tagNonConsent/ReluctancePenny's Tales - Story 01

Penny's Tales - Story 01


-- This is my first submission. As real life tends to be stranger and more exciting than fiction, this is one of many stories I want to tell about encounters and experiences I've had. I won't be writing these in any kind of chronological order which will hopefully mean no one will recognise me. However, if I do seem familiar, then please drop a note to say hi.

I've changed names and places to protect those involved, and I'm a little fuzzy on a few of the minor details, such as exact wording of conversations. This is not a nice tale of soft BDSM where the Dom realises the error of His ways and lets His sub top from the bottom. What happened to me was dark and violent, and I was only just eighteen. Be careful what you wish for, little ones. --

I was spitting venom as I applied my lipstick - dark, bloody red to match my mood. There was a reason I was born with green eyes and He had ignited the beast within me.

I'd sat like a good little submissive, sobbing uncontrollably but always saying 'yes, Master'. Ryan explained that He was going away for a weekend to spend time with another submissive.

I wasn't crying any more though, I told myself as my bottom lip quivered. I was going out clubbing with some friends and I would show Him that He was lucky to have me. One last look in the mirror confirmed I was the perfect little gothic princess - naturally dark chocolate hair pulled up into pigtails of ringlets, corset top pushing my small breasts up under my chin, scandalously short skirt showing off the tops of my trademark white stockings, striped knee-high socks and killer heels. I'd show Him, and myself, and everyone.

I was meeting Tom at the club, but I needed to pick up my second chaperone for the evening. Keegan was one of Ryan's closest friends and he'd been assigned the task of ensuring I didn't get into any trouble that night. I didn't mind too much, I liked Keegan a lot. He was much older than me, in his late thirties, short and stocky, heavily muscled, with a flaming ginger mohawk and tattoos from behind his ears down to his ankles - he was the polar opposite to my young, slender, dark haired Master. While Ryan was calm and quiet, His best friend was brash and loud, known for his violent temper and sudden outbursts, but to the girls in our group he was like a cuddly teddy with endless patience.

I pulled up outside Keegan's house and tapped the horn. He was soon piling in my metro, filling the little car with swearing and a thick Sheffield accent. A few moments were spent in a signature Keegan big ginger bear hug and rolling two slender cigarettes - mine with a menthol filter - before we sped off into the dusky summer evening.

Keegan flipped through my CD collection as we flew up the slip road onto the dual carriageway. 'So, Ryan went off to see Ellie then,' he said out of the corner of his mouth not occupied with rollie.

'Yup,' I spat, 'fucked off until midday tomorrow.' I blushed and glanced over at him, embarrassed at my outburst. 'I mean, it's not like He's mine or anything, I've got no say, it's up to Him.'

'He's a wanker,' Keegan slid a Throwdown album into the CD player and reclined his seat back further.

'No, He's not, it's not like that between us,' I trailed off.

'I know exactly what it's like between you two, Penny.' He had his head tilted towards the window and watched me from the corners of his eyes, 'Ryan isn't exactly discreet about what goes on.'

I really did blush then. 'In that case, you know what I want,' I retorted.

'Sure do,' he smiled widely and pulled his feet to rest up on the dash, 'you want a night out to let your hair down. Tom and I will look after you, we'll have a great night and you'll forget your troubles.'

I returned his infectious grin. 'Amen to that!'

Tom was waiting at the club when we arrived. He was hard to miss with his plus-sized frame and impressively groomed goatee. I was swept off my feet for my second hug of the evening, Tom growling into my stomach. After the customary greetings we headed inside.

The venue was dark, sticky and played just the right combination of our version of cheese; Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, Disturbed, some Blink 182. I had a lot of male attention to bolster my ego and Tom and Keegan were kept busy. It was like going out with body guards - whenever I was just starting to have fun grinding up against a bearded biker or a tattooed goth, the poor guy was inevitably whisked away by the collar and given a stern talking to.

By about one in the morning, all of the interesting guys had been warded off and Tom, Keegan and I were outside chatting and smoking. Keegan took out his phone. 'Time to be heading home sugar.'

'Awwwwuh Uncle Kee, do we have to? It's really early.' I pleaded, pouting and twirling a pigtail around my fingers.

'Don't push it, Penny, else Ryan will tan your hide when he gets back.' Keegan's face was stern.

I turned to Tom. 'Tom, Keegan is mean, you won't let him take me will you?'

Tom laughed, 'If Kee says it's time to go, I think we'd better do as he says.'

I stamped my feet but Tom and Keegan grabbed my hands and I started shuffling towards the car park.

Keegan took my car keys out of his pocket and nudged me to the passenger side. 'I'm driving sugar.'

'Think you can handle miss bratty-pants?' called Tom over the top of the car.

'Yeah, Ryan said she was to stay at mine so someone is keeping an eye on her tonight until he gets back tomorrow.' Keegan shrugged, 'apparently, I've got "babysitter" tattooed across my forehead.'

Tom shook his head. 'I feel for you buddy. See you in the week maybe.' He headed off towards his car.

I turned to Keegan. 'Ryan didn't tell me I had to stay at yours tonight.'

'He only just texted me,' he pulled his phone out of his pocket, 'did you want to see the text?'

I shook my head. 'No. But I want to drive. It's my car.'

Keegan sighed. 'It's late, I'm not going to have an argument with you. I prefer to drive when it's night time. Now hop in the passenger seat like a good girl.'

I fizzed. He just said the two words that can still to this day make me melt into a puddle of acquiescence. I bowed my head and slid into the passenger seat when he opened the door.

Keegan flopped into the drivers seat and adjusted the mirrors. 'Sugar, roll us some ciggies and let's get going.'

'Sure, Kee.' I fished tobacco, filters and papers out of the glove compartment as he pulled away headed for his place. Normal conversation resumed as my little car hurtled through the night. I pulled out my pigtails and let my hair hang loosely round my shoulders. It was comfortable, I always felt safe with Keegan, his loud Northern accent and easy laugh were soothing. I could almost forget that Ryan was two hundred miles away screwing some other girl's brains out.

Keegan rolled the car to a stop in a parking space outside his house.

'Hey, Kee, I'm fine, really, I don't want to be an imposition. I can go back and stay at my own place tonight.' I smiled.

'Don't be silly, Penny, it's not a problem at all.' He unbuckled his seat belt and popped the buckle on mine.

'To be honest, I could do with some alone time. Take stock of things, you know? Thanks so much for tonight, it was really fun. Took my mind off Ryan and everything.' I could feel myself welling up. I needed to be alone, now.

'Hey, Penny, shhh, it's OK.' Keegan reached over and stroked my hair. 'Stay here tonight, otherwise I'll worry.'

I shook my head. 'No, I'm fine, I-'

Keegan's fingers gripped my hair and he pulled sharply, forcing my head back and exposing my neck. 'I'm not going to argue with you, sugar,' his voice was steely now. The temperature in the car rose significantly and I could smell his sweat and aftershave. 'I have to hear about that little boy playing at owning you, thinking that occasionally spanking you is being a Master,' he breathed in my ear, and I squirmed in my seat, trying to quench the suddenly raging fire between my thighs, 'and tonight I have had to endure you grinding that perfect little ass against dozens of strange men while I look on.'

His finger was tracing up my inner thigh and I parted my legs slightly in a purely automatic reflex. Keegan wrapped his fist tighter in my hair and I gasped. His other hand made its way up my body to my throat and squeezed gently. I tried to bite down on my lip but couldn't prevent a whimper from escaping. He grinned and released me, pushing me forward and I had to bring my arms up to stop my head from hitting the dash.

'It's my turn tonight, sugar. Now, you're going to get out of the car and follow me into the house like a good girl.' I nodded, staring at my feet, my heart beating out of my chest. He reached over and roughly grabbed my jaw, turning my face to his. 'You know better. Answer me properly.'

I didn't want to meet his cold, blue eyes and when I briefly did it seemed like his gaze burned through me. 'Yes, Sir, I'll be good.' I murmured. Keegan kissed me then, although the word 'kiss' hardly describes the bruising violence of his lips pressed on mine.

He left me breathless and opened the car door, hopping out and heading up to the front door. I scrambled to get my door open and stumbled after him. Keegan held the door open and I hesitated on the threshold, shuffling my feet and fiddling with the hem of my skirt.

'Sugar,' there was a warning tone in his voice now, 'get in the fucking house, now, or so help you I will make you go inside.'

'Please,' I whispered, tears welling up again.

'Please what?' He was standing in front of me now, his black high topped boots and camouflage trousers had come into view. I studied the random colour blocks for a second, wishing I was anywhere else.

'Please,' I whimpered this time.

'Please what, sugar? Let you go? Fuck you hard? Give you a big cuddle and tell you everything is OK? Let you use me again as a shoulder to cry on?' His hand closed around my wrist and he stepped closer, forcing my hand back. I yelped and looked him in the eye. He wasn't tall and, in my heels, I was about the same height. 'Not this time, sugar. This time, I'm going to give you something to really cry about.'

He twisted me round and pulled my arm up behind my back. I squealed, it felt like my arm was trying to escape my shoulder. Keegan pulled me against him and I could feel him, hard and pressed against my ass. 'Get in the fucking house right now.' The last word was a growl in my ear and I fell forward when he released me. I quickly gained my footing and trotted through the door, stopping just inside the hallway.

Keegan closed the door and bolted it, then brushed past me and headed up the stairs. 'Shoes off, sugar, and follow me.' He called down. I hastily slid off my heels and dashed up the stairs after him. I found him standing in the middle of the upstairs sitting room, menacing in the low orange glow of the lamps. His ginger mohawk seemed aflame and his eyes were in shadow. He'd taken off his t-shirt and was stood wearing only his camo trousers and boots. His pecs and abs were large and defined, muted only slightly by a masculine dusting of hair and a myriad of tattoos. I gasped and lowered my gaze when I spotted the large swastika on his left pec.

He laughed, 'oh, come on, sugar. You know my reputation as well as anyone else. Somebody in this forsaken country has to keep up the good fight.' I stared resolutely at the floor and trembled.

'Take off the top and the skirt, sugar.' Keegan commanded, and I obeyed without thinking. I stood, dark makeup and hair disheveled, in my white underwear, stockings and suspenders.

Keegan laughed again. 'All in white. Very fitting, because you really are innocent right now compared to what you'll be when I'm done with you.' I was visibly shaking now, hands clasped behind my back, but my breathing was slow and deliberate. The sight of him half naked and the tone of his voice issuing orders had had the desired effect. I could feel myself soaking through my thong and I would do anything for him to say those two words again.

He had stepped close and my breathing quickened. He ran his hands down my chest and sides, gripping my hips and pressing his thumbs into my abdomen. I whimpered and wished I didn't sound so pathetic. I wanted him to kiss me again, I raised my face to his and ran my nose along his jawline. Before I could react, he had a hand around my neck and I was at arm's length. He sighed and shook his head, 'I wish Ryan had fucking collared you, it would make this so much easier. Sugar, this isn't romantic. I'm not your Master. I don't care and this is not about you.'

Keegan pushed his free hand between my legs, pulled my thong aside and brusquely thrust two fingers inside me. 'Oh Ryan was right, you love this.' I tried to look away, but his grip tightened around my throat. 'Sugar, I'm going to use you like the lithe little fuck toy you are and when you're spent Ryan can have your ruined little body back, if He still wants you.'

My knees weakened at his words. 'Yes, Sir.' I choked out as he removed his fingers.

'On your knees, lean forward, forehead on the floor, arms out in front of you, wrists together.' I was grateful to no longer have to stand in his presence and folded my legs up underneath me. When I stretched my upper body out I was exposed, but my breathing eased again and I centred myself. A thick cable tie was passed around my wrists and tightened until it cut uncomfortably into my skin.

I was acutely aware of the metallic noises as Keegan removed his belt. I shuffled slightly, rubbing my thighs together - I couldn't wait to have his cock inside me. When the leather strap came cracking down on my exposed ass, I was so startled I tried to scramble up. I fell half on my face as I tripped over my restrained arms, adding to the white hot stripe of pain across my backside.

Keegan had a fistful of my hair and slammed my head back down against the floor so hard I saw stars and tasted copper. He growled in my ear, 'are you going to disobey me again, sugar?'

I tried to shake my head and cried out as he tightened his grip. 'No! Sir, no, I'll be good, please.' I whined.

He let go of my head. 'Back on your knees then, sugar, like before. And just so you're not caught unawares this time, I'm going to beat you to within an inch of your life. I'm going to make you beg for the light touch of your Master.' As he spoke, I had shuffled myself back into position, sobbing gently into the carpet. Sometimes, late at night, I think back and I can feel the abrasive fibres against my face, smell the dust and the cigarette ash that was ground in to the teal coloured weave. It still gets me hot.

The blows fell hard and fast. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I was on fire, tears flowing thick and fast. I screamed myself hoarse within the first minute and could then do nothing but mouth silent pleas. Keegan egged me on, cruelly describing how much he enjoyed seeing me bruised and bleeding. When I cried harder, he hit me harder, landing blow after blow across my ass. Eight years later I still have faint scars from his assault.

After an eternity it ended and, through blurred vision, I saw Keegan kneel down beside me. I heard the click of a switchblade and then felt cold steel against my skin. I stayed perfectly still as he sliced my underwear from my broken body. I tried to pull away as I felt the knife bite into my outer thigh, but he had a hand on my lower back and I was no match for his strength. He pushed me onto my side and ran his tongue along the blade, cleaning my blood from it.

Keegan again grabbed me by the throat but sighed heavily and let go almost immediately. 'Fucks sake. This won't do.' He padded across the room and I heard him rummage for a few minutes in cupboards and drawers. My behind was on fire and sweat was stinging the cut on my thigh. Finally he returned with a thick, black leather collar which he fastened loosely around my neck. He hooked three fingers under the collar and dragged me up, brutalising my mouth with another kiss. I could taste my own blood on his lips and I drew breath sharply.

Keegan released his hold on the collar and flopped down onto the sofa. He unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers, releasing his thick, hard dick from their confines. He was shorter than Ryan but thicker, and my eyes flashed in anticipation. 'Here, sugar.' He pointed to the floor between he legs and whistled at me as if I were a dog. I crawled over and knelt at his feet, balancing my ass off my calves to avoid aggravating my wounds.

'Don't even pretend you don't know exactly what you're supposed to do.' He grinned smugly down at me, placing his hands behind his head and leaning back.

Every slight movement made my ass burn and I had tears running down my face, but I didn't hesitate. I so desperately wanted to worship his cock with my mouth. I placed my hands on his knees and trailed kisses up his thighs, nibbling and kissing to build the anticipation. Keegan's hand found the collar around my neck and he roughly pulled me up to meet his eyes.

'No, no teasing. Get that slutty little mouth round my cock. I want you choking on its thick length now.' he growled, his eyes flashing dangerously.

I nodded fervently, 'yes, Sir.' I whispered and he released my neck. I immediately plunged my lips over his shaft, keeping my lips tights against him. I was used to being impaled on Ryan's length, so I easily took Keegan's slightly shorter cock all the way to the base. My jaw already started to ache from the sheer girth though, and I battled through the discomfort. I pressed my tongue against the underside, flicking it up over the head as I came up, then sucking harder as I took him deeper. Each masculine groan which escaped his lips had me wetter.

Keegan's violent impatience meant I wasn't left to my own devices for long. He gripped the back of my head and the collar and started to fuck my mouth hard. I tried to push him away, choking and panicked, oxygen starved, but my hands were still cable tied and I'd lost feeling in them.

My struggles did not go unnoticed though and Keegan paused and withdrew long enough to smack me hard across the face. My eyes rolled in my head and I yelped, my aching need growing stronger. Ryan had never hit me like that before and it turned me on so much. Keegan thrust back into my mouth and continued his onslaught. This time I did nothing to impede him, letting him violently assault my mouth and trying to ignore the growing pain in my jaw.

When he suddenly ceased and withdrew, I whined in disappointment. I so wanted to taste his climax. He pushed me back roughly and I was unable to stop my head from thumping against the floor as I fell. He grabbed the collar and hoisted me to my feet, flinging my body over the arm of the sofa and spreading my ankles wide, leaving me exposed and vulnerable.

I turned my head slightly and could see he was still wearing his camos and boots, just pushed down to mid-thigh height. I moaned at this obvious display of dominance - I was naked and he had disrobed just enough to use me as his fuck toy.

Keegan pushed into my tight, wet cunt and I nearly came with that single motion. 'Fuck you're tiny,' he gasped, 'I can see why Ryan keeps you.' He withdrew and thrust again, harder, bottoming out and pressing against my cervix. I pushed back against him, enjoying how stretched I felt being impaled by him. He grabbed a fistful of hair this time and pulled my head up and back sharply. I cried out.

'Don't fucking move,' he breathed in my ear, 'you're my little fucktoy to do whatever I want with, so be a good little toy and don't. Fucking. Move.' The last three words were emphasised with three deep, hard thrusts. 'Do you understand?'

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