tagGroup SexPerfect Ending

Perfect Ending


Sequel to "John and Georgia"


Oh, my God. What an orgasm!

When I came around enough to notice, John was sitting on the floor streaming sweat and breathing like he had run a marathon. Georgia was lying flat, face down, and she looked about as limp as a wet Kleenex. He looked over at me, gave a weak smile, and asked if I would please get him a glass of water with lots of ice.

I slipped my shorts and tee shirt back on and went to the kitchen for the ice water and drank the first glass myself. My knees were shakey standing there in the kitchen. Then I refilled the glass and brought it out to John. He chugged the first glass, and I had to get him another before his thirst was satisfied.

Georgia just lay there like she was dead, barely breathing. John had me sit down on the floor beside him, and he put his arm around me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. Neither one of us felt much like kissing, but it was still nice. He asked if I was okay, and I said I'd had a huge climax along with theirs and was feeling pretty limp. I told him I was just fine, but a little overwhelmed with what had happened in the last two hours.

He didn't say anything, just kissed me lightly on the lips. Nice.

Georgia was so silent and still that I asked John if she was okay. He said she was, but she was going to need some special treatment after what she had been through and would I mind helping a little. I agreed, and we rolled her over onto her back without seeming to wake her up.

John got up to put on his robe and asked me to go get some ice water. When I got back from the kitchen he had Georgia sitting up, supporting her with his arm. He took the glass and held it to her lips, but she didn't respond. He told her that she was either going to drink some of the water or have it poured over her head, her choice. That seemed to get through to her, because she giggled a little and drank thirstily when he put the glass to her lips. Her eyes remained closed.

John had me hold her in a sitting position while he stood up, then he put his hands under her arms from behind and lifted her to her feet. She was totally limp, though, and he had to hold her upright. I noticed that her behind was still fiery red from being paddled. They had both worked up quite a sweat while they were making love, and there was a big wet spot on the comforter where Georgia had been lying. In about the middle of the damp area was a puddle that definitely wasn't sweat. Her skin was still a little damp, and she muttered, "Cole," which I guessed meant she was cold. I helped her on with her little kimono while John held her up. She was still too limp to cooperate much.

John put his arm around Georgia's waist and had me get on the other side of her. He said she needed to be put to bed. I put her arm over my shoulder and we headed for the hall. She walked a little better as we proceeded but still needed our help. Suddenly she stopped, said "ohhh," spread her legs, and coughed. I had forgotten the there was still a vibrator inside her, and it popped out with a wet noise and fell to the floor between her feet. It lay there, buzzing loudly and Georgia giggled. I picked it up, turned it off, and put it in the pocket of my shorts. It was very slick and wet, and I almost licked it to be lewd, but I decided the time for lewdness was over for a while.

I started to turn into John's bedroom, but he said he wanted her in the other room, because there was no way she was getting into his bed until she had a thorough washing. That made both Georgia and me giggle.

She was getting herself together, but John and I still helped her. He had me turn down the covers on the twin bed while he held her up, then he set her down on the bed. She had the strength to swing her legs up onto the bed and lay down on her back. The combination of partially dried semen and sweat in her hair made an immediate damp place on the pillow, and I understood why John didn't want her in his (our?) bed.

Georgia turned onto her side into a fetal position, and John pulled the covers up over her and tucked her in snugly. She opened her eyes to look at us and gave us a weak smile. Then her eyes closed, and she seemed to go immediately to sleep. John leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, and I did the same thing when he was finished. Her cheek tasted of sweat and semen; not bad.

She looks so peaceful and innocent, like a tired little girl. She may be tired, but she sure didn't get that way by being innocent. She just got worked over like I wouldn't have believed possible. I don't know if I would have survived what she just got. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to walk, and I probably wouldn't be able to sit down, either. It must have been wonderful. She sure seemed to love it.

I thought John did me pretty thoroughly a few times in the last week, but it sure wasn't like what Georgia just got. I wonder why John didn't get into bed with her. He must be absolutely exhausted. After all, he did most of the work. She had all those orgasms, though, and I think that's more exhausting than the actual physical effort. Maybe he just didn't want to be that close until she gets cleaned up. He isn't exactly clean himself, though.

John and I quietly left the room and closed the door behind us. In the hall John took me into his arms and kissed me very gently and sweetly. His lips tasted a little of Georgia's pussy, and I didn't mind at all. After all, it wasn't the first time I had ever tasted her pussy and it was a sexy taste.

We put our arms around each other's waist, and he turned us into his bedroom. He said he needed a shower but was too weak to wash himself, so would I join him. I answered that by jumping up to kiss him on the cheek, and I was out of my tee shirt, shorts, and sox in about five seconds. He laughed and took his robe and tossed it in the pile I had made of my clothes. I grabbed my shower cap and got the shower going while he brushed his teeth, then he joined me for a wet, naked kiss.

He just stood under the shower while I washed and shampooed him. I washed Herman very thoroughly because I knew where he had been. Then I stroked him with my soapy hand, but he didn't show any interest at all. I wasn't surprised.

When we were clean and rinsed, John sat on the toilet seat lid, dried me, and gave my nipples a nice kissing and sucking. Then he had me sit while he got down on the floor between my widely spread knees. He gave my pussy a wonderful kissing, and he finished by licking my button until I had a lovely climax. His penis may be tired, but his mouth is fine.

He put on a fresh robe and helped me on with mine. He told me to pick up the clothes on the floor while he went out to mix us drinks. I did as I was told. As I was leaving the bedroom, John was in the hall with the comforter. He heaved the thing at me and told me to put it in the washer and get it going. I was glad of that, because I didn't want to lie down later on someone else's wet spot. Not even John and Georgia's.

He had made himself a Wild Turkey with water and was finishing making my mint soda when I got to the kitchen. I needed a kiss, but I didn't throw myself at him. I wasn't needing that kind of kiss. Anyway, I was feeling too sleepy, and I thought he might be too weak to catch me. I got a nice kiss, though.

We took our drinks out to the den and John let me sit in his lap while we relaxed. I told him I loved him and he said he loved me. We shared some more lovely kisses.

I wonder why this doesn't seem awkward. I love him and want him to be mine, but I just watched him make incredible love to another woman. I don't feel jealous, though. If it was anyone but Georgia I couldn't handle it. I watched while he fucked another woman until they were both incapable of doing it anymore, and it feels perfectly okay now to sit on his lap, kiss him, and be in love with him. In the shower I washed off the results of him making love with Georgia and it seemed the natural thing to do. I thought people in love were jealous. Maybe I'm not old enough to be jealous. No, if it had been any woman but Georgia I'd have scratched her eyes out and been so mad at him I wouldn't have been able to stand it. I sure wouldn't just sit there and watch him with any other woman. I'd make such a fuss that I'd ruin it for them. Of course another woman wouldn't let me ...... Oh, heck with it, I'm too comfy and sleepy to really think about those things right now.

I had about a million things I wanted to ask him about, but neither of us felt much like talking. It was just nice to be close. It was almost like what he and Georgia had done never happened, and that John and I were back to being alone with each other.

John yawned, and that got me started, and pretty soon we were both doing it. I thought I might fall asleep right there on his lap. He finally finished his drink and asked if I would like to take a little nap with him. I kissed him and said I thought that was a wonderful idea, but what about Georgia? It didn't seem right to leave her all alone, and all three of us sure couldn't fit into that little bed where she was. She also needs a good shower before I want to be close to her. John laughed and said that we didn't need to worry about Georgia.

Then he told me what was going to happen: Georgia was going to be dead to the world for two hours. When she woke up she was going to want a long, cool shower followed by a large gin martini. She was going to be absolutely ravenous and would demand to be taken out for a huge dinner, which she would eat like a starving hyena. She would have two martinis before dinner, wine with dinner, and a liqueur with coffee afterwards. Then she would want to go to her house, have John build a fire, listen to classical guitar music, drink scotch until she was about half drunk, and then go to bed and sleep like the dead for ten hours.

After a nice kiss, he boosted me out of his lap and onto my feet. He put his arm around my shoulders, and I put my arm around his waist as we walked down the hall to the bedroom.

We didn't take off our robes or even get into bed. We just laid down on the bedspread and pulled the extra blanket up over us. After a long, lovely kiss John turned me over so I could be the front spoon, and pulled me close so his front was nicely settled against my back. With the blanket, my warm lover's body against mine, and his arms around me I felt wonderfully snug and cozy. He kissed my neck and whispered into my ear that he loved me, I murmured that I loved him, and I could feel myself drifting into a sweet, welcome sleep with John's breath soft against my ear.


I was jarred awake by someone yelling, "Hey, you two."

Then something heavy bounced onto the bed and John muttered, "Jesus Christ," into my ear.

It was Georgia, and she bounced on the bed several times to make sure we were wide awake. John and I both sat up, and there was Georgia sitting there looking at us. Her face was coated with dried semen and streaked mascara, and her hair was flat on one side where she had slept on it. The part that wasn't flat stood out in stiff spikes. She had a big smile on her face, though, so she looked okay. She wasn't wearing a stitch.

She said that she'd had a great nap and felt wonderful and for us to get up and feel good along with her. John and I were still trying to wake up. She got to her feet and leaned over to give each of us a little kiss. She said she was starving but needed a shower first and asked if I would like to join her. She suggested that maybe John could make her a huge martini for after the shower.

I whispered to John that we had already showered, and he muttered, "Let's humor her, Sweetie," and I got up to go to "my room" to brush my teeth and pee.

As I left the room Georgia giggled and said, "Don't keep Auntie Georgia waiting, Dear. I'm really dirty and need lots of washing."

It was two hours and five minutes after we had put Georgia to bed. John's sure right about her timetable and demands so far. He isn't the type to take orders from anybody, so I guess he really does want to humor her.

When I got back to the bedroom, the bed was all straightened up and John was gone. The bathroom door was open and I could hear the shower running, so I walked in there. Georgia was standing in the shower, just letting the water run over her head. She saw me and yelled for me to join her. I took my robe off, hung it on a hook, got my shower cap on, and stepped into the shower with Georgia.

The water was very cool, but I got used to it and it felt good. She took me in her arms and I put mine around her. She turned us so the water was pouring over our heads, and she started kissing me passionately and rubbing her breasts and tummy against mine. It only took a few seconds for me to respond to her. Then I was kissing her and rubbing myself against her as if it was something I did every day.

Actually, Georgia was much nicer to kiss while standing than John. Since we were about the same height, I didn't have to stand on tiptoes and tilt my head way back. Also, neither of us had to lean over, so our bodies were in contact. Georgia was a wonderful kisser, too, and I could feel the juices start to flow inside my pussy as I responded to her.

After a long, lovely kiss and lots of body rubbing I asked Georgia if she would like me to wash her. She said that she would love it. First I shampooed her, and she really enjoyed that and told me several times how nice it felt. I had to shampoo her three times before I got all the dried semen out of her hair.

Then I sat on the little seat built into the corner of the shower and she stood in front of me while I washed her from head to toe, front and back. Not surprisingly, he buns were still a little red from the paddling John had given her, and I was very gentle when I washed her there. When I started on the crack of her behind, she took the soap and wanted to do that herself. She said she was sore there and wanted to be very careful. I'll bet she's sore! John wasn't very gentle when he ........ fucked her in the behind.

She gave me her hand, I stood up, and we had a really great soapy kiss and body to body rubbing. Then we both rinsed off, but she wasn't ready to get out of the shower yet. She stood there under the shower and turned to let the cool water flow all over her. She asked me to put a finger into her pussy and give it a good rinsing. I was happy to do that, and we shared a very nice kiss while I rinsed her inside. I was surprised to find that her vagina was back to the size it had been that morning the first time I felt it. No sign that Herman had stretched it so widely just a couple of hours before.

The hot water finally ran out, the shower turned ice cold, and we had to get out. I was glad, because I was starting to feel waterlogged. We had a lovely time drying each other and kissing, and Georgia put a towel around her head like a turban. Mom had always done that after she shampooed, but I never seemed to be able to get the hang of it. I had used a shower cap, though, so my hair was dry.

After we were dry, Georgia sat me down on the toilet seat lid, stood in front of me, and pulled my face to her breasts. I kissed between them and moved my face around to feel the warm, smooth softness of her breasts on my cheeks. I kissed each breast and when I first brushed my lips over her nipple she gave a little gasp. I ran the tip of my tongue in circles around a nipple and she sighed, and then I took the nipple between my lips and sucked gently. Georgia put her hands in my hair to hold me there, took a deep breath, and went "Mmmm."

Twelve hours ago I could never have imagined doing this to another woman. I never even thought about it, but if I had I would have thought it was totally gross! Now it seems like the most natural thing in the world to share sexual pleasure with Georgia. I wouldn't even consider doing it with anyone else, but with Georgia it's wonderful. Mmmmmmmmm I love the silky softness of the skin on her warm breasts, and it excites me to feel her nipple swell and get hard when I suck it. Now I know why John likes to do that with me. After a little while I had both her nipples hard and erect. Then Georgia pulled me to my feet, took me in her arms, and we shared a deep kiss.

She slid down to her knees in front of me and started kissing my breasts and nipples the way I had done hers. She whispered, "Diane, you have the prettiest little titties I've ever seen. Yumm, those puffy pink nipples just make my mouth water."

I said I was glad she liked them and that I liked what she did to them, then I pulled her head to me. Very soon my nipples were so hard and erect that they were almost glowing. She had me sit down on the counter next to the sink while she knelt on the floor between my parted knees.

I knew what she had in mind, so I scooted my bottom right to the edge of the counter. I had one knee bent with my foot up on the counter beside my bottom, and Georgia draped my other leg over her shoulder. She said, "Your little pussy is so smooth and sweet that I just can't keep my mouth off it." Just hearing her say that made it tingle.

She knew I was pretty aroused, because she ignored my thighs and mound to put her mouth right on my pussy. No foreplay, no teasing. I felt her warm breath on my expectant pussy and then her warm, wet tongue was between my outer lips, parting them. When the tip of her hot tongue entered my vagina I gasped with pleasure.

She circled her tongue in my entrance to open me, then she slid her tongue way up inside me, further than I thought a tongue could reach. Her tongue is sure a lot longer than John's. She knew exactly where "that spot" was inside my pussy and the tip of her tongue found it and started stroking it. It seemed like only a few seconds of this until I found myself getting that tingling feeling that meant I was working up to a climax. Georgia continued licking "that spot" until I was just about to go over. I guess she knew it and didn't want me to come yet, because she stopped when I was just on the brink. It was teasing, left me wanting more, and wonderful, all at the same time. She just licked and sucked my pussy lips while I cooled off, then she put her tongue on my button.

Ohhhhhhh, her tongue feels sooooooooo good there. The way John kisses my pussy is wonderful, but Georgia really, really, really knows how to do it. Mmmmmmmmm She knows just where to touch my button, how fast to lick it, when to change to another spot, just exactly how hard to lick, when to suck it between her lips, how to excite me, how to let me cool off, how to get me right on the edge of an orgasm and tease me by not letting me have it ..... and ..... Ohhhhhhhhhhhh .... now she's going to make me come ....... I know she isn't teasing this time .... she knows ..... I want to .... come ..... she's going to let me have a big one ..... Ohhhhhhh ..... my .....God .... here .... it .... COOOOMMES!

I had a long, slow, wonderful orgasm. I squealed when I got to my peak, squealed as Georgia's tongue held me at there for a long, long time, and continued so squeal more softly as her tongue slowly, slowly let me come down.

When I was almost back to normal and Georgia was kissing my mound, I opened my eyes just in time to see the door open. John was standing about two feet away in the doorway, fully dressed, one eyebrow raised, and he had a glass in each hand. Georgia raised her head to peek up over my thigh, giggled, and said, "Hi there, sailor. See anything you like?"

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