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Carolyn nervously, pulled her black Mercedes S550 sedan into Linda's driveway. Carolyn was a wealthy business woman, an executive vice president of a multi billion-dollar company. With success came all the material rewards; expensive car, house, clothes and whatever else she desired. But, her success came with a price. She had to be a cold, hard, and a ruthless bitch to succeed. People, men and women alike were just pawns she used to get what she wanted.

When she was younger there was once a playful side to her, a smile and eyes that would make a man's cock hard. Her tits were a firm 34 C with thick dark nipples that pointed slightly upward. Now, nearing forty, Carolyn still had a great body but, she kept it well hidden under her black business suit, hose and pumps. Her hair was always pulled back tight and her make up did little to bring her femininity out, her face had a hard cold appearance that even her husband no longer cared to see staring up at him, so he found physical pleasure between the legs of young sluts that only lived for the pleasure that a cock could bring them.

Her marriage now, was one of convenience mostly, she didn't care who he fucked, but lately she was longing for sexual pleasure. Her cunt was itching to be filled again with a hard cock. She wanted to spread her legs for a man, to feel him on top of her, thrusting his cock hard and fast till he filled her cunt with hot sperm. She wanted to enjoy the pleasures she had in college and when she first married, before the climb up the corporate ladder began.

Linda was a physical trainer at an exclusive woman's club Carolyn visited. Linda had a way at getting to know women and how to get them to open up, particularly about sex. Carolyn opened up and shared her sexual laments with her on several occasions. Linda recognized her need and vulnerability, slowly she revealed to her the services she and her husband could offer her, services that would once again let her experience the pleasures her body longed for.

Carolyn was nervous, something she rarely experienced because of the strict control she had over her life and those around her. Coming to Linda's house for sex was a little humiliating, but that constant itch between her legs over ruled her need to be in control. She was ready to surrender her self to these two people. After all she paid for every thing else in life. Why not pay professionals for the kind of sex she wanted. Besides Linda seemed like a nice young woman, not some kind of dirty whore.

From inside Linda saw the black Mercedes pull in her drive so she hurried to the door so Carolyn wouldn't have to wait at the door.

"Hi, Carolyn, I am so glad you came, my husband Larry is looking forward to meeting you. You're going to have a great time I promise," Linda enthusiastically greeted her.

Dressed in her business attire Carolyn looked plain and emotionalist as she entered the house.

"Carolyn, I want you to meet my husband Larry. I think he will give you just what you are needing," Linda spoke as she guided Carolyn into the great room where her husband Larry stood wearing just sandals and a silk robe.

A smile began to form on Carolyn's face as she gazed on this attractive sexy man, but her hard unemotional persona quickly wiped it away and she looked at him as if she were evaluating a business deal.

"I've been looking forward to meeting you, Carolyn," Larry spoke as he stepped toward her. "May I pour you a drink?" Larry asked.

"Perhaps a Manhattan ice tea," Carolyn stiffly replied.

With her drink in hand Linda gave her a quick tour of the house so she could relax and adjust to her surroundings.

"Carolyn, this is our master bedroom and this is our master bath. You may use it to freshen up. You may use this robe for, shall we say temporary modesty," Linda laughingly jested as she reassured and reminded Carolyn about the pleasurable reason for her visit.

"Thank you." Carolyn said in a formal tone as she took the thin silk robe of temporary modesty from Linda.

Now, alone in the bathroom Carolyn looked at her self in the mirror. She looked so business like. There was nothing soft or desirable about her appearance. No wonder her husband preferred sluts and whores to her. Not, that she was unattractive, Carolyn was 5"6" 123lbs, 34 C tits, slim waist and a nice ass. It was her face. After years of hiding emotion and being a bitch there was just a hardness about her that didn't make her sexually desirable.

Quickly, so she didn't change her mind she stripped off her clothes and stepped into the shower for a quick freshening.

Once her body was dried, she slipped the short silk robe on, took a deep breath, loosened her hair and after shaking it free, she looked at herself in the mirror while holding the robe open so she could inspect her nakedness. Nervously, she closed the robe and walked out into the master bedroom where both Larry and Linda waited for her.

"Now, Carolyn, why don't you come and make yourself comfortable on my day bed," Linda suggested with a warm smile gesturing with her hand toward the day bed? It had a back to it like a chair and a bed portion just long enough to support the legs while a person sat on it.

Carolyn took a deep breath and walked over to the day bed. "Shall I remove the robe of modesty?" Carolyn asked with a mocking tone of humor.

"If you want to, Carolyn, or you may wait until Larry uncovers your modesty for you. I think you may find that more stimulating." Linda replied.

Carolyn elected to retain the robe, although it was difficult at best to keep her modesty as she stretched out on the day bed. The robe only covered the upper portion of her thigh when standing and when sitting it barely covered her pussy.

Larry walked over to the day bed and knelt at the foot of it. Carolyn looked into his face and saw a warm smile and devouring eyes. A look she hadn't seen on a man's face when looking at her for years. She watched as Larry slowly brought his hands to her ankles. Holding them he looked down at her feet. They were delicate pretty feet. Long straight toes, nails tipped in crimson red. Her heels smooth and free of callouses and roughness.

Carolyn watched as Larry took her feet into his hands and gently caressed the wrinkled soft flesh of her soles with his thumbs. This caused her to gasp and moan audibly. Carolyn enjoyed massages, but Larry's hands on her feet were electrifying. Larry continued to explore the soles of her naked feet with his thumbs. Pulling the soft flesh of her arch taut, rolling the balls of her feet and with the assistance of his hands he held her heels and rubbed the bottoms with his thumbs in a firm circular motion.

Larry loved massaging women's feet. It was his giving foot massages to his wife's sisters and girl friends that got the two of them started on giving personal services to wealthy woman.

Next, she felt and watched as he flexed her toes gently back and forth followed by a gentle rolling of each toe between his fingers and thumb.

"Oh, that is so nice. Oh, that is so nice," Carolyn repeated as the harshness of her face began to relax and her beauty began to emerge.

After nearly fifteen minutes Carolyn was relaxing and enjoying the strong masculine hands that were tending to her feet. Then Larry lowered his mouth to her feet and with his tongue he licked each toe.

Carolyn's eyes flew open with a slight jerk of her feet as this new erotic sensation began to register. No one had ever licked her toes she had never even considered someone would want to do that, but as Larry continued to lick and suck on each toe Carolyn was melting.

"Oh, yes! Oh, yes, please don't stop what you are doing. I've never had my toes licked or sucked," Carolyn implored in a pleading yet commanding tone of voice.

Larry took each foot in turn and with his strong hands he held it and brought his mouth, lips and tongue to it so he could lick the soles of her feet his tongue raking over each crease till his lips took the balls of her feet into his mouth till his tarting tongue found its way between her toes. His lips kissed the soft fleshly under pads of each toe, which caused Carolyn to flex and curl them and with impatience she would extend her foot up along the side of Larry's face so he could kiss and lick her wrinkled soles.

Carolyn was becoming delirious in the erotic sensation of Larry's tongue and mouth on her feet. She wanted to see and feel his lips, tongue and mouth pleasuring her feet and toes. Then she leaned forward and pressed the soles of her feet to his face. Carolyn was taking control by rubbing her feet over his face ordering him to take her toes into his mouth, asking him in a humiliating tone of voice if he liked the way they smelled and tasted. For her freshening didn't include a through washing of her feet. She thought she was there for regular sex. Oral stimulation followed by fucking. Not that her feet were filthy, they were just coated in sweat only slightly removed from standing in the shower.

Larry moaned and inhaled deeply, "Oh, yes, I love your scent and taste. I prefer to taste a woman not soap," Larry explained as he would hold his nose to her wrinkled soles and inhale deeply.

Carolyn giggled wickedly as her dominate side took control of the pleasure. "Oh, that's so good. Lick my feet, lick them clean for me."

Linda fingered her clit as she watched her husband pleasure Carolyn's feet with his tongue and mouth. She knew what she was experiencing and it pleased her and turned her on to see her husband perform so well.

"Is your tongue as talented here," Carolyn asked, as she opened her rob exposing her hairy cunt.

Larry smiled and licked his lips as he crawled up the day bed, hooking his hands behind her knees so he could open and push her legs back.

Carolyn lay with her cunt exposed. It had been years since a man so aggressively open her legs so he could see her mound. Few other men but her husband ever had such a view of her and he'd not looked at her in years. With bated breath she watched as Larry lowered his mouth to her sex, she could feel his breath on her thighs as his fingers probed her hairy cunt lips, parting them so his lips and tongue could melt into her soft sweet wetness.

"Oh, fuck! That's fucking wonderful. Lick my cunt you bastard lick my fucking cunt like a man should," Larry didn't need to be told this, he knew how to lick pussy and took great pleasure in it, he instinctively knew it was her husband she was saying this, too. Woman would many times vent their sexual frustrations on him as he pleasured them as they wished their husbands would.

In a matter of a few minutes Larry had Carolyn thrashing about on the day bed moaning and screaming in pleasure as orgasm after orgasm rolled over her body.

"I need, I need to be fucked. Oh, fuck me, fuck me," Carolyn demanded as she reached between her legs grabbing Larry's head so she could pull him up on to her.

Larry grabbed her legs behind the knees and briskly pulled her toward himself so she was on her back with her feet up. Quickly, he positioned himself so his cock was between the lips of her cunt. Then leaning forward over top of her he asked her, "what do you want me to do to you?"

"Fuck me! Stick that big cock in my cunt and fuck me. What the fuck do you think I want from you?" She hollered .

Larry then lunged forward driving his cock into Carolyn's cunt. She gasped and moaned in both pain and pleasure as she was being taken for the first time in over a year. Once she adjusted, Larry began a steady thrusting till she exploded in yet another orgasm.

Larry was sitting up on his knees with Carolyn wedged in between them, her feet on his shoulders and his cock buried in her. Taking hold of her feet Larry pressed them to his face once more so he could lick and smell them again; not just to please the bitch lying benight him, but because he truly found the taste, smell and texture of a woman's feet erotic. Carolyn moaned deeply as she wiggled her toes in his mouth.

"Do me from behind, do me like a bitch," Carolyn demanded, as she rubbed her feet over Larry's face condescendingly.

Larry withdrew his cock and stood at the end of the day bed and motioned for Carolyn to assume her submissive position . Carolyn wasted no time and she was kneeling on the day bed submissively, her ass up and her face pressing into the mattress.

Linda watched as her husband lined his cock up with Carolyn's fuck hole, and with a smooth forceful thrust he mounted this cold bitch of a business woman like a stud takes a bitch in heat.

"Oh, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, yes that's it hump my ass, fuck me like bitch you bastard," Carolyn cried out as Linda quickly stripped eager to join in.

Larry grinned sadistically as he humped this bitch. Then he suddenly and with out any warning he gave her several hard smacks on the ass, causing them to redden and Carolyn to howler out in shock and pain. "How's that, bitch? Are you getting what you want from me?" Larry asked.

The room was filled with the slapping of flesh as Larry humped her hard and fast. Carolyn looked up and saw Linda standing naked along the side of her, watching as her husband was fucking her. Then she felt her hand stroking her back and caressing her till she was kneading her tits.

"Carolyn, have you ever been with a woman?" Linda asked as she gently squeezed Carolyn's tit.

"No, no I haven't. What are you wanting to do to me?" She asked, uncertain as to what to expect, but excited about what might occur.

"Let me under you Carolyn," Linda instructed as she started wiggling her naked body under Carolyn's so her face was between her legs. Now, Linda was where she wanted to be, her face just a few inches from a woman's cunt and her husband's cock.

This put Linda's cunt right under Carolyn's face, so close that Carolyn could smell Linda's cunt. Carolyn had never been in such close proximity to a woman's cunt. As Larry continued to hump her, the rocking of her body pushed her face ever closer toward Linda's cunt.

Then Larry paused to catch his breath, which enable Carolyn to feel Linda's hot breath on her thighs and her hands caressing her ass. Larry watched as Carolyn twisted her head about staring at his wife's cunt.

"Go ahead, Carolyn, go ahead and taste it, Linda's pussy is sweet as honey," Larry encouraged.

Carolyn's inhibition vanished with Larry's instruction. Carolyn lowered her mouth to Linda's smooth cunt lips, and ever so lightly she extended her tongue till it touched Linda's smooth cunt lips. Then Carolyn slipped her tongue between Linda's cunt lips till her tongue was coated with Linda's sweet cunt honey. Carolyn was overwhelmed with the sweet taste of Linda's cunt. She pushed her tongue into her hole to scoop Linda's sweet honey out. Then her tongue found her clit and instinctively she began flicking it coaxing the hard bud to grow till she felt Linda's body stiffen as she moaned in a delightful orgasm.

Mean while Larry took a firm grip onto Carolyn's hips and began thrusting as hard and fast as he could till he reached that point of release where he exploded in pleasure from his orgasm flooding Carolyn with sperm; sperm that would provide Linda with a fresh hot cream pie to tongue out from her cunt.

Larry withdrew from Carolyn's cunt and Linda wide eyed open her mouth so she could catch her husband's sperm as it dripped from Carolyn's cunt. Larry staggered forward and presented his cock to Carolyn who for the first time that evening took his cock into her mouth. It was soft and sticky, slick with sperm and her fuck juices. Carolyn cleaned Larry's cock as Linda cleaned the sperm from her cunt.

"Did you enjoy yourself, Carolyn," Linda asked as she walked her to the door.

"Oh, did I enjoy myself. That was the best sex I ever had. May I come again sometime?" Carolyn asked.

"Sure you can come again. Like I explained at the club the first time is free all additional visits will cost $500 dollars for Larry alone and $1000 for both of us," Linda replied.

Carolyn took a deep breath and asked, "Is next Thursday evening available?"

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