tagGroup SexPet Ownership Ch. 09

Pet Ownership Ch. 09

byKY ridgerunner©

Chapter 9: Ever Been Camping?

(There are two versions of this chapter. Some have requested that Pet be introduced to real incest meeting a loving family. For those of you that like the story the way it is going they meet two couples also camping. Both versions will be posted at the same time. Thank you and I hope this does not upset anyone.)

When we got back from our trip that was all Pet could talk about. I asked her one night if she had ever been camping. She looked up at me and said, "Does fucking three guys in the woods when we were on a picnic count?"

I ran my fingers through her hair and said, "No baby that doesn't count. How would you like to go for three days out in the woods, using tents, and cooking on an open fire, then lay there looking up at the stars?" Then I pick her up and set her on my lap shoving my cock deep in her pussy and say, "Would you like a real good fuck in the woods with someone who loves you?"

Just then Kathy walks in and says, "Oh, God. We haven't been camping in years. I don't think we still have any of our camping equipment. I miss those days. Pet. you can't imagine what it is like fucking out in the open, with the trees and the wind and the sky above you. I'm so excited I'm dripping."

I slide to the floor with Pet still on my cock and Kathy brings her pussy to Pet's mouth. Pet takes one lick from Kathy's pussy and says, "God you are wet. Is it that good?"

Kathy moans, "Almost as good as what you're doing to me right now." Pet went off flooding my cock which sent me off filling her back up. Kathy had been cuming from the moment Pet licked her.

When we all calmed down I said, "Well with that reaction I guess we'll just have to go."

That weekend we took Pet to the sporting goods store. We got a tent that sleeps six, we figured the three of us could get wild in there. We bought sleeping bags and lanterns. The young man helping us was following Pet like a puppy dog. We went over to the cook stoves and I told Pet to get what ever she wanted since she would be doing the cooking. Kathy and I went looking around and the salesman took all the time needed to show pet every stove and how each one worked. By the end of the day I had spent $5,000.00 including the trailer to haul it all in.

We were all set. All we needed to do was pick up food and drinks on the way. We just left everything in the trailer. We didn't want to go on the weekend with everyone else. It took a couple weeks before Kathy and I could get three days off during the week. We would leave Tuesday morning and come back Thursday night. It is just a couple hour drive up there. The site Kathy and I used to go to was 1 ½ hours up the highway then another ½ hour back into the woods.

Pet gets so excited over everything. There is so much she has never done. Now she wants to do it all. On the way up Pet had a million questions. She brought her laptop just to see if it would work out there. I told her roughing it in the woods doesn't include e-mail. We pulled off the highway and Pet was looking at everything. There was still another ½ hour drive into the woods. Finally we got to the spot we used to use. It hadn't changed at all. It was government land so there was no building there.

It had been a while since Kathy and I went camping and these new dome tents were very different. With all three of us working it took an hour to get it up. Now we started unloading the trailer. Pet set up her camp stove. We were having cold cuts for lunch and would cook breakfast and dinner. With in two hours the camp site was set up. We had fire wood ready for tonight. The sleeping bags were in the tent and blankets around where the fire would be. Now that we were all set I stripped naked and put my clothes in the tent. Kathy and Pet did the same. It was time for three naked people to go exploring.

Pet was like a little kid chasing everything, climbing everything, rocks, trees, Kathy, me. Actually she was going down on me. Pet grew up fast, she grew up hard and she grew up sheltered. Now she was like a butterfly let lose in to the world, now she had wings. I thought to myself that this must be what it is like having kids, seeing everything all over again through their eyes. We saw rabbits and squirrels and even saw a deer in the distance. There is no lake but the beavers had damned up the creek.

We made our way back to the camp site. I started the fire and Pet started her cook stove. Tonight was just going to be burgers and beer. Soon I had a nice fire going to ward off the night chill. Pet called out, "The burgers are hot and the beer is cold." We all fixed a plate and sat around the fire, Pet on one side and Kathy on the other. Except for the couple times Pet had to go down on me in the woods, we had all been naked for several hours without any real sex.

The whole thing was getting to Pet and when she gets excited it goes right to her pussy. Pet was needing to be fucked and fucked now. She took my plate and beer and sat them aside. Then she sat on my lap shoving my cock deep in her pussy. She started bouncing up and down on my cock. She kept saying, "Thank you Uncle Dave. Thank you for bringing me here. Thank you for fucking me ......."

I was only half hard when she sat down on me but with her big tits in each hand and my cock in her sweet wet pussy. I was soon rock hard. Much too quickly I was filling her pussy. She didn't care and was cuming with me. She sent the birds flying when she yelled, "Oh God yes Fuck me Uncle Dave Fill my pussy Fill it full Yes fuck me Yes, yes, yyyyyeeessss!"

She finally fell limp on my chest. She was kissing my neck over and over. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and said, "Thank you for everything you've given me." What could I do? I pulled her face up and kissed her. We rolled over on the blanket with me on top. My cock was still hard and still in her. I started pumping in and out of her all over again. With her legs locked tightly around me we fucked again.

Just as I pumped the last of my load into Pet, Kathy came by and said, "Hey, leave some for me."

Pet's legs dropped down and I pulled my cock from her pussy. She ran her fingers in her well fucked pussy and said, "I've got this for you while Uncle Dave has a chance to rest. You know it always gets him hard."

Kathy was down licking Pet in nothing flat. I brought my half hard cock to Pet's mouth. She cleaned off our combined juices as I watched Kathy going after Pet's pussy. Sure enough I was hard again. Pet took my cock from her mouth and kissed it and told me, "Fuck her good Uncle Dave." I got behind Kathy and shoved my cock balls deep in her pussy. She moaned into Pet's pussy but never stopped eating her. Soon I was pounding Kathy's pussy shoving her more and more in to Pet's pussy.

Kathy went off first then Pet. I finally came filling my wife with what was left of my cream. When I pulled out of Kathy she knee walked up Pet's body and sat on Pet's face saying, "Clean my Pussy, Pet." Pet had just been fucked twice and eaten to several orgasms so she was pretty wiped herself but just went right after Kathy's pussy. Having cum three times in less than an hour there wasn't much and didn't take long. Pet brought Kathy to one more orgasm before she was done.

Even with the fire the night air was getting cold so we moved on in to the tent. We were all so done in from the sex we just cuddled up under the sleeping blankets and went to sleep. We had an air mattress and one sleeping bag under us and two sleeping bags as a cover so we were all nice and warm, not to mention the body heat we were all giving off.

I woke the next morning to what I thought was Pet giving me a blowjob. I look down and it was Kathy, Pet was already fixing breakfast. It seems Pet was already to give me what I expected when she saw Kathy's eyes open. Pet went down on her instead. Kathy told Pet to go make breakfast and she would wake me up. She hasn't had much of a chance to do that since Pet came to live with us. Pet yelled, "Come and get it!" There was just something about the timing and the way she said it and I did cum right in my wife's mouth.

We had a nice breakfast and were kicking back drinking our coffee until the sun was fully up. Pet wanted to do some more hiking, with a little fucking in the woods. I told her, "Watch out you never know what kind of wild creatures you'll find in the woods." She only went romping close to the camp site and finally climbed a tree. She was watching me fucking my wife from the tree like a peeping Tom. She sat there watching until Kathy and I finished and were 69ing each other.

Pet came back to the camp and started fixing us a lunch and packed it up. Then she came over to where Kathy and were lying. She pulled me to my feet and said, "Let's all go for a hike. I packed us some lunch. When we stop to eat maybe lunch won't be all that is eaten."

Who is going to turn down an invitation like that? I wasn't. So off we all go hiking through the woods. We had been gone about 30 minutes when we saw a fire and heard noises that sound like someone was moaning. We got closer and saw two couples fucking. There was an older couple and a younger couple. The only thing was that the older man was fucking the younger woman. The young man was pounding the older woman.

Pet not being afraid of anything walked up to the edge of their camp site and said, "You were right Uncle Dave. You never know what kind of wild creatures you'll find in the woods."

They all stopped like deer caught in the headlights. By now Kathy and I had joined Pet and she said, "Hi, I'm Pet and this is Uncle Dave and Aunt Kathy."

The older woman spoke first and said, "Hi my name is Mary and that's my husband John over there fucking my best friend from work, Sue." Then she looked down at the man below her with his cock deep in her pussy and said, "This is Sue's husband Chris."

I stammered and said, "Maybe we should come back another time."

Mary said, "You're more than welcome to stay. The more the merrier. Is she really your niece?"

I grabbed Pet from behind and took a tit in each hand and said, "No that is just a pet name she likes to use. It makes her feel so naughty when I fuck her."

John went back to fucking Sue and said, "You're more than welcome to fuck her now if you like."

That was all Pet needed and pulled me in by the fire. She got on her back and said, "Let's do it Uncle Dave. Give it to me good."

I never pass up a chance to fuck my little pet. She had her legs pulled up and her pussy waiting for me. I slid right in and was soon joining the other fucking couples. I heard Kathy say, "Mind if I join you?" I thought she was talking to me and looked. Kathy was lowering her pussy to young Chris. Kathy took Mary's tits in her hands and kissed each one. From the shocked look on Mary's face she and Sue had never gone that way.

Since I started last I also finished last. Everyone was watching Pet and I. Pet screamed and I shot off. I pumped everything I had into her. When I slid out of Pet, Kathy was right there. There was a collective gasp. John and Chris came close to watch my two girls. Mary and Sue were standing together watching with their mouths open. I don't think they even realized it was not their own tit they were playing with but each other's.

Pet and Kathy rolled away from each other and Kathy said, "God that was good" more for Sue and Mary's benefit than anyone else's. With four girls and only three men it wasn't even as we sat around the fire finally getting to know each other. Pet had picked up on Chris and Sue had joined me. Kathy was with Mary and John. Mary seemed to be the leader of their little foursome. She and John were having their own conversation with Kathy while Pet and I got to know the two young people sitting with us.

What we got from Sue and Chris was that Sue and Mary work together. They had become fast friends despite the age difference. Mary invited Sue and her husband over for dinner one night. Everyone got along very well and soon they would all hang out together, going places together. There had been a lot of flirting and teasing for a few months then on New Years eve things got a little carried away. They have been fucking each other ever since. This was June so they had only been doing it for 6 months.

The conversation Kathy was having was very different. Mary was asking about Kathy and Pet. Kathy told her they had been together for over a year and that Pet was her first. Since then she had been with two other women, but Pet was by far the best. Mary was trying to ask twenty questions all at once. She finally came out with, "How did it start?"

Without a lot of detail Kathy said that Pet just came on to her at the right time and she has never regretted it. Then she added, "She'll do the same for you if I tell her to. You won't have to do anything back if you don't want to. Pet won't care."

Now the shoe was back on Mary's foot. She stammered again, "Well I have thought about it. John would love it and I'm sure Chris would too. I don't know how Sue would feel but she was just playing with my tit. I don't know if she knew or not but I was playing with her's and it felt so different from mine. Her hand on my tit was doing all kinds of things to me."

John and Mary were about ten years older than Kathy and I and we are about that much older than Pet. Sue and Chris are just slightly older than Pet. So Mary was the mother figure here. What ever she did would most likely be picked up by everyone else.

Kathy saw the thoughts and emotions going through Mary's mind. She said, "Why don't I tell Pet to go down on you. You don't have to do anything you don't feel right about doing. Now I should tell you she likes my pussy full when she goes down on me so maybe we should get my husband to fuck you first."

Mary was shaking her head saying, "Your husband wouldn't want to fuck an old woman like me." In her voice was the question, "Would he?"

Kathy laughed and said, "I've seen him watching you. He would not only want to fuck you but he would put everything he had into it."

Mary's eye lit up and she looked at John who had not said a word. She saw the twinkle in his eye and the broad smile on his face. Mary turned back to Kathy and said, "I think I would like to try that." Then she added quickly, "Your husband, I'm still not sure about Pet."

Kathy laughed and said, "She loves my husbands cum from any pussy. I may not be able to stop her from going down on you." They all laughed and Kathy said, "Dave could you come here a minute"

I was really getting into playing with this sweet young thing on my lap and watching Pet strut her stuff. I sat Sue down telling her I would be right back. She kissed me and said, "You'd better."

I was thinking to myself as I got up, "This had better be good." I went over to sit with my wife, John and Mary. Kathy was sitting beside John with his wife on his other side. I sat down next to Mary and asked, "what's up?"

Kathy smiled and said, "Mary has only been with two men in her life, John her husband and now Chris. She doesn't think you would want to fuck an old woman like her but she would love a ride on that cock of yours."

Now I have to admit, that was worth it. I took Mary's hand and pulled her up with me and kissed her lips. Softly at first then told her, "If we're going to be fucking I think we should start with a better kiss than that." She melted in my arms and her mouth opened wide. We had a deep tongue twisting kiss. Our hands were all over each other and it got the attention of Pet, Sue and Chris.

Without saying a word everyone knew Mary and I would be fucking soon. Pet and Kathy were the only ones who knew what was coming next. Pet's only question was, is Kathy going to beat her to it. She didn't know Kathy had arranged for her to be the first for Mary. Kathy had even warned Mary that once set in motion by fucking me she might not be able to stop it. So Mary knew what was going on when we started kissing.

I kept kissing Mary until I felt she was ready then slowly lay her on her back on the grass. I was laying next to her still kissing and running my hands all over her body. I would play with her tits then run my hand all over her till I got to her pussy. Then I would work my way back up. Mary's body was responding to my advances and I felt she was ready. I kissed my way back up to her neck. I kissed her lips softly and whispered to her, "You ready for this?"

She pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply and looking in my eyes said, "I've never been more ready."

As I climbed over Mary she opened her legs wide inviting me into her pussy. Everyone was watching us. I kissed her lips and held the kiss as I slipped in to her. I just stayed there balls deep in Mary still kissing her. Mary broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, "Fuck me Dave. Fill my pussy up with your cream." Then she turned to look me in the eye and said, "So Pet can be the first woman to ever go down on me."

That was enough to set me off and I was fucking like a crazy man. The image of my little blonde pixie goddess between this woman's legs was all it took and I was filling her pussy. She was screaming that she was cuming, I was shooting and there was nothing else except her pussy and my cock. I stayed deep in her pussy like I did before we started. I was kissing all over her face and lips. I softly asked her, "are you sure you're ready for Pet?" She bit her lip and just nodded.

I slowly got off Mary pulling my cock from her pussy. I lay down beside her holding her hand. Kathy and Pet looked at each other. Kathy smiled and winked at Pet and said, "Go get her Pet." Pet was on the ground licking Mary's pussy in nothing flat. There was another gasp but this time it was one of their own being eaten. John just smiled. Mary was still biting her lip and I watched her face go from shock to total pleasure.

Mary stopped biting her lip and kissed me. Then she said in a very low whisper that I could barely hear, "I want her too. Bring her to me." I whispered in Pet's ear and she slowly moved around and put her leg over Mary's face. Mary pulled Pet's pussy to her face. She stuck out her tongue and just touched Pet's pussy with it. One taste and she was hooked, she pulled Pet's pussy hard against her mouth. This time there was no gasp, they all screamed, even John.

Kathy was on one side of Mary and I was on the other side. Kathy whispered to her, "She is good isn't she?" Mary nodded. Kathy went on, "And she taste good doesn't she?" Again Mary nodded. Then Kathy said, "What if she was filled with your husbands cum?" She didn't nod, her whole body was shaking and she exploded and Pet licked up every drop. Pet stopped licking Mary's pussy and sat up on her knees, but Mary didn't stop.

Kathy told Pet to bend over which she did. Kathy then had John come over. She held his cock at Pet's pussy lips as Mary licked both Pet and her husband. Kathy let go and John shoved in. He was fucking Pet right above his wife. Mary was licking them both as John shoved in and out of Pet. The whole situation was just too much for John an he lost his load quickly. As he pulled out of Pet's pussy his cock fell right into his wife's mouth. Mary sucked him clean and he sat back. Now Mary was looking at the most beautiful pussy that was now full of her husbands cum. Mary went wild and we had to pull Pet away from her.

Mary lay there for a few minutes then asked for Sue to come to her. Sue was unsure as she came over and sat down next to Mary. She asked, :Are you alright, Mary?"

Mary looked up at her friend and smiled. She pulled Sue down and quickly kissed her lips and said, "It was the most wonderful thing I have ever had. I want us to do it together." Sue started to stammer but Mary said in a pleading voice, "Please, I want you. You won't be sorry, I promise."

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