Perfect Prey


I certainly wanted Kristine, and she obviously felt the same way about me. She crossed her legs behind my back, her arms around my neck, and ground against me. I needed no further encouragement, but started to fuck Kristine with abandon. She must have had excellent internal muscle control, because I felt her squeeze me, as I slid back and forth. It felt so good, too good in fact, and I knew that it would not take much more to make me come. I tried to stop and withdraw, but once again my dance partner showed that she had a mind of her own.

She grabbed my buttocks with both hands, her mouth was busy kissing and biting my shoulder and upper arm, and her whole body signaled that she expected me to fuck her hard, fast, and deep. I was in the seventh heaven, but I think any young horny guy would appreciate Kristine's unique gift. She may not have been stunningly beautiful or have big tits, like I would normally go for. But she obviously enjoyed sex, and more specifically having my dick inside her, being taken and used and fucked by a handsome stud. Her ability to give this impression was a major turn-on, making me consider her one of the sexiest women I've ever been with.

Even though she gave herself to me with enthusiasm, she was somehow still completely in control. She caressed my back, nibbled on my ear, muttered happy sounds mixed with yes, more, oh yeah, ahh. A slight rotation of her bottom ensured that there was delicious friction between our connected parts, fuck she was amazing. No matter how I tried to hold back, I felt the tingling in my balls that heralded the imminent eruption, and I knew I was going to succumb to Kristine's determined dirty dancing.

I think she felt my dick become even harder and bigger as a signal of my inevitable climax. As I groaned in the throes of the approaching orgasm, her hands returned and tightened on my butt, and her hips increased the speed and rhythm of their movement. Her actions meant that I did not have to do anything else in order to come. I could just focus on the wonderful feeling rushing through me as my body shook in ecstasy and my dick spewed cum into Kristine's warm cave for longer than I could ever remember ejaculating.

Totally spent I collapsed on her and she hugged me and seemed in no hurry for me to move away. My dick was certainly eager to stay in its new favorite place, and for the first time in my life I remained completely hard and able to contemplate a repeat performance right away. The idea was invigorating, so I pushed my head and shoulders up and began to move my hips suggestively while looking down at Kristine. Just as I had imagined, she wore a delighted smile, her cheeks were blushing prettily, and the blue eyes shone with pleasure, while she panted slightly from the exercise.

As I kept moving, Kristine's eyes suddenly widened, as she probably realized that I wanted a second dance. The mischievous glint returned and she brought her hand up to my sweaty chest and traced little circles around my hard nipples and all over my upper arm, shoulder and chest muscles. "Mmm, that's nice, I love young guys with fit bodies and lots of stamina. So irresistible..." Her words reminded me of the probable age difference, and though I wanted to fuck her again, my curiosity won. I stopped moving and tried to give her a stern glance, even though my dick was annoyed at the interruption.

"Okay, no more playing around. I realize that I've been had by an older and experienced woman who is so delightfully sexy that you ought warn your prey about the risk of PE." She giggled a bit at my admission that I'd come much sooner than I wanted, then wriggled her hips and squeezed me encouragingly. My dick totally agreed with her; it wanted to get back to business and have fun in this hot, wet pussy that fascinated both of us. But by now I knew that I would be capable of resuming even if my erection faltered for a bit, so I pressed my advantage.

"What's with all this young men shit? Yeah I know you have to be older than me, but not that much. So if I say I'm almost twenty, do you still feel the same?" She had to know that I was at least eighteen but maybe she thought I was not much beyond that. Kristine's grin grew even wider and she patted my cheek teasingly. I scowled down at her, but she was so genuinely amused and at the same time obviously attracted to me -- or at least to my body -- that it was hard to pretend to be angry. Later on I would reflect that all women probably appreciate the compliment of being thought younger -- but Kristine also enjoyed surprising people.

"Such sweet things you say, Anders, you really do know how to make a woman feel attractive. But I'm almost ten years older than you, because I'll be 29 in February." My mouth dropped open and I stared at her in shock. I would have guessed her age to be 25 max, her body was more like a girl's with the pert breasts, narrow waist, flat stomach and slender legs. Only her plump buttocks and hips hinted at the mature woman but I'd only noticed that I liked her sexy backside. My dick reminded me that it couldn't care less what her age was, it wanted more pussy and was happy with the idea of fucking Kristine doggy style.

So I gave a couple of hard thrusts, but as we both felt a mixture of my cum and her juices coat our joint nether regions and heard the slurpy noises resulting from my action, we burst out laughing. Kristine tried to keep everything inside, but had to admit defeat. "Anders, you'll have a huge wet spot in your bed, if you don't get me some tissues immediately. Damn it, you must have saved up for this for a long time, I'm leaking incredible amounts of cum." Her tone of voice indicated that she found the situation funny, but somehow also sexy.

I grabbed the kitchen roll on the bed and ripped off two large pieces for each of us. As I pulled out, releasing a fresh torrent of cum, we both scrambled to catch it. After we had sorted ourselves out, we lay on the bed looking at each other. The mood had been broken, and I felt a bit awkward but still horny. Also I could feel that a whole night of drinking and dancing was catching up with me. Kristine seemed just as relaxed and confident as when she had first stood naked in front of me, and to my surprise my attraction to her was not in the least bit diminished by the thought that she was so much more experienced than me.

She reached out and stroked my still half erect manhood with a fingertip and smiled in satisfaction when it twitched. Then she twined her fingers in the blond curls around the base and fondled my balls. Returning to my dick her soft hand caressed and squeezed in just the right ways, and within moments my shaft was fully hard and my dick let me know that it really, really liked her. I watched her nipples harden and heard her breath get faster, and I realized that she was turned on by playing with me. How awesome, but then I'd gotten excited by toying with Mark's manly parts, so why not?

But right now I wanted to play with Kristine's tits and pussy and bottom, and if possible fuck her again. I pulled her closer, and we began to kiss, while our hands roamed over naked skin. In spite of my intentions the make out session gradually became less heated, more sensual and slow, and at some point she pulled the duvet over both of us. Getting warmer and more tired all the time lulled me towards sleep, though my dick was trying to fight me. Just as I was about to go under, I felt Kristine kiss my cheek and slide away. As she got off the bed, I managed to catch her arm: "You're not leaving, are you?"

She hesitated, then whispered: "No, OK, I can stay, if you like." Before she had returned from the bathroom, I was fast asleep, probably with a smile on my face. I was sure my dick would forgive me, just as long as we had the chance of fucking Kristine again next morning. And somehow I had the feeling that it would be even better when I was sober, well rested and fully recharged. This woman certainly deserved my very best efforts, and I couldn't wait to have her coming and writhing and begging me to fuck her tight pussy.

But as I should have realized, Kristine was perfectly capable of doing the unexpected and teaching me more about what pleases a sexually uninhibited woman...

When I woke next morning, Kristine was sleeping next to me, which made both me and my morning wood very happy. I hurried into the bathroom and relieved myself, deciding to wash the important parts, as I was still sticky. And she had seemed to be as fastidious as I am about cocks being clean before sucking. At the thought of her skilled lips and tongue on my manhood, my erection returned with a vengeance. I brushed my teeth and smiled when I saw that the new tooth brush, I'd left on the side of the sink, had been used. My mom was a dentist so I always had a box full to conveniently supply overnight guests.

After a quick drink of water I got back into bed and snuggled up behind Kristine, kissing her neck and reaching round to fondle a firm breast. She was only wearing her panties and I pulled them down so I could wedge my stiff dick between her soft buttocks. By then she was fully awake and I got treated to another display of the happy butt wriggle that showed she really appreciated feeling a hard-on against her back side. After a bit she mumbled about having to use the bathroom and slipped out, but when she came back, I had no doubt she was more than ready to pick up where we had left off in the night.

I whipped the duvet aside, and she gave me the satisfied smirk I was beginning to be very fond of, when she saw my enthusiastic hard-on waving at her. She needed no urgings from me, but jumped into bed and dived in. Well, first she tested me with a cautious kiss and a sniff, but as this reassured her that my dick was freshly washed, she lost no time in gobbling it up. She licked and sucked and kissed and even bit very gently, not just my dick, but also my balls. Her tongue traced every grove around my helmet and wriggled into the slit, making me groan with lust.

Though I'd meant to be the one to give her pleasure, it was simply too tempting to lie there and revel in Kristine's mouth and fingers dancing all over me. To be honest I was still a bit hung over, so lying on a soft bed with my eyes closed and a sexy experienced woman doing her best to make me feel good was absolute heaven. And maybe I wasn't being too selfish, because Kristine seemed to be in no hurry to move on to something else. She kept on playing with me, and whenever I moaned or bucked my hips in pleasure, she gave a small sexy purr and repeated whatever it was I had liked.

She wasn't just pretending, because when I couldn't stand it anymore and slid my hand between her legs, her pussy was dripping wet. So awesome to be with a woman who genuinely got horny from sucking cock! My fingers pressed into the warm moist opening and we both groaned with excitement. My dick became stone hard and I think it may have leaked a blob of precum. Or maybe Kristine just interpreted my fingers fucking her pussy as a signal that I wanted another part of me inside her. Well, and so I did, but I would have been prepared to wait and return the oral favor first.

But I had no say in this, because Kristine straddled me and guided my dick in between her swollen pussy lips. I was almost shaking from anticipation, and when she slowly slid down my shaft, my eyes rolled back in my head, and I gripped the sheet with both hands. Fuck, she was tight and hot and wet, and as soon as she was fully seated, she began rocking her hips. I took a deep breath and silently admonished my ecstatic tool to behave and show a bit of resistance this time. I really, really wanted this wonderful feeling to last. I opened my eyes to the fantastic sight of Kristine wantonly riding me, and that was it.

Her face was flushed, and her gaze seemed to devour my upper body as she licked her lips. She reached out with one hand to pinch one of my nipples, the other cupped my balls behind her, as she ground against me, hard and rhythmically. As I felt my orgasm start, I gripped her buttocks and thrust up, and she whimpered in obvious pleasure. I grunted and came in a series of deep, satisfying penetrations, not knowing whether to be utterly embarrassed that she had made me lose control once again or just impressed with her riding skills.

When it was all over, she leant forward, kissed me and whispered: "What a nice way to be woken up. I'm glad I didn't go home last night." I hugged her in gratitude, still high from my massive orgasm. We lay there for a while then she sighed and moved as if to pull away. But right now my dick and I were in complete accord, and I held on to Kristine and rolled over so I was on top. She was definitely not getting away without a second round, and this time I was going to be in charge.

She gave a little squeal then laughed in delight, as I repeated the insistent prodding that I'd used last night as well to indicate my intentions. "For pokker da, Anders," I grinned at her soft swear words, "you really are one horny, insatiable young stud, eh? Come on, give me a break." Kristine tried to push me away and told me that I risked getting another sticky patch on my bed, if I didn't desist. Her sparkling eyes and barely suppressed smirk told me that she actually dug how I was obviously eager and ready to start all over again.

But after a while I did pull out and suggested a quick shower, to which Kristine gladly agreed. She also followed me back to bed without any pretense of reluctance, and I realized how it was great that she was not coy or the least bit ashamed about liking sex. I didn't know whether it was due to her maturity or personality, but probably the latter. No matter what, this attractive woman gave my self-esteem and confidence as a lover a huge boost at a crucial time and I'll always be grateful for that.

So I tried my best to show my appreciation by worshipping her body with mouth and hands. I wanted to make her come and then fuck her tight, needy pussy. Kissing and licking her breasts made the sensitive nipples go hard immediately and when I worked my way down her stomach, she moaned happily and spread her legs in invitation. As a matter of fact I was not very experienced in going down on a woman. I had done it with my girlfriend, and then of course Daniella had more or less sat on my face, while her boyfriend sucked my dick. But now I got another chance to find out how hot it was to eat pussy.

I let my tongue play with the nub at the top of her slit and then I went lower down and tasted her juices. She whimpered and shivered and pushed up against me. Her fingers tangled in my curls, not pushing me or directing me, just caressing my hair as she whispered about how good it felt. I realized that this was probably the main reason for being turned on by giving oral sex: hearing and seeing and feeling how your partner enjoy what you are doing. That I had the power to make a woman (or a man) feel this way. I nibbled, licked, kissed and sucked her clit, and her cries of pleasure were sweet music in my ear.

I stuck my tongue as far up her pussy as I could manage, then licked the sensitive entrance, because that made Kristine go absolutely wild, especially when I worked the upper half towards her clit. Two fingers moving inside her as I attacked her now very swollen nub, had her grip my hair and beg me to take her. To my utter surprise she actually insisted that I stop and get on with fucking. I sat up, confused: "Don't you want to come first?" She shrugged and said that she had never come from being licked or fucked, and only very rarely when she was with a guy.

"I don't mind, because I can have as many orgasms as I like, when I'm on my own. But what a man can give me, what I get out of sex with a hot guy, there is no adequate substitute for." I couldn't help asking, and her answer was casual, but made me sigh with envy. "Oh, I always get at least two or three orgasms when I masturbate, but often it's more than that. I think my record is ten or eleven, but that was over a 40 minute session." She smiled at my envious grumbling and told me that women were luckier than men with sex in other ways too.

"I get so much pleasure from intercourse that I feel satisfied even if I don't climax, and I don't think men can say the same." I had to agree, because most guys would probably think fucking a failure if we didn't come at the end. However, I still wanted to experience her orgasm and wondered how tight she would be, when I fucked her from behind afterwards. I'd been with other girls who had managed to climax if they took over and stimulated themselves at the end, and I quite liked the idea of seeing a woman play with herself. So I shyly suggested this to Kristine, and she was game immediately.

"Do you know how to stimulate the G spot inside me?" I shook my head, and she asked if I wanted to try. She explained how to find the right place and what to do. To be honest I was rather skeptical, but I certainly liked having my fingers buried in a wet pussy, so I just nodded in agreement. As I had imagined, it was extremely erotic to see a sexy woman caress herself, and being able to touch her and do whatever I liked to her body at the same time, was even better.

I kissed and fondled her breasts and rubbed my hands up and down her smooth thighs and all over her butt. I played around with her rear entrance, which was already wet on the outside from all the juice leaking from her pussy. Kristine moaned and spread her legs even wider when I pushed the tip of my finger into her tight channel. Not too far, just enough to feel her sphincter tighten around me and stimulate the erotic zone that I knew she shared with me. I often recalled the unexpected erotic thrill I had gotten, when Michael teased the edge of my asshole.

Kristine was working her nub with two fingers and I studied her technique carefully. She noticed and smiled at me, telling me that though it was OK to have a tongue directly on her clit, she had to stimulate indirectly when using a finger. Either working her bundle of pleasure nerves from either side or keeping the little hood of skin over the sensitive spot. It actually made sense, because I could relate to the need of using my foreskin when jacking off. And now I knew why my former girlfriend had sometimes complained that I hurt her when trying to make her come, not that she had ever explained why or how.

My dick was starting to leak and complain about the lack of attention, so I climbed up the bed and straddled Kristine. She was more than happy to let me stuff two pillows under her head, so she could suck me, while she brought herself closer to an orgasm. I smeared my precum on her lips and teased her with the head of my dick, while she did her best to capture it with tongue and lips. When I finally pressed my eager rod into her mouth, Kristine closed her eyes and moaned wantonly. Oh yeah, she obviously enjoyed having her mouth fucked while masturbating.

When I withdrew and sat next to her, she was using one hand to play around the entrance to her pussy, while one finger on the other made rapid circles on her clit. I took over the fun of fingering the silky soft, moist opening, again observing how she would change speed and sometimes seem to search with her finger before rubbing quickly and intensely. Suddenly I remembered her instructions and I let two fingers slide into her, pressing my fingertips against the upper side of her pussy. At first I only felt the slick walls, but then I reached an area that felt different, slightly rough and spongy.

Kristine's reaction was instantaneous and astounding: she gave a loud groan, arched her loins and squeezed my fingers. Her nipple became even more erect against the palm of my hand, which had been caressing her breast gently. I pulled out and went back to finger fucking the outer part of her pussy with three fingers, which she seemed to love. Her body was tense, and she panted and moaned, then suddenly begged me to touch her inside again. I obeyed and found the spot immediately, it was quite distinct now I knew what to look for.

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