tagInterracial LovePerfume Ch. 06

Perfume Ch. 06


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hi, babies. A lot of you have been intrigued with Rob's character (much to my surprise)! I guess we women like our bad boys, right? So, as you've requested, I have inserted more from his point of view.

I'm still surprised that you guys are actually reading my stuff! It's amazing! And the emails/votes/feedback has been incredible.

Just know, that each day I go just a little insane from the story all for you guys. *wink* I hope Chapter 6 is on a par with the rest of the chapters. It fought me like hell!!!

Without further ado...Chapter 6.





Everything moved in slow motion as if time was suspended.

Young Roberto saw the look of betrayal in his mother's eyes as she began to wail, beating Papa in the chest with her fist.

"Mama, the baby!" he cried. Little Ethan was slipping from her arms!

Rob didn't understand what was going on. He just knew that everything had changed when the boy with the golden eyes had arrived.

As his father spoke to his mother in hushed tones, Rob took in how gentle and familiar his dad was with this boy.

"Maria, my love, not in front of the children...please. The boy cannot go back alone. Let me take him home and I promise we will talk when I get back. Please, mi amor," Hector Torres spoke quietly to his wife.

As he turned to leave with the boy, Rob ran after them. He didn't know why, but Papa had to stay.

There was a sense of urgency...of foreboding in Rob that he didn't quite understand. He had to get his father to stay.

"Dad! Where are you going? Please, don't go...come back!" he yelled.

But his father was leaving with the boy in tow; his quick, purposeful strides taking him further and further away from the house.

Rob turned back just in time to see that awful look he sometimes saw in his mother's eyes.

Whenever she had that glazed, faraway expression, their father would tell them that Mama needed peace and quiet and would send them off to their room or outdoors.

Rob was at a loss...he needed Papa so badly. He would know what to do.

Maria Torres awkwardly dropped the crying baby Ethan into Mike's young, thin arms. He'd barely caught him.

As the young boys watched, their mother turned and went zombie-like into the bedroom, leaving the door open in her wake.

"Mama, what do I do?!" Mike cried. He frantically looked down at the baby...he was crying so hard that he wasn't breathing!

"Do something!" Mike yelled, turning to Rob.

Not having any more insight beyond his 14 years, young Roberto ran into his parents' bedroom. He came in just as Maria emerged from the closet and put the gun into her mouth.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" he screamed.

But he was too late.

Chapter 6

Rob's eyes snapped open as he struggled to sit up.

He was drenched in sweat and tangled in Lena's limbs. Sometime in her sleep, she had draped her arms and legs across his body, confining him.

Frustrated, Rob pushed her off, got out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. Clenching his jaw, he attempted to force back tears.

He could never get used to this shit.

As he splashed cold water on his face, he wondered idly how long he would have to live like this. The recurring nightmare was not a dream, but had been real.

There was no waking up from what he and his brothers had gone through.

They had lost their mother because of their father's infidelity; and he had never been able to cope. But it seemed as if Rob was the only one who had been impacted by his mother's suicide.

Even Mike and Ethan didn't really share his anger or his passion for avenging her. It was like they had forgotten what happened...had forgotten her.

He didn't expect so much from Ethan, who didn't have any memories of their mother. Mike was a different story. He had known Maria...he had seen what happened the day she'd committed suicide.

Rob stared blindly at his reflection in the mirror. Completely out of his control, the memories of that day erupted from the recesses of his mind unbidden, and unwelcome.


Rob had been 14-years-old. Summer was near, and he and Mike only had a couple days left of school.

They both knew that they were going to the next grade, so Maria had decided to celebrate by cooking their favorite arroz con gandules.

The scent of the delicious dish wafted through the house, making the atmosphere a celebratory one.

When Hector Torres finally had walked in the door, the brothers had greeted him with excitement, fighting over who would talk to him about their day first.

Hector stood stroking his chin as if in deep thought. Then he broke out into, "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe," causing the boys to roll their eyes.

They were too old for the children's counting game, but they each secretly thought it was still funny.

Papa "landed" on Mike who began explaining how he'd gotten good grades on his report card. Within the next moment, they all heard the doorbell.

"I'll get it!" Rob had said.

That small action had changed their lives forever.

If only Eric had never shown up. She would probably still be alive, he thought bitterly. Rob had lost count of how many times he'd uttered that particular refrain.

After their mother's death, life had only gotten more difficult. He and his brothers were first sent to live with their mother's mother.

Things wouldn't have been so bad if there was just Rob and Mike for the old woman to raise; the two could pretty much take care of themselves.

But Ethan had only been a few months old and there was no way their 75-year-old abuela could care for an infant.

Rob had been certain that their father would come for them then. But he hadn't.

So he, Mike and Ethan were bounced to their aunt's home. Aunt Evalisse and her husband Arturo were less than pleased to have the boys in their home.

Especially since they came with a baby. Arturo went into fits of rage every time Ethan had cried. For that reason, Rob made it his business to care for Ethan himself.

Life at Aunt Evalisse's house was tense at best. The boys kept quiet and stayed in their room, out of the way.

As much as Rob hated being there, he acknowledged that this was the only way the three of them could stay together.

Meanwhile, his hatred for his father began to dominate him. He figured Hector probably was riddled with guilt, which he should've been.

But the best atonement would have been to take his sons and move on...continue onward with life.

Instead, Hector had avoided the three of them as if they'd never existed. Sure they saw him every now and again when he dropped by to bring some money; but that was all.

He had gone from being a permanent fixture in their lives to being a grief-stricken, drunken stranger.

To cheat on their mother, beget another son out of wedlock, cause a suicide and then abandon his sons...in Rob's eyes, it showed how weak his father was.

So he had begun to call Hector by his first name; he was not worthy to carry the title of "Father."

As if they hadn't already been through enough, Rob and Mike found out that Hector had been spending a good deal of time with Eric.

Rob and Mike had begun to stalk their nemesis. To satisfy his own burgeoning obsession, Rob needed to know where Eric lived, where he went to school, who his friends were...everything.

One July afternoon, Rob and Mike had been hiding near Eric's house, waiting for some glimpse of him. They were shocked to see Hector walking toward the house with a big, beautifully wrapped present.

Eric had bounded out of the door, into Hector's arms, with a loud, "Papa!" He was so happy that he'd almost knocked the gift out of Hector's hand.

The two had then walked into the house happily and animated...Hector obviously was not drunk.

The hurt Rob had experienced was almost his undoing. This usurper had stolen their mother AND father away from them.

It also wasn't lost on Rob that his birthday had been only a month ago, and he had not seen or heard from his dad.

That day, he vowed that he would never have anything else to do with the man...and he would make sure that Eric paid for all the problems he had caused.

Rob began to bully Eric almost everyday. The scrawny boy wasn't that much younger than him, but Rob used his two years to his advantage.

He would taunt Eric, beat him, and throw bricks and rocks through the windows of his house. Rob did anything possible to make Eric as miserable as he was.

But he actually got very little satisfaction from terrorizing Eric and his mother...if any. A very minute part of his soul acknowledged that Eric was just as much a victim in all this as the rest of them.

On some level, Rob did know that Eric wasn't the one who had cheated on his mother; and if he was honest, Maria Torres had already been different.

After she had given birth to Ethan, she had not been the same mentally. Finding out about Hector's betrayal was just the nudge she needed to end it all.

But the more dominant, sinister part of Rob's core spoke the loudest.

"Fuck that!" it said. "That bastard isn't a victim! Hector loves him, but hates you...and you came first! Eric is Jacob and you are Esau! Remember that!"

And so as Rob became a man, the darkness in him ruled. All the pain, the hurt, the injustice...it all turned into hatred and ruthlessness. He was no longer interested in love but in control.

The harder, meaner and crueler he had gotten, the more muted his inner light became.

But now here he was none the better for the life he had created. Sure he had riches, but Rob was imprisoned in a hell of his own making.

He wanted nothing more than to put an end to all the animosity and all the hurt. He imagined living a normal life...even finding love. But he was loathed to become as weak as love usually made people.

Rob snapped the light off and walked back into the room. There, he was faced with another one of his transgressions. He had fucked Lena knowing full well that Ethan had liked her.

He sighed.

Walking over to the sleeping woman, he smacked her on the ass with enough force to make her jump up, startled.

"I sleep alone," he growled. He didn't have to tell Lena twice; she grabbed her clothes and hurriedly exited the room.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Rob wearily ran his hand over his face. His gaze fell on the bags Octavia had dropped earlier when she'd run from the room. Turning on a lamp, he grabbed the bags and peered inside.

What he saw made him feel like shit. There were some cuff links, ties and earrings that he knew Octavia had purchased for him.

Rob's stomach clenched.

She had been bringing him gifts earlier. More proof of what a bastard he had become. He knew she had wanted more from him than what he was willing to give; but he had used her...and he hadn't even cared.

Rob was tired; but in his heart of hearts, he knew that he couldn't ask for forgiveness. He was sure that God had turned His back on him a long time ago. Redemption was far out of his reach.


Octavia sighed as Greer pushed his erection into her. She writhed beneath him, whispering sweet nothings into the dark, still room.

"I've missed you so much, baby," she moaned.

Greer remained silent. He was focusing on thrusting in and out of Octavia's silken heat without spilling his seed into her. But she was making it difficult.

"Awww, shit!" he cried, gritting his teeth. She had squeezed down on his cock with her pussy, knowing how he loved it when she did that.

"Keep it like that, 'Tay! Fuck!!! Keep it like that!" he grunted.

Grinning with satisfaction, she obliged while Greer thrust in and out of her. For once, Octavia was intent on making him happy.

He looked down at their tangled bodies, loving the way Octavia's dark pussy gobbled his pale dick.

It sent him over the edge. As Greer poured his seed into her, Octavia wrapped her arms tightly around him, placing tender kisses on his face.

"Wow," he said as he rolled off her. "I should come back from getting killed all the time...especially if this is the reception I'll get," he joked.

Octavia rolled with Greer and laid her head on his chest. "Are you going to tell me what happened now?" she asked.

Sighing, Greer thought about what had happened after the robbery. The anger he always felt came rushing back. He had to get out of there.

He and Octavia had come back to the seedy hotel room he had been living in for the last month...he fucking hated this hole in the wall.

Getting out of bed, he hurriedly pulled on his clothes. "Get dressed. We'll talk on the way back to the beach," he said.

Octavia was obedient. She immediately noticed how different Greer was. He'd never commanded her to do anything before. She had to admit that she loved it.

Once they were outside, the balmy night greeted them with its soft breeze and bright, full moon. The stars glinted brightly overhead, making the night a romantic one.

Octavia leaned in closely to Greer, grabbing his hand.

He looked down at her. "You really did miss me, huh, 'Tay?" he asked.

"Yeah, I did," she whispered. "Listen, Greer...I fucked up in more ways than one. I can't begin to apologize for the way I've treated you...not only this past year, but the whole time. I've been a—slut," she finished.

"And all you ever did was love me. How can you love somebody like me?" she asked.

Greer stopped walking and looked down at her. "What do you mean 'somebody like you?'" he asked.

"'Tay, I get that you been through some tough shit, you know? But I knew all along that you were good. You just had to figure that out," he said.

"I know I tolerated a lot and I let you get all that shit out your system. But now things are different. I gotta do me, too, and if we're gonna do this...we gotta do it right. No more men on the side. If you can't handle that, then walk," he said abruptly.

As he strode down the path toward the beach, Octavia stared after him with her mouth open. He had certainly told her!

She hastily ran to catch up with Greer. For the first time ever, she was the one chasing him.

As the two walked slowly along the beach, Greer told how he learned that Rob had put a hit out on him.

On the day of the robbery, he had been stoked that they'd gotten away with the money.

He still had a lot of questions, though. Like what the fuck was Eric doing in the bank that day?

"You knew that was their brother?" Octavia asked.

"Yeah," Greer answered. "He lived not too far from our neighborhood. Rob and the others have always hated his guts, though. Something about the father cheated on their mother and had Eric with another woman. Rob blames the whole thing on Eric...it's pretty fucked up."

"So that's what the big to-do was," Octavia replied. She was beginning to put two and two together.

"Rob's been in a nasty mood since then. He's got major plans for the brother, but they won't tell me what," she said.

"Well it's gonna be important that you get that info, 'Tay. We're gonna need it later on," he warned.

At Octavia's quizzical look, Greer just shook his head. "We'll get to that later. You wanna hear what happened or not?" he asked. He'd sounded irritated.

Yep, Octavia thought. He was definitely different.


Greer gave a loud hoot when he and Ethan began to drive to the second location. "That shit was amazing!" he exclaimed.

"Dude, look at my hands, they're still shaking!" Greer held up his trembling hands for Ethan to see.

But Ethan didn't look over at him. He just gripped the steering wheel tightly and focused on the road.

That's when Greer noticed that Ethan had been unusually quiet; and when they didn't go to the second meeting point, he knew that something was wrong.

As they pulled into this old, abandoned warehouse, Greer began to lose his cool.

"What the fuck is going on, Ethan?" he demanded.

"Listen man, we're here because I'm supposed to get rid of you," he had said quietly.

Greer had looked at Ethan as if he'd gone insane. Then he went into action. He grabbed the gun out of his pants and aimed it at Ethan, cocking it.

"What the fuck do you mean you're supposed to get rid of me?! This was my fucking plan! Now you're just gonna off me like a piece of shit?!"

Ethan's jaw clenched. "Put the gun down, Greer. I'm not going to do anything to you."

"Bullshit! I...I want my fucking money, NOW! Get that motherfucker on the phone," he demanded, referring to Rob.

Ethan sighed. He didn't feel like dealing with this shit. "Okay, first, I need you to calm down and get that fucking gun out of my face before I lose my cool, man," he warned.

"Fuck you!" Greer snapped.

Before he saw what was coming, Ethan grabbed the gun out of Greer's hand and clocked him in the face with the butt.

"Shit!" Greer roared.

"Never point a gun in my face, especially when I'm trying to help you," Ethan said calmly.

"Are you crazy?" Greer asked. "I could've shot you!"

Ethan smiled. "Not with an empty gun you couldn't have." To prove his point, he aimed the gun at Greer and pulled the trigger. The only sound was an audible Click.

"Motherfucker! You mean the whole time I had an empty gun?!"

"Sorry, man. But it didn't seem like we could trust you with one...obviously we were right," Ethan said dryly.

"Look, enough of this bullshit. Rob wants you dead, but I...fuck me, but I can't do it. I don't think it's right. There," he finished.

"So what do we do?" Greer asked, still not fully trusting him. Why would he disobey his brother to help him?

Ethan sighed. "Do you have some cash on hand?" he asked.

"Yeah, I got a little something." Greer answered.

"Lay low for a while, but follow us to Mexico. Once we're there, I'll find you and get you your share of the money," Ethan said.

"How the fuck are you supposed to find me?" Greer asked, bewildered.

"Don't worry about all that. This is what I do," Ethan replied.

"Sorry man, but you gotta walk home from here. Look, lay low for a day or so, get on the plane to Mexico, find the seediest, nastiest hotel you can find, and I'll contact you," Ethan instructed.

As Greer got out of the car, he prayed that Ethan wouldn't shoot him in the back. But thankfully, he simply cranked up the car and put it in gear.

"Greer?" Ethan said.

Here it comes, Greer thought. "Yeah?" he asked.

"Don't make me regret this later on. I'm trying to do a good thing. So just...do what I tell you, alright?" Ethan asked.

Greer simply nodded.

And with that, Ethan sped off.


"Wow," Octavia said. "You mean Ethan helped you? I always liked that kid...I really feel bad for him, though," she said.

"What do you mean?" Greer asked.

"Rob. I walked in on him fucking around with Lena. Ethan had been getting serious with her...so I know he had to be pissed," Octavia explained.

"Shit. That dude doesn't give a fuck about anybody. Is that why you were walking around alone on the beach?" he asked.

For the most part Greer wasn't usually so astute; but he had his moments... like this one. And it made Octavia uncomfortable. Shit!

The old Octavia would've glossed over the subject. But she felt like she had been given another chance at life. She wanted to do things differently...so Octavia told the truth.

"Yeah. Like an asshole, I'd gone shopping and picked up some things for Rob, too. I went into his bedroom to show him what I'd gotten and walked in on Lena giving him head," she explained.

"You sure know how to pick 'em, don't you? What is it about assholes that females can't get enough of?" he wondered aloud.

"I don't know," Octavia replied. "Everybody does something they're not proud of at some point...this is just one of mine."

"Yeah, but if this hadn't happened, would you still be willing to be with me? Greer asked.

"Honestly I don't know. What I do know, is that I missed you, Greer; and I love you...I never stopped. And if you'd give me the chance, I'd like to prove it. I want to do things differently...on your terms," she said gazing up at him with her brown eyes.

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