tagGroup SexPenny's Passion & Pleasure Ch. 03

Penny's Passion & Pleasure Ch. 03


Author's note: This is the final part of the requested fantasies that a fan, Penny, asked me to write for her. This story is full of Penny's initiation to the group of friends that we all met in Part 2. Sit back and enjoy Penny's final story .... perhaps? Thank you for all your comments. My biggest thanks goes out to Penny, because if she hadn't asked, who knows when or if I would have written anything like this series. So.. 'Thank you, Penny.' As always, and as long as he'll keep me around, 'Thanks' to gotwood49 for editing. We work well together, so I'll keep you around, too.

Penny woke up alone. Running her hand over Mark's pillow, she sighed. The phone across from her side of the bed rang, and Penny reached out for it. "Hello?" she asked, into the phone.

"Hey, sweetheart," Mark's voice came over the receiver. "Good morning."

"Mmmm, good morning to you, too." Penny slid over to her husband's side of the bed, and hovered under the warm covers, while she tried to warm the side that had remained empty all weekend.

"Miss me?"

Penny smiled into the phone, "Of course."

"I'll be home later this evening. The meeting will cut out around noon, and then I'll be back in your arms around four."

"That's great. The dinner party is at 6:00, so you'll have plenty of time to get ready."

She could hear Mark's chuckle, as he told her that dinner with all their new friends would be one big party. "How much have you missed me, lover?" he asked.

Penny recognized the sound his voice was now making. "A lot," she answered, as she slipped a hand under her blanket, and down her stomach. "I missed you a lot. How badly have you missed me?" Penny purred into the phone. Mark then proceeded to tell his wife how badly he had missed her. He stroked his hard shaft as he heard the sexy voice of his wife, moaning and sighing. Their erotic words flowed from trembling lips, until each of them felt the other one's presence in the room with them. They came together, on the rising waves of desire, calling out each one's name.


Penny watched the clock. The time was 5:30, and Mark still wasn't home. He had called and told her the meeting ended late, but he would be home in time for the party. Now, as 6:00 approached, she was worried. He had wanted to be here, even insisting that it be on a night he would be home. The phone rang, and Penny quickly hurried to pick it up. "Hello," she asked quickly. A sigh of relief escaped her lungs when she heard, "Hey, hon."

"Oh Mark, I've been so worried. What is it?"

"I've had the worst luck. When the meeting ended, I headed out of the city. Then the car died, and refused to start back up. The garage here can have it up and running for me tomorrow, but in the meantime, well... I'm sorry hon. I can't possibly be there tonight. I got the garage to give me a ride to a hotel, and I'm here for the night."

Penny sighed into the phone, and sat down. "I'll cancel," she said, "and come get you."

"No, love. Don't cancel. It's supposed to start in 30 minutes. You have the food ready, and everyone will be arriving soon. Have the party, and just tell me what happens when I see you. Okay?" Penny regretfully agreed, and told Mark how much she loved him, smiling and blowing him a kiss through the phone. He repeated her words, and said goodbye. After hanging up, Penny slipped her red heels onto her feet and moved to answer the knock on her door.

"Diane! Wonderful to see you!" Penny greeted the woman and opened her arms, giving her a gentle hug. "Brian!" Penny reached up and hugged him as well. "Nice to see you again." She asked Diane and Brian to head on into the living room, and fix themselves a drink. She saw Megan and Carol approaching up the walkway. "Hey, girls," she called. Carol and Megan both smiled and waved. Arms hooked together, they ascended the steps, then hugged Penny and slipped inside the living room. Penny looked back outside and saw Tim, Megan's husband, and Carol's husband Rob, working their way over to her Mustang GT. She yelled to them, "Come on guys! She isn't for you to enjoy, tonight. Dinner is now! Get in here!"

The two men laughed as they ran their hands along the red paint, before coming inside. Each one hugged Penny, and soon everyone had a drink in hand. "You guys are great," Penny said. "I really appreciate you all having dinner over here tonight. Unfortunately, Mark is stuck. His car broke down, and he's staying at a hotel this evening." Penny thanked the guys for their immediate offer to drive out and pick him up, and she explained that she had all ready offered. Mark had said he wanted her to have the dinner party.

Everyone agreed to stay, and the conversations flowed steadily. Friendly flirting, laughter and giggles filled the home of Mark and Penny. Glancing at the time, she ushered everyone into the dining room. A lavish spread of Greek foods filled the center of the table. Each person took an assigned seat, indicated by place-cards. Penny had paired off different couples, so no one sat with their respective spouses. She hoped this would help conversation to flow freely, giving each couple an opportunity to enjoy the full range of topics that might be covered.

The meal progressed beautifully. Each person was at ease, as the food was comsumed and the wine devoured. Penny was thrilled to see her new friends so relaxed in her home. She had enjoyed the flirtations of Rob and Brian, as well as the soft sly smiles of Diane. Her only regret was that Mark couldn't be there to enjoy the fun.

Soon, the conversation began to take a turn away from work and co-workers, to one that was more intimate and sensuous. Penny heard snatches of conversation from Megan and Carol, concerning the first night that the whole group, including Mark and herself, had enjoyed at one of the clubs. Penny thought back over the event and felt the flush of her cheeks begin to brighten. She had enjoyed watching the couples move and slide against each other as they danced. She could still recall how Rob and Brian had openly stared at her breasts, and blatantly moved and caressed against her throughout the night. That night, when she and Mark got home, they made love passionately. Afterwards found them both admitting to fantasies about the other couples; fantasies that had helped each one reach their moment of release.

Later, they both agreed to visit the club again, returning the following week. This time Penny had gotten to dance with Tim. They had started slowly, but not too intimately. Soon Penny had felt the beat of the music consume her, and her movements became more sensuous. Tim's hand had come up to wrap around her waist, pulling her softly against him. She wasn't surprised at all by the electric-like shock that trembled throughout her body. She had been feeling different things about her friends, since Carol told her about them all being part of the Swingers crowd. That night, she had found herself grinding against Tim's cock, wanting to feel the heat of her sex crushed against his. Their eyes locked, then Penny arched her back, bringing her breasts in contact with Tim's chest. She recalled the feeling of Tim's lips upon her neck as she swayed with the music. She clearly remembered her own moans escaping her lips, as his arms tightened around her. As he brought her back up to press against him, her eyes devoured his. Tim's mouth descended to her's, and their tongues tangled. As they kissed, each increased the speed of their stroking muscles, enjoying the tastes of the drinks the other had consumed. Penny had been the first to pull away, her eyes wide in wonder and confusion. Shivering over the new feeling of another man seducing her, she and Tim made their way back to the table.

Her eyes had immediately gone to Mark's. Any thoughts of what anger or hostility he may be feeling were soon removed, as she took in the sight of his fingers trailing a path along the v-neck of Diane's blouse. Penny had expected a wave of jealousy to consume her, but it hadn't. Instead, she felt a heated burn in her belly, as she focused on the fingers of her husband, beginning to move over the perky breast of one of her lovers. Penny had watched the slow seduction of Diane, feeling the pull of Tim's hands on her hips as he brought her ass in contact with his aroused sex.

Penny felt a hand on her thigh. The squeezing pressure had brought her back to the dinner party and her guests. "A bit distracted, are you, Penny?" Brian asked, his hand sliding along her leg.

"Well, yes, I was. But with you doing that, I'll stay distracted." She giggled as she heard his reply of, "You will?"

"Yes, I will." She smiled at him, and felt a hint of curiosity begin to build in her. Penny wondered what it would be like, to become involved in the sexual lives of each person, that had so quickly become her and Mark's closest friends. She and Mark had discussed it before, since the night they both had been told about the desire to have them join in their group's activities. Penny continued to allow Brian's hand to move along her thigh, as she thought of the conversation that she and Mark had had, the night after they had each touched and caressed another.

Both had quickly apologized for having made such blatant seductions of another. Each admitted that they should have discussed something like that, before it had a chance to come up. However, they also both saw this as an opening; to discuss the possibility of joining their friends in the most intimate part of their relationships. After several lengthy discussions, visiting each couple privately, Penny and Mark had decided that this was something they both wanted to experience. Tonight's dinner party was how Mark and Penny planned to break it to their friends. They had hoped to pull Rob and Carol aside and talk to them about it. Now, with Mark gone, Penny would talk to Carol, before he got back.

When dinner was finished, Penny asked everyone to bring their glasses into the den. She carried in dessert, and served everyone the strawberry pie. She popped in a DVD and settled into the leather couch between Megan and Diane. As the movie progressed, she heard Carol ask Rob if he would mind going out to get more wine. The bottle she had in her hand was almost empty; only one glassful seemed to remain. Carol swirled the amber liquid and thanked her husband, then watched as the other men headed out with him.

Penny laughed, as she saw Tim's head pop back into the den and grab her car keys. "We're taking your car," he said, as his head was barely missed by the pillow Penny tossed at him. Soon the sound of the front door closing could be heard, and the ladies all huddled together to talk. Laughs and giggles once more erupted in the room. Penny felt the room's laughter deep inside, and wished that Mark could be with her.


As the movie ended, Penny noticed the time, realizing that the men had obviously decided to find something else they needed. She placed some soft music in the stereo, and held her hand out to Megan. Megan smiled, and took Penny's hand in hers. Carol and Diane soon joined the two women, and all of them danced slowly. Penny's head rested on Megan's chest, and she watched as Carol and Diane swayed softly together. Penny reflected on how much her life had changed over the past several months. She looked at Carol, and remembered her first meeting with her, and how a shopping trip turned into a loving relationship; not only between her and Carol, but also with the other two women, who had done all they could to ease the transition that Penny was making in her sexuality.

As she felt Megan's hand stroke her back, she closed her eyes and replayed the moments she had spent in the arms of each woman. Carol's loving touch had been her first true experience with a woman, and she would always hold a special place in her heart for her brown-haired lover. Diane had introduced her to the rushed, erotic passion between two women; a driving hunger for a stranger. Megan had introduced Penny to a different level of intimacy. Megan had shown that lust had a place in the bedroom, as much as love or spontaneity. Now Penny's life felt full. She had been able to experience her own pleasure and learn about herself, with the help of her female friends. Pulling Megan closer, she smiled against her friend's dress. Sighing softly, she sent a silent thank-you to her husband, because without his support she never would have met Carol. She giggled softly, remembering how he "came clean" with her one night, not so long ago, about "arranging" a meeting of two strangers in a lingerie shop.

"What are you giggling about Penny?" Megan asked her, as her hand slowly crept up her back. Megan trailed her fingers along the opening of Penny's dress, letting her nails caress the exposed skin.

Penny leaned back slightly, and looked into Megan's eyes, "Oh, I was just thinking of when Mark told me about the meeting he had, with Carol and Rob."

Carol looked over and winked at Penny. "I'm glad he asked me to introduce you to the special part of you, that you were denying yourself."

"We all are," Diane winked, as she and Carol moved away, into the guest bedroom.

Penny smiled and looked back up to Megan. "I'm glad, too," she whispered, as Megan's lips claimed hers, and their tongues moved and slid together. Penny pressed herself against Megan, their breasts touching through the material of their cocktail dresses.

Megan moved her tongue in and out of Penny's mouth, touching and caressing it. With each soft stroke of her muscle, Megan began to seduce her friend. Penny's small whimpers drove Megan further, and she moved her hand to the side of Penny's dress. As her fingers slowly eased the zipper down, Megan kissed and nuzzled Penny's neck. Penny's head fell back, and her breasts were soon free from her sleeveless ensemble. "I've been wanting to kiss these shoulders all night, Penny, my sweet," Megan whispered. She proceeded to slip her tongue along Penny's collarbone, before biting it gently.

Penny kept her eyes closed as she heard one of the women move back into the room. She sensed their presence, and she trusted them completely. Penny knew the scent of each woman, as well as the touch of their hands. Over the last several months she had found each woman special and unique, and she loved each one. Now, she felt the hands of Diane, cupping her breasts. Diane's fingers moved slowly over her nipples as she pressed against her back. Penny sighed, as she leaned into the redhead's breasts.

Megan moved her mouth away from Penny and slowly slipped the dress down her body, allowing it to pool on the floor. Penny opened her eyes and looked at Megan. Hunger showed in her blonde lover's eyes, as Megan slowly began to undo the many buttons that kept the front of her own dress closed. With each button being slowly released, a new patch of skin was exposed for Penny's pleasure. She saw the pert breasts of her friend finally bounce free, as Megan's dress fell to the floor, to lie with Penny's.

Diane continued to tease Penny's breasts as Megan moved back towards her. Penny watched as Megan slid to her knees. Megan began to kiss Penny's thighs slowly, working her mouth up each one. Warm hands massaged the backs of her thighs, as Megan's mouth took small bites of Penny's soft, white flesh. Penny moaned quietly as she felt the flick of Diane's tongue on her neck, matching that of Megan's tongue, running over the trimmed bush at Penny's juncture.

Penny barely opened her eyes enough to see Carol move into the room. She had a basket in her hand. Penny tried to focus on its contents, but her eyes moved between closing and trying to absorb the sight of her first female lover, who had also removed her clothing. Carol, Megan and Diane had once again set out to seduce Penny, and Penny felt empowered by the love they each obviously had for her.

She kept herself pressed against Diane, her fingers stroking and playing with Megan's hair, as Megan slowly began to press kisses against her clit. Carol stood there for a moment, watching the three women. Her own body was hot with need. She looked at Penny and smiled, then moved to Penny's side, and pressed her mouth against her lips. Penny's tongue tasted the dessert and the wine that Carol had consumed earlier in the evening. The sweet taste drew Penny in deeper for the kiss. Her tongue swept across Carol's mouth.

Penny felt her body's needs build, and she longed to have each woman take her. She was melting into their hands. Megan had begun licking her pussy with slow licks and touches, hinting at what was to come next. Diane had slowly been working the tips of her fingers along Penny's breasts, teasing and taunting the nipples, as she sucked and bit on her neck and shoulder. Carol's tongue worked miracles on Penny's mouth, as she stroked and sucked it gently, then moved to bite her lower lip.

Soft moans were escaping Penny, as the three men walked into the room. Penny's face froze, as did her body. She looked up at Rob, Tim and Brian. She saw that the men were just watching her, and wondered why they said nothing; nor did they look surprised. Though Penny's passion and desire were at an all-time high, her reasoning wasn't. She touched Megan's head, and with silent words, asked her to stop in her ministrations. Megan complied, and pulled away from Penny's warm, wet sex. Diane ceased kissing Penny's neck and playing with her nipples. She slipped her hands to Penny's waist, still holding her against her. Penny looked at Carol, her lover and her friend; and asked, "What is going on, tonight?"

Carol touched Penny's cheek and smiled softly at her. "We wanted to do this when Mark was here, also; but since he isn't, and we aren't sure when the rest of us will all be together again, we thought perhaps we could invite you to join us as a partner."

Penny was a bit surprised, but also touched by her friend's honesty. "One moment, okay?" She moved to her bedroom, and pulled out four silk robes. She had purchased them shortly after the lingerie party; and as she slipped one on, she felt the silk rub against her skin, making it tingle as she moved back to the others. Cinching it around her waist, she asked the other women to do the same. As they did, Penny sat with her legs tucked underneath her butt, and looked over at her friends and her lovers.

"Mark and I were going to ask if you would consider allowing us to experience this part of your lives with you," she said. "I'm touched that you all feel the same way about us, that we do you." Penny took a deep breath. "I wish Mark were here. It would be very simple to let this evening continue if he were, but I just don't know how he would feel if I allowed it to continue without him."

Penny glanced up, as Tim sat down beside her. "Penny, we won't pressure you to do anything that will make you uncomfortable, nor would we even consider doing this if any of us didn't think Mark would be okay with it."

Carol added her own feelings. "Mark and you love each other, deeply. We all know that. We all love our spouses deeply. Mark is a special man., We all know that, Penny. He came to us, when he knew you had a desire to experience pleasure with other women, and you were to afraid to act on it."

Penny nodded her head in agreement, "Yes, he did. He is such a caring man. I know he wants only to make me happy."

Rob walked behind Penny, his hands softly massaging her. "Penny, if Mark were here, standing in front of you, what would he say to this idea?"

Penny looked up into Rob's handsome face. "I guess you will have to tell me exactly what 'this' is. Then I think I can answer you, honestly."

The other ladies, now in robes, took a seat and looked at Penny. Tim moved over, as Brian took his place, and sat down next to Penny. He placed his hands over hers and held them. She could feel his fingers making slow circles across the top of each hand. "The first thing has already happened. Carol, Megan, and Diane have you pretty wired now, don't they?"

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