark came and they switched again. I got Mark hard again and Dave was still going strong in my pussy so Mark had him pull out and lie down on his back. I sat down on his cock and leaned forward and Mark took my ass. The two of them fucked me, ass and pussy, for about five minutes and then Dave came and slid out from under me and moved so I could take his cock in my mouth and suck him hard again. This is getting pretty repetitious Roger."

"I don't care, I want to hear it all."

"All right" she said resignedly, "Mark came in my ass and went to wash off his cock and Dave moved behind me and shoved his cock in my ass. Mark came back with a clean cock and stuck it in my mouth and I slurped on him till he got stiff. Then it was Dave in my mouth, Mark in my ass and then Dave in my ass and Mark in my mouth. Then Dave said he wanted to try double penetration again and Mark took my pussy while Dave took my ass. Dave came and went and washed off his cock and then he and Mark switched. Mark went and took a shower while Dave fucked me doggie and then Mark fucked me doggie and then Dave had me missionary while I tried to get Mark hard again, but he was done. Dave came in me and I went to work on his dick to try and get him up again, but it didn't happen.

"As we were dressing Mark wanted to know when we could do it again and I told him that it depended on you and that if you said no then it was only going to be a one time thing."

When she was done I just sat there looking at her. I didn't know what to say or have a clue as to what I should do. By her own account the two men had cum in her a total of fourteen times and she had still been trying to get them up when they dressed to leave. How could my wife be such a cock crazy whore? I'd already made the decision that divorce and separation were not options, but where the fuck did we go from there?

As if reading my mind Penny asked, "What now?"

"I don't know Penny, all I know is that somehow we will work it out and get through this."

To be continued.

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DIVORCE her as-soon-as possible. She's nothing more than a cheating slut, who will continue cheating and maybe bring home a little suprise that will either be incurable, or require diapers.

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