Pet Woman


"Stop that, down, sit!" he shouted at her.

Penelope came round from the intense arousal, still feeling it tugging at her, yet somewhat in control. Damn! She had lost it for awhile. A demand to please him, and pleasure herself, had taken over. This was much worse than being his puppy. She was his bitch, a bitch in heat he called her!

She squat on the floor while he rubbed her down with a towel. "Naughty bitch! Look at the mess. You've soaked me too," he admonished her. "Wait here, sit," he commanded.

She sat on the floor looking crestfallen. As his bitch she needed him all the more. Not seeing her master in the room left her feeling alone and lost without him. She shouldn't be thinking of him as a master, yet being so dependent upon him meant he was. She began to plaintively whine.

She got up on all fours and took a tentative step toward the door. Looking down the corridor, he was nowhere in sight. Had he gone to her home to find out how to help her? There was a cry of distress from one of the rooms. Just in-case she was needed Penelope crawled as quickly as her knees would allow.

Her master had fallen! She got to him and licked his face, making sure he wasn't hurt. It was a nuisance not being able to speak. Yapping was all she could manage.

"It's all right, I just fell over, hurrying too much. Silly thing, it's all right," he tried to reassure her. He pushed her head away, trying to stop the wet licking. Both ankles were caught in one leg of the shorts he was changing into. With her weight on him he was pinned to the floor.

"Calm down you silly bitch," he laughed.

Penelope had an urge to check him over. Needing him to be fit enough to sort things out, was vitally important. He pushed her away, despite her enthusiastic concern. He lay their trying to get his breath back, from laughing so much. Pushed down his body, she noticed his wrinkled cock, which didn't seem well at all.

She nudged it with her nose then licked it.

"Hey! You're a naughty bitch. What do you think you're doing?" he lightly scolded her. He tried to get up, but she lay heavily on his legs.

It was frustrating not being able to use her hands. She wanted to examine him, with an overwhelming need to make sure he was alright. She licked his cock, just to make sure it wasn't hurt. She was a naughty bitch in heat, so it was natural enough. She licked his cock, down to his wrinkled balls, and sucked one of them into her mouth.

"You shouldn't be doing that, it'll do you no good," he warned.

Right between her eyes, his cock twitched. Urgent animal desire motivated her to spit out his sack, and suck his cock into her mouth.

"I can't let you do that, you don't know what you're doing," he sighed. Watching her suck on his limp cock made him sad for a long lost friend. He laid back, trying to remember the last time he had sex. His wife had been ill for a long time, and she had been gone for several years.

"Stop it now, I can't let you do that. It's taking unfair advantage of you," he told her.

Penelope was enjoying herself. She rolled it around her mouth, sucking it like a comforter then sucked really hard on it. It felt good to be fulfilling her role, as his bitch in heat. A small part of her hid away, cringing in a corner of her mind from what she was doing.

Her moral restraint fled in dismay, giving the animal desire free reign. She wagged her hips with glee. Her masters cock was definitely twitching now. She could feel it growing stronger. She was so pleased to be reviving her master.

Gerald was shocked. He could feel something happening. He couldn't sit up to push her away, with his legs pinned down. He wasn't so sure he wanted to. He watched her head bob up and down on something worthwhile. It was his turn to think about completing something she had started.

The sight of a beautiful, fit looking young woman sucking on his cock, was inspiring. He knew about this sort of thing, but never experienced it. He married young, and in those days it wasn't done. At least not by respectable people. She was giving him the kiss of life. It wouldn't be long now. He lay back to enjoy it, lost in memories.

"Oh! Yes! Don't stop now!" he firmly told her.

Penelope sucked a licked the cum seeping from her masters cock. It was soon clean and back to its wrinkled shape. She fell heavily back upon her bottom, horrified from what she had done. The acrid taste of his thin cum was in her mouth, and the smell was strong. She sneezed loudly, attempting to be rid of the disgusting evidence of her disgrace.

She was no longer a cute little puppy. She was a naughty, disgusting bitch. This man had taken advantage of her vulnerable state, and this certainly wasn't what she called being looked after. At least the filthy act had shocked her out of thinking of him as her master.

"Here, come here my wonderful bitch," he told her.

Penelope crawled to him, no longer wagging a tail or making animal sounds. It was more likely she would slap him, or at least bite him.

He cupped her cheek to tell her. "I'm sorry my lovely bitch. I shouldn't have let you do that." He pulled her onto his chest, and wrapped both arms around her. "That was wonderful. It's a long time since I even thought of sex. Thank you so much, my lovely bitch," he told her, while stroking her hair.

Penelope felt wonderful. Her master approved of what she had done, so she hadn't been a bad bitch after all.

"I'll look after my lovely bitch, you'll see," he chuckled.

She looked up at him with a look of adoration in her eyes. He stroked her hair, her face, and patted her bottom. He laughed at her obvious pleasure, displayed with a wag of her hips. He had always thought pets were better companions than humans. They were loyal, and they showed such pleasure from a little attention.

He fell asleep on the floor with her snuggling up to him. Penelope felt happy. What was happening was all wrong, but it was difficult to shake off the feeling of contentment. She had wished for a simple uninhibited life style, though this was far from what she had envisioned.

She trusted her master to look after her, as he had promise. When he was ready he would sort out this mess she was in. As she fell asleep, she wondered if her new life in the country would feel as contented as this.

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