tagBDSMPet in Training Ch. 03

Pet in Training Ch. 03


Author's Note: This story is ongoing and this is part 3, please read previous parts first for the full effect.


* * * * *

Pet had endured two painful, yet very erotic sessions of ten minutes each with the vibrating butt plug deep in her ass. I wish Master would come home soon she thought, but she knew he wouldn't be home for another hour at least. Pet could feel her pussy dripping down her leg with eager anticipation of his arrival.

Having a vibrator in her ass for so long without having an orgasm was something new for Pet. When she uses toys to help her cum, it usually only takes a few minutes before the orgasm over takes her. Master knows I have to play with my clit before I can cum with a toy in my ass, he knew I would be tempted to finger my pussy. Looking down at her moist cunt, Pet could see her excitement oozing out of her crack. Her nipples were hard and erect, dying for attention. She thought back to her playtime today and then remembered that her lack of self control is what got her into this position in the first place.

The next half hour had arrived. I really hope this will be the last 10 minutes for the vibrator, Pet thought as she turned the knob and the vibrator began it's stimulation of her hole once again. Oh Master, it hurts so much, please Master can I cum? Pet's mind was racing, trying to keep her thoughts off the constant stimulation her insides were feeling. She was starting to think it was a loosing battle though as her pussy juices began to soak the couch she had been sitting on. Just then, the doorbell rings, startling Pet from her preorgasmic daydream.

Her ass still vibrating away, Pet jumped up from her position and checked out the window. Oh, of course, she remembered the package that her Master was waiting for. Pet quickly grabbed her robe and wrapped it around her bare flesh. She thought briefly about her vibrating ass, and her Master's instructions to leave it in place. Pet did not enjoy being humiliated, especially in front of others or in a public place. There was a small part of her that wanted to remove the plug before opening the door, but she knew Master would disapprove. Ignoring her feelings of embarrassement, Pet left the anal plug in her ass, just as Master James had instructed, and opened the door with a smile.

The delivery boy was cute, maybe in his late twenties and had a huge grin on his face. Pet could hear the humming from the dildo in her ass, I wonder if he can hear it too. She started blushing. "Delivery for Master James" said the man, "Please sign here on the line." "Oh, thank-you" Pet said with a smile as she stepped forward to accept the item. Just as her hand touched the parcel, Pet felt the toy inch down her hole, and the vibrating became more audible. "Oh, Um, that's just my phone, I have it on vibrating mode." Pet said, feeling a bit flustered, and even more so when she looked up and saw the delivery hottie grinning at her.

Pet wasn't used to being flirtatious with anyone except for Master James, and she wasn't sure what this guy was thinking. "I'm sorry miss, but you still need to sign for this." "Oh, of course" she said as her gave her a pen. Pet signed for the package, thanked the gentleman, and glanced down at his pelvic area just briefly. She was surprised to see that his cock appeared fully erect through his tight jeans. Feeling the vib slip a little more, Pet waved to the messenger then quickly closed the door.

Once the door was closed, Pet pushed the toy back up into her ass as far as it would comfortable go, and looked at the clock. She was happy it had been 12 minutes already, and she gratefully turned off the vibrator. Pet thought back to the cute delivery guy, he was nice she thought. I bet he had no idea that my ass was being violated with a dildo while he was here. Just thinking about the scenario turned Pet on immensely and she started grinding her ass against the plug. "Oh Master, please come home, I need your cock." Pet pleaded out loud.

Master James was sitting in his car just down the road, with a perfect view of his slut as she opened the door for the delivery. He had arranged for the package to be delivered at precisely the right time and by the hottest guy on staff. It was the perfect scenario, his slut was being tormented by the dildo in her ass, and Master James knew that it would be vibrating away while she collected the package. He could smell her arousal without even being near her. My Pet is probably leaking pussy juice down her leg. For a moment, Master James thought about ending her torment, drive up to the house and take her right there, with the delivery guy watching. Haha, he wouldn't be able to handle what I do to my little Pet.

His cock was hard as a rock and when he saw his Pet answer the door, he resisted the urge to pull his cock out and stroke it as he watched the scene unfold. James had spoken to the delivery guy on the phone beforehand, and told him that the woman who will answer the door is a sex addict and most likely will be wearing something very slutty under her robe, and probably have a dildo shoved up her pussy or ass. The delivery guy had only chuckled at the time, but it was James who was laughing now. I bet he didn't think I was serious about my slut's state upon his arrival.

It had been a couple weeks since his Pet had made such a drastic error in following the instructions that he provides, but he knew that this week would be difficult for her. James knew that she had been too busy on Monday and Tuesday to play with herself; he knew she had not had an orgasm since Sunday. Each night before bed, he asks her how many orgasms she had that day, sometimes he will tell her to say what toys she used if any, if it was a public place, and of course did anyone see her touching her pussy or tits. His slut enjoys spending time with her various toys and stories and James knew she could not resist the temptation of her horny cunt for another day.

James watched as his Pet reached for the package, but then seemed to loose her balance a bit. Her cheeks were flushed and he could tell that she was enjoying her visitor. James could see the grin on the guys face. Oh yeah, you are enjoying this display, James thought. Then he wondered if the delivery guy could hear the vibrator humming away in his slut's ass, or see the cunt juices dripping down her leg. He made a mental note to include this guy in the list of possible extras, should the situation arise in the future. Just as his Pet waved goodbye and closed the door, James checked the time and decided to nap for a few minutes before going to rescue his slut. He was woken by his throbbing cock twenty minutes later. It's time to go fuck my little Pet, he thought. Controlling his anticipation, James drove over to the house, parked his car in the driveway, and strolled nonchalantly to the door. As he opened the front door he found his Pet sitting awkwardly on the edge of the couch. He could hear the vibrating dildo in her ass, and the look on her face gave away her frustration of being on the edge for two hours. "Master James, I am so happy to see you!" Pet exclaimed.

***To be continued in chapter 04***

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