PenPal Ch. 09


Paul Renbow had never been more nervous in his life. He and Aaron's lawyer stood patiently outside the double gates, waiting for them to slide open and release Aaron from the prison. In his hands, he held a bouquet of yellow roses, Aaron's favorites and a letter from Aaron that the lawyer had given him earlier.

My darling Paul,

I can't believe that it's finally here. The day we've talked about for so long. Can it have been just six months ago that we started talking? It seems like so much longer because I feel like I know you so well. I thought last week's letter would be the last but I hoped that I would be able to give you this one before we begin our lives together.

Paul, I love you so much. I want to do nothing more than to prove that to you over and over until we're both falling asleep from exhaustion. I am so lucky to have you. I want to make sure that I keep you happy and well-loved.

I just want to say thank you in advance for loving me. I will do my best not to ever let you down.

Time for your bath ...


Shivers traveled up Paul's spine when he remembered Aaron's previous words about the bath. The large freight door scraped open with a low hum and Aaron stood patiently, a small box in his hands and the largest smile Paul had ever seen. He felt as if he was Icarus and had flown too close to the sun. Aaron had obviously taken extra care in his appearance, getting a haircut and having his mustache trimmed. Paul didn't care. He was just overjoyed to finally see Aaron and in minutes, finally touch him.

Aaron couldn't catch his breath as he waited for the door to open. Paul's green eyes caught him and held him spellbound. He saw such a world of love in those eyes that his insides melted. He wanted to drop the box and just run into Paul's arms but he was so scared. He'd never fallen so hard, so fast, so completely. He wanted to protect himself, to make sure that this was all real. The connection that they'd made on paper was so perfect ... he just wanted to be sure.

The chain-link fence slid aside and the prison official shook hands with Aaron, gave him a manila envelope full of information and then ... Aaron was free.

Paul didn't give a damn about how desperate he looked. He quickly walked to Aaron, who put the box down and hugged him until his arms grew sore. "Oh, Aaron. You're finally free."

"Yes, baby. I am. Finally."

They pulled apart and just gazed into each other's eyes before Paul blushed and held the roses out. "These are for you."

Aaron gave them a deep sniff, tears pricking his eyes. "Thanks, Paul. They're beautiful."

The lawyer stepped forward and had a few words to say to Aaron. While they spoke, Paul picked up Aaron's box and placed it in the trunk of his car, waiting patiently until they were finished and his soon-to-be lover was climbing into the seat next to him.

"Where to?"

"Home." Aaron turned to Paul, finally trusting himself to touch the young man. "Please."

Paul started the car and maneuvered onto freeway, heading toward his home, with Aaron holding his hand. He reflected on his good luck and blessings, remembering the letter that started it all.

Dear 12076548,

I've never done anything like this before but I hope that you'll be patient with me. I read your personal ad on the jail website. I don't know what struck me more, your picture or what you'd written. You have beautiful eyes, so deep and blue, but they were so very sad. My heart felt as if someone had squeezed it when I gazed at your picture.

Aaron chose that precise moment to look over at him and Paul drowned in those blue eyes. The sadness was gone, replaced with hope and love and unfulfilled dreams. Aaron raised their joined hands and pressed a loving kiss to the back of his hand.

Your words were something else entirely. I think it was the first time I'd ever read the insides of someone's soul before. I know that sounds strange, but it's true. Your honest words have captured my heart and the distress in your eyes has captured my soul.

My name is Paul and I have yet to find a significant someone to call my own. I guess I'm looking for my knight in shining armor and it's awfully tough to find him. Maybe that's why your eyes attracted me so much and why I feel so much for you, so deeply and so quickly. You remind me of Lancelot, cursed with the talent to best anyone whom he fought against but weighted with the loneliness that came with that gift.

He had found his knight in shining armor. He had found his true soul mate. He smiled into Aaron's eyes, turned back to the road and grinned all the way home.

I hope to hear from you soon.



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