tagLoving WivesPerfectly Three Ch. 01

Perfectly Three Ch. 01


I met her late in my senior year in college. I swear it was an accident, I was just stepping away from the cashier at lunch. Her foot just appeared under mine. I didn't even see her. In fact when I turned around, I didn't see her until I looked down.

"I'm sorry sweetie" I said to the little girl. I was sure she was around 13 maybe 14. Probably visiting an older sibling on campus.

"That's okay honey, I'm only walking on the bottom of my feet, you can walk on the tops." Not exactly the response I was expecting from a little girl.

As I looked closer I realized she was older than I first thought. I am around 5'11", she could not be much over 5 feet. What most guys call a "spinner", (just set them on it and spin them around).

I couldn't let her get the best of me. She was just so cute I couldn't help myself. "If you want to get even, I will gladly let you ride mine for a while".

" Hold on big guy. You're trying to hit a homerun without even introducing yourself and taking me on a date".

I was hooked. I love quick witted girls. "I am truly sorry. I am Robert Westbrooks. May my big feet and I have the pleasure of your company for lunch, or do your feet want to set this one out?"

"I would love to lunch with you, but you have to pay, now that I need to buy new shoes."

By the end of lunch, I discovered she was, in fact, a junior studying chemistry, her name was Tracy Langdon, the oldest of three children, her parents were both teachers, and I was hopelessly in love.

It was a whirlwind romance. We were always together, when not in class. We seem to be on the same wavelength on every subject. Almost like twins sharing a thought, and completing each others sentences.

If I were to design the perfect woman for me, this would be it. I even forewent my usual rule of getting some by the third date. By then we were making out pretty heavily though. Fact is, I didn't get in her pants til my graduation day. It was her gift to me, as it were. A wonderful gift too.

That was when she met my parents also. My father, "the doctor", had extended his hand to her. She was having none of that though, and gave him a big hug. My mother, having heard me talk on the phone endlessly about her, went straight for a hug and peck on the cheek. "It's about time someone tamed this one, dear" mom told her, almost conspiratorially.

After dinner, my parents went back to their expensive hotel, and we went to my tiny apartment. Where heavens gates were opened to me for the first time.

To say that it was wonderful is a gross understatement. Her tiny body was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Small breasts, perfect for her size. Soft skin, not a blemish. Flat tummy with an incredible "inny" belly button, which my tongue did not want to vacate.

Now I'm just an average guy, at between six and seven inches, but she seemed to enjoy it. I know I did, and really worked hard at pleasing her. Being our first time, I paid special attention to her body, learning what turned her on most. Checking her response to such things as. flicking her clit with my tongue, nibbling her nipples, and even fingering her little pucker. All of which seem to elicit a nice moan or shiver.

I would like to say that I lasted an hour, but once I got into that tight little pussy I was lost. Ten minutes and I was unloading. Generally I can last longer but I was very excited about my "gift". Although round two was a lot better,(okay it was an honest 20 slow minutes) and we both came like gangbusters. Complete with lots of moaning and groaning and soaked sheets. I was proud.

I had done several internships with a large engineering firm and was offered a very nice position there. Soon I was heading up my own projects and making a lot of money. I had stayed in my little apartment so I could save up for the wedding and honeymoon and maybe even a down payment on a house. As it happened, Tracy's parents had been saving for her wedding since she was born. My parents picked up the honeymoon and a 100 grand for the house. I had no idea that dad had that kind of money and was so generous.

I planed to proposed to Tracy on her graduation day. Though for me it was just a formality, everyone seemed to know we belonged together. I had told my parents what I was planning, and they were ecstatic. Even Dad got a little teary. He then surprised me even more by removing a little box from his desk drawer.

"Your grandmother told me on her deathbed to give this to you, "IF and only IF", you chose the right girl to marry. I sincerely believe you have chosen the right one."

His mother, who died after a long bout of cancer when I was ten, was my favorite relative. I suppose it doesn't hurt to be the only child of an only child either.

In the box was a beautiful ring, a 2 carat square blue diamond between two one carat triangular white diamonds. It must have cost granddad a small fortune.

On that fateful night, the Langdons and Mom and Dad and Tracy and I, all went to dinner to celebrate her graduation. There was a string quartet playing softly in the background.. the food was marvelous, and everyone was having a really nice time. After desert and coffee, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the little box. I got down on my knee, looked Tracy in her beautiful blue eyes, and said "Would you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me, and become my wife?"

I didn't think it was that great a surprise, like I said, everyone knew we were meant for each other. Apparently everyone except Tracy.

She had complete and utter shock on her face. She burst into tears and ran from the room like it was on fire. A hundred other diners had witnessed my proposal, expecting to applaud when she accepted. Instead I'm left on my knee, humiliated, with my mouth agape, and they were all embarrassed for me.

Finally, her mother stood and gave me a hug, and hurried off in the direction her daughter had fled. Everyone seemed to be in shock. Even the string quartet stopped playing. After some time dad asked " Did he say something wrong?" Mr. Langdon just shrugged.

When the restaurant was almost empty, Tracy and her mom returned. She sort of marched up to me, and grabbed my hand and litterally drug me from the building. "We have to talk." was all she said.

Alone in my little apartment, she said, "There are things about me you don't know."

"I know I love you, and that is all I need to know."

"Well, that is a good start. But I do need to tell you something. Something I have been avoiding for over a year now."

"Look, Tracy, whatever it is we will get past it I'm sure."

"I will not marry you unless it is with a clean slate, I am not going to hide anything from you and I expect the same."

She really had me curious by this point. I just sat and stared at her like the proverbial deer in the headlights.

"You remember that first time we made love after your graduation?"

Not waiting for a response, she continued, her voice quivering.

"I was not a virgin."

I had suspected that much, but at her age it wasn't unusual. It didn't bother me in the least.

"When I was 18, I was raped."

I think my jaw dropped about a foot. I know I started to cry. That was not what I expected to hear. I was suddenly crushed with pain and sympathy for her. I started to tell her I didn't care, when she held up her hand.

"Please let me finish. You were the second man to have me... I was waiting for my mom to pick me up after a basketball game. He came up from behind me and grabbed me, and drug me to his van. He threatened to kill me if I didn't behave. He duct taped my mouth and hands and feet. Then drove a long way out of the city."

"There was a hunting cabin. It was a small cabin and he was a big man, barely fit in the door. He never hurt me, other than the sex. In fact, come to think of it, he took pretty good care of me considering the unusual circumstances."

"He taped oven mitts on my hands and locked my shoes and clothes in a cabinet. He said "Tracy, I don't want to hurt you, but I will. DO NOT try to escape." Yes, he called me by name. He must have been watching me for god knows how long. Then he pointed to a bed in the corner. It had a cheap but surprisingly clean mattress on it. When he pushed me toward it, is when I noticed the chain around the metal frame. He locked the chain around the oven mitt tightly and taped around it so it wouldn't hurt me too much.

"That first time, he never did get it all the way in me. It hurt so bad I thought I would pass out. Thankfully, he didn't last very long. Later he did me again, and got more of it in. He also lasted a lot longer. By morning I was pretty sore."

"When I woke up he had breakfast ready.. scrambled eggs. There was no electricity so I guess they were fresh. Afterwards he let me clean up. With my hands wrapped up I couldn't do it my self. So he washed me with a rag and a bucket of cold water. By the time he finished washing me, I could see that he was hard again. This was the first time I actually saw his cock in the light. It was huge!"

"Seeing how big it was, suddenly I was scared all over again. He held me and tried to comfort me. Then he kissed me on the lips. After carrying me to the bed, he laid beside me, and just held me for a while. Soon I noticed his hand on my breast. Then he was kissing me again and his hand found its way to my pussy. I guess it was teen hormones or maybe what he was doing to me, but soon I notice I was wet. He noticed too. Another minute later he got between my legs. I have never felt so small before. He totally dwarfed me."

"Then I felt his cock at my entrance and he started to push in. I tensed up, and he whispered in my ear, 'Let me in sweet baby.' I started to relax a little and soon I could feel it going in. He was real gentle. He slid in a little, then just work it like that a while til I got used to it before he pushed more in. After a few minutes I had taken it all, and there was a lot to take. Then he started to pick up speed, soon he was really pounding my little pussy."

" Now, this is the bad part... I liked it. I liked it a lot. I was cumming every few strokes. I came as hard as I ever have over and over. I can't begin to tell you how I felt. Ashamed, scared, embarrassed, guilty. Every emotion you could imagine, and still I kept cumming."

"It was his third time in about 10 hrs and he lasted a long time. When he finally unloaded in me, I could feel it shoot up in my belly. It must have been a quart of sperm up me. He rolled off and lay beside me. I raised up and looked at my pussy. It was all puffy and swollen, but no cum was leaking out. I could see it gaping open but nothing came out. It was so far up in me it couldn't."

"We rested a while, I needed it. When I woke up he was just setting two bowls of canned soup on the table. He must have collected wood for the stove while I was asleep. I got up to go to the table and suddenly all this slimy sperm started weeping out of my pussy. I left a trail between the bed and the table. We both just looked at the slime trail, then broke up laughing."

"He kept me for three more days. Each about the same. We ate, fucked, and slept, and fucked, then ate, and fucked. I didn't say make love because there was no love on my part, I don't know about his. He fucked me over and over. He fuck me real good too. Over and over. I was no longer resisting him. In fact, a few times, I practically begged for it."

"On the fifth day he took off the chain, and the oven mitts. He fucked me one last time real slow, like he wanted to remember every detail about it. When we finished, the sun was just rising. He gave me my clothes and shoes back, and opened the door. He said 'Walk towards the sun.' and let me go."

"I stumbled through the woods towards the sun for a little over an hour and found a highway. I didn't know which way to go, so I just stood there til an old couple in a Volvo wagon pick me up. They could tell something was wrong so they laid me in the back seat and drove to the nearest hospital."

"I guess I was dazed and confused, because the next thing I know my parents were there, and the cops, and everyone was asking me questions, and poking at my body and, all hell was breaking loose."

"I told the cops all I could remember.. every detail.. things I didn't want to say in front of my parents. I'm sure they found out though. By that night they found the cabin. He had shot himself in the head. He left a note saying 'Tell Tracy I'm sorry. I had no choice.' I never found out what that meant. I didn't want to know. The police investigation must have uncovered a lot about him, but I told them I never want to hear about it."

By the time she finished, I was a wreck. My eyes were pouring tears. I felt this unrelenting sorrow for my beautiful girl. I finally pulled myself together enough to speak.

"Darling, it wasn't your fault. You had no control over someone elses actions. I'm glad you wanted to be up front and share that with me before we marry, but it doesn't change my mind one bit. I'm just as much in love with you as before."

"Did you hear me say I liked it.. A LOT! When you make love to me it's special and tender and sweet. What he did was pure animalistic raw SEX. When you are in me I can feel the love you have for me just oozing from every pore in your body. You love me and make love to me. He fucked me, and I mean he fucked me good, real good. I liked it a lot."

She must have read the confusion on my face. I didn't understand the problem.

"Let me be blunt. It was almost 4 yrs between him and you. That first night with you I was happy to discover that I had shrunk up enough to feel you in me, and for you to enjoy it too. I was very worried about that. I soon discovered that, although I love you, and what you do to and for me. I really liked his big cock too."

"Was it really that big. I mean it was a long time ago, maybe it's just that you were young and didn't know that much about cocks."

"Honey, I spent almost 5 days examining that cock. I sucked it, I had it in me probably thirty times. I didn't get to measure it, but it was way bigger than yours. I don't mean to be cruel, but I told you I was going to be honest with you. He had a monster cock, I have seen porno movies and haven't seen another one like his."

"So, what do we do now?" I asked with more than a little concern in my voice.

"I do love you Robert, I just want to be sure you know what you were getting. I guess you could consider me damaged goods."

"Babe, I love you. To me you are not damaged, you are perfect."

"That was the right thing to say big boy."

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