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Perspectives On Spousal Training


As a fifty year old career dominatrix, with nearly twenty five years in the business, I am often asked for my opinion on the topic of bondage discipline for wayward wives, or less commonly wayward husbands.

Since spousal training is a lucrative and specialized endeavor, I have a vested interest in promoting it. However few prospective clients can afford my fee and I'm not in the habit of providing detailed advice, let alone training for free.

Under ideal circumstances optimal results are generally achieved with females who willingly submit to such training. This means that the female voluntarily appears at my dungeon and signs a consent form, agreeing to specific terms.

While this might seem overly legalistic, the word is quite broad, and the main purpose is to discourage any female who might consider making false accusations. In theory the female is free to terminate the session at any time, but they never do.

More problematic are females who refuse to even consider bondage discipline and would never voluntarily visit a dominatrix under any circumstances. In some cases of this nature, I will visit the home of the wayward female, and in the presence of the husband, bondage will be forced upon the female. My fee for this type of session is double what it would otherwise be, and I am quite selective as to my clientele.

Rather than write in the hypothetical, I'll cite an actual case of forced bondage. Jack is a forty two year old aerospace engineer, with his wife Bernadette two years younger. Bernadette has carrying on adulterous relationships for nearly the entire ten year period of the marriage. A former fashion model, she is endowed with good looks, and has no difficulty attracting male lovers. She married Jack primarily for his wealth.

Jack has long been aware of Bernadette's adulterous propensities, but regards her as a trophy wife, and that divorcing her would irreparably damage his image in the eyes of his peers. For the first few years of the marriage he tended to ignore her sexual needs, and one would be hard to fault Bernadette for engaging in extra marital sex.

In recent years Jack has changed his perspective, becoming less fixated with his professional life, and making a good faith effort to satisfy his wife's sexual needs. Bernadette has persistently rejected him, despite the fact that his erectile capabilities are more than adequate.

Jack recently consulted me and was quite straightforward. Would I come to his house for a forced bondage session with Bernadette, in his presence? My reaction was to attempt to assess the probability that she might report the matter to the police.

In Jack's opinion the probability was low. He was aware of the identity of some of her lovers and would not hesitate to make life difficult for them. Of much greater significance was his knowledge that Bernadette had stolen several thousand dollars, from an elderly woman, over whom she had Power of Attorney. It seemed doubtful that Bernadette would risk prosecution as retaliation for filing a criminal complaint against Jack.

Last, but not least, was that Jack had carefully cultivated pre-nuptial agreements, which severely limited Bernadette's benefits, in the event of marital dissolution. I was favorably impressed by Jack's resourcefulness and quoted him a fee of five thousand dollars, which he readily accepted.

Other favorable factors were that I had never met Bernadette, and she resided nearly fifty miles away. In addition one of my friends specializes in face masks and would fashion one for me that would at least make future recognition by Bernadette more difficult. Jack suggested I wear a ski mask, but I'm simply not a fan of intruder style bondage.

A little bit of information about myself is in order. I'm a full figured, artificial blond, with my most prominent attribute being a set of 36C breasts. Men worship these, but since my practice is limited to females, men can only fantasize.

While I don't consider myself a visceral sadist, I am proficient in the use of floggers and crops, making judicious use of them. I like my women tightly restrained and am extremely proficient in rope bondage. Other favorite fetishes include leash training and sundry forms of humiliation.

On non consensual jobs I carry handcuffs and a shocker device. Occasionally a submissive will resist, and is subdued quickly with electricity and handcuffs. The rope work comes later. My feeling regarding gags are somewhat whimsical. If I sense a submissive absolutely dreads being gagged, she will be for certain. In other cases I'm more circumspect.

My submissives can expect to pleasure my pussy with their mouths, and depending upon their attitude, my asshole as well. Anal strap on sex is routine. On occasion I will perform oral sex upon a husband, as his helplessly restrained wife looks on. This isn't my favorite activity and would not be the case with Jack. I charge another one thousand dollars for this.

It was agreed I would make my house call at 7:00PM on a Thursday. Jack would use the ploy that he was expecting a visit from a saleswoman, which was not uncommon. Once admitted Bernadette would be given a choice of stripping voluntarily or forcibly. I suspected it would be forcibly.

When I entered the living room, Bernadette was in the kitchen, casually attired in black slacks and a white turtle neck sweater. Jack invited her to the living room, on the pretense of being introduced and she reluctantly did so.

Jack promptly delivered the blockbuster. "Bernadette this is Mistress Tressa and she is a professional dominatrix. You will strip for her and then she will tie you up. You will be taught the error of your habitual cheating and hopefully after being punished and humiliated you will be a better wife", he intoned.

If looks could kill! Bernadette quickly made known she wasn't about to submit to any dominatrix and ordered me to leave the house. Before she had time to resist, I had her in handcuffs, cuffed to the rear. A cable tied was used to temporarily bind her ankles. She was not about to escape and quickly realized the futility of physical resistance.

That did not keep her from delivering torrent of invectives at me. If you don't quiet down I will gag you', I calmly announced. "No way I'm going to be gagged', she replied.

When I decide to gag a submissive, I use a gag that will be distinctly unappealing. In this case I had come prepared with a pair of my soiled panties, which were quickly forced into her mouth. I emphasized that I had worn them the day before, and if she persisted in being defiant, that they would be sealed with duct tape.

Despite a venomous stare she did settle down, enabling me to move to the next phase, which was stripping her. It is so much easier when the submissive strips voluntarily, but that wasn't about to happen.

Therefore I pulled her slacks down to her ankles, and her sweater was pulled over her head and around her arms, behind her back. As one might expect from a person of character, she wore no bra or underwear, and her running shoes were removed.

With her lying bound on the floor, Jack and I sat above her on the couch, as I explained what was in store for her. I'll never forget the look on her face when I displayed the flogger and strap on and what they would be used for, it was almost as if she never knew such devices existed.

Some females, in the same situation as Bernadette, would plead for mercy. Despite being gagged, it was apparent from her body language that she wasn't about to show any remorse, so it was time to play hardball, starting with a clever ploy.

Jack had provided me with the phone number of Jeff, her current lover. Using Bernadette's cell phone, I called Jeff, and due to Caller ID he answered immediately. You can imagine his reaction when I informed him that I was a private investigator, that Jack and Bernadette had reconciled, and that I intended to interview both Jeff and his wife, as part of a spousal alienation lawsuit, to be filed against Jeff.

After hanging up, Jack and I high fived each other, while Bernadette avoided making eye contact with me. I could only imagine Jeff's consternation and fully expected for him to return the call, probably recording it.

Within five minutes Jeff did return the call, demanding to speak with Bernadette. "Bernadette does not wish to speak with you and I will visit your home later this evening', I told him, doing my best not give away the ruse. After abruptly hanging up on Jeff, Jack and I once again high fived each other.

It was time for Bernadette's training to begin. Leaving her wrists cuffed and ankles tied, I strapped a cheap leather collar around her neck. Her gag was removed, but she was warned not to speak without permission.

I produced a rawhide dog bone and tossed it about twenty feet to the far side of the living room. A chain of equal length was attached to the collar and she was ordered to crawl across the floor, pick up the bone using her mouth only, and return it to me.

The first phase of her training had now commenced.

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