tagNovels and NovellasPeriod of Adjustment Ch. 05-08

Period of Adjustment Ch. 05-08


Part 2 of 4 My thanks to ErikThread and DaveT for their helpful and thorough editing. Any errors are mine alone.


Chapter 5: Back in the Saddle

I don't think I've ever felt so inadequate and ill-prepared for sex as I did that night. Thankfully, Natasha understood. Although it had been some time since she had been with a man, it was nothing like the years I had been celibate. I was beginning all over again. Natasha, however, knew how to get things under control.

I'd hardly begun after we'd undressed when Natasha made sure I understood she wanted oral sex. I had been caressing her lovely breasts and kissing her gently until she pushed my shoulders downward toward her completely shaved pussy. It was an irresistible invitation.

There are some things you don't forget. Cunnilingus is one of them. I took my time and within a couple of minutes I could detect her hips starting to react to the stimulation. As I continued, she became more animated and then vocal. Not words, but grunts, moans, and gasps. I kept at it until she let me know she'd had enough and wanted me in her.

I was careful not to just ram into her, despite the instinct to do just exactly that. I remembered how out of control I could get when the stimulus was right. I was doing all I could to hang on that first time. I only partially succeeded. Natasha looked after the rest.

After emptying myself into her, I collapsed beside her, about to apologize when she put her finger to my lips to silence me.

"I know. Next time it will be better," she promised. And it was. She used her lips and tongue and soft hands to revive me a few minutes later. But Natasha had a different expectation of me.

"Nail me, Nathan. Do me hard. I want your hard cock pounding me. Do it!" she ordered.

It didn't require any thinking. It was an instinctive reaction to her demand. It was furious few minutes that tested my fitness to its extreme. Natasha reacted just as wildly, slapping my ass, gripping my arms when she couldn't get purchase on my hair. She was reacting to a primal urge that drove her onward with me. I have no idea if she orgasmed. I couldn't tell from the wild gyrations she was going through.

When it ended, I collapsed onto my side while we both tried to suck air into our scorched lungs. However long we had be fucking, it was at the limits of my physical endurance, despite my coveted fitness. And it was fucking. No resemblance to making love. Just fucking ... and I loved it.

"There ... that got it ... out of our systems," she panted.

I snorted some sort of laugh. "Yeah ... it did that all right. Was this your plan all along?"

"Sort of. You said you'd hadn't even kissed a woman since you'd been married, so I figured it was going to be hard for you to be in control. We both needed some release, so ... what the hell ... I just thought we might as well let it all hang out."

"I don't know if I could handle a steady diet of this."

"How about just once in a while ... a wild while?"

"Yeah ... could be fun. But ... that kind of brings up a question."

"I suppose it does. You're wondering what happens when we get back to Canada."

"Yes ... but ... I think we should just see how things go for the rest of the trip. No need to rush into anything. I've been out of circulation for a long time, and I don't know if I'm going to be very good at rational decision making for a while."

"You want to test-drive some others?" It was a smart-alec question.

"Uh ... no. Just want to get accustomed to having a bedtime companion."

"That's a nice way to put it. So much better than a fuck buddy." I could tell she was teasing. "You weren't expecting this, were you?"

"No ... not at all. You surprised me. I didn't have any time to think about it."

"Let's get some sleep, Nathan. We've got another long drive tomorrow." And with that, she rolled on her side and pulled the covers up. I snuggled in behind her naked body and pulled her to me. It brought back memories, memories that once I had tried to expunge. All the same, I drifted off to sleep quickly.

When I awoke at my usual time, it was just beginning to get light. The sun was still behind the mountains to the east. I eased myself out of the bed without disturbing Natasha. She looked beautiful as she slept. I dressed quietly, wrote a short note, and let myself out of the room as silently as I could. There was beach access next to the motel, and I walked down to the sandy-pebbly shore.

The waves quietly lapped near my feet, and I felt the peacefulness of an early Saturday morning. Very few cars and trucks were rushing along the highway. As I walked, it gave me time to think. Think about last night. Think about Natasha. Think about tomorrow, when we would be back in Canada.

I couldn't presume to stay with her. Not yet. She was getting to me, I knew. I'd only had this happen to me once before, and that turned out to be a mistake. Was this a mistake waiting to happen? Too soon to tell. Take it as it comes, I admonished myself. Yeah. Easier said than done. I was all set to propel this relationship ... if that's what it was.

I walked back to the motel, my mind wandering as I hit the asphalt. As I walked by my car, something caught my eye. It took less than a second to notice, but one of my tells had been disturbed. I continued walking, concentrating on not paying any attention to the Taurus. I slipped the card into the lock as casually as I could and entered the room.

I heard the shower running and quickly moved to the closet. I pulled out my clothes and packed them in my bag. I gathered up Natasha's, and as carefully as I could, I packed them in her suitcase, trying desperately to dream up a story I could tell her to cover my actions. We had to get out of there and it had to be soon.

It was all I could do to patiently wait for her to finish in the bathroom. When I heard the hair dryer, I assumed she was nearly done. It wasn't long afterward that she came out, wrapped in a towel.

"I hope you don't mind, I put your things in your suitcase as neatly as I could. I thought we could get an early start and have breakfast up the road a bit," I explained. It sounded lame, especially to me.

"What the rush?" She looked curious rather than upset.

"Just thought we could make some early time and then knock off earlier this afternoon." It was the best I could think of at the time.

She shrugged. "Okay ... but I'd sure like a coffee before we get too far."

"There's an espresso shack across the highway. Why don't I get a couple to go while you're finishing up here?"

She told me how she wanted her latté as I made for the door and ran across the highway to the shack. I wasn't gone five minutes by my estimation, and I'd had my eye on the door to both our rooms the entire time. No one had been visible anywhere near the rooms or the car. I began to wonder if something else had knocked the "tell" off its perch.

I opened the car and gave it an inspection as I put the two paper cups in the front seat cup holders. I was fairly sure neither the hood nor the trunk had been opened. Maybe someone just brushed up against the car by accident, rocking it enough to cause the upset. I tried to cool down and think rationally. Who knew I was here? I couldn't find any evidence of a locator device. Just the same, my senses were all on full alert.

I went back into the room and found Natasha waiting for me, ready to go. I took her suitcase and my bag, and put them into the trunk. I had enough little bits scattered around to let me know if it had been invaded. Nothing was out of place. Again, no evidence that it had been tampered with

As I pulled out onto 101, I was beginning to breathe a little easier. Maybe it was my overactive imagination, but something wasn't right. I would be on guard for the rest of the trip, that was a given. I even debated abandoning the car and finding another way to Vancouver, but that was just going to create more questions than answers. The last thing I needed was a nervous Natasha when we crossed the border.

If she had been suspicious with my behavior, she didn't show it. She sipped her coffee, made some small talk as we headed north and generally appeared to be relaxed. In the meantime, I was watching my rear view mirror for any sign of a tail. There was none. When we got to Port Orford, we found a small café and stopped for breakfast. We sat at a table that gave me a good view of both the car and the highway, but I saw nothing that was remotely suspicious. The traffic was exceptionally light for an early weekend morning.

I almost made a decision to leave Hwy 101 at Bandon and cut across to I-5, but figured I had more options on my original coastal route, so I stuck with it. It wouldn't arouse any suspicion in Natasha either. This was the way I told her we would go. I kept a close eye on my rear view mirror still, but nothing untoward caught my attention.

We made an early lunch stop at Newport, allowing me to leave the highway for a while. When I turned off, there was no one behind me, and I hoped that would be the end of my concern. We found a nice restaurant in the lower town, and had a light lunch before leaving to return to the highway. I filled the tank at a local station, so we were good for the rest of the day.

I had planned to stop in Tillamook for the night, but now I was pondering whether we might push on to Portland. It would make tomorrow's drive that much shorter. The route to the big city was less than a three hour drive, so with Natasha's approval, we set out for Portland. We would be less visible in the city.

I found a decent motor inn off the I-205 bypass, and we checked in just after three-thirty. This time, there was no pretense. We rented only one room. I flicked on the TV as Natasha was unpacking, and found a local college football game in progress. I was wondering if I hadn't made a mountain out of a molehill today with my worries over someone following us. I couldn't quite shake the feeling that something wasn't right, but I couldn't put my finger on a single thing other than the one disturbed "tell."

Natasha, it turned out, liked football, so she was fine with my program choice. In the meantime, I had neither showered nor shaved today, so I took my kit into the bathroom and restored my personal grooming. So far, I had done all the driving and Natasha hadn't volunteered. I didn't mind. She was a good passenger and companion on this trip. She was enjoying the scenery, and seemed quite satisfied with the status quo.

The desk clerk had suggested a couple of restaurants she said were highly recommended by numerous guests. She mentioned one off S.E. Division, just a few blocks east of the motel. I made a note of it and wondered if we should make a reservation. Perhaps later.

The room was set up with two queen size beds, a sofa bed, two tub chairs, a desk and chair set, and a wardrobe closet housing the TV and three drawers. Natasha was sitting in one of the tub chairs watching the TV, while I lay on the nearby bed, my head propped up on two pillows. It couldn't have been much of a game because before I knew it, I was asleep.

When I awoke, Natasha was beside me, watching a movie. She looked down at me and smiled as I came to.

"Welcome back. You must have been tired. I'm sorry I didn't offer to drive. That was thoughtless of me."

I yawned and stretched. "No problem. What time is it?"

"Almost six. You've been out two hours. I hope that restores your energy levels for tonight." Her grin confirmed my expectations.

"Couldn't hurt. Where do you want to eat? We had an early lunch today."

"Why don't we try that place the desk clerk suggested ... the Ranch House, I think she said."

"Sure. I wouldn't mind a steak and potato meal. How about you?"

"I'm hungry. Let's go," she said, hopping off the bed.

By the time I'd destroyed a ten ounce New York Strip, a baked potato, Caesar salad, and two glasses of Cabernet, I was feeling pretty good. Natasha had been a little less aggressive with a small filet, rice, and some coleslaw. She was still working on her first glass of wine, so we mutually agreed she would be the designated driver.

When we strolled out of the restaurant later, I gave the car a careful once-over without being obvious about it. Everything seemed okay. I had almost convinced myself to dismiss my concerns as unfounded. When we arrived at the motel, I gave Natasha the room card and she gave me my car keys. I wanted to set up a different set of tells and I made the excuse I was just going to check the engine oil.

The engine was too hot to get at my Glock without crawling under the car. I would rather not have to access it until I was back in Canada, but if I saw anything out of place tomorrow morning, it would be the first thing I would retrieve. In the back of my mind, I was still uneasy with what I had discovered that morning. It might be nothing, but I was taught that there are few coincidental occurrences. On the other hand, I had seen nothing that would indicate I was being followed.

I returned to the room and found Natasha sitting on the sofa bed, watching TV. The show looked like a sit-com, and I sat beside her, trying to pay attention. When the commercial came on, she rolled over and straddled me, her face barely an inch from mine. We were kissing in an instant, and my hands were roving over her back. It took a moment before I realized she was no longer wearing a bra.

"Much more comfortable, Nathan," she whispered.

I tugged at the bottom of the cotton pullover and raised it above her head. She helped me get rid of it. I intended to pay close attention to her breasts, and she was in favor of that as soon as I began. Natasha's breasts were not large, more medium size, I suppose. They were firm and the nipples were prominent. I nipped and pulled at them with my lips when I wasn't tickling them with the tip of my tongue. She was telling me how much she liked what I was doing.

"Do my pussy, Nathan. I want you to do the same thing to my pussy," she begged.

Always one to want to please a lady, I helped her out of her short skirt and panties before I moved to her shaved mons. She slouched back on the sofa and spread her legs in anticipation of my attack. I had satisfied her last night, but then we hadn't spent very much time at it. She had been anxious to have me in her. Tonight, I would try and set the pace of our adventure.

I took my time, and as I did, I used every move I had ever learned to bring her pleasure. It didn't take me long to get confirmation that she was happy with what I was offering. I continued with my various moves until she grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up. She undid my belt and quickly stripped the pants and undershorts down, giving her access to my very erect cock.

I was determined that we wouldn't engage in the uncontrolled fuck-fest we had last night. I wanted something more meaningful. I disengaged from her and stood, removing my shoes, socks, shorts and pants before pulling my polo shirt over my head. I held out my hands, and she rose as I led her to the bed.

The fact that I was acting calmly must have contributed to her reaction as well. I took my time as I laid her on the bed and then, climbing over her, entered her slowly, almost gently. Natasha reacted just the way I hoped she would. She gave a sigh of satisfaction as I began to pump slowly and deeply into her. This was so much more erotic and sensual than last night. We were making love, and it felt just right.

We spent the rest of the evening exploring each other, trying different moves and positions, but never losing control. It went on and on, with her reviving me after our resting periods. I lost count of how many times we made love. Natasha was quiet when she orgasmed. It was hard to tell when she did, so I wasn't sure how often I had satisfied her, but I got the idea she was content.

We fell asleep naked with the lights on and only a sheet covering us. Sometime during the night, I woke up and headed to the bathroom. When I got back, I turned out the lights and pulled the light blanket up over the sheet. Natasha hadn't moved a muscle.

My eight year hiatus from sex had come to an end. The trouble was, I was going to hunger for it every night. You can't just dangle a steak in front of a starving man, and then only let him have one small bite. That just makes the craving worse. In my opinion, that's what having Natasha for only two nights was like. I wanted more and I wanted it very much. If not her, then some other woman. I needed to replenish my sex deficiency.

When I woke at my usual time, Natasha was pushed back into me, and my morning woodie was nicely nested between her butt cheeks. She smelled sexy as hell, and I was softly stroking her breasts, lightly playing with her nipples. I could feel her begin to stir, probably reacting to the stimuli I was providing. I had my hips moving slightly, my cock sliding between those lovely globes, and the tip just touching her pussy lips.

Soon enough, she reached back and grabbed my cock, guiding it to her and rubbing the head along her slit. The effect was electric. I couldn't stop myself from pushing forward and entering her and she couldn't stop herself from pushing back. In less than a minute, we were going at it pretty good. I rolled up on top of her, pulling her hips toward me and began to pick up the pace. I was getting a lot of encouragement from Natasha.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah ... do me baby ... do me." Again, her orgasms were subtle, but she assured me that they were just fine, thank you very much. We kept at it for several minutes until I knew it was going to come to an end.

"I'm coming soon, girl. Soon!" I cried. I let loose seconds later. I heard a sigh of contentment from my partner, and that was as much as I could hope for.

We lay in each other's arms for several minutes before Natasha stirred. She leaned over and gave me one of her molten kisses before getting up and padding to the bathroom. I made a quick check of my car, waiting until I heard the toilet flush. A minute or so later, the shower was turned on. I slid out of bed and followed her. We met in the shower. She got me up, and we had another little session under the warm water. One hell of a way to start the day.

A quick breakfast in the motel's restaurant and we were on the road northbound. The freeway was almost deserted this Sunday morning, and we made exceptional time to our ten o'clock rest stop in Olympia. A coffee to go and we switched drivers. Natasha took over until our lunch break near Everett. We switched drivers again until Bellingham, when Natasha convinced me she knew a quicker way across the border.

She took a right turn and drove straight north on State 539 to a small two lane border crossing. We showed our passports, had nothing to declare, and were through and into B.C. in a matter of five minutes. Less than an hour later, we were pulling up to Natasha's apartment building in Burnaby. It was just coming up three-thirty in the afternoon.

Along the way, Natasha made it clear that I would be staying with her, even if only in the short term. Despite my hunger for a regular bedmate, I was a bit concerned about moving in with her. We still hardly knew each other, although you wouldn't know it the way we had acted in the past two days.

It was hard to argue her logic. I didn't have a reservation at a hotel. I didn't have any relatives or friends in the area. I did enjoy being with her in the past three days. What's the problem, she asked? I really couldn't come up with a good argument. Mind you, I wasn't trying very hard.

Chapter 6: Road to the Future

I couldn't blame Natasha from being curious. She wanted to know what I was going to do with myself. I didn't have a job and I didn't express any plan to go look for one. I had to convince her that I wasn't about to sponge off her. I would pay my way ... and then some, if she'd let me. I wondered if she thought I might be involved in some criminal activity, despite the fact that on more than one occasion, I had assured her I was not.

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